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Health and safety Safety wa

arnings and instructions for Warnings, inforrmation and notes Description of the pro
Quick Start Guide It iss essential that everyone using the product use regarding desig
gnation of the The measuring transducer is s intended for measuring, analysing and monitoring a sin
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amiliar with security advices and warnings. product phase or three-phase electrrical power network. It measures RMS value by means of o fast
Check the following before switching on
If equipment is used in a manner not sampling of voltage and currrent signals, which makes the instrument suitable for acq quisition
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speecified by the manufacturer, the protection of transient events. A built-in
n microcontroller calculates measurements (voltage, currrent,
proovided by the equipment may be impaired. See product documentation. frequency, energy, power, power
p factor, THD phase angles, etc.) from the measured d signals.
MTR-3 Noominal voltage
Proper connection of auxiliary
aste supply sulation in compliance with
Double ins
E 610101 standard.
It is forbidden to deposit electrical and ominal frequency
No 1 Communication ports s
elecctronic equipment as municipal waste. Vo
oltage ratio and phase sequence 2 I/O module 3 Auxiliiary supply
Functional ground
g potential.
The e manufacturer or provider shall take
Cuurrent transformer ratio and Note: This symmbol is also used for marking a 4 Voltage inputs
wasste electrical and electronic equipment
freee of charge. The complete procedure after
terrminals integrity terminal for pro
otective ground potential if it is 5 Current inputs
used as a part of connection terminal or
lifettime should comply with the Directive EZ Protection fuse - recommended 6 Power ON LED
auxiliary supplyy terminals.
200 02/96/EG about restriction on the use of maaximal external fuse size is 6 A
cerrtain hazardous substances in electrical Proper connection of I/O modules Compliance e of the product with
and d electronic equipment or a corresponding
Url 118/04. directive 20
Important: The secondary side of the
Document no. 4189300023A current tran
nsformer should be short-circuited e of the product with
before connnecting the transducer. European CE
C directives.

Communication ports and LED indicators Auxxiliary supply Connectio

on Mounting
Serial communication can be connected by Auxxiliary supply is connected through two Before use e: check voltages and phase The MTR-3 multi-tra ansducer is designed for Connection 1b (1W) Connection 3b (1W3)
using a screw-in connector (RS485). USB scre
ew-in connectors. For safety purposes, it DIN rail mounting. Itt should be mounted on a Single-phase connection n with
Three-phase three-wire connection
can be connected through a USB-mini type is important that all wires are firmly rotation, suppply voltage and nominal
frequency. Check
C protective fuse rating 35 mm DIN rail by means
m of three plastic balanced load
connector at the bottom of the transducer. con
nnected. Auxiliary supply is wide range (24 fasteners. Before installation, the fasteners
The LED indicator is intended for POWER VDDC 300 V DC; 40 V AC 276 V AC). (the recomm mended maximum rating of the
should be in open position
p (pulled). After the
ON signaling (red LED). Voltage inputs external prootective fuse for this equipment device is in place, th
he fasteners are locked
is 6 A - red spot type or equivalent). (pushed) to close po osition.
Eacch voltage input is connected to measuring
Warning! circcuit through input resistor chain (3.3 M Warning!
Electric connection
The USB communication port is NOT perr phase). Maximum value of input voltage Wrong or incomplete connection of
is 6
600 VL-N (1000 VL-L). supply, me easurement or other Voltage inputs of thee measuring transducer
galvanically separated and can be used can be connected directly
d to a low-voltage
Currrent inputs terminals can
c cause malfunction or
ONLY UNconnected to aux. supply and network or via an apppropriate voltage
power inputs. Eacch current input is connected to the damage th e device. measuring transform mer to medium or high
measuring circuit through a current Note voltage network.
nsformer (0.01 per phase). Maximum After conne
tran ection, settings have to be Current inputs of the
e measuring transducer
Analogue outputs allo
owed thermal value of input current is 15 A can be connected directly
d to a low-voltage
performed via
v communication (connection
(cont.). network or via a corrresponding current
Four slots are intended for different equipping mode, curre ent and voltage transformers
of analogue outputs, which should be chosen ratio ). transformer.
when placing the order. Analogue outputs or Choose the corresp ponding connection from
fast analogue outputs. the figures below annd connect the
corresponding voltaages and currents.

