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Cell Reselect Offset CRO

Value range: 0~63, the corresponding level value: 0~126dB, stepped every 2dB.
Unit: None
Content: Cell Reselect Offset. It is a parameter in C2 calculation to give a manual
modification in MS cell reselection.
Recommendation: 0

After cell selection, MS will reselect another better cell in idle mode. It is C2 parameter that determines cell
reselection. The principle for MS reselection is: select the cell with the maximum C2 as the serving cell.
C2 is determined by the following factors:
C2=C1+CRO-TO*H(PT-T)(PT <31)
C2=C1-CRO (PT = 31)
H(x)=0 if PT-T<0
H(x)=1 if PT-T>0
As shown above, C1 indicates the quality of radio channel. The larger C1 is, the better the channel is. C2
value is based on C1, through CRO, C2 of various cells can be adjusted. Thus C2 value can be
calculated according to CRO, TO and PT in order to prefer selecting the cell in reselection process. That
is, in dual-band network,several parameters that influence C2 value can be set to make C2 value of
GSM1800 larger than that of GSM900. Therefore, even though the signal strength of GSM1800 cell is
weaker than that of GSM900 cell, MS can still reside in GSM1800 by the aid of these parameters.
Besides CRO, there are another two parameters influencing C2:TEMPORARY_OFFSET(TO) and
CRO is a manual modification on C2. Reasonable setting of this parameter can reduce handover times and
realize assignment to a better cell. Usually it is not set as larger than 25dB. Generally the cells with the
same priority in the network have basically the same CRO. Setting of this parameter only affects MS of
GSM Phase II.
What is GSM Cell Reselection and How it works.
When mobile has been selected successfully the mobile now will start reselection tasks.

Perform Cell reselection measurement first

Mobile will continuously make measurements on its neighboring cells (as indicated by the BA
list) to initiate cell reselection if necessary. At least 5 measurement sample per neighboring cell is
needed. A running average of the received signal level will be maintained for each carrier in the
BA list.

All system information messages sent on the current BCCH on the serving cell must be read by
the mobile every 30 seconds to monitor changes in cell parameters (ex: MsTxPwrMax).

The mobile also has to read the 6 strongest BCCH every 5 minutes to receive its cell parameters
(ex: MsTxPwrMax). The 6 strongest can be seen from the BA list which has the updated
measurement of the 32 BCCH carrier.

The neighboring list for the best 6 neighbors is updated every 60 seconds, which means the
mobile has to measure each neighbor by 10 seconds.

The mobile also has to read the BSIC of the 6 strongest BCCH every 30 seconds to confirm that
it is still monitoring the same cells. If a new BSIC is detected, then the BCCH of this BSIC will
be read to receive the cell parameters.

Cell reselection Criteria :

The mobile will reselect and camp on another cell if any of the following criteria is satisfied:

1. The serving cell is barred.

2. C1 value in the current cell is below 0 for 5 seconds which indicates that the
path loss is high and the mobile needs to change cell.

3. The Mobile has unsuccessfully tried to access the network as defined by the
MAXRET parameter or MaxNumberRetransmissions.

MAXRET is the maximum number of retransmission a mobile can do when it is accessing the
system It is defined per cell.

Assuming that one of the criteria above was satisfied then the mobile will select a cell with a
better C1. However if the cell belongs to a different location area then the C1 for that cell has to
exceed a reselection hysterisis parameter called CRH or CellReselectHyseteris for the reselection
to happen !!

If the mobile is moving in a border area between location areas, it might repeatedly change
between location areas. Each change requires location updating and cause heavy signaling load
and risk paging message being lost. To prevent this, a cell reselect hysteresis parameter CRH is

The cell in a different location area will only be selected if the C1 of that cell is higher than the
C1 of the current serving cell by the value of the Reselect Hysteresis. Since the Value of CRH
may be different for each cell, the CRH used for comparison will be the one broadcast by the
serving cell.

If the value is set very low then the mobile will Ping-Pong between location areas which will
increase signaling load. If the value is set very high the mobile may camp in the wrong cell too
Mobile Communication Basics - Cell Reselection
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C1 = RX level RX Level Access Min + Power Offset Max [(MS_TX_PWR_MAX_CCH -

P), 0]

Following parameter settings for our network,

Power Offset = 0


RX Level Access Min = -102 dBm

For GSM900 mobile P = 33 dBm

C1GSM = RX level GSM (-102) + 0 Max [ (33 33),0]

C1GSM = RX level GSM + 102 + 0 Max [0,0]

C1GSM = RX level GSM + 102

For GSM 1800 mobile P = 30 dBm


C1DCS = RX level DCS (-102) + 0 Max [33-30,0]

C1 DCS = RX level DCS + 102 Max [3,0]

C1 DCS = RX level DCS + 102 3

C1 DCS = RX level DCS + 99

C2 = C1+ CRO TO* H (PT-T)

According to Huawei default parameter settings,

TO = 0

PT = 0


C2 = C1 + CRO

C2 GSM = RX level GSM + 102 + CRO

C2 DCS = RX level DCS + 99 + CRO

According to our network settings,

CRODCS = 8 (16dB), CROGSM = 0 (0dB),


C2GSM = RX levelGSM + 102 + 0

C2DCS = RX levelDCS + 99 + 16
C2GSM = RX levelGSM + 102

C2DCS = RX levelDCS + 115

For reselection,

C2target > C2serving (for 5 seconds)

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Some examples:


If both cells are GSM cells (Cell A & Cell B)


C2A > C2B (for 5 seconds) to reselect to Cell A

RX levelA + 102 > RX levelB + 102

Which means,

RX levelA > RX levelB (for 5 seconds) is enough for a cell reselection

If both cells are DCS, then it is same as 2 GSM cells.

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If one cell is GSM & other is DCS, find the requirement to reselect to DCS cell.


C2DCS > C2GSM (for 5 seconds) to reselect to Cell A

RX levelDCS + 115 > RX levelGSM + 102

RX levelDCS > RX levelGSM + 102 115

RX levelDCS > RX levelGSM 13

Which means RX levelDCS > RX levelGSM 13 (for 5 seconds) is enough for a cell reselection to
DCS Cell

If RX levelGSM = -80 dBm, then RX levelDCS > RX levelGSM 13

RX levelDCS > -80 13

RX levelDCS > -93 dBm