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TEACHER: Blanca Ramirez


9th Grade Earth PHONE NUMBER: 319-558-2161, 915-


I want to welcome you to 9th grade Earth Science. The Earth science course is
designed to interpret and obtain a better understanding of the world around you
and how our decisions now will impact our future. We will investigate and study the
fascinating interactions between the four major Earths spheres including: the
Geosphere, Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, and Biosphere. We will learn about Earths
formation, processes, history, landscapes, and the importance of Earths changes
over time.
Students will participate in laboratory exercises, small group activities, web based
investigations, class discussions, projects, assessments, and research. Students will
also keep a scientific journal to record questions, theories, notes, objectives learned,
etc lets be creative!
Diversity and Differentiation.
Respect for cultural and human biological diversity, represent the core of our
community. In this course, each voice in the classroom has something of value to
contribute to class discussion. Please respect the different experiences, beliefs, and
values expressed by your classmates and instructors. Please refrain from
derogatory comments about other individuals, cultures, groups, or viewpoints. I
support Washington High school commitment to promote and respect Diversity, and
welcome individuals of all ages, backgrounds, citizenships, disabilities, education,
ethnicities, family statuses, genders, gender identities, geographical locations,
languages, military experience, political views, races, religions, sexual orientations,
socioeconomic statuses, and work experiences.

Learning is the goal!

This document serves the purpose of an outline for the course topics, and lists
student expectations, responsibilities, and behavior/grading policies. Once you have
read and fully understand the content of this syllabus, please sign your name and
return the entire packet. This is our contract we will both have a copy.
Students will need:
A three-ring binder/ folder to keep all handouts, notes, labs, quizzes and tests for
the semester. Witting materials like pencils/pens. NOTE: I will have extra pencils
and pens available, however, I am expecting you to bring your own materials to
Show up to class on time (2 minutes before), prepared (sitting down with
materials ready) and with your brains open ready to learn!

Bring everyday your 3 ring binder/folder to hold all handouts, class work,
tests and quizzes. Be organized!

Pen/pencil every day!

If we are not using phones in class for educational purposes they

will be kept out of sight. We are all adults and we are here to
learn not to check social media.

I will be respectful and courteous to you and so therefore I expect the

same from you.

Treat the class equipment, maps, samples, etc. with care. They will be our
learning tools so lets use them well.

It is to your benefit to always pay attention to written and spoken

directions, as well as lessons. Raise your hand if you would like to
add to a class discussion or ask a question about the topic being
learned. Always listen to what other people have to say in class.

I will always be available if you need additional assistance with an

assignment, homework, clarification about a topic, etc I am here for you
Students who act inappropriately or disrupt the learning of other students can
1. Warning by the teacher, reflection paper about their behavior signed by
student and teacher.
2. Parent Contact with previous reflection.
3. Removal from classroom and referral to office.
Depending on the severity of behavior and discretion of the teacher, some of the
above steps may be bypassed.

My classroom adheres to the WHS attendance policy in regards to being late

and unexcused absences:
o If you know you will be gone, you need to make arrangements with me
ahead of time to receive an excused absence and schedule make-up
work, tests, etc.
o If you are 10 minutes late to class you are officially absent.

Late Work and Make-up Work

All work will be turned in completed. If a student has missing
assignments he/she will have 1 additional day to complete it.

We will have modest assigned timeframes for labs and classroom

activities. If labs and classroom activities are not completed during class
they will need to be finished outside class time, otherwise you will receive
a 0 on the grade book.

If absent during a lab student will have 1 week to complete a virtual lab
or a similar activity as an assignment.

1. Retakes, students will take a second assessment of the same skill or
content. Students have 1 week to schedule a retake. The grade will be an
average of the first test and the retake.

2. A comprehensive final exam will be given at the end of the semester.

3. Grades will be posted online for you to check, but they likely will look
different than you are used to. Instead of assignments there will be skills and
content. This is to change the focus from, What do I need to do to get a C?
to How can I learn this better? For the grade this is what you will see:

Powerschool will average the percentages associated with each level above to
calculate the final grade for the course. The grading scale is as follows:
A > 93% B > 77.5% C >
56% F < 37.5%
A- > 90% B- > 75% C- > 50%
B+ > 87% C+ > 68.5% D- > 37.5%

Grading Scale
Quiz/Bell ringer----------------10%
Unit/Chapter tests--------------20%
Final Test-------------------------20%
21st Century Skills- Life and Career skills

It is important for students to be prepared academically but also for their lives as
responsible adults. Therefore, I have included 21 st Century Skills- Life and Career
Skills as part of their grade. This will work towards a reward system for each unit
1. There is a set of 5 specific skills. Each skills is worth 2 points
2. If student has a total of 10 points on the day before the Unit test then
the student will receive an additional 10 POINTS added to their test
grade. Only if the student has all 10 points
3. Students will self-assess themselves every day and it will be up to the
teachers discretion to accept or not their score.
4. These are the skills students will be evaluated on daily:
a. Flexibility & Adaptability. Did the student adapt to the class? Did
the student work well with other students? Did the student work
well in teams?
b. Initiative & Self Direction.
Earth Science If something
Course is wrong in the classroom
did you show initiative to change it? Did you show initiative
while working in teams? If you are missing an assignment are
you showing initiative to get it done?
c. Social & Cross-Cultural Skills. Are you capable of controlling your
emotions? Are you being disruptive to yourself or others? Are
you actively listening to instructions/lessons?
d. Productivity & Accountability. If you are assigned a task can
others count on you to complete it? Can the teacher count on
you to turn in your assignments on time? Are you being
productive in the classroom?
e. Leadership & Responsibility. Are you being responsible in class?
Are you prepared for class? If someone is struggling are you
being a leader by helping them? Are you being a leader in you

o Unit 8 Fundamentals of o Incoming solar

Weather radiation/Albedo
o Weather instruments o Layers of the atmosphere
o Air pressure o Seasons
o Wind/Global wind belts o Phases of the moon
o Humidity o Planets
o Air masses o Small solar system bodies
o Fronts o Asteroids, comets,
o Severe weather/impacts meteors
o Tornadoes, hurricanes o Orbiting objects
Unit 9- Fundamentals of Climate Unit 11- Stars, Galaxies, and the
o Causes of climate Universe
o Carbon cycle o Characteristics of the sun
o Climate/life connection o Characteristics of stars
o Human impact on climate o Constellations
o Climate models o Galaxies
(past/future) o Universe
o Climate solutions o Big bang
Unit 10- Earth and the Solar
Semester 2
I agree and understand what is expected of me during class. I promise to
make my best effort to be attentive and respectful to the teacher, my
classmates, classroom materials, and school staff. I will succeed and excel
academically to reach my professional goals and become contributing
citizens in my community.

Student Name
Parent/Guardian Name
Student Signature
Parent/Guardian Signature

Parent/Guardian Contact Information

If you wish to, you may include additional contact information, such as a
work phone number or an e-mail address so that we can maintain
communication in various ways.

Parent/Guardian Name(s):

Optional Contact Information:

e-mail: _______________________________________
In the past, some parents have provided additional comments, concerns, or
thoughts, which may help in providing the most ideal environment for your
childs learning. Please feel free to use this space.

If you have any further questions, concerns, or special needs, free to contact
me at any time.