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Leading local news coverage on the Peninsula

Friday March 31, 2017 XVII, Edition 194

Cockfighting ring discovered

EPA man faces felony animal cruelty charges, 56 chickens euthanized
By Samantha Weigel to report his neighbors aggressive loose Buffy Martin-Tarbox Trujillo Santiago was also found with cock-
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF dog. But when officers arrived to the 1200 When we arrived on scene, it was clear fighting paraphernalia, according to police
block of Cypress Street, they discovered dozens of roosters had been modified and and PHS.
A man is facing felony animal cruelty dozens of chickens that had been modified trained for fighting, PHS Lead Humane The process of preparing a rooster for
charges after police and investigators with for illegal cockfighting, according to East Investigator Christina Hanley said in a cockfighting is brutal and its a felony
the Peninsula Humane Society uncovered an Palo Alto police. press release. charge of animal abuse, said Martin-
alleged cockfighting operation at his East When police contacted PHS, its investi- Many of the animals were suffering from Tarbox. Its a process called dubbing,
Palo Alto home. gators were already on their way, having untreated wounds and 56 chickens had to be which is incredibly painful and they dont
Aldenni de Jesus Trujillo Santiago initial- received a tip about the illegal cockfighting humanely euthanized, according to PHS.
ly called police around 3:50 p.m. March 23 from a neighbor, said PHS spokeswoman Many of the birds had been modified and See RING, Page 18

District delaying
housing for high
school teachers
Property shuffle in question for district
officials seeking workforce housing
By Austin Walsh

The proposal to build an affordable

high school teacher housing develop-
ment is on hold as local education offi-
cials negotiate a complex shuffle of dis-
trict properties necessary to accommo-
date the initiative.
Kevin Skelly, superintendent of the Kevin Skelly
San Mateo Union High School District,
said officials must first find a permanent home for the dis-
tricts continuation school before selling its San Bruno
location to finance the construction of workforce housing.
Officials had hoped to move Peninsula Alternative High
School students to property leased from the county Office
of Education in Burlingame before using profits from the
former Crestmoor High School property sale for housing at
Mills High School.
Attendees at San Mateos first community workshop on its Downtown Specific Plan update huddle around a board game See HOUSING, Page 18
style map to share their thoughts.
States robust snowpack
Citizens engage on downtowns future boosts flooding concerns
San Mateo holds first workshop on Downtown Precise Plan By Rich Pedroncelli and Scott Smith
By Samantha Weigel the comprehensive document will oncile trade-offs. They stacked Lego
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF cover a range of topics such as land pieces where they felt denser develop- PHILLIPS STATION As big snowflakes fell high in
use, density, parking, public gather- ments could be appropriate, lined Californias Sierra Nevada on Thursday, surveyors on snow-
Huddled around tables topped with a ing and open space, transportation, streets with striped stickers where bike shoes measured the deepest springtime snowpack in years
Monopoly style map and armed with zoning and more. lanes were ideal, and used Post-its to and said it boosted concerns about destructive floods when
Lego pieces, bike lane stickers, mark- During the first workshop focused mark where theyd like improvements. all that snow melts.
ers and Post-its, dozens of San Mateo on land use and public spaces, atten- While theres a spectrum of opinions Snow in the Sierra Nevada begins melting this time of
residents gathered Wednesday to help dees were spilt into groups and given and people may disagree, the exercise year as the weather warms, and California is already water-
plan the future of their downtown. an opportunity to design their ideal was about gathering public feedback as logged after storms slammed the state in January and
The city hosted its first community downtown. Organized in a playful for- part of the planning process, said February, flooding communities and washing out roads.
workshop at the Main Library as it mat with a map serving as the game Principal Planner Julia Klein. If more stormy weather hits the state and its mountains
embarks on updating its Downtown board, residents young and old dis-
Specific Plan. Still in the early stages, cussed their priorities and tried to rec- See WORKSHOP, Page 31 See SNOW, Page 23


150 N. San Mateo Drive, San Mateo CA 94401

Thought for the Day

Nowhere are prejudices more mistaken
for truth, passion for reason and invective
for documentation than in politics.
John Mason Brown, American critic and lecturer

This Day in History

The United States took formal posses-

1917 sion of the Virgin Islands from


In 1 4 9 2 , King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain

issued an edict expelling Jews from Spanish soil, except
those willing to convert to Christianity.
In 1 8 8 9 , French engineer Gustave Eiffel unfurled the
French tricolor from atop the Eiffel Tower, officially mark-
ing its completion.
In 1 9 2 3 , the first U.S. dance marathon, held in New York
City, ended with Alma Cummings, who had danced with six
consecutive male partners, setting a world record of 27
hours on her feet.
In 1 9 3 3 , President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the
Emergency Conservation Work Act, which created the
Civilian Conservation Corps.
In 1 9 4 3 , Oklahoma! the first musical play by Richard
Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, opened on Broadway.
In 1 9 5 7 , the original version of Rodgers and
Hammersteins TV musical Cinderella, starring Julie
Andrews, aired live in color on CBS. A chimpanzee drinks a sweet refreshment as it is sprayed with water on a hot day at Dusit zoo in Bangkok, Thailand.
In 1 9 6 8 , President Lyndon B. Johnson stunned the coun-
try by announcing during a televised address that he would In other news ...
not seek re-election. tion about it.
In 1 9 7 6 , the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that Karen Owl stuck between truck Burglars of a feather
A $1,000 reward is being offered by
Ann Quinlan, a young woman in a persistent vegetative cab and trailer on the mend National Park Service investigators flock together in Los Angeles
state, could be disconnected from her respirator. (Quinlan, for information leading to an arrest
EPPING, N.H. An owl is lucky to LOS ANGELES Nicky Minaj and
who remained unconscious, died in 1985.) and conviction.
be alive after flying into a truck and Alanis Morissette are among the sus-
In 1 9 8 6 , 167 people died when a Mexicana Airlines getting stuck between the cab and the The fossils formed 3 million to 5 pected victims of a new burglary trend
Boeing 727 crashed in a remote mountainous region of cargo hold. million years ago after animals walked hitting some of the wealthiest neigh-
Mexico. The male barred owl is on the mend across what was once a muddy borhoods in Los Angeles.
at a rehabilitation center in Epping, lakeshore in the park that sprawls Flocking get its name from the
Birthdays New Hampshire, and could be released
back into the wild soon. It doesnt
across 3.4 million acres in California
and Nevada.
gang members who flock like birds to
areas where home burglaries provide
appear to have any broken bones, but the biggest payoff.
did suffer head trauma in the collision Photo op turns into chance Police say the teams of burglars
earlier this month in Massachusetts
and is having trouble seeing out of its
encounter with gator on links ditch their usual attire for button-down
shirts and hop into shiny luxury
right eye. KIAWAH ISLAND, S.C. Carrie sedans. Thats to blend in as they
Jane Kelly, owner of On the Wing, Moores says shed only seen alliga- search for homes with no one inside
where the owl is recovering, said most tors at the zoo before relocating last and lots of jewelry and other valuables
of the birds of prey that she treats have year from Connecticut to South on hand.
been hit by automobiles. In this case, Carolina. That changed this week dur-
Actor Christopher Former Vice Actor Ewan Kelly initially didnt think the owl ing a chance encounter with a very big Historian: Towns
would survive. gator on the golf links.
Walken is 74. President Al Gore McGregor is 46.
Moores told the Post and Courier of Scythe Tree needs trim
is 69.
Actor William Daniels is 90. Actor Richard Chamberlain is
Fossils stolen from Charleston she was taking photo- WATERLOO, N.Y. A poplar tree in
graphs at a golf fundraiser for a free upstate New York dating back to before
83. Actress Shirley Jones is 83. Musician Herb Alpert is 82. Death Valley National Park medical clinic Monday when the gator the Civil War has grown around three
Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., is 77. Former U.S. Rep. Barney DEATH VALLEY NATIONAL PARK approached some golfers who had their farm tool blades and is in need of a
Frank, D-Mass., is 77. Comedian Gabe Kaplan is 73. Sen. Ancient fossil footprints have been backs turned. She quickly snapped the trimming.
Angus King, I-Maine, is 73. Rock musician Mick Ralphs (Bad stolen from Death Valley National picture and warned the golfers, who The Scythe Tree, as its called, is
Company; Mott the Hoople) is 73. Author David Eisenhower Park. hopped in carts and safely drove off. located in Waterloo, midway between
is 69. Actress Rhea Perlman is 69. Actor Robbie Coltrane
The park announced Tuesday that sci- The alligator then disappeared into a Rochester and Syracuse. It was planted
(Film: Harry Potter films) is 67. Actor Ed Marinaro is 67.
entists who visit the area to document lagoon at the Kiawah Island Clubs in front of a farmers house before the
Rock musician Angus Young (AC/DC) is 62. Actor Marc
the fossilized animal tracks discovered River Course. Civil War.
McClure is 60. Actor William McNamara is 52. Alt-country
the theft recently and reported it to Moores said people told her it was A man who joined the Union Army
musician Bob Crawford (The Avett Brothers) is 46. Actress
rangers. one of the largest gators theyd seen. placed a scythe in the trees notch and
Judi Shekoni is 39. Rapper Tony Yayo is 39. Actress Kate
Micucci is 37. Actress Melissa Ordway is 34. Jazz musician The park says backpackers were More accustomed to squirrels in told his parents not to remove it until
Christian Scott is 34. Pop musician Jack Antonoff (fun.) is photographed in the area and may have Connecticut, Moores said, it was lit- he came home. He later died in a
33. Actress Jessica Szohr is 32. witnessed the theft or have informa- erally a dinosaur. Confederate hospital.


by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek
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THE DAILY JOURNAL LOCAL Friday March 31, 2017 3

Teacher pay battle hits

San Mateo-Foster City
Educators dissatisfied; district officials hopeful for resolution
By Austin Walsh said they feel disrespected by officials offer-
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF ing less pay than some neighboring dis-
Elementary teachers locked in contract I will not be exploited, said Kenny
negotiations with San Mateo-Foster City Ledlow, a teacher at Fiesta Gardens
district officials claim they need more Elementary School who said she was experi-
money because they are struggling to afford encing migraines generated by the stress of
the exorbitant cost of living along the feeling overworked and underpaid.
Peninsula. Rosas said officials do not want to make
Dozens of San Mateo-Foster City their employees feel undervalued.
Elementary School District teachers packed It is disheartening that someone feels
a school board meeting Thursday, March 23, unsupported in the school district. We do
to make impassioned requests for higher care about our staff, she said.
wages. District teachers earned an average of
Teachers and officials are negotiating a $75,328 in the last fiscal year, according to
new contract, and educators claim a raise is the state Department of Education. Teachers
necessary to allow most union members to in the neighboring Burlingame Elementary
be able to afford San Mateo County's hot School District earned an average of
housing market. $74,433, while teachers in the Belmont-
We deserve to live comfortably in our Redwood Shores Elementary School District
community, said Janet Chappell, a teacher earned an average of $80,855.
at Laurel Elementary School. Teachers last year were granted a 3 percent
Board members could not respond to the one-time salary schedule bump along with a
issues raised by teachers because the discus- 6 percent annual hike.
sion was not on the meeting agenda, but dis- Some teachers said better salaries avail-
trict Superintendent Joan Rosas said in an able in neighboring communities have
email officials are committed to resolving drawn away a portion of the district's top
the contract dispute. talent, resulting in significant staff changes
The negotiations process takes time to each year.
complete and the district does feel confident Liz Curry, a North Shoreview Montessori
that an agreement can be reached, she said. teacher, claimed constant turnover has been
To concerns regarding teachers' inability a ongoing hurdle her school has faced. She
to afford living locally, Rosas said much of pleaded with officials to spend some of the
the struggle can be pinned on the regional money stashed in savings for teacher
housing crisis facing many having a hard salaries, offering an incentive for her col-
time paying rents or buying a home on the leagues to stay with the district.
Peninsula. Get creative. Dig deeper. Don't sit on the
The scope of the problem goes beyond large reserves you have had for many years,
the San Mateo-Foster City School District she said.
in that the overall job market and subse- Her sentiments were echoed by Abbott
quent lack of housing have driven up the Middle School teacher Tim Hilborn who read
cost of living in the Bay Area, she said. through the district's budget details under an
Unfortunately, the district has not experi- attempt to show adequate money exists to
enced the same level of fiscal growth and offer teachers a pay raise.
has limited ongoing funding. Rosas meanwhile said the board is com-
The contract strife comes as the district is mitted to its policy to keep 10 percent of
struggling to pass Measure Y, a ballot ini- general fund expenditures in reserves at all
tiative proposing to extend an existing times to protect against economic uncer-
$209 parcel tax for another nine years. tainties or budget shortfalls.
The most recent results showing 65 per- Despite their differences, Rosas said she
cent voter support available Thursday, is hopeful the two sides will ultimately be
March 30, from the Elections Office indicate able to come to terms on a deal.
the measure is inching closer to the two- The San Mateo-Foster City School
thirds threshold necessary to pass. District appreciates the commitment of all
The tax potentially generating revenue to parties to this time consuming and difficult
pay district staff received 64 percent voter process and will continue to work with our
support when results were first available negotiating teams to reach a final agree-
Tuesday, March 28. More returns are expect- ment, she said.
ed Tuesday, April 4, and final tallies should Yet Chappell spoke to the frustrations of
be available Thursday, April 6. many teachers dissatisfied by the status quo.
An agreement offering higher salaries We teachers deserve to be recognized,
must be struck, claimed some teachers who she said.