Connection of ou
utput modules
Connection 3u (2W3) Connnection 4b (1W4) Connection 4u (3W3)
Three-phase three-wire connection with Thrree-phase four-wire connection with se four-wire connection with
unbalanced load balaanced load unbalanced
d load Check the module features that are
abel, before connecting
specified on the la The analogue output is prop portional to
module contacts. Wrong
W connection can measured quantities. The ou utputs may be
cause damage or destruction
d of module either short- or open-circuite
ed. They are
and/or device.
electrically isolated from eac
ch other and
Connect module contacts as specified on the from all other circuits.
label. Examples of labels are given below
and describe modulles built in the device.

The fast analogue output is proportional to

measured quantities. The ou utputs may be
either short- or open-circuite
ed. They are
electrically isolated from eac
ch other and from
all other circuits.
Communication connection USB
MTR-3 is equipped with one standard USB communication serves as a fast peer-to-
RS485 communication is intended for
terminal data link. The instrument is detected
serial (RS485) communication port and connection of devices to networks where
COM1 serial communication port (RS485) by host as a USB 2.0 compatible device. The
one service communication port (USB). several instruments with RS485
USB connection is provided through a USB
communication are connected to a common
Warning! standard type mini B connector.
communication interface.
The USB communication port is NOT The individual terminals of the screw
galvanically seperated and can be Note!
terminal connector must be connected
used ONLY UNconnected to aux. correctly. When the MTR-3 is connected to a PC
supply and power inputs. SERVICE communication port (USB) through USB communication for the first
time, a user is prompted to install a driver.
Connect a communication line by means of a
corresponding terminal. Corresponding data The driver can be downloaded from the
are stated on the instrument label, regarding DEIF A/S web page
the selected communication. Connector (included in M-Set software package).
terminals are marked on the label on the With this driver installed, USB is
upper side of the instrument.
redirected to a serial port, which should
USB connector is positioned on the bottom of be selected when using M-Set software.
instrument under plastic cover.

Survey of communication connections Connection of auxiliary power supply Inputs

Voltage input
Connector Terminals Position RS232 RS485 Connection of universal power supply to terminals 1 Nominal range values 62.5, 125, 250, 500 VLN
11 Rx A and 2 Nominal voltage(UN) 500 VLN
Min. measurement 2 V sinusoidal
Frequency range 50/60 Hz
13 Tx B Max. measured value 600 VLN ; 1000 VLL
Max. allowed value 2 UN ; 10 s
Standard USB 2.0 compatible cable Warning! (acc. to IEC/EN 60 688)
USB-mini B recommended (type mini B plug) Consumption < U /3.3 M per phase
For safety purposes, it is important that both wires (Line and Neutral) are firmly
Input impedance 3.3 M per phase
Current input
Nominal range values 1, 5, or 10 A
Nominal current (IN) 5A
Min. measurement Settings from starting current for all
Frequency range 50/60 Hz
Max. measured value 12.5 A sinusoidal
Max. allowed value 15 A cont.
(acc. to IEC/EN 60 688) 20 IN ; 5 1s
Connection Consumption < I 0.01 per phase
Permitted conductor cross-sections Frequency
Nominal frequency (fN) 50, 60 Hz
Type RS485 USB Terminals Max. conductor cross-sections
Type of connection Network Direct Voltage inputs (4) 2.5 mm with pin terminal Measuring range 16400 Hz **
Max. connection length 1000 m 4 mm solid wire
Number of bus stations 32 Current inputs (6)
2.5 mm with pin terminal
Terminals Screw terminals USB-mini 2 Power supply
4 mm solid wire Universal Nominal voltage AC 40 276 V
Protection class I, Supply (2)
2.5 mm with pin terminal
Insulation NO INSULATION! Nominal frequency 45 65 Hz
3.3 kVACRMS 1 min 2
4 mm solid wire Nominal voltage DC 24 300 V
Transfer mode Asynchronous 2
Modules & Com (8 + 3) 2.5 mm with pin terminal Consumption < 8 VA
4 mm
solid wire Power-on transient current < 20 A ; 1 ms
Transfer rate 2.400 to 115.200 bit/s USB 2.0
* Starting current is set by setting software M-Set; /settings/general
** Only for frequency measurement