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1. The head of the room (HR) : Vinsa Bayu Krisnawan
2. The team leader (TL) : Ayla Efyuwinta
3. The nursing associate (NA) : Febri Ariyantyi
4. Emergency room nurse (ER nurse) : Ismi Nikmatul Sita
5. Patient : Novi Wahyuningati
6. Patient Family : Nurul Anisa

ER Nurse calls the inpatient room to inform that there will be a new patient.
ER nurse : Hello good morning ?
Bayu : Hello good morning.
ER nurse : I,m from the emergencyi room nurse, reports that there will be a new
patient. Do you have any VIP space for him ?
Bayu : Oh yes please, there is still some VIP room for him.
ER nurse : Ok, Thanks you
Bayu : You are welcome.

The head of the room inform the team leader that there will be a new
Bayu : Nurse Ayla, there will be a new patient, please prepare the room and the
requirements of admission for a new patient.
Ayla : Yes Sir, I will prepare it.

The team leader prepare the requirements of admission for a new patient
and she ask the nursing associate to prepare it.
Ayla : Nurse Febry, come here. There will be a new patient from emergency
room, please prepare the requirements of admission for a new patient.
Febry : Yes maam, I will prepare it.
The team leader checks the nursing associate who prepare the requirements
of admission for a new patient
Ayla : Have you prepare it, nurse Febry?
Febry : Yes maam, everything is ready.
Ayla : Okk, Thanks you.
The head of the room comes to the room and re-asks to the team leader
about the requirements of admission for a new patient.
Bayum : How nurses Ayla, all the requirements of new patients is complete
and the patient's room ready?

Ayla : Yes , I have

Bayu : OK, good job. Thank you for your help. Soon, the patient from
emergency room will be arrived.
Ayla : Yes Sir , you are welcome.

The new patient comes..

Ayla : Good morning ,Nurse Ismi..?
ER nurse : Good morning , Nurse Ayla. Mrs. This is the patient from the nurse
emergency room, His name is Mrs. Novi. He will be treated in VIP
room number two. With Tyipoid diagnosis, and with Dr. Ajeng.
Ayla : Yes , Nurse Ismi.
The head of the room introduce her self and her members to the new
Bayu : Good morning, Mrs. Novi. Let me introduce my self and my members.
My name is Bayu, I am the head of this room, and this is nurse Ayla as the
team leader and nurse Febry as the nursing associate. From now on, I will
responsible for you and nurse Ayla and nurse Febry will take care of you.
Patient : Ok, Sir. Thank you for your information.
Bayu : You are welcome, Maam.
Team Leader and nursing associate Delivers patient beds occupied
Ayla : Mrs.Novi , I will show your bed.Can you stand up slowly?
Patient : Yes nurse.
Febry : Please Mrs. I will help you.
Ayla received the drug , the supporting investigation data, special notes than
make documentation on handover sheet.
Ayla : Mrs.Novi the drug and medical record from the emergency room will
be taken by me.
Patient : Yes Nurse.
The team leader told The nurse associate to perform anamnesis in new
Ayla : Nurse Febry ,can you help me do anamnesis to the patient?
Febry : Yes nurse.

Nurses associate perform anamnesis in patients with new come

Febry : Good morning maam ? How do you feel ?
Patient : Good morning nurse, I feel nausea and my stomach is pain.
Febry : I will do a physical examination for you , I ask your cooperation.
Patient : Yes, nurse.
Febry checks the pulse ,temperature and blood pressure of Mrs.Novi
Febry : Ok maam finished ,thanks you four your cooperation.Your blood
pressure 140/90 , your temperature is 38C , and your pulse is

The team leader to call the family to come to acceptance and approval for
the drug centralization requested approval letter

Ayla : Good morning Maam.

Patients family : Good morning
Ayla : Mrs. Novi has been moved to the bed, this is a letter of
agreement for the centralization of medicine to be signed,
please read and signed.
Patients family : Yes, here maam?
Ayla : Yes maam, thanks you very much.
Patients family : You are welcome.

The head of the room give reward to the team leader and the nurse
Bayu : Good morning , nurse Ayla and nurse Febry. How was the admission of
the patient?
Febry : Ive just done new patient admission and documentated everything.
Bayu : Thanks you for cooperation , keep the spirit every time.
Ayla And Febry : Yer sir , you are welcome.