Police reports Court, it was reported at 9:58 p.m. Tuesday,

March 28.
Di s turbance. Someone was yelling and
Just a slice of life taking photos of the reporting party on
Someone called to say they were woken Albacore Lane before 6:03 p.m. Tuesday,
up by a pizza delivery person who had March 28.
the wrong house on Pilgrim Drive in
Foster City at 1:50 a.m. Wednesday,
March 29. Di s turbance. Someone called about an
encampment on the corner of a parking lot
on Veterans Boulevard, said people should
FOSTER CITY not be living there and wanted an ofcer to
S mo k i n g o rdi n an c e v i o l at i o n . move them along, it was reported at 12:33
Someone was smoking inside a unit on p.m. Tuesday, March 28.
Foster City Boulevard, it was reported Vehi cl e burg l ary. A window was smashed
11:35 p.m. Wednesday, March 29. overnight of a Ford Focus and a backpack,
Ci ty o rdi nance v i o l ati o n. People were wallet and miscellaneous items were taken,
playing basketball after hours on Shad it was reported at 9:27 a.m. Tuesday, March

Eleanor Felker Obituary

Eleanor Felker, born Oct. 15, 1917, died
peacefully Mar. 25, 2017, at the age of 99 Musso; children William Felker and Lenore
in San Mateo, California. Rounsaville (Guy); granddaughters Ashley
A San Francisco native, she was preceded and Lindsey Rounsaville; and many loving
in death by her husband Harry Felker; par- nieces and a nephew. As per her wishes, pri-
ents Lily and Frank Cirelli; and brother Fred vate family services were held. Interment at
Cirelli. She is survived by her sister Claire Skylawn Memorial Park in San Mateo.
4 Friday March 31, 2017 LOCAL THE DAILY JOURNAL

Former NDNU president dies ing some kind of specialty food with a of San Jose, stole from the seven business-
Local briefs portable cooking unit she brought during es between June 7 and Jan. 15.
John B. (Jack) Oblak, former president of lunch when the fire started, Redwood City Then on March 4, Darosa and Goulart
Notre Dame de Namur University, died at that time the largest philanthropic dona-
tion the university had ever received. fire Battalion Chief Chuck Lax said. attempted to steal an ATM from the Harbor
March 23 at Chester The parent was treated at the scene for Village shopping center at 270 Capistrano
County Hospital in West During his tenure, NDNU built New Hall,
adding to the residence hall space for under- minor burns and a janitor was treated for dif- Road in Princeton-by-the-Sea.
Chester, Pennsylvania, ficulty breathing, according to police. They were arrested the same day after lead-
near his home, the uni- graduates. The athletic field was converted
to artificial turf and renamed Koret Field, Both were transported to the hospital for ing deputies and California Highway Patrol
versity reported. further treatment. No other injuries were officers on a chase.
As NDNUs president and the Ferrari Plaza was added, according to
the university. reported, according to police. Darosa and Goulart attempted to steal the
from 2000 to 2007, The fire was contained to one classroom ATM with a truck stolen from a San Jose
Oblak led the effort to In addition to his duties as president, Oblak
participated in university theater produc- and no other parts of the school were affect- home earlier in the day.
rename the university ed, according to police. They eluded authorities until they crashed
from College of Notre tions, including a part in the world premiere
Jack Oblak of Tim Robbinss stage adaption of Dead the truck in San Jose. Darosa and Goulart
Dame and established a
Man Walking, and the role of the Ghost of
Two sentenced ran from the vehicle but were apprehended.
four-school structure for the Belmont
Catholic institutions academic programs. Christmas Future in A Christmas Carol. for string of burglaries The two also made off with property from
the Twice as Nice strip mall in Half Moon
Jack Oblak was a lifelong educator and Two defendants in eight San Mateo Bay, the El Granada Market in El Granada,
theater professional, said President Judith Two injured in cooking County burglaries during the past nine Round Table Pizza in Millbrae, India Bay
Greig of Notre Dame de Namur University. fire at elementary school months were sentenced Wednesday to up to restaurant in El Granada, Jersey Joes in Half
He held leadership positions at several Two people were injured in a classroom four years in state prison, prosecutors said. Moon Bay, Flavor restaurant in Princeton-
campuses, culminating in his tenure as pres- cooking fire at a Redwood City elementary Mario Darosa, 36, was sentenced to four by-the-Sea and Half Moon Bay Pharmacy in
ident of NDNU. He was dedicated to social school Thursday, fire officials said. years in state prison and Joseph Goulart, Half Moon Bay, according to prosecutors.
justice through higher education. The fire was reported at 12:57 p.m. at 31, was sentenced to three years and four Goulart and Darosa will appear in court
During his term, the university began to Sandpiper Elementary School at 801 months in state prison for their attempt to again on May 10 to hear what restitution
implement its campus Master Plan, with the Redwood Shores Parkway and was put out by steal an ATM and thefts from seven other theyll have to make.
assistance of a $2 million gift from the Carl a janitor with a fire extinguisher prior to businesses. Attorneys for both men were not immedi-
Gellert and Celia Berta Gellert Foundation, first responders arrival. A parent was cook- Prosecutors said Darosa and Goulart, both ately available to comment.

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North Carolina rolls back bathroom bill despite criticism By Gary D. Robertson been a dark cloud hanging over our great
and Emery P. Dalesio state, the governor said in announcing the
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS signing. It has stained our reputation, it
has discriminated against our people, and it
RALEIGH, N.C. North Carolina rolled has caused great economic harm in many of
back its bathroom bill Thursday in a bid to our communities.
end the yearlong backlash over transgender The American Civil Liberties Union and
rights that has cost the state dearly in busi- gay rights activists complained that the new
ness projects, conventions and basketball law still denies gay and transgender people
tournaments. certain protections from discrimination, and
The compromise plan, announced they demanded nothing less than full repeal.
Wednesday night by the Democratic gover- As a result, it was unclear whether the
nor and leaders of the Republican-controlled retreat from HB2 would stop the boycotts or
legislature, was worked out under mounting satisfy the NCAA. NCAA President Mark
pressure from the NCAA, which threatened Emmert said the associations board would
to take away more sporting events from the review the legislation in the coming days
basketball-obsessed state as long as the law, before deciding whether to bring neutral-site
also known as House Bill 2, remained on the championships back.
books. Republican Rep. Scott Stone, who lives
The new measure cleared the House and in Charlotte, urged his colleagues to vote for
Senate and was signed by Gov. Roy Cooper the new bill. It passed the House 70-48.
in a matter of hours. We are impeding the growth in our rev-
Among other things, it repeals the best- enues, in our abilities to do more things for
known provision of HB2: a requirement that tourism, for teacher pay ... while we have
transgender people use public restrooms this stigma hanging over us, Stone said.
that correspond to the sex on their birth cer- The time has come for us to get out from
REUTERS FILE PHOTO under the national spotlight for negative
A sign protesting a recent North Carolina law restricting transgender bathroom access adorns tificate. things.
For over a year now, House Bill 2 has
the bathroom stalls at the 21C Museum Hotel in Durham, N.C.

District has finalist Local brief Oakland officials: Burning Around the state
for superintendent candle started deadly blaze
that she is someone who possesses all of these could hinder development of childrens brains.
Mary Streshly is expected to be the newest traits and is the right person to lead this district OAKLAND Oakland officials say that a In announcing the decision late
superintendent of Sequoia Union High School through the many opportunities and challenges burning candle started a deadly building fire Wednesday, Environmental Protection
District, according to district officials. in the years ahead. that killed four people. Thursdays announce- Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt said that
The Board of Trustees announced Thursday, Streshly has more than two decades experi- ment rules out arson as the cause of a Monday by not banning chlorpyrifos, he was provid-
March 30, Streshly is the top finalist for the ence in public education, working through the blaze that also displaced dozens of residents ing regulatory certainty to thousands of
position and her hiring is contingent upon ranks as a teacher into administration and ulti- in a building for recovering addicts and peo- American farmers that rely on the pesticide.
striking a contract agreement. Once a deal is mately the district office in Campbell, where ple who had been homeless.
reached, she will likely be approved by the
board Wednesday, April 5, according to a press
she has worked as the assistant superintendent Mayoral spokeswoman Erica Terry Derryck Mexican state prosecutor
of educational services since 2012. Beyond her declined to comment further on the candle. held on drug charges in NYC case
release. previous term in Redwood City, Streshly also The fire occurred just three days after city
Streshly, who most recently worked as an worked locally in San Francisco at Lowell High building inspectors found multiple fire code NEW YORK The attorney general for the
assistant superintendent in the Campbell School and as a principal of Half Moon Bay violations, including inoperable sprinklers western Mexican state of Nayarit will remain
Union High School District, is slated to replace High School. and alarms. Officials also noted a lack of fire behind bars in San Diego until a hearing to
Jim Lianides when he retires at the end of the I am honored and nothing less than thrilled extinguishers and overloaded electrical cords determine if U.S. authorities can move him to
school year. with being selected as a finalist and with the during the inspection. New York City to face drug trafficking
Board President Carrie Du Bois expressed her opportunity to serve such an outstanding dis- charges. Edgar Veytia made a brief appearance
excitement for the finalist joining the district trict, said Streshly, in a prepared statement. I EPA reverses course on Thursday in federal court in San Diego, where
comprised of high schools such as Woodside, look forward to the opportunity to lead such an he was ordered held without bail.
Menlo-Atherton, Carlmont, Redwood and incredible staff and being a very visible and safety of pesticide used on crops Veytia, 46, was arrested earlier this week
Sequoia, where Streshly has worked in the past. active part of this community. I believe deeply WASHINGTON The Trump administra- after U.S. border agents stopped him and ran
We knew we were looking for someone who that the Sequoia Union High School District is tion wont ban a common pesticide used on his name as he tried to enter the United States
is a strong educational leader, embraces a stu- uniquely positioned to be the testimonial for food, reversing efforts by the Obama adminis- from Mexico, said his California lawyer,
dent-centered approach to education, has the the rest of the nation on how to provide a world- tration to bar the chemical based on findings it Guadalupe Valencia.
ability to successfully manage change in a class education in a diverse community so that
complex organization, and is an excellent com- every youth graduates college and is career
municator and community builder, said Du ready to contribute to American democracy and
Bois, in a prepared statement. Dr. Streshlys to a global society.
experience, approach and vision demonstrated

Moderates hold
key to state road
repair tax plan
By Sophia Bollag the governors
and Jonathan J. Cooper 2010 cam-
another idea in
SACRAMENTO The fate of mind and he
Gov. Jerry Browns push to raise wants to marry
more than $5 billion a year to fix the two, but he
decrepit roads and bridges lies with declined to elab-
a handful of centrist lawmakers in orate.
the California Legislature. Sen. Jim
Jerry Brown Beall, D-San
With an aggressive self-imposed
deadline next week, the Democratic Jose, told the
governor and top legislative lead- Los Angeles Times that Glazer
ers hit the road Thursday to pressure wants to prohibit Bay Area Rapid
two moderate Democrats in Transit workers from striking.
Concord who will cast decisive Bealls spokesman, Rodney Foo,
votes on a major piece of Browns confirmed the account.
legacy. Brown, who has tried for Glazer declined to say why he is
years to muster support for new holding out. The proposal, REUTERS
road-construction dollars, por- announced Wednesday, would raise House Intelligence Committee Chair Rep. Devin Nunes talks with a reporter as he leaves the House floor.
trayed the decision as the last $52 billion over 10 years through
chance to save California from a
future of destructive potholes and
crumbling streets.
Im going to my ranch in two
new taxes and fees, including a 12-
cent hike in gas taxes and a yearly
fee collected with vehicle registra-
tions, ranging from $25 to $175
White House to Russia probers:
years, Brown, who will leave
office after the 2018 election, told
reporters in Concord. You want to
have a screwed up state with a
depending on the vehicles value.
The money would go to fixing
state highways, local streets,
bridges and culverts, as well as
Come see our intel yourselves
By Julie Pace last week. gators, but have not publicly
bunch of potholes, go ahead. But walking and biking trails. A por-
and EIleen Sullivan Nunes is lead- raised the issue of immunity.
thats insane. tion would fund traffic reduction
measures on major commuter THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ing one of three
Browns news conference took Flynn, a member of the Trump
routes. Because it raises taxes and i n v es t i g at i o n s
place in an area represented by Sen. campaign and transition, was fired
fees, the measure requires support into Russias
Steve Glazer, a moderate Democrat WASHINGTON The White as national security adviser after it
from two-thirds of the Assembly attempt to influ-
from Orinda who sometimes breaks House refused Thursday to say was publicly disclosed that he
and Senate, putting a spotlight on ence the cam-
from his partys leadership, and whether it secretly fed intelligence misled the vice president about a
the moderate lawmakers who have paign and
Assemblyman Tim Grayson, a reports to a top Republican law- conversation he had with the
in recent years hemmed in the Trump associ-
Concord Democrat. Both are unde- maker, fueling concerns about Russian ambassador to the U.S.
cided. ambitions of their more liberal col- political interference in the inves- Michael Flynn ates possible Flynns ties to Russia have been
leagues. involvement.
Brown said Glazer, who managed tigation into possible coordina- scrutinized by the FBI and are
Late Thursday, an attorney for
tion between Russia and the 2016 under investigation by the House
Michael Flynn, Trumps ex-
Arson suspected Local brief Trump campaign. national security adviser, said
and Senate intelligence commit-
in greenhouse Protection examined the crime
Fending off the growing criti- Flynn is in discussions with the
cism, the administration invited House and Senate intelligence The House panels work has
blaze, man arrested scene, interviewed witnesses and lawmakers from both parties to committees about speaking to been deeply, and perhaps irrepara-
A man suspected of setting a fire Flores. He was already in custody view classified material it said them in exchange for immunity. bly, undermined by Nunes appar-
that destroyed five greenhouses at at the Maguire Correctional relates to surveillance of the pres- The talks are preliminary, and no ent coordination with the White
the Mountain Mushroom Farm just Facility on an unrelated matter and idents associates. The invitation official offers have been made. House. He told reporters last week
outside Half Moon Bay was arrest- will be rebooked on arson charges came as The New York Times General Flynn certainly has a that he had seen troubling infor-
ed after a San Mateo County with a bail of $25,000, according reported that two White House story to tell, and he very much mation about the improper distri-
Sheriffs Office investigation. to the Sheriffs Office. officials including an aide wants to tell it, should the circum- bution of Trump associates inter-
The man, Gilbert Mendoza The fires at the farm at 12761 whose job was recently saved by stances permit, Flynns attorney, cepted communications, and he
Flores, 38, a transient, was arrest- San Mateo Road caused between President Donald Trump secret- Robert Kelner, said in a statement. briefed the president on the mate-
ed after detectives worked with $50,000 and $100,000 in damage. ly helped House intelligence com- Other Trump associates have rial, all before informing Rep.
inspectors from the California It took more than four hours to mittee chairman Devin Nunes volunteered to speak with investi- Adam Schiff, the committees top
Department of Forestry and Fire contain. examine intelligence information Democrat.

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THE DAILY JOURNAL NATION Friday March 31, 2017 7
Shutdown? GOP says no as it tries to save Trump priorities
By Andrew Taylor Trump repeatedly said during the cam-
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS paign that Mexico would pay for the wall,
but the administration has made clear U.S.
WASHINGTON The last thing President tax dollars will finance it.
Donald Trump needs on his 100th day in Democrats like Pelosi vow to oppose any
office is a government shutdown. wall funding, but are open to other security
So with four weeks to go, Trump and measures such as drones and sensors. Many
Republican leaders are trying to salvage Republicans, however, are also wary of
priorities like his wall along the Mexico Trumps vision for a massive brick-and-
border and immediate increases in defense mortar wall.
spending without stumbling into a politi- It might not be a physical wall every-
cally toxic government shutdown in anoth- where, which has always been my point,
er month. said GOP Rep. Steve Pearce, who represents
The temporary government-wide spend- New Mexicos entire southern border. So
ing bill runs out at midnight April 28, and well take a look at it when they get it a lit-
since Trump needs Democratic help in get- tle more developed.
ting the legislation done, Republicans are Collins, a key Trump ally, told reporters
already tamping down expectations. Rep. the wall could be handled in another, addi-
Chris Collins, R-N.Y., a Trump ally, pre- tional bill. We dont need to deal with that
dicted that the legislation would be kept in the catchall spending bill, he said.
mostly free of controversial add-ons. White House press secretary Sean Spicer
Were probably going to need bipartisan countered, Obviously we dont want the
votes to keep the government open, government to shut down, but we want to
Collins said. REUTERS
make sure were funding the priorities of the
Its always been a negotiation and Donald Trump shakes hands with Denmarks Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen. government.
theyve never been able to pass one without After last weeks failure on health care,
Democratic votes, House Minority Leader spending compromise, aides and lawmakers infusion of cash for the Pentagon and $3 GOP leaders and the White House appear
Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said Thursday. say, is shaping up pretty much as it would billion for additional security measures on wary of a battle with Democrats like Senate
Behind the scenes, lawmakers are work- have if former President Barack Obama were the U.S.-Mexico border, including $1 bil- Minority Leader Charles Schumer of New
ing on the $1 trillion-plus legislation to in the Oval Office. lion to build fencing and a levee wall along York that could leave divided Republicans
keep the government running through Sept. The key complications are Trumps 60 miles or so (about 100 kilometers) in saddled with the blame for a government
30, the end of the budget year. The emerging requests for $30 billion for an immediate Texas and near San Diego. shutdown.

As GOP schism grows, Trump attacks fellow Republicans

By Jonathan Lemire Republican party that controls the White governing runs the risk of alienating the The Freedom Caucus will hurt the entire
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS House and both branches of Congress yet conservative base that fueled his rise dur- Republican agenda if they dont get on the
appears to be teetering on the precipice of a ing last years Republican primaries and team, & fast. We must fight them, & Dems,
WASHINGTON President Donald Trump civil war. Republicans plunged into a blame has to this point remained loyal to the in 2018! Trump said.
trained his fire on members of his own party game over the demise of the years-long president. Hours later, he went a step further and sin-
Thursday, declaring in the aftermath of the push to repeal and replace President Barack With his poll numbers falling and his gled out three members of the Freedom
Republicans failed health care push that the Obamas signature health care legislation, plans to move onto tax reform and a robust Caucus Rep. Raul Labrador of Idaho, Rep.
conservative Freedom Caucus will hurt the with members sniping at each other over infrastructure program imperiled, Trump Jim Jordan of Ohio and its chair, Rep. Mark
entire GOP agenda. He vowed to fight how much they can work with Democrats took to Twitter to attack the conservative Meadows of North Carolina in a series of
them in 2018 if they dont get behind him. or even the White House. group that many in the White House hold tweets. He said that if they would get on
The early-morning tweet from Trump Trumps anger at the Freedom Caucus for responsible for sabotaging last weeks board we would have both great healthcare
highlighted the growing schism in a posing as a stubborn impediment to his health care vote. and massive tax cuts & reform.

Around the world

Putin on U.S. election
South Koreas former president
hack charge: Read my lips: No
MOSCOW President Vladimir Putin on Thursday
jailed over corruption allegations
emphatically denied allegations of Russian meddling in the By Hyung-Jin Kim
U.S. presidential election and said THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
Moscow would maintain hopes of
improving relations while waiting for SEOUL, South Korea South
political infighting in Washington to Koreas disgraced former President Park
stop. Geun-hye was arrested and jailed Friday
Putin also said he is ready to meet with over high-profile corruption allega-
President Donald Trump in Finland if that tions that already ended her tumultuous
country hosts an Arctic leaders summit, four-year rule and prompted an election
but added that he would wait longer if to find her successor.
needed. A convoy of vehicles, including a
Vladimir Putin We are seeing whats going on. They black sedan carrying Park, entered a
are preventing the new president from ful- detention facility near Seoul after the
filling his campaign promises on many issues: health care, Seoul Central District Court granted
other issues, international relations, ties with Russia, Putin prosecutors request to arrest her. Many
said in remarks at a forum in the northern Russian city of Park supporters waved national flags
Arkhangelsk. We are waiting for the situation to normalize and shouted president as Parks car
and become more stable. And we arent interfering in any entered the facility.
way. Prosecutors can detain her for up to
The Kremlin had hoped for a thaw in relations with the REUTERS
20 days before formally charging her,
United States with Trumps election, but the congressional meaning she will likely be in jail while
Ousted South Korean President Park Geun-hye arrives for questioning on her arrest
investigation of possible links between his campaign and her case is heard. A district court nor-
warrant at the Seoul Central District Court in Seoul, South Korea.
Russia has dashed expectations of any quick improvement. mally issues a ruling within six pushed back by police.
hold an election in May to choose
months of an indictment. Parks successor. Opinion surveys say In the coming weeks, prosecutors are
As war in Afghanistan The Seoul courts decision is yet liberal opposition leader Moon Jae-in, expected to formally charge Park with
drags on, Russia resurrects interest another humiliating fall for Park, who lost the 2012 election to Park, is extortion, bribery and abuse of power.
WASHINGTON As Americas effort to end 16 years of South Koreas first female president the favorite. Prosecutors can charge A bribery conviction alone is punish-
war in Afghanistan yields little progress, Russia is resurrect- who was elected in 2012 amid a wave of Park without arresting her. But they able by the minimum 10 years in
ing its own interest in the graveyard of empires. The jock- conservative nostalgia for her late dic- said they wanted to arrest her because prison and the maximum life imprison-
eying includes engaging the Taliban and leading a new diplo- tator father, whose 18-year rule is the allegations against her are grave ment in South Korea.
matic effort to tackle Afghanistans future, with or without marked by both rapid economic rise and because other suspects involved Prosecutors believe Park conspired
U.S. support. and enormous human rights abuses. the scandal, including her confidante with Choi and a top presidential advis-
Uncertain of Moscows intentions, the Trump administra- Prosecutors accuse Park of colluding Choi Soo-sil, have already been arrest- er to bully 16 business groups, includ-
tion will stay away when Russia hosts regional powers with a confidante to extort big busi- ed. ing Samsung, to donate 77.4 billion
China, India, Iran and Pakistan, and several Central Asian nesses, take a bribe from one of the The Seoul court said it decided to won ($69 million) for the launch of
countries, for another set of Afghan talks next month. companies and commit other wrongdo- approve Parks arrest because it two nonprofits that Choi controlled.
Afghanistans government is attending, but the U.S. ing. The allegations led millions of believes key allegations against her Company executives said they felt
declined an invitation, saying it wasnt consulted ahead of South Koreans to protest in the streets were confirmed and there were worries forced to donate in fear of retaliatory
time. No one has invited the Taliban. every weekend for months before law- that she may try to destroy evidence. measures including tax investigations.
For Russia, dogged by memories of the Soviet Unions dis- makers impeached her in December and A day earlier, Park was questioned at a Park and Choi are accused of sepa-
astrous 1980s occupation of Afghanistan, its a surprising the Constitutional Court ruled in March court hearing for nearly nine hours. As rately receiving a bribe from Samsung
turn at the head of the countrys proverbial peace table. And to formally remove her from office. she left for the hearing, hundreds of her and conspiring with top officials to
it coincides with the Kremlins campaign to wield greater It made Park the countrys first demo- supporters, many of them elderly citi- blacklist artists critical of Parks poli-
international authority at the U.S. expense elsewhere, cratically elected leader to be forced zens, gathered at her private Seoul cies to deny them state financial assis-
including intervening in Syrias war and pushing for a settle- from office since democracy came here home. They wept, chanted slogans and tance programs, according to prosecu-
ment on President Bashar Assads and its own terms. in the late 1980s. South Korea will tried to block Parks car before being tors.
THE DAILY JOURNAL OPINION Friday March 31, 2017 9
A library without walls
By Mike Nagler more. By looking
at a very different
Virtual News
ecently, at the Burlingame world than what he

ecause of the rapidly changing pace of both
Public Library, I bumped into knew and by fear-
a teacher Id had in high
school. We chatted for a few minutes
lessly breathing it
in, Miller felt more perspective news and news delivery, the Daily Journal is
embarking on a new system of providing the
information our readers both enjoy and deserve.
and I told her Ive always remembered a part of the human
spirit. He felt liber- We will be calling it Virtual News, and it will be deliv-
her class because wed read Orwells its arts, its laws, its ability to gov-
1984. ated, and to a 25- ered by our new and exciting Virtual Newsroom. It
ern itself with generosity toward all entails the delivery of facts, interviews, data and other
I recalled to her the singular impres- year-old American then that diverse group of community
sion that book had made on my reading this in 1976, that seemed like information our newsroom regularly collects and uses to
members were passionately undertak- deliver to you what was previously known as news sto-
impressionable teenage mind because something to celebrate. ing the difcult task of speaking to
of the writers ability to conjure an And it still does. ries. We will also be providing readers with every single
what the current soul of America photo taken by members of our newsroom, whether it be
entire universe from his imagination. I glanced up from the book and means to them and to the life of the
That universe in which humanity is observed other library patrons around the actual shot we traditionally would use in the paper,
crushed by an absolute ruler who me, deeply engaged in some book or or out-of-focus photos or
That no one in that room no mat-
through fear, terror and technology another. I began to think about the even those we mistakenly
ter his or her politics was content
eliminates liberty and truth. sway and power books can exert over take while adjusting the aper-
with our life as a nation as it is cur-
Talk about timeless, my high us. How in books we are all immi- rently being lived would come as no ture.
school teacher said. grants, visitors to other lands even surprise. Certainly there were diver- In doing so, we seek to be
That same day, by chance, I saw a if those lands merely reside in the gent viewpoints and various calls to the most transparent news-
book lying on one of the librarys writers imagination in which, action. But what was also compelling- room in the nation. Readers
tables. It was The Colossus of through that writers skill and empa- ly clear was that there in that room will be able to see every
Maroussi by Henry Miller. It told of thy, our need to understand is engaged. were responsible and critical inhabi- piece of source data and be
his travels in Greece in the 1930s. I I also thought about how coming tants of a democratic society examin- able to make their own deci-
sat down and began to read. across a book on a library table about ing their common humanity. sions on what is relevant or
I had read this book before, 40 years a writers journey to another country I also sat there thinking about my interesting.
ago. I was in my 20s then and, when reminded me of my own responsibility previous few weeks in the library. My Doing so, however, will
nished, decided that I must go to as a citizen. That in a truly democratic memories of traveling to a distant cul- necessitate us not being able
Greece, specically the island of Corfu society we must continuously examine ture, as well as witnessing my fellow to craft news stories based on
that Miller had so manifestly brought this world in which we are all immi- community members imagining what the information we gather. It
to life. I did go, spending seven grants. And where no ones origin has they wanted from the future of their will eliminate the need for us
months on the island. As I read the more value or validity than anothers. own culture. to use editorial judgment in processing the information
book again, tears came to my eyes. I teach ction writing at a local And about how a terric library real- into relevant and interesting stories through word-
Im sure most people have had expe- community college and something we ly has no walls. About how a public smithing and literary craftsmanship. Instead, we will let
riences similar to this (perhaps with- talk about a lot in class is empathy. library, at its best, encourages us to the reader decide what is interesting based on the sheer
out the tears). Reading again a book The ability of a writer to create a world include each other to think beyond volume of data we sift through every day. Starting April
of their youth and transported once in which the reader inhabits the life of ourselves and to inhabit the lives of 1, also known as April Fools Day, we will no longer be
more to emotions and memories so a character and is drawn into the others. About how a library can be presenting the information we gather in story form but
deeply felt that it seemed there was no predicaments of that life. The reader of that timeless land through which rather in pure information form. We will start by print-
time separating that rst reading and a book must care about how that char- everyone who follows us might our-
acter solves being alive. ing every single government agency agenda item and
the present one. ish. staff report, email correspondence and transcribed inter-
I entered, once again, a very foreign A couple of weeks ago, the library
held an open forum on immigration. view both in person and over the phone we regularly
place that Miller brought into vivid encounter. We will also transcribe our newsroom conver-
relief: not only the ancient, exotic About 40 people discussed citizenship Mik e Nagler is a trustee on the
and what makes an American. If by sations, scan in any correspondence and press release
landscapes and radiant uniqueness of Burlingame Library Board. we receive by mail, email or in person and also create a
the Greek people, but something culture we mean the soul of a country
log of every website we look at throughout the day.
We firmly believe in our new policy and its ability to

Letters to the editor truly inform our readers on each piece of information
that enters our newsroom but will only be able to reveal
about an hours worth of such data a day because of the
A new federal Paycheck Fairness Act dropped his crystal ball as he surely time compiling that information will entail. This will
Gender pay gap obviously remove the timeliness element of the infor-
would protect all employees from hasnt predicted the future accurately.
for another 135 years unfair pay practices. AAUW He states, Trump would never put mation but it is the only way we will be able to provide
Editor, (American Association of University himself in a position [to be] the rst you, our readers, with all the information you need
Women) on the Peninsula is working through our Virtual Newsroom. This will mean the infor-
This year Equal Pay Day is April 4. president in history to be
to raise community awareness of gen- mations timeliness will lag exponentially in that the
The date symbolizes how far into impeached. That would be impossi-
der-based pay inequity.Research indi- April 1-2 weekend edition will have one hour of infor-
2017 women must work to earn what ble, considering both Andrew
mation in print and online, the April 3 edition will have
men earned in 2016. California cates that the pay gap wont close for Johnson and Bill Clinton were the next hour, the April 4 edition will have the third
women fare better than the average 135 years.AAUW doesnt think impeached by the House of hour, and so on. We will be providing the information
woman in the United States. They women should have to wait that long. Representatives. He is correct when in 20-hour blocks as that is the time in a day we are
earn 86 percent on the dollar as he states that Trump doesnt care, and actively working on delivering news in our current for-
opposed to 80 percent on average for Ann Fleishman that is why his resignation prediction mat. That will mean it will take 20 days for the first day
all women in the United States. is off base. If he were to be
San Carlos of information to be provided to you. After that, the
In 2015, Gov. Jerry Brown signed impeached, I predict he would only information might diminish as our sources may feel a
into law the Fair Pay Act, which pro- bellow louder at the injustice of it all lack of urgency to provide us with information, but that
hibits employers from paying women
less than men for doing similar
Trump will not resign and how he was truly making America may also quicken our ability to provide blocks of infor-
great again. As if ... mation without any type of editorial judgment. As the
work.Then the governor signed AB Editor,
Marc Goldraths anger in his letter current amount of information we receive diminishes,
1676, which states that a womans
we will be able to provide less relevant information as
salary history cannot by itself justify Trump will resign in the March 29 Gus Sinks
our sources will stop talking to us but will be able to
wage disparities. The bill became law edition of the Daily Journal has either San Bruno fill the void with whatever information we can grab
on Jan. 1, 2017. caused him to forget history, or hes
wherever we can. Recipes, dog birthdays, conspiracy
theories, the scores of our in-office checkers games and
OUR MISSION: observations of what we see when we look out the win-
It is the mission of the Daily Journal to be the most dow will fill our paper. I see it now, There are many
accurate, fair and relevant local news source for
those who live, work or play on the MidPeninsula. crows this afternoon will be our top story, followed by
By combining local news and sports coverage, Austin is on checkers winning streak. Since we will
Jerry Lee, Publisher BUSINESS STAFF: analysis and insight with the latest business, be a Virtual Newsroom, anything goes!
Michael Davis Henry Guerrero lifestyle, state, national and world news, we seek to
Jon Mays, Editor in Chief Charles Gould Paul Moisio provide our readers with the highest quality Happy April Fools Day.
Nathan Mollat, Sports Editor Joe Rudino Bruce Scannell information resource in San Mateo County.
Joy Uganiza Our pages belong to you, our readers, and we
Erik Oeverndiek, Copy Editor/Page Designer Jon May s is the editor in chief of the Daily Journal. He
choose to reflect the diverse character of this
Nicola Zeuzem, Production Manager INTERNS, CORRESPONDENTS, CONTRACTORS: dynamic and ever-changing community. can be reached at jon@smdaily Follow Jon
Renee Abu-Zaghibra Robert Armstrong
Kerry McArdle, Marketing & Events Jim Clifford Dan Heller on Twitter @jonmay s.
Samantha Weigel, Senior Reporter
Mona Murhamer Karan Nevatia
REPORTERS: Jeanita Lyman Brigitte Parman Follow us on Twitter and Facebook:
Terry Bernal, Anna Schuessler, Austin Walsh Adriana Ramirez Nick Rose
Andrew Scheiner Joel Snyder
Susan E. Cohn, Senior Correspondent: Events Megan Tao Gary Whitman
Cindy Zhang Online edition at
Dave Newlands, Production Assistant

Letters to the Editor Emailed documents are preferred: Correction Policy

Should be no longer than 250 words. The Daily Journal corrects its errors.
Perspective Columns Letter writers are limited to two submissions a If you question the accuracy of any article in the Daily
Should be no longer than 600 words. month. Journal, please contact the editor at
Illegibly handwritten letters and anonymous letters Opinions expressed in letters, columns and
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Please include a city of residence and phone not necessarily represent the views of the Daily Journal Editorials represent the viewpoint of the Daily Journal
number where we can reach you. staff. editorial board and not any one individual.
10 Friday March 31, 2017 BUSINESS THE DAILY JOURNAL

Stocks close higher; Nasdaq climbs to an all-time high

By Alex Veiga spending increased more than
DOW JONES INDUSTRIALS expected. And the Labor
High: 20,753.78 Department said applications for
Low: 20,643.60 unemployment benefits dipped
Banks and other financial com- Close: 20,728.49 slightly last week.
panies led U.S. stocks modestly The latest economic data fol-
Change: +69.17
higher Thursday, nudging the lowed positive reports on con-
Nasdaq composite index to an all- OTHER INDEXES sumer confidence and housing ear-
time high. S&P 500: 2368.06 +6.93 lier this week.
Rising bond yields, which can NYSE Index: 11,519.86 +23.20 Todays action and the little bit
result in higher interest rates on Nasdaq: 5914.34 +16.79 of strength weve seen the past
loans and bigger profits for NYSE MKT: 2498.27 -8.45 couple of days is maybe investors
banks, helped put traders in the focusing a little bit more on funda-
mood to buy banking stocks. Russell 2000: 1382.34 +10.70
Wilshire 5000: 24,657.19 +89.19 mentals and the fact that the econ-
Energy companies also notched omy and earnings are in the same
gains as crude oil prices rose. 10-Yr Bond: 2.41 +0.03 trajectory as they were two weeks
Utilities and other high-dividend Oil (per barrel): 50.35 +0.84 ago when the markets were at all-
stocks fell. time highs, and were slightly
Gold : 1,242.20 -11.50
Investors also bid up shares in below that, said Sean Lynch, co-
companies that released strong for the next month. The rally 2, 368. 06. The Nasdaq gained late Wednesday. head of global equity strategy at
quarterly results or announced big since the election has centered 16.80 points, or 0.3 percent, to Trading was mostly subdued at Wells Fargo Investment Institute.
transactions. ConocoPhillips around improved sentiment 5,914.34. Small-company stocks the start of trading Thursday fol- Financial sector stocks rose 1.2
jumped 8.8 percent after the ener- regarding tax reform and infra- fared better than the other indexes, lowing mixed action in overseas percent, the biggest gain among
gy company agreed to sell most of structure spending, and thats still sending the Russell 2000 index up markets. But soon investors got the 11 sectors in the S&P 500. The
its Canadian assets. a work in progress. 10.70 points, or 0.8 percent, to another batch of encouraging eco- sector, which is up 2.8 percent
Equities are ending the first The Dow Jones industrial aver- 1,382.35. The four stock indexes nomic news: The Commerce this year, accounted for more than
quarter in a reasonably good age rose 69.17 points, or 0.3 per- last set record highs on March 1. Department raised its estimate for half of the indexs gains Thursday.
place, said Terry Sandven, chief cent, to 20,728.49. The Standard Bond prices edged lower. The economic growth in the fourth Traders bid up shares in big
equity strategist at U. S. Bank & Poors 500 index added 6.93 10-year Treasury yield rose to quarter to 2.1 percent from 1.9 banks such as Capital One
Wealth Management. I do think points, or 0. 3 percent, to 2.41 percent from 2.38 percent percent, noting that consumer Financial, which rose $2.46, or
equities trend sideways, probably 2.9 percent, to $87.14.

Twitter eases Business briefs

Economy grew at 2.1 percent rate in Q4 140-character limit in replies
NEW YORK Twitter has found
SpaceX set to launch
By Martin Crutsinger though private economists are paign to double economic growth its first recycled rocket
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS doubtful. to 4 percent or better. He said his more creative ways to ease its 140-
For the fourth quarter, the govern- economic program of tax cuts, character limit without officially CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla.
WASHINGTON The U.S. econ- ment revised its estimate for con- deregulation and increased spend- raising it. SpaceX is about to launch its first
omy grew at a slightly faster rate in sumer spending, which accounts for ing in such areas as the military and Now, the company says that recycled rocket.
the fourth quarter than earlier esti- two-thirds of economic activity, to infrastructure would boost the econ- when you reply to someone or The Falcon 9 rocket is on the
mates, as consumers powered eco- a growth rate of 3.5 percent from a omy back to growth rates not seen to a group usernames will no pad at Floridas Kennedy Space
nomic momentum heading into previous estimate of 3 percent. on a sustained basis in decades. longer count toward those 140 Center, poised for a Thursday
2017. The economy also got a boost However, Trumps legislative characters. This will be especially evening liftoff. Its the first time
The gross domestic product, the from slightly stronger rebuilding of agenda received a setback last week helpful with group conversations, SpaceX founder Elon Musk has
economys total output of goods business stockpiles. However, when Republicans were forced to where replying to two, three or tried to fly a salvaged booster. The
and services, expanded at an annual these increases were offset some- pull a measure to repeal and replace more users at a time could be espe- first stage landed on an ocean plat-
rate of 2.1 percent in the October- what by a bigger trade deficit, the Affordable Care Act because cially difficult with the character form almost a year ago after a
December period, the Commerce which subtracts from GDP growth, they did not have enough votes in constraints. launch for NASA.
Department reported Thursday. That and less business investment. the House of Representatives. When users reply, the names of SpaceX refurbished and tested
is an improvement from the previ- The 2.1 percent GDP growth in Despite the setback, Trump has said the people they are replying to the booster, which still has its
ous estimate of 1.9 percent. The the fourth quarter came after a 3.5 the administration will soon unveil will be on top of the text of the original engines. Itll aim for
added strength stemmed from percent spurt of growth in the third a plan to cut individual and corpo- actual tweet, rather than a part of another sea landing once it
stronger consumer spending, which quarter. For the current quarter, ana- rate tax rates, a key component of it. hoists a broadcasting satellite for
offset an increased drag from trade. lysts believe growth will come in his stimulus program. Last year, Twitter said it would the SES company of
The small change to the fourth around 2 percent Treasury Secretary Steven stop counting photos, videos, Luxembourg.
quarter did not alter growth for the Since the Great Recession ended Mnuchin said last week that even if quote tweets, polls and GIF anima- Longtime customer SES is get-
entire year, which came in at an ane- in mid-2009, annual growth has the initial goal of getting the tax tions toward the character limit. ting a discount for agreeing to use
mic 1.6 percent. It was the worst averaged 2.1 percent, the worst per- measure approved by August slips, Twitter also said it would stop a recycled rocket, but wont say
showing in five years. President formance for any recovery in the he still believes the plan can win counting usernames, but the how much. Martin Halliwell of
Donald Trump has pledged to boost post-World War II period. congressional approval by this change did not go into effect until SES calls it a big step for every-
GDP growth to 4 percent or better, Trump vowed during the cam- fall. now. one.

<<< Page 16, Sharks lose for

seventh time in eight games
Friday March 31, 2017

No. 1 in the world, DJ looks to shine at Augusta

By Doug Ferguson Masters. He took a dou- er in the world Woods in 2002 won the ularly play together at the AT&T Pebble
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ble bogey and a triple green jacket. Beach Pro-Am. He has learned not to look
bogey in a span of three For years known as having the rawest tal- because it can get depressing watching
AUGUSTA, Ga. Turn the calendar to the holes in the opening ent and the most athleticism, Johnson now Johnson hit shots that few can. That said,
first full week in April, and Dustin round and never caught is looked upon as a machine, with scant evi- Spieth is savvy enough to realize golf is
Johnsons three straight victories suddenly up. A year ago, Jason dence that he has a pulse. still about the score on a card, and he won
seem like dress rehearsals. Day won the Arnold A perfect, complete player, Jon Rahm Pebble Beach by four shots.
Now its time for golfs biggest star to Palmer Invitational and said after losing to Johnson in the finals of As for the Masters?
perform at Augusta National, the sports Dell Match Play in suc- Match Play. I think Dustin Johnson is the guy to beat
greatest theater. Dustin Johnson cessive weeks to reach Theres just not a flaw, two-time major in golf no matter where you are, Spieth
Its not always that simple at the Masters. No. 1 in the world. He champion Zach Johnson said. said. Put him anywhere. I think just about
Tiger Woods looked unbeatable in 2000 never shot better than 71 at the Masters and Jordan Spieth knows Johnsons game as anybody would agree with that. If I play my
when he either won or was runner-up in 10 tied for 10th. well as anyone. They were partners at the
out of 11 PGA Tour events going into the It has been 15 years since the No. 1 play- Presidents Cup two years ago, and they reg- See GOLF, Page 17

Earnshaw perfect
By Terry Bernal

It was only a matter of time until Notre

Dame-Belmont pitcher Madi Earnshaw
threw a no-hitter.
Thursday at Pinewood-Los Altos Hills,
the junior right-hander certainly got her
moneys worth. With NDB (5-0 in WBAL,
8-5 overall) rolling to an 11-0 mercy-rule
win over Pinewood, Earnshaw fired the first
perfect game of her varsity career.
Im excited, Earnshaw said. It was an
exciting win for us today and it was good to
have the strong defense that I had behind
me. Its going to be a good season and I
think we can only get better from here.
Earnshaw was reluctant to take any credit
for her dominant outing, but did a vast
majority of the work herself. Facing 18 bat-
ters, the junior struck out 13, using a three-
pitch repertoire of a drop ball, rise ball and
a curve.
Locking in with catcher Chloe Stogner, Former Serra track star Armon Plummer is off
Earnshaw only shook off the senior twice in to a fast start as a freshman at Fresno Pacific.
the game. Both of those came during the
same at-bat, which ended in a strikeout.
I think its all her, Stogner said. She
has great rhythm and great speed. She hits
Former Serra
her spots so shes very much in control
of the game.
Stogner was a factor in establishing a
quick rhythm as the senior calls her own
star Plummer
pitches. Not only is this unorthodox in the
high school ranks where most of the time
coaches call the pitches by relaying signs
to the catcher, who in turn signals to the
back in town
By Terry Bernal
pitcher but it is an especially advanced DAILY JOURNAL STAFF
responsibility for Stogner who, prior to
this year, hadnt caught full time since she Former Serra track and field star Armon
was 10. Plummer was hurdling before he was ever
She did a great job behind the plate, even a hurdler.
Earnshaw said. I feel really confident with Much in the manner that chess grandmas-
her behind the plate. I know shes always ter Magnus Carlsen was introduced to chess
going to call the right pitch, and shes after his father noticed how intently he
always going to have my back. would concentrate on playing with Legos as
Of the five balls Pinewood (2-3, 3-9) put a child Plummer showed an early aptitude
into play, the one close call came in the for the hurdles by jumping the temporary
fifth inning on a line drive over the head of dog fence in his familys backyard in
first baseman Ashleigh Dean. But the fresh- Belmont.
Notre Dame-Belmont pitcher Madi Earnshaw threw a perfect game with 13 strikeouts in a
See PERFECTO, Page 15 11-0 win over Pinewood in WBAL action. His father Gary head coach of the
Castilleja-Palo Alto girls basketball team
and longtime director for the AAU basket-

As embrace Oakland as others leave ball club N Your Court quickly recognized
his son was meant to pursue a track-and-field
career. To Plummer, the idea of jumping stuff
By Josh Dubow San Francisco in 2019, fessional sports. We wanted to make sure competitively was a revelation.
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS the As will soon have that we leaned into that fan base and we did I said, Thats a sport? Plummer said.
Oakland to themselves everything we could to show we cared about And when I went out for track, I went
and are playing up their everything theyve done to support us over straight for the hurdles.
OAKLAND The Oakland Athletics have long connection to the 49 years. After a four-year career at Serra, Plummer
gone from the team desperately trying to city. One of the As main mottos this year is hurdled his way into the collegiate ranks at
leave Oakland just a few years ago to the one When I took over as Rooted in Oakland and in a promotional Fresno Pacific University, where his career
that will soon become the lone pro team left team president, I saw move to win back old fans the team has an is off to a promising start. And Friday, the
in the East Bay city. Oakland as a strength, offer for people to turn in old San Francisco freshman will enjoy the closest thing he
With the Oakland Raiders having been David Kaval said David Kaval, who Giants hats to get a new As one instead. will see to a homecoming this season as
approved this week by the NFL to move to started in his new role Then in a coincidence of timing earlier Fresno Pacific competes in the two-day
Las Vegas in 2020 and the NBAs Golden late last year. We have 49 years here. This
State Warriors set to move across the bay to has one of the best fan bases in all of pro- See AS, Page 16 See PLUMMER, Page 15
12 Friday March 31, 2017 SPORTS THE DAILY JOURNAL

