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Tama tokyo

The overall building architecture comprised of arch shape which gives the library a sense of modernity. In plan these arches
are arranged along curved lines which cross at several points. Shelves and study desks of various shapes, glass partitions that
function as bulletin boards, etc

On October 28, 2009, this picture is archived in associate architect or gentle slope and glass partitions and structural
consultants and stunning architecture as well as toyo ito terms

Gwinnett University Center

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Aerial View

The dynamic form is a symbolic expression of the academic center's destiny as the iconic axis of a new university. The building's stately red brick fa ade creates
a visual link to traditional higher education campuses, while the aluminum, glass and sweeping open space inside acknowledges today's non-conventional

First Floor Plan

The campus mission is to become a learning laboratory, open around the clock, and focused on the evolving way education is delivered. Student and faculty
movement flows without containment throughout the building, encouraging interaction. Network connectivity is provided both in the classrooms and in the
common areas.
Third Floor Plan
The round form fosters community and sharing as classrooms, laboratory facilities, and faculty offices encircle a three-story central space that contains the library
and dining area. Small, medium and large spaces encourage group study, while non-traditional students take an active role in the educational experience through
interactive distance learning classes.

Atrium Dining Area

The academic center integrates all functions necessary to launch a brand new campus. The program mission was to create a learning center as opposed to a
teaching center by designing for the way students learn today. This technology-equipped facility supports students of all ages, stages of education, and time
Atrium at Library
The building was specifically designed to be environmentally friendly, as well as very economical to operate and maintain. Techniques employed to maximize
efficiency include a reliance on natural light and outside air whenever possible, energy recovery systems, and special glass in the curtain wall that reduces solar
energy transmittance.
Building Section
Dedicated to offering access to higher education opportunities to non-traditional students, the project explores new technologies and their architectural
applications. More than 2000 data drops and 67 miles of voice, data, and audio-visual cabling provide the capability to both receive signals and broadcast via
dedicated T1 lines or IP-based videoconferencing.

The University Library was designed by Chabanne & Partners Architects is located in Reims, France. This stunning design is the identity of the
university, the library is a showcase, a place identifiable and recognizable building unites a neighborhood and contributes to the continuity of
flows and activities. The project takes its part in rebuilding the urban fabric of the campus along one axis strengths. Part of a new generation of
buildings in search of another monumental form, the library must be visible and worth reading in the heart of the region. As an open book with its
sloping facade is a large ship, a meeting place and focus of knowledge. Outside, the style formed by the large metal pole, embodying the
handwriting, irregular and cursive, drawn on a piece of paper on a traditional book.

The sloping facade is covered by a network of fine openings such bands with the binary code symbol of the computer and the new stand of
knowledge. As a fundamental design principle, the volume of the project was completely focused on controlling natural light. Otherwise,
openings, awnings and wood siding, bakelite alternate to punctuate the facades. At the heart of the project, shelter central atrium of the main
piece of work. The quality of the results of natural lighting from shelters mainly in the roof, allowing a good homogeneity of the light. Large
windows on the east and west sides of buildings to ensure the additional light needed. Windows frames are equipped with a shade screen to
avoid glare. Shade screens allow reading areas located in the building projecting to enjoy the light without being dazzled or be seen from outside
as lattices.
University Library by Chabanne & Partners
Architects in Reims, France
University Library, exterior and interior design
University Library, exterior facade contemporary
University Library, exterior facade modern
University Library, interior design architecture
University Library, interior design architecture 2

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