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A mobile phone, also knows as a cell phone or a handphone is a devide

that can make and receive telephone calls or text messages, which is used
to communicate with others. Handphone is one of electronic things that help
people do their job, communication, and others. Handphone is the
technology that was appeared in 1970 begining with the use of
microprocessors for communication technology. Many people have
handphone. In this globalitation era, handphone is not expensive, so many
people can buy it. Handphone has become the new technology of todays

Martin Cooper is the inventor of the mobile phone. The first handphone
was born in 1973 by the help of Motorola team with two kilograms weight.
When he was suffering on the street of New York and made the first phone
call from a prototype cell phone, he never imagined a homemade device
that would be successful in one day. Cooper said that his team faced the
challenge of how to put all the ingredients in a mobile phone for the team
the first time. But ultimately industrial designers have done a super job and
the engineers completed the first two kilograms of mobile devices. After
producing mobile phone, the biggest challenge is adapting infrastructure to
support mobile phone calls.

Handphone has many type and many features. Besides, handphone

used to communication, it can also save and send data, type your task, take
and customize your picture and the most important thing is you can connect
your phone with internet connection, of course with the option of your SIM
card provider. Various of brand providers many features. They consist of
many kind of games, music players, cameras, and application to wathc
television program. In this rapid changing word, technology is growing and
handphones are getting cheaper.

The common components found on all phones are a battery, providing

the power source for the phone function. An input mecanism to allow the
user to interact with the phone. The users typing, displays text messages,
contact and more. Basic mobile phone services allow users to make calls and
send text messages. The technology surrounding cell phone is constantly
changing, though. What constitutes a handphone today may change by the
next week, next month, or next year.

There are a lot of important usages we can get from handphone. Lets
take a look at some of this possitive effects. As its primary usage, of course
it is use as away of comunication. We can communicate any where we want
as long as it has signal. For example, in Indonesian there are a lot of people
working in other coutries, handphone anable them to communicate with
their family, especially for people who living in the countriside. On the other
hand, the handphone can give us bad effect such as, radiation, dizzy,
forgetting time, become lazy because of spending tome to play games or
chatting with friends and may be make us forget the world arrounds and so
on. Of course we as a young student, should be good consumers. Therefore,
use your mobile phone smart and qualified.
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