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Angel Tecuahutzin

Prof Huerta

6 March 2017

Resegregation Has Never Ended

1. Review the markings of your essay (in the margins) as well as on the rubric. Then

answer the following questions:

1. Based upon the categories of the essay rubric, which categories are your

strongest? Be specific and explain why you think this is.

a. Some categories that are my strongest are the introduction

development of have the full background and the context

from the topic. Another one, is the organization of my

paragraphs I know that organize them accurately by writing

the sequence of each causes and the connection.

2. Explain how you plan to continue building on this strength as a writer and

whether or not you feel you did just as well in this area for Essay 2.

a. I plan to continue building on the strength as a writer is by

analyzing text thoroughly, thinking critically by asking

questions each text, and finally thinking as the intended

audience of each text I read. I know I did this throughout

essay 2 because I am confident.

3. Based upon the categories of the essay rubric, which categories are your

weakest? Why do you think that is?

a. The only place I feel like it's my weakest is the MLA

category because although I looked up the MLA format I

still end up confuse. I think is because I never thoroughly

learn it in high school.

4. Explain how you plan to continue improving on this strength as a writer in

the future and how you feel you improved (or didnt improve) in this area

for Essay 2.

a. I plan on improving is to ask more of peers of comments

and areas that they are confused. I should clarify even more

it is better to over analyze instead to under analyze.

2. Which text did you learn the most from in terms of the topic of segregation and

resegregation? What did you learn, specifically? Explain in your own words

a. The text that I learned most about segregation is MLKs

text because it was thorough with the causes and effects

and then the solutions. I learned that todays segregation is

being more impactful to society than it was before because

it is being ignored and covered up.

3. What is a strong passage or quote that exemplifies your learning on this topic? Select

one, note the page number, and write a 1 paragraph that explains why this passage

taught you something important or new on this topic.

a. but the social structures that create premature death do not

harm only those individuals who have the misfortune to

into contact with bigots or quick-trigger authorities who

have not yet learned how to see.

b. This passage exemplifies my learning of this topic because

it talks about many things. One is that it shows the

stereotyping and quick thinking that causes death early.

Another, is the way how authorities havent learned about

diversity because of the devaluation. Lastly, it talks about

the structures of todays which make my statement true

about being worse than before.

4. What do you think is the most important idea in your own essay? Essay 2?

a. The most important idea of my own essay the devaluing

about diversity.

2. Select a passage or quote from your analysis in the essaywrite it down

and then explain why you believe this is an important idea that you hope

your audience will take away from reading your work.\

a. The essence of Changs argument is that today we do not

respect and value the culture that is brought to the table.

Instead, we respect the terms of number of people of

color being hired or accepted to companies to protect the

company's reputation also known as an image, it gives us

and the financial outcome which is appraisals.

b. This passage is what makes my essay the essence because it

shows and explains thoroughly about the devaluation of