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Proposed on: March 21st, 2017

Submitted to: Demetria Smith, English Department

9000 Robert D. Snyder Rd. Charlotte, NC 28262


Submitted by: Sidney Johnson, Nevaeh Pennix, Henry Sai

1 March 21, 2017



Red Planet Luxury Homes give Mars colonists the best living experience on Mars. Red Plant
Luxury Homes contain a greenery system that provides the freshest food for the colonists to
enjoy. The Red Planet Luxury Homes have two stories, with the top level being a sleeping area,
and the bottom having all the basics of a house. This includes a kitchen, family room, bathroom,
compostable toilet and a garden. The Red Planet Luxury Homes are self-sufficient, with the
completion of solar panels and all. It will also benefit as a cash crop to NASA, as it puts a
modern twist to space exploration. There are no other homes like The Red planet Luxury Homes
out on the market. With this being the case, it will be highly profitable as everyone will want
one. With the help of NASA, 20% of all commission will go to NASA .The Red Planet Luxury
Homes are a great start to the colonization on Mars, as they are spacious enough to start and
build upon a family.

2 March 21, 2017


One of Mars greatest problems is that there is not efficient and comfortable living space

on Mars. The objectives of the RPLH (Red Planet Luxury Homes), is to produce a self-sufficient,

profitable, safe and stylish living unit for Mars. The RPLH creates its own clean energy by being

made entirely out of solar panels. The Red Planet Luxury Homes is specifically made for the

harsh climate on Mars. The base of the RPLH is underground and is filled with cement, the

reason for this is so that the RPLH can withstand Mars' harsh dust storms. The RPLH also has an

air compressor chamber that stabilizes the pressure and oxygen levels right before you come into

the actual living area. The downstairs area has a kitchen, living room, dining area, conservatory

and a science lab. The science lab consents of the most high-tech equipment, for example, it has

a scanner that will send information about the item that has been scanned to NASA. The upstair

consist a single bedroom or occasionally multiple bedrooms and a bathroom.

Our company is all about innovation and conservation therefore we decided to include

solar panels and compostable toilets into the RPLH. The solar panels would be beneficial

because they provide a clean and renewable energy source for the homes. Also the solar panels

will create no byproducts like carbon dioxide that would not harm Mars environment. The

reason why compostable toilets would be beneficial is because, they allow our client to use our

waste in a beneficial way. The compostable toilet allows the clients to use their poop to fertilize

the garden that is in the RPLH. Also, the composable toilets uses less water than a traditional

3 March 21, 2017


toilet would use, therefore leaving more water for the clients to drink,bath etc. With all these

factors and more we have allowed our product to be extremely self-sufficient and conservative.

Even though the RPLH is an efficient and stellar home, there are some aspects of the

product that would need NASA assistance. For instance, the company would need to work with

NASA to figure out how to send the necessary materials needed to Mars. Our company would

also need assistance on funding and building the RPLH because each is estimated to cost a

minimum of 500,000 dollars. Even though the company has a few obstacles changeling the

production of the product, the company would still like to make a working model of the RPLH

by the end of next year. Then after NASA and the company finish building a working model of

the product, both companies will brainstorm ideas on what would be the most efficient way to

send the RPLH to Mars. Next, both companies would do various tests on how to send the RPLH

to Mars. Finally, before the colonist arrives at Mars, both companies will send the RPLH to


The company started off as a humble real estate agency. However, as the years went on,

the company got more involved in space and space exploration. As years went on and as the

company progressed, the company started to make various sleeping compartments and other

items for space stations and spaceships. Finally, various people on the company board decided to

construct a living unit for Mars colonization, and thus the RPLH was born. Everyone on the

company's abroad, hopes you see the company love for space and the dedication the company

has to make the RPLH a success.

4 March 21, 2017


5 March 21, 2017