College briefs
Kansas Frank Mason III is AP
Mens Player of the Year
GLENDALE, Ariz. Frank Mason III,
who led Kansas to its 13th consecutive Big
12 title, is The Associated Press Player of
the Year.
The senior point guard
averaged 20.8 points,
4.1 rebounds and 5.1
assists while shooting
48.7 percent from 3-
point range.
He received 37 votes
Thursday from the same
65-member media panel
Frank Mason III that selects the weekly
AP Top 25.
Josh Hart of Villanova was second with
16 votes while Caleb Swanigan of Purdue
had 9 and Lonzo Ball of UCLA had 3.
Mason is the first Kansas player to win
the award. He is the first Big 12 player to
win it since Blake Griffin of Oklahoma in

Washingtons Kelsey Plum wins AP

Womens Player of the Year award
DALLAS Kelsey Plum of Washington
is The Associated Press womens college
basketball Player of the Year.
Plum is the first player from the school to
win the award.
Stanford would not be in its 12th Final Four if not for Erica McCalls shot in the waning seconds against Notre Dame in the regional final. The 5-foot-7 star
received 30 votes
Thursday from a 33-mem-

Stanford, Staley have history

By Stephen Hawkins the seminals of the 1990 and 1992 Final against Notre Dame is back behind us now.
ber national media panel
that selects the weekly
Top 25. Balloting was
done before the NCAA
Aja Wilson of South
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Fours to Stanford, when coach Tara Were focused on South Carolina. Carolina, Gabby
VanDerveer was in her rst seasons with the The Cardinal are in their 12th Final Four, Kelsey Plum Williams and Katie Lou
DALLAS Dawn Staleys rst Final Four Cardinal and they won their only two but had missed the last three after going six Samuelson of UConn each received a vote.
experience came as a player, and what hap- national titles. of the seven years before that to end a 10- Plum broke the career NCAA scoring
pened in those three trips with Virginia in In Staleys other Final Four as a player, season drought. mark, topping Jackie Stiles 16-year old
the early 1990s still motivate her as South the Cavaliers lost in the 1991 champi- When we rst went in 1990, I think there record in style with a 57-point effort on her
Carolinas coach. onship game to Tennessee after winning had been total of eight or nine teams that senior night. She finished her career with
The emotions, as I reect on participat- their seminal against UConn, in Geno had ever been to the Final Four. Obviously 3,498 points. She helped lead Washington
ing in the Final Fours, not being able to win Auriemmas rst Final Four game as a head now theres a lot more, VanDerveer said, to the Final Four as a junior before seeing
a national championship, is the thing that coach. then smiling. Its not like weve been gone her career end in the regional semifinals this
fuels me as a coach, you know, to check that The four-time defending national champi- too long, though. I think we went for a season.
box off, Staley said Thursday. Fortunately on Huskies, in their 10th consecutive Final stretch, when we were off for about 11 years.
Ive been around some great players to get Four, play Mississippi State in the night- This is better than that. Emmert: NCAA will decide
Some other things to know about the
us back at this point to compete for a cap Friday.
national seminal matchup: next week whether to return to NC
national championship. Hopefully, our day Stanford is back in the Final Four for the
has come. GLENDALE, Ariz. NCAA President
rst time in four seasons, having to over-
Staley is back in the Final Four as a coach come a 16-point decit after halftime
0-fer vs Tara Mark Emmert says the associations board
This will be the sixth time Staley has of governors will decide by next week
for the second time in three years. The against Notre Dame to win the Lexington
faced VanDerveer, who was her coach on the whether the repeal of North Carolinas so-
Gamecocks (31-4) play Stanford (32-5) in Regional nal.
U.S. womens team that won the gold medal called bathroom bill is enough to bring
the rst national seminal Friday night at We switch gears fast, senior forward March Madness and other championship
the home of the NBAs Dallas Mavericks. Erica McCall said. Got to celebrate for sporting events back to the state.
That Virginia team led by Staley lost in maybe one day afterwards. That game See STANFORD, Page 16

Implant, Abutment, and Crown
(does not include extraction)

51 Renato Court, Suite C

THE DAILY JOURNAL SPORTS Friday March 31, 2017 13
THURSDAY Local sports roundup picked up the win, allowing just one hit.
M-A fell to 0-2 in league play and 2-5
each finished two shots back at 38.
Eric Morris, Anderson Page and Finn
overall. OKelly each finished with 4-over 40s to
Softball Kevin Taggart and Tyler Vanderley in sin-
lead SHP (4-3, 4-4).
gles, along with victories from doubles
Crystal Springs 15, Alma Heights 0 teams Oliver Nix and Evan Mahaffey, and Boys tennis
Crystal Springs Uplands (4-1 in WBAL, Connor Sheehy and Eric Borman. Mitty 5, Sacred Heart Prep 2 Boys volleyball
4-1 overall) walloped Alma Heights for a Woodside (6-6) got victories from Levi The Gators fell to the Monarchs in a non- Eastside College Prep defeats SHP
four-inning mercy-rule victory. Vigorchick and the doubles tandem of Ryan league match. The Gators coughed up a two-set lead to
Pricilla Sanchez paced the Gryphons with Swinn and Stathis Kavantzan. SHPs Beto Macedo, playing at No. 2 sin- drop a league match to the Panthers 19-25,
three hits, totaling a single and two doubles The No. 1 singles match between gles, and Samuel Lim at No. 4 singles, 19-25, 25-15, 25-22, 15-11.
with three RBIs. Alexia Rydsors added a sin- Burlingames Cale Goodman and recorded both wins for the Gators. Both Michael Mooring had 16 kills to lead SHP
gle and a double. Starting pitcher Natalie Woodsides Alex Kastelein was suspended needed three set to get past their opponents, (0-5 league, 5-10 overall), while Jack
Leonard allowed just one hit to tab the com- with Goodman just one game from a three- rallying from one-set deficits. Macedo lost Loftus added 10. Libero Ryan Bair dug up 16
plete game, improving her record to 4-1. set win. Play was suspended with Goodman the first set 6-4, but tied the match at one set balls, while setter Kevin Molumphy dished
leading 2-6, 6-2, 5-3. apiece with a 6-3 win in the second set. In out 14 assists.
Baseball the third-set, super tiebreaker, Macedo pre-
Crystal Springs 4, Jefferson 3 Aragon 6, Hillsdale 1 vailed 10-7. Carlmont defeats San Mateo
Crystal Springs Uplands (2-4 in PAL The Dons stayed in third place in the PAL Lim had an almost identical match. He, With the match tied at one set apiece, the
Lake, 3-6 overall) got a complete-game Bay Division standings with the win over too, dropped the first set 6-4, rallied to win Scots overwhelmed the Bearcats in the third
two-hitter from starting pitcher Chris the Knights. the second 6-3 and then won the super and fourth games to post a 25-17, 9-25, 25-
Loveland, but still had to rely on some Aragon (8-4 PAL Bay) won all six of its tiebreaker, 10-7. 9, 25-13 PAL win.
comeback magic to get past Jefferson (3-3, matches in straight sets. Rithik Booreddy Chris Ding paced the Carlmont attack
7-3). did not drop a game in a 6-0, 6-0 win at No. Menlo School 7, Crystal Springs 0 with 14 kills and seven aces. Jon
The Gryphons entered the sixth inning 2 singles. David Wu, playing at No. 4 sin- The Knights stayed undefeated in WBAL Przbyszewski added 10 kills and three aces
trailing 3-2 then rallied for two runs to win gles, posted a 6-1, 6-1 victory. Jason Zhoa play with a sweep of the Gryphons. for the Scots.
it. After a Brandon Chu double, Deji and Cameron Swiecki, at No. 2 doubles, Menlos top three singles players
Agunbiade tied it with an RBI groundout. won 6-1, 6-2. Brandon Aprill, Andrei Volgin and Bo Baseball
Then Josh Goodwine delivered the game- Hillsdale picked up its lone win at No. 1 Leschly each lost only two games as
singles, where Lucas Rosenberger outlasted
Sequoia 14, Hillsdale 4
winner with an RBI single. they won in straight sets. The Cherokees scored the maximum out of
Loveland allowed three runs (one earned) Daniel Li in three sets, 5-7, 7-6(8), (10-8). Kevin Kafayi, playing at No. 4 singles, the minimum, turning 14 hits into 14 runs
on two hits, while striking out two and needed a first-set tiebreaker, but won in in the PAL Bay Division win over the
walking on to improve his record to 2-1. WEDNESDAY straight sets as well, 7-6(4), 6-4. Luca St. Knights.
Goar and Ryan Fischbach needed three sets Sequoia (2-0 PAL Bay, 8-1 overall) jumped
San Mateo 7, Kings Academy 4 Softball to win at No. 3 doubles. They dropped the out to a quick 3-0 lead in the first inning and
Kevin Jacobs hit his fourth homer of the San Mateo 18, Menlo-Atherton 0 first set 6-4, before winning the second set broke the game open in the second with five
year to help lead the Bearcats to the PAL The Bearcats scored 13 runs in the first 6-0 and the super tiebreaker 10-6. more.
Ocean Division victory. inning as they buried the Bears in a three- Chris Cook had a monster game for the
inning, 15-run, mercy-rule victory.
Boys golf Cherokees, going 5 for 5 with five runs
Boys tennis Monet Scheller drove in four runs, while Menlo School 201, Sacred Heart Prep 203 driven in and three runs scored. Brandon Gee
Burlingame 4, Woodside 2 Emily Savage, Kylie Galea and Paige Otus The Knights edged the rival Gators in a and Matt Casey also had two RBIs apiece for
The Panthers broke a tie with the Wildcats all had two RBIs apiece as San Mateo (3-0 key WBAL match at Palo Alto Hills G&CC. Sequoia.
for the PAL Bay Divisions final spot in the PAL Ocean, 6-3 overall) banged out 12 hits. Menlo (4-1 WBAL) had three players The win is the seventh in a row for
PAL team tournament with the win Thursday. That was more than enough offense for shoot sub-40 rounds, led by Max Tings Sequoia, which had scored 47 runs over its
Burlingame (7-5 PAL Bay) got wins from San Mateo pitcher Isabelle Borges, who even-par 36. Charlie Hseih and Seth Pope last four games.


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14 Friday March 31, 2017 LOCAL THEDAILYJOURNAL

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THE DAILY JOURNAL SPORTS Friday March 31, 2017 15
JC roundup
TCU wins NIT title Skyline 25, Gavilan 2
hits, adding four RBIs and three runs scored.
Starting pitcher Richard Boe earned his
first win of the year, working 6 1/3 shutout
Brandon Hernandez and Daniel Page added
homers. Catcher Ray Soderman paced all
Bulldogs hitters with four hits, adding four

over Georgia Tech Skyline (6-3 in Coast Pacific, 20-7 over-

all) eanred its 20th overall win of the sea-
innings, allowing two hits while striking
out five against two walks.

Ohlone 14, Caada 1

son with a rout of Gavilan. CSM 13, Mission 7
Cleanup hitter Felix Aberouette slugged College of San Mateo (10-1 in Coast Ohlone (8-1 in Coast Pacific, 25-3 over-
NEW YORK Kenrich Williams had 25 his way to a 3-for-6 day, totaling two home Golden Gate, 22-5 overall) rallied for five all) exploded for nine runs through the first
points and 12 rebounds, and TCU routed runs and seven RBIs. Kyle Barret hit his runs in the first and held off a middle-inning two innings and never looked back at
Georgia Tech 88-56 in the NIT champi- 10th homer of the year and freshman Ramon push by Mission for the win in San Jose. Caada (2-7, 6-21). The Colts were paced by
onship on Thursday night. Enriquez added a bomb. First baseman Cleanup hitter Angelo Bortolin socked a two hits by third baseman Roman
TCU opened with a 20-3 run on its way to Brennan Carey paced all batters with four home run amid a 2-for-4, four-RBI day. Satroplus.
the programs first NIT title. Vlad
Brodziansky scored 18 points for the

record in the 4x400 relay with a time of lengthen from 300 to 400 meters, the height
Horned Frogs (24-15), and Alex Robinson 3:17.96. of the hurdles is different as well, with high
had 10 points and 11 assists. Plummer made a splash in his signature schools competing on 39-inch hurdles, but at
Williams was named the tournaments events right out of the gate at Fresno Pacific. 42 inches in college.
Most Outstanding Player. Continued from page 11
In his first performance for the Sunbirds, the Plummer said he is focused following a sim-
Tadric Jackson led Georgia Tech (21-16) freshman triumphed Feb. 19 at the Sunbird
Stanford Invitational. ilar path he took at Serra in terms of improv-
with 19 points. Josh Okogie had 12 points Invitational with first-place finishes in the ing from year to year. When he joined the jun-
and six rebounds. Plummers name has already been etched 110 hurdles (16.52) and in the 400 hurdles ior-varsity track team at Serra as a three-sport
It was the first meeting between the ACC into the Fresno Pacific record books. On (56.11). athlete his freshman year, he had never com-
and Big programs since Dec. 21, 1967, and March 4 at the Kim Duyst Invitational in Now, hes looking to showcase his talents peted as part of a track team.
No. 3 overall. And it mostly belonged to Turlock, the 4x400 relay team, consisting of at the Stanford Invitational, a meet where the
TCU, which never trailed. Plummer, Scott Hickman, Danny Guerrero and In high school I was in kind of the same
hurdles have proven a bit of a nemesis. Two
The Horned Frogs led 38-27 at halftime, Michael Taylor recorded the eighth-best time boat, not knowing what I was doing, just run-
years ago, as a junior at Serra, Plummer had
and it was more of the same in the second in program history of 3 minutes, 16.29 sec- ning to run, Plummer said. Now in college,
one of his roughest goes at the hurdles.
half. Williams and Brodziansky threw down onds; and the 4x100 relay team, consisting of Im relearning everything with new tech-
Competing in the 110-meter hurdles, he
thunderous dunks, and Williams knock Plummer, Taylor, Donte McDaniel and niques.
clipped his foot on the first one and took a
down a 3 to help push the advantage to 54- Lawrence Cairo Jr. notched the ninth-best tumble. At a muscular, 6-2, 180 pounds, Plummer
39. time in program history at 41.84 seconds. I got to redeem myself when I did it last has a prototypical hurdlers physique. Still,
TCU shot 51 percent (35 for 68) from the While hurdles are still his first love, year, Plummer said. But when I looked at my he is intent on turning that physique into a
field and held Georgia Tech to 35.7 percent Plummer saw his share of relay history at schedule, this is the one (meet) I was most hurdling machine.
(20 for 56) shooting. Serra as well. His relay team, including excited for. Id say every day, theyre still difficult to
The lead grew to 69-49 on Williams Noriega Moffett, Jeremiah Testa and Scott Making the jump to the college hurdles is a run, Plummer said. Five seasons of hurdles
breakaway jam with 6:44 left. Desmond Fitzpatrick, set the Padres all-time program tall task. Not only does the one-lap discipline and I still learn something new every day.
Bane tacked on a 3 from in front of the TCU

bench, helping kick off the celebration for concern to me. also fired a five-hit no-hitter March 22 against
the Horned Frogs. NDB totaled eight hits in the game, paced by Lincoln, striking out 10.
TCU coach Jamie Dixon emptied his Stogner and sophomore Carlee Miller with two
Despite Earnshaws historic performance,
bench in the final minutes, and reserve Josh Continued from page 11 hits apiece. Stogner was 2 for 4 with three RBIs.
NDB kept it relatively calm on the diamond
Parrish had a breakaway windmill jam in the She is batting .432 on the year with a team-best
immediately following the victory. They did
final seconds. 20 RBIs.
man got a good first step and made a leaping nab make some ruckus in the postgame powwow
Despite the loss, it was a successful sea- Earnshaws feat was the first no-hitter for
to record the putout on the liner for the second though when Earnshaw was honored as the
son for the Yellow Jackets. A program NDB since 2014 when then-sophomore Sofia
out of the inning to keep the perfecto in tact. player of the game.
Pastner referred to as a major rebuild job Magnani no-hit Vallejo, facing one over the
as recently as Tuesday won 21 games and I was aware that I hadnt let anyone on, but it minimum in a shortened six-inning game in Were a pretty calm team, Stogner said. We
competed in a national postseason tourna- wasnt a concern to me, Earnshaw said. I knew which she struck out nine. It was the second no- keep it pretty calm and collected, but we were
ment. my defense had my back so it wasnt really a hitter within a weeks span for Magnani, who pretty excited about the win.

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16 Friday March 31, 2017 SPORTS THE DAILY JOURNAL

Sharks continue to struggle in loss to Edmonton

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS goalie Martin Jones. The Sharks got back into the game with six
Oilers 3, Sharks 2 With assists on the play, McDavid and minutes left when Pavelski deflected in a shot
EDMONTON, Alberta Patrick Maroon enth time in eight games Leon Draisaitl extended their point streaks to for his 29th, but couldnt complete the come-
scored twice and the streaking Edmonton and dropped to third place nine games apiece, and McDavid became the back as Talbot stood his ground.
Oilers took over sole possession of second in the Pacific. first player in the NHL to reach 90 points this
place in the Pacific Division with a 3-2 vic- San Jose didnt take season. NOTES: It was the fourth of five meetings
tory over the San Jose Sharks on Thursday long to get on the score- McDavid added to his total on a short-hand- between the teams this season. The Sharks
night. board, as Hansen chipped ed goal with 2:32 left in the first period, won two of the first three games. The Oilers
Connor McDavid had a goal and Cam a rebound over Talbot just dancing past Patrick Marleau and beating will play in San Jose on April 6th. . San Jose
Talbot made 38 saves for the Oilers, who 61 seconds into the game. Jones with a backhand for his 28th of the sea- forward Logan Couture missed his second
have won four in a row and eight of nine to Edmonton tied it mid- son. game after taking a puck to the face against
move within one point of first-place way through the first After a scoreless second period, the Oilers Nashville and is not on the road trip. .
Joe Pavelski period when McDavid
Anaheim. went up 3-1 eight minutes into the third when McDavid became the first player 20 or
Jannik Hansen and Joe Pavelski scored for made a perfect pass to Maroon tipped Kris Russells shot past Jones younger with 90 points in a season since
the struggling Sharks, who lost for the sev- give Maroon a wide-open net behind Sharks for his 27th goal of the season. Steven Stamkos in 2009-10.

thing we are sad about. But at the same choices: the Coliseum site, one on the water location with the right plan that creates the
token, were just focused on our efforts. by Jack London Square, and two other sites right ballpark village.
The attachment to Oakland is a change of close to Lake Merritt near downtown. But while waiting for a new home, the As
heart for the franchise. The choice will come down to which site ignored their old one at the Coliseum,
Continued from page 11 The As bought land in Fremont, about 25 offers the best combination of accessibility which is one of the most rundown, outdated
miles south of Oakland, in 2006 with hopes and the ability to build a ballpark village facilities in the majors.
this week, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf of building a new stadium there. When that around the stadium that will allow fans to go Kaval has put in a major effort to improve
raised an As flag on top of city hall just an plan failed, the team turned to San Jose but to restaurants and bars before and after the game-day atmosphere with a new Shibe
hour after the vote Monday that approved were blocked by the San Francisco Giants, games. Park Tavern that celebrates the franchises
the Raiders move. who held territorial rights to Santa Clara You have to be very thoughtful, Kaval history back to the Philadelphia days,
When you have great fan bases like County. said. If you build in the wrong place or improved concessions, food trucks outside
Oakland and the East Bay, its really not Now they are committed to picking out a dont build the right way, you can make a the stadium and a kids zone.
fair, Kaval said. We dont think thats a new ballpark location in Oakland before the generational mistake. We cant afford that. Its important for fans to know we care
good thing for the community. Its some- end of the year. The team is looking at four We have to make sure we build in the right now, Kaval said.

Baseball brief
STANFORD Remember the feeling
win over San Diego.
Padres pitcher Trey Wingenter stepped off South Carolina shot blocker Aja Wilson
Bees swarm infield during the mound when the horde hit, and after hes- is one of only four Gamecocks who also
itating a moment, the 6-foot-7 right-hander Continued from page 12
spring training game dropped to a knee. Rockies batter Daniel
were part of the 2015 Final Four team. She
wants a better ending in her junior season.
PEORIA, Ariz. When a pack of bees Castro quickly did the same, and then at the 1996 Olympics. The biggest thing Ive been preaching is
swarmed the field, the Rockies and Padres Wingenter, Castro, plate umpire Alex Tosi Im 0-fer, Staley said. Of the 1,000 I dont want my teammates to feel the way I
didnt seem to know what to do. and everyone else in the infield dropped flat wins that she has, Im one of the defeated felt last year and the year before that,
So they hit the deck. on their stomachs. The broadcast picked up teams. ... Shes a hard win. Shes been in Wilson said. Its not a good feeling.
In a bizarre scene at spring training someone yelling, Bees! Bees! these situations a number of times, and she The Gamecocks lost to Notre Dame in the
Thursday, players from both teams went flat The players stayed down for about 10 sec- denitely uses her experience against us. 2015 national seminal, and to Syracuse in
on the dirt when bees stormed the infield onds, and fans gave them a cheer when they the Sweet 16 a year ago.
during the ninth inning of Colorados 10-5 finally stood up. Cardinal comebacks
Stanford has trailed by at least seven Australian alarm
points in six games it has come back to win Stanford sophomore forward Alanna
this season. That includes ve of their last Smith is from Australia, where her parents
six games, all in the Pac-12 and NCAA were up in the middle of the night to listen
Tournaments. to the Elite Eight win over Notre Dame.
At 3 a.m. or something. So mom and dad
Turning it up set an alarm, Smith said.
Gamecocks junior Kaela Davis has mixed Smiths parents have made the 16-hour
up her shot selection, and is averaging 18 ight from Australia to be at the Final Four.
points on 52 percent shooting in seven SEC Her dad told her at the start of the season that
and NCAA Tournament games. The former he was going to book the ight to Dallas.
Georgia Tech guard has three consecutive He actually booked the ight last week,
20-point games. she said.
THE DAILY JOURNAL SPORTS Friday March 31, 2017 17
NBA brief
Bulls top Cavs, James moves
to 7th on NBA scoring list
CHICAGO Nikola Mirotic
James moved past Shaquille
ONeal, finishing with 26 points
Giants beat As in pitchers duel
By Janie McCauley enth, when Eduardo Nunez singled
tied season highs with 28 points
and six 3-pointers, Jimmy Butler
and giving him 28,599 for his
Giants 3, As 0 in a run and Joe Panik hit a sacrifice
career three more than ONeal. fly. New closer Mark Melancon fin-
scored 25, and the Chicago Bulls where I am mentally and physical-
beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 99- But the big night by the four-time SAN FRANCISCO Oakland ished with a 1-2-3 ninth.
ly, said Manaea, the teams No. 2
93 on a night when LeBron James MVP couldnt prevent the youngster Sean Manaea pitched four San Francisco won for just the
starter. Im really happy with how
moved into seventh place on the Cavaliers from matching a season perfect innings during a scoreless tonight went. Its a really nice out- seventh time in its last 26 spring
NBAs career scoring list. high with their third straight loss. duel with Johnny Cueto before the ing to end spring training with. training games against the As, who
San Francisco Giants beat the Cueto, an 18-game winner in his have won nine straight meetings in
WHATS ON TAP NHL GLANCE Athletics 3-0 in the preseason Bay
Bridge Series opener Thursday
first season with San Francisco a
year ago, allowed six hits and struck
Arizona two this year.

FRIDAY EASTERN CONFERENCE night. out two in five scoreless innings. Rollins the odd man out
Baseball Atlantic Division Brandon Crawfords seventh-
Sacred Heart Cathedral at Sera, Carlmont at Sacred GP W L OT Pts GF GA He was relaxed and in rhythm
Heart Prep, Hillsdale at Sequoia, Woodside at Ca- Montreal 77 44 24 9 97 214 190 inning single put San Francisco while throwing all his pitches, Giants general manager Bobby
puchino, Burlingame at Terra Nova, 4 p.m. Ottawa 76 41 26 9 91 197 199
Softball Toronto 76 37 24 15 89 233 222 ahead. sporting that big grin back in his Evans informed INF Jimmy Rollins
Boston 77 41 30 6 88 220 203 Manaea struck out two, throwing he wont make the team out of
Jefferson at Mills, El Camino at San Mateo, Terra Tampa Bay 76 38 29 9 85 215 213 home ballpark, and even picked off
Nova at South City, 4 p.m. Florida 77 33 33 11 77 199 222 31 of 43 pitches for strikes, and was spring training and is waiting to
Boys volleyball Buffalo 77 32 33 12 76 193 221
last seasons AL stolen base leader,
Mills at Hillsdale, Carlmont at South City, 6 p.m.; Detroit 77 31 34 12 74 192 229 thrilled with his spring finale after Rajai Davis. hear back from him or his represen-
Menlo-Atherton at San Mateo, 6:30 p.m. striving for consistency from Day tatives about what options might be
Girls lacrosse Metropolitan Division He runs fast. It feels good when
Mitty at Sacred Heart Prep, Menlo School at St. Fran- x-Washington76 51 17 8 110 248 170 One when pitchers and catchers you get him out, Cueto said. It did- next. The 2007 NL MVP wasnt at
cis, Menlo-Atherton bs. Castilleja at El Camino Park, x-Columbus 76 49 19 8 106 236 174 arrived in Arizona. the ballpark. The 38-year-old
4 p.m. x-Pittsburgh 76 46 19 11 103 259 216 nt feel like a spring training game.
Track and field x-N.Y.Rangers 77 46 26 5 97 245 206 Bring on Mike Trout and the big It felt like a regular-season game. Rollins, who hoped to play at home
Carolina 76 35 27 14 84 202 214
Stanford Invitational, 3 p.m. N.Y.Islanders 76 35 29 12 82 222 234 hitters next week. The 25-year-old John Axford relieved Manaea in in his native Bay Area for the first
Philadelphia 77 37 32 8 82 206 225 Manaea cant wait for the next chal- time after 17 major league seasons,
SATURDAY New Jersey 76 27 35 14 68 174 224 the fifth.
Boys lacrosse lenge in beginning his first full The Giants got four straight hits was batting .119 (5 for 42) with
Serra at Oak Ridge, 1 p.m. WESTERN CONFERENCE
Track and field Central Division major league season. against Liam Hendriks in the sev- eight strikeouts in 17 Cactus League
Stanford Invitational, all day x-Chicago 77 49 21 7 105 234 198 Today was a good indicator of games.
College baseball x-Minnesota 77 45 24 8 98 249 196
Mission at CSM, Gavilan at Skyline, Caada at St. Louis 76 42 28 6 90 214 201
Ohlone, 1 p.m. Nashville 77 39 27 11 89 227 213

Winnipeg 78 36 35 7 79 233 247 rather than playing it safe and experienced anything but trophy
Dallas 77 31 35 11 73 207 244 coasting home over the back nine. presentations for nearly two
Colorado 76 20 53 3 43 150 258
TRANSACTIONS Pacific Division
He won a World Golf months.
x-Anaheim 77 42 23 12 96 206 190 Championship in Mexico City Johnson talks about the
American League x-Edmonton77 43 25 9 95 228 198 Continued from page 11
BOSTON RED SOX Placed LHP Drew Pomeranz x-Sharks 77 43 27 7 93 208 189 (stroke play) and another one on improvement he has made in his
on the 10-day DL. Calgary 77 43 30 4 90 212 208 the edge of Hill Country in Texas wedges, though the biggest differ-
DETROIT TIGERS Released RHP Mike Pelfrey. Los Angeles 76 36 33 7 79 185 189 best golf, I believe that I can take
Vancouver 76 30 37 9 69 173 223 (match play). ence was going to a controlled
MINNESOTA TWINS Optioned C John Ryan Arizona 77 27 41 9 63 182 247 down anybody, and you have to
Murphy to Rochester (IL). Reassigned C Eddy Ro- It has been just over 40 years fade off the tee, instead of a draw
driguez, INFs Bengie Gonzalez, Matt Hague, Thursdays Games believe that. But I think that right since a player came to the Masters
ByungHo Park and Ben Paulsen, and OF J.B. Shuck that could sometimes get away
Philadelphia 6, N.Y. Islanders 3 now ... hes playing the best golf having won three straight tourna-
to their minor league camp. Placed INF Ehire Adri- Carolina 2, Columbus 1, OT from him.
anza and LHP Ryan ORourke on the 10-day DL. Boston 2, Dallas 0 in the world. ments.
NEW YORK YANKEES Optioned INF-OF Rob Ref- Tampa Bay 5, Detroit 3 We were trying to get him to hit
snyder to Scranton/Wilkes-Barre (IL). Montreal 6, Florida 2 No one can dispute that over the And to think that just a year ago, it for five or six years, swing
Toronto 3, Nashville 1
TEXAS RANGERS Agreed to terms with 2B Winnipeg 4, Anaheim 3, OT last month. the talk was about a modern ver- coach Butch Harmon said. He just
Rougned Odor on six-year contract through 2022. Minnesota 5, Ottawa 1
National League Edmonton 3, San Jose 2 Johnson reached No. 1 in the sion of the Big Three with Day, had to buy into it. He controls it
ST. LOUIS CARDINALS Placed RHPs John Gant, Fridays Games world with a five-shot victory at Rory McIlroy and Spieth. so much better, and it hasnt cost
Alex Reyes and Trevor Rosenthal and LHP Tyler Pittsburgh at N.Y. Rangers, 4 p.m.
Lyons on the 10-day DL. Recalled RHP Sam Tuiv- New Jersey at N.Y. Islanders, 4:30 p.m. Riviera, where he probably would Johnson wasnt even part of him any distance. Its way too
ailala from Memphis (PCL). Columbus at Chicago, 5:30 p.m.
San Jose at Calgary, 6 p.m. have shattered the oldest 72-hole that conversation. When the 81st early to compare Dustin to Tiger,
SAN DIEGO PADRES Selected the contract of St. Louis at Colorado, 6 p.m.
RHP Craig Stammen. Placed LHP Robbie Erlin on Washington at Arizona, 7 p.m.
scoring record on the PGA Tour if Masters begins Thursday, the 32- but it reminds me of Tiger in
the 60-day DL. Los Angeles at Vancouver, 7 p.m. he had known or cared what it was, year-old American will not have 2000.

Resources and services from all of San Mateo Countyover 30 Exhibitors

Friday, April 28
9am 1pm
Free Admission, Everyone Welcome
Twin Pines Senior & Community Center
20 Twin Pines Lane (off of Ralston Avenue), Belmont

Free services include:

18 Friday March 31, 2017 LOCAL THE DAILY JOURNAL

suspects was not released due to the ongo- ing an animal who has been stabbed multi-

Continued from page 1
ing investigation, according to PHS.
Trujillo Santiago, 29, was booked into
county jail and has since been released on
Comment on
or share this story at
ple times by another animal, dying slowly
and people cheering and betting on it.
That is about as disturbing an indictment
$80,000 bail. of our ability to hurt other living things
District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said as anything Ive ever seen, White said.
do it in a clean, surgical way. Theyre he anticipates receiving a report from PHS many times led, to more serious crimes Notable cases in San Mateo County
removing the combs, the earlobes, the next week, after which this office would against human beings. include a Colma man arrested after 20 mod-
waddles of these animals, sometimes with decide what charges to file. Trujillo Unfortunately, cockfighting is not com- ified chickens were found behind a
just scissors and razors. In this particular Santiago could face up to three years and pletely uncommon in San Mateo County Broadmoor grocery store in 2014; and a
case, they still had injuries related to eight months behind bars if convicted of and Martin-Tarbox said PHS receives two Pescadero man who pleaded to a misde-
being dubbed and they were still in felony charges for animal cruelty and to three reports a year although she meanor in 2009 after a sheriffs deputy
tremendous pain. cockfighting, he said. couldnt verify how many of the calls had accidentally came across his cockfighting
Many of the birds were suffering from The countys top prosecutor emphasized merit. operation, from which a group of nearly
injuries three to four weeks old and Hanley his office takes animal cruelty cases PHS Executive Director Ken White said 40 men fled.
arrested Trujillo Santiago for animal cruel- extremely seriously, adding these types of in his decades of working for animal non- In this most recent East Palo Alto case,
ty, cockfighting and possession of cock- crimes draw strong condemnation from the profits hes sadly seen the effects of PHS stressed it was thanks in part to an
fighting materials. community. numerous cockfighting operations. He alert neighbor who called in a tip and urged
Police reported numerous cages were We always care about people who take noted an increasing density and urbaniza- the public to remain diligent in reporting
located in the backyard, and that a dead advantage of vulnerable victims, in this tion has made it harder for people to get suspected animal abuse.
rooster was found lying on top of one of case animals, theyre very vulnerable to away with running such operations with- This was a citizen who called in this tip
the cages. abuse because they cant fight back, out alerting their neighbors. Still, there and we really rely upon people to help let
Details on whether there was a cock- Wagstaffe said, adding such abuse can be a remain remote areas locally where such us know, not just cockfighting but cases
fighting ring located on site or if gam- forewarning. What we know about people inhumane activity likely takes place, he of animal cruelty and animal abuse,
bling was taking place on the property, as who abuse animals, very often it demon- said. Martin-Tarbox said. Otherwise this could
well as whether there are other outstanding strates a mean streak that can lead, and has Theres very little as disturbing as see- have not been uncovered.

campus, due to concerns over inundating the attracting and retaining teachers who other-

to bringing the housing vision to fruition.
We would like to do this fast because we surrounding neighborhood with cars and wise might struggle to afford the expense of
think the teacher shortage is upon us and traffic generated by the development. living along the Peninsula. The San Mateo-
only getting worse, and this will take time I think we are all in favor of affordable Foster City Elementary, South San
Continued from page 1 Francisco Unified and Pacifica Elementary
to do, but we didnt expect this to be a walk housing for folks, but all these things are
in the park, he said. This is hard work. challenging when they are close to where school districts are among other local
Office of Education officials though indi- Students from Peninsula Alternative High people live, said Skelly, who noted the school systems considering similar initia-
cated they are not interested in offering a School had been slated to move onto the proposal is still in its formative stages and tives.
long lease or selling the land at Rollins Rollins Road site after Design Tech High has received no formal approval from the Skelly said high school district officials
Road, said Skelly, posing a new hurdle for School opens a new campus on the Oracle school board. are in the process of reaching out to other
officials in constructing the housing they Corporation campus in Redwood Shores, property owners who may have the between
Compounding officials interest in mak-
believe to be a potential staff recruitment slated to be this fall or January 2018. 1 and 3 acres believed necessary to accom-
ing the shuffle of district properties work is
and retention asset. modate a relocated Peninsula Alternative
The most recent obstacle marks the latest an opportunity to bring Peninsula
A key part of this is to find a new loca- High School.
in a series of challenges the districts Alternative High School students who have
tion for Peninsula High School and as of
teacher housing initiative has faced since struggled in a traditional campus environ- We are exploring some other locations,
now we dont have that location, so we are
being proposed a couple years ago. ment off the isolated San Bruno campus and he said.
working on that issue, he said. We need to
Officials have received backlash from San closer to their homes, Skelly said. Considering the variety of dominoes that
address that first.
The Burlingame property currently occu- Bruno residents concerned over the pro- Even if we werent talking about the need to fall in the districts favor for the
pied by students from the districts Design posed Crestmoor property sale, for fear of housing, having students in a more central proposal to work, Skelly said sustained ded-
Tech High School charter school. Though losing the campus soccer fields used by location with work and mentorship oppor- ication and focus will be required to see the
the location becoming unavailable is a hur- community sports organizations. tunities would be an interest, he said. proposal through.
dle, Skelly said officials remain committed Neighbors to Mills High School have Officials have said they consider work- This is going to be hard work and it is
also opposed building dense housing at the force housing a potentially useful tool for going to take a lot of time, he said.

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Dazzling Ghost in the
Shell lost in translation
By Jake Coyle Shell. It will pass. cybernetic protagonist, its al feast. Its the rare movie to
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Rupert Sanders remake of haunted by a fundamental earn its Blade Runner com-
Mamoru Oshiis 1995 influen- defect a bug in the system parisons. But it also earns its
Ive been having glitches, tial anime classic, from that cant be dispelled, that controversy.
Scarlett Johanssons part- Masamune Shirows Japanese doesnt pass, despite the con- Oshiis anime film from
human, mostly cyborg robot manga comics, is a dazzling siderable cyberpunk splendor which the Wachowskis plun-
says in The Ghost in the dystopia. Yet like its sleek, of Sanders eye-popping visu- See GHOST, Page 22


By Susan Cohn information about Stahl and her work is
DAILY JOURNAL SENIOR CORRESPONDENT available at www. marystahl. com. The
Portola Art Galley is located at the historic
OPEN S PACES AND QUIET Allied Arts Guild, 75 Arbor Road in Menlo
PLACES : WORKS B Y MARY K. Park. Open Spaces and Quiet Places may
S TAHL AT THE PORTOLA ART be viewed from April 1 through April 30.
GALLERY IN MENLO PARK. Portola The public is invited to a reception for the
Art Gallery Presents Open Spaces and artist scheduled 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday,
Quiet Places an exhibition of land- April 22.
scape paintings in pastel and oil by Mary ***
K. Stahl. Wide-open expanses as well as FREE FAMILY FUN DAY SUNDAY,
small intimate scenes are featured in APRIL 2 , AT THE ASIAN ART MUSE-
Stahls landscape paintings. Inspired by UM IN SAN FRANCISCO. Discover
the play of light over the natural land- and play as a family at the Asian Art
scape, Stahls quiet paintings offer the Museum this weekend. On Sundays Family
viewer a welcomed respite from the daily Fun Day, the gallery activities, creative art
grind. Stahl is a signature member of the projects and immersive storytelling make
Pastel Society of the West Coast, and her art appreciation into a lively, family-
work has been displayed at the Haggin friendly event. Explore tomb arts from the
Museum, in Stockton; the Triton Museum, Han dynasty through the new special exhi-
in Santa Clara; and the Butler Museum of bition Tomb Treasures: New Discoveries Point Lobos, Sunset is one of the featured artworks in Mary K. Stahls April exhibit Open
Art, in Youngstown, Ohio. She has partici- from Chinas Han Empire. Discover what Spaces and Quiet Places at the Portola Art Gallery in Menlo Park.
pated in several plein air painting events, people of the Han dynasty took with them 3-6; art-making and self-guided activities The Asian Art Museum
including the prestigious Carmel Art into the afterlife and think about what you take place from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. For more is located at 200 Larkin St. in San
Festival, where she was presented with the would take with you. From 10:30 a.m. to information call (415) 581-3500 or visit
Emerging Artist award in 2011. More 11 a.m. is the stART Tour for children ages See MUSEUM, Page 22

2 hotdogs, fries &

a fountain drink for $7.00
Expires 4/30/17

Sunday, April 2
Swing and Jazz with Top Shelf Big Band
Meet Council Member Cameron Johnson and the Parks & Recreation Dept.
Music may be canceled at some markets due to inclement weather

Rain or Shine

Leanns Cafe
Open 24 Hours

Get $5 OFF
your next meal
text Leanns To 22828
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$5 off your next meal of $20 or more
Food briefs
No more tears: Restaurant
gets praise, scorn for ban on kids
MOORESVILLE, N.C. A North Carolina restaurants
ban on children 5 and younger is drawing both praise and
Carusos, described as an upscale Italian restaurant in
Mooresville, recently adopted the policy after owner
Pasquale Caruso said too many crying, screaming, misbe-
having children had brought complaints from customers.
He told the Mooresville Tribune he was beginning to lose
money and customers.
The restaurant is about 30 miles north of Charlotte.
A mother of six said she and her family left after the
waitresses were very rude. Another person said on
Carusos Facebook page that the limit should be 10 years
old. One man said the decision means I will now go out
of my way to try this restaurant.

Men accused of illegally

trafficking valuable baby eels
PORTLAND, Maine Federal investigators say two
Maine men were indicted on charges related to illegally
trafficking in baby eels.
Baby eels are extremely valuable, sometimes fetching
more than $2,000 per pound at the dock, because they are
prized by Asian aquaculture companies for use in food.
The Department of Justice says 71-year-old William
Sheldon, of Woolwich, was charged with conspiracy to
smuggle the eels. It says 46-year-old Timothy Lewis, of
Phippsburg, was charged with conspiracy to traffic them.
The secret to creating the creamiest and freshest hummus is making sure that the skins of the chickpeas are removed. The DOJ says the indictments stem from a broader inves-
tigation into illegal eel trafficking. Baby eels, also called

Put a little spring into your elvers, often are raised to maturity and used in sushi.
Maine has the only significant fishery for them in the

hummus with roasted carrots

It was unclear on Thursday if Sheldon and Lewis are rep-
resented by attorneys.

By Elizabeth Karmel well worth the effort. I tested this recipe 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS both ways and the skinless creamy tex-
ture made all the difference in the world.
1/2 teaspoon ground turmeric
Paprika, a sprinkling for garnish
A Bite of Old - Time
Hummus generally contains five basic The skin-on version was rougher and
chunkier and the texture took away from
Curly parsley for garnish San Francisco
ingredients; chickpeas, tahini, lemon, Pita chips (homemade or store
garlic and olive oil. Once you have the delicate nature of the hummus. bought)
these ingredients combined, it is easy to Serve the hummus with crudites for a Raw vegetables
add other herbs, spices and even roasted springy colorful snack or appetizer and Preheat oven to 350 F.
carrots like I do here to flavor and pita chips. I like to make my own pita Coat carrots with oil and season with
season basic hummus. chips baked with a light brush of olive salt. Place on a sheet pan and roast car-
In the early spring, I love to roast oil and seasoned with a sprinkling of rots. Remove from oven when soft and
fresh carrots until they are deeply coarse salt and zaatar. Once they are browned in places, about 30 minutes
caramelized and puree them to add to the seasoned, you can cut them into trian- depending on the size of your carrots.
base of chickpeas and tahini. To deepen gles six per pita bread is a good size Cut into small pieces and set aside.
the golden color, I add a touch of turmer- and bake them in a 350 F. oven until Place carrots in a food processor with
ic. The combined result is a deep golden they are crisp. the lemon juice, lemon zest, tahini and
yellow hummus that is the perfect color olive oil and process until smooth,
for daffodil season. ROASTED CARROT HUMMUS about 1 minute.
Served with flatbread for breakfast in Servings: 16 appetizer-sized portions Put remaining ingredients except the
some Mediterranean countries, the pro- Start to finish: 50 minutes paprika and the parsley in a food proces-
tein-rich and fiber-filled chickpeas sor and begin to process; add a couple of
1/2 cup well-roasted carrots, cut into
make hummus a good way to start the tablespoons of the chickpea liquid and
small pieces (about 6 small carrots)
day. In the U.S., hummus has become a more olive oil as needed to allow the
popular appetizer and snack. Although Juice of 2 lemons, plus more as need- machine to produce a smooth puree. The
hummus is sold at virtually all supermar- ed (about 2 ounces) amount will vary every time you make it
kets, it is so easy to prepare that you Zest of 1 lemon based on how much liquid is in the The Authentic Blums
1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil, plus
really should start making it yourself.
Frankly, it also tastes much better than more for garnishing hummus
Taste and adjust the seasoning (I often
Coffee Crunch Cake
store bought. 2 generous tablespoons tahini add more lemon juice). 10% off Special with this Ad
The secret to creating the creamiest (sesame paste), with some of its oil Serve immediately or chilled in a shal- Open Easter Sunday 9am to 11am for pickup
and freshest hummus is making sure that 2 15-ounce cans drained chickpeas, low bowl with pita chips and raw veg-
the skins of the chickpeas are removed liquid reserved and skins removed etables, drizzled with olive oil and
and discarded. Many brands of water- 2 cloves garlic, peeled, or to taste sprinkled with a bit of paprika and some CALL Kathys Creative Kakes
packed cooked and canned chickpeas 1 teaspoon sea salt, or more to taste parsley. (650) 348-5253
come mostly skinless, so this is not as
labor-intensive as it may sound and its
1/4 teaspoon of white pepper or
pinch of cayenne pepper
Will keep up to five days in refrigera-
629 South B Street San Mateo

Something completely different at McDonalds: Fresh beef

By Joseph Pisani McDonalds USA President Chris carries so much weight for customers, said transactions in the U.S. since 2012, main-
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Kempczinski. Robert Byrne, the senior manager of con- ly to other fast food rivals.
Fresh beef has been the biggest selling sumer insights at Technomic, a food indus- Big Macs and other hamburgers will still
NEW YORK Coming soon to point at rival Wendys. Yet there are larger try market research firm. He believes the be made with frozen beef. But Kempczinski
McDonalds: Fresh beef. forces at work that have prompted other move to fresh beef will likely drive more said McDonalds is open to making
The fast food giant said Thursday that it menu changes at McDonalds, known for people to the Golden Arches and help boost changes to more of its menu items.
will swap frozen beef patties for fresh ones decades more for the billions of people its image slightly. It tested the fresh beef Quarter Pounders
in its Quarter Pounder burgers by sometime served than its culinary choices. The McDonalds is trying to stem a streak of for about a year, eventually bringing it to
next year at most of its U.S. locations. Its worlds largest hamburger chain has been adverse trends that led to an executive more than 400 restaurants in the Dallas area
a major change for McDonalds, which has trying to improve its image as more people shake-up two years ago. The company and Tulsa, Oklahoma. Customers ordered
relied on frozen beef for more than 40 shun processed foods. Last year, it removed brought in Steve Easterbrook as CEO to more Quarter Pounders and visited the
years. Employees will cook up the never- artificial preservatives from chicken steer the company in a more promising restaurants more often, said Kempczinski.
frozen beef on a grill when burgers are McNuggets and cut out high-fructose corn direction. Its an ongoing endeavor. Earlier Franchisees were happy, too, asking to
ordered. syrup from its buns. this month, McDonalds Corp. acknowl- keep the fresh beef even if the company
Its a really hot, juicy burger, said Fresh, just as a word and a concept, still edged that it lost 500 million customer decided not to roll it out nationally.

is overseen by Chief Daisuke Aramaki (the here. As in Jonathan Glazers Under the

Kusanagi) in a quintessentially Japanese
story makes for a perpetual disconnect The Japanese veteran actor and filmmaker Skin, in which she played an alien who
Ghost in the Shell cant resolve, though it Takeshi Kitano). They soon begin pursuit of disrobed to lure her prey into an infinite
tries to. Her body may be a robotic artifice a hacker named Kuze (Michael Pitt), and blackness, her beauty is utilized for other-
Continued from page 19 but the history of Hollywood whitewashing track him through the crime scenes and the worldly means. But its the supporting per-
Asian characters is all too real. There are data trail he leaves behind. The closer she formances from the notably international
dered for The Matrix was a moody, defenses to her casting, and The Ghost in gets, the more glitches begin obscuring the cast that stand out particularly Kitano,
mysterious futuristic tale with striking the Shell is, after all, about the erosion of Majors vision. Batou, Pitt and Juliette Binoche, who plays
imagery and a buzzing existential drone. self, not its makeup, ethnic or otherwise. New Port City is the futuristic Tokyo-like the scientist who created the Major.
Sanders (Snow White and the Huntsman), But the black-haired Johansson, while setting, and though everyone is infused
working from a script by Jamie Moss, They and the design work make The
totally game, often appears just as much the with robotic and digital enhancements, the Ghost in the Shell an unexpectedly allur-
William Wheeler and Ehren Kruger, stream- tourist in Tokyo as she did in Sofia Major is a one-of-a-kind hybrid. Feeling
lines much of the tale and builds out the ing world, the kind that not to sound too
Coppolas Lost in Translation. ever more removed from her ghost, shes much like a Hollywood executive feels
backstory with a more conventional narra- cut off from her memories. But the metropo-
tive of self-discovery for the Major Still, it should also be noted that the orig- rife for further exploration. So if there is a
lis itself is an altogether glorious amalgam
(Johansson), whose body (her shell) we inal film, in which Major fights in a nude next time, how about this: Giving the
of computer and concrete. Iridescent adver-
see majestically assembled around a human bodysuit, is not without its own issues of Major a new, more authentic shell. Then, we
tising banners and bubbles crowd the street-
brain (her ghost) in the opening credits. representation. Here, the suit, which has the level and 3-D holographic designs tower might really have something.
The result doesnt have the same eerie power of invisibly cloaking the Major, is between buildings. Cinematographer Jesse Ghost in the Shell, a Paramount
chill as the original, but preserving just a more intentionally unnatural looking. Its Hall and production designer Jan Roelfs Pictures release, is rated PG-13 by the
sliver of the hard edge to Oshiis film would gratuitous nudity, neutered. paint a shimmering collage of color that Motion Picture Association of America for
still make The Ghost in the Shell more Major is an asset, a weapon for the Hanka glitters most when water glistens and glass intense sequences of sci-fi violence, sug-
extreme than most any other of todays fran- Corporation, and part of a counter-terrorism shatters. Some shots have been precisely gestive content and some disturbing
chise hopefuls. Yet casting Johansson in force that includes her partner Batou (the up- copied from the original. images. Running time: 106 minutes. Two
the lead role (earlier dubbed Major Motoko and-coming Danish actor Pilou Asbaek) and In a way, Johansson is very much at home stars out of four.

BART. Street parking is free on Sundays, SUNDAY, APRIL 2 . The Wiegand Gallery 2. The Wiegand Gallery is located on the
making a visit to the museum both fun and at Notre Dame de Namur University NDNU campus at 1500 Ralston Ave. in
affordable. Free Family Fun Day admission (NDNU) presents the exhibition Britta Belmont.
Continued from page 20 is courtesy of Target. Kathmeyer, Masako Miki & Sara Pringle:
*** Paintings, Works on Paper & Installation
WIEGAND GALLERY IN BELMONT through April 22. The artists reception Susan Cohn can be reached at susan@smdailyjour-
Francisco, two blocks from Civic Center HOSTS AN ARTISTS RECEPTION ON takes place 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, April or

Please Join Us for An

Easter Brunch
With great entertainment
and an Easter egg hunt!
Sunday, April 16th at 11:45am
Please RSVP to our Front Desk at



furniture - appliances - cabinets - building materials - and more
HAVE QUESTIONS? CALL US!: (650) 847-4000
DROP-OFF: 1411 Industrial Rd, San Carlos
Tue-Sun. 10am - 5pm


Calendar Mass Effect stumbles in trip to new galaxy
FRIDAY, MARCH 31 By Lou Kesten
Mock Interviews by HR Recruiters Huckleberry Quartet. 3 p.m. 55 W. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
and Career Coaches. 9 a.m. to noon. Third Ave., San Mateo. The
Sobrato Center for Nonprofits, 330 Huckleberry Quartet performs in col-
Twin Dolphin Drive, Redwood Shores. laboration with Music at Kohl Time for spring break! Why not
Resume must be sent to Mansion. For more information con- Register tact 522-7818. book a trip to the Andromeda Galaxy,
a t where fun and adventure await on exot- Russia 101. 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. San ic planets no human has ever set foot
m/register/eventReg?oeidk=a07edu Mateo City Council chambers, 330 W.
eotaub5bd63c0&oseq=&c=&ch=. For 20th Ave., San Mateo. U.S. Rep. Jackie on before?
more information visit Speier and former Russian Two problems: First, it takes 600 Ambassador McFaul host Russia 101
seminar. Limited seats. Only people years to get there. Second, your travel
Garden Club of America Flower with tickets will be admitted. For agent may have exaggerated a bit, and
Show. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Allied Arts more information call 208-7441. those faraway worlds arent quite as
Guild, 75 Arbor Road, Menlo Park.
Come for a judged show showcasing Live Concert and Sing-Along. 6:30 human-friendly as promised.
excellence and beauty in floral p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Molloys Tavern, 1655 Mass Effect: Andromeda
design. For more information visit Mission Road, South San Francisco. The San Francisco Banjo Band plays (Electronic Arts, for the PlayStation 4,
music from the 1920s to 1960s for all Xbox One, PC, $59.99) invites you to
Roy Cloud School presents ages and genres. For more informa- take part in this grand adventure
DreamWorks Shrek the Musical Jr. tion call 544-3623.
7 p.m. Mckinley School Auditorium, but, like the journey it describes, it
400 Duane St., Redwood City. For The Seventh String performance. 7 delivers mixed results. Occasionally it
more information and to purchase p.m. AUM Center, 149 S. Blvd., San Mass Effect: Andromeda invites you to take part in this grand adventure but,
tickets visit Mateo. Buy tickets online for $12 and rewards you with the gosh-wow sense like the journey it describes, it delivers mixed results. at the door for $15. For more informa- of wonder that every science fiction
. tion and to buy tickets visit artsunity-
fan craves, but you have to work your planets into livable worlds. utation on compelling storytelling,
2017 Youth Art Show. 4 p.m. to 7:30 way through some hoary genre cliches Your crew members include a couple and heres where Andromeda falls a
p.m. 33 Arroyo Drive, South San SUNDAY, APRIL 2 to get there. of humans and some familiar alien bit flat. The overarching story doesnt
Francisco. Showcasing the artistry of Highlands Community Club types from the earlier games, and part quite have the urgency of the race-
South San Francisco Unified School Rummage Sale. 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. 1665 You can play as Sara or Scott Ryder,
District students. For more informa- Fernside St., Redwood City. the offspring of one of the galaxys of the intrigue comes from trying to against-extinction plot of the fran-
tion contact 829-3800. Household items, clothes, shoes, figure out why they were so eager to chises earlier chapters. The Kett are a
kitchenware and more. For more most renowned explorers. Early on,
The Life and Work of Jan Karlton information call 368-1500. the young, inexperienced Ryder is flee the Milky Way. Youll also be less formidable villain than the dread-
Opening Reception. 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. thrust into the role of Pathfinder, joined by one of the locals, a creature ed old Reapers, and the Remnant story
275A Linden St., Redwood City. The Creative and Functional called an Angaran that looks kind of line seems like a rehash of the discov-
show will run weekends from 1 p.m. Birdhouses. 10 a.m. to noon. Kohl whose job is to find a decent place to
to 4 p.m. until April 21. For more infor- Pumphouse, San Mateo Central Park, live for all these refugees from the like a lion, if you made it stand on two ery of Prothean tech that drove the
mation contact 569-0275. 101 Ninth Ave., San Mateo. $25 for legs and wear clothes. original trilogy.
SMAS members, $35 for nonmem- Milky Way. Early attempts to estab-
SATURDAY, APRIL 1 bers. For more information or to reg- lish habitats havent gone well, so All your companions have different Its also bedeviled by some aggra-
Highlands Community Club ister call 579-0536 ext. 3.
Ryder needs to figure out what went talents that come in handy in battle, vating technical issues, like creepy
Rummage Sale. 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. 1665 and Ryder can be customized with psy- facial animations and a clunky menu
Fernside St., Redwood City. Take Back America with U.S. Rep. wrong.
Household items, clothes, shoes, Jackie Speier. Noon to 3 p.m. San The most glaring issue is the Kett, chic powers or tech skills that let her, system. And yet, there are rewards.
kitchenware and more. For more Mateo Event Center, Fiesta Hall, 1346 say, fling turrets into enemy camps. Some of the side missions recapture
information call 368-1500. Saratoga Drive, San Mateo. The event a race of lizardlike conquerors bent
will feature remarks from Speier and on destroying every other sentient The firefights are fast-paced and BioWares storytelling magic, and the
Affordable Health Screenings. 9 a resource fair to meet one on one
species in the galaxy. More puz- engaging, though I missed the previ- scenery from the dusty wastelands
a.m. to noon. New Leaf Community with organizations and groups who
Classroom, 150 San Mateo Road, Half are fighting against the Trump agen- zl i n g are t h e Remn an t s , ro b o t i c ous games ability to pause the action of one planet to the lush forests of
Moon Bay. No appointment neces- da. Space is limited. For more infor- killing machines guarding mysteri- and issue commands to your squad- another is eye-popping throughout.
sary. Prices vary. For more information mation and to pre-register visit mates. Its a rough journey, but Im glad I took
v i s i t ous monoliths that may hold the back-america-tickets-32982865639. s ecret s t o t urn i n g An dro medas Developer BioWare has built its rep- it. Two-and-a-half stars out of four.
Prune Central Parks Camellias. 10 Roy Cloud School presents
a.m. to noon. Kohl Pumphouse, San DreamWorks Shrek the Musical Jr.

2 p.m. Mckinley School Auditorium,
eight feet deep (2.5 meters) showed tled water and bathe from buckets.
Mateo Central Park, 101 Ninth Ave.,
San Mateo. Free. Bring pruning shears 400 Duane St., Redwood City. For its water-content at 183 percent of Some farmers in the state that leads
and gloves. For more information or more information and to purchase normal.
tickets visit the nation in producing fruits, vegeta-
to preregister visit sanmateoarbore- Continued from page 1 Snowdrifts are up to 20 feet (6 bles and nuts, drew down wells to grow
. meters) deep at higher elevations in their crops, while others left fields
Sixth Annual Touch-a-Truck. 10 a.m.
to 2 p.m. Juror Parking Lot, Veterans Bold Audacious Daring Women the central and southern parts of the unplanted.
Portraits. 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. New Leaf soon, snowmelt could speed up, put-
and Middlefield, Redwood City. Open range, he said. Drought eased last winter, and mon-
Gate Nursery encourages kids to Community Classroom, 150 San ting pressure on reservoirs, some
touch, climb on and ask questions Mateo Road, Half Moon Bay. Materials already brimming full and spilling The snowpack stretches along 400 ster storms in recent months have put
about their favorite trucks. For more provided. $25. For more information miles (644 kilometers) of the Sierra a major dent in the five-year drought.
information visit and to register visit over, officials said. Its something that we pay very Nevada, creating an icy reservoir that Its unclear whether the governor
Garden Club of America Flower
close attention to, said Frank Gehrke, provides roughly one-third of irriga- will lift his emergency drought decla-
Show. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Allied Arts Docent Lecture: Monet The Early
Guild, 75 Arbor Road, Menlo Park. Years. 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. Belmont chief of the California Cooperative tion and drinking water to the nations ration, which remains in place despite
Come for a judged show showcasing Library. Experience Monets mastery
Snow Surveys Program, who led a most populous state during hot, dry heavy storms. Brown could decide in
excellence and beauty in floral before the advent of Impressionism.
Exhibit features 60 paintings by the small crew of surveyors into a snowy months of the year. April, Gehrke said.
design. For more information visit young Monet. For more information meadow surrounded by pine trees. Its The deep snowdrifts today contrast This snowpack is the densest with
Photo H-ops with the Easter going to depend on how the spring to the situation two years ago at the water since 2011, the year before
Bunny. 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Hillsdale MONDAY, APRIL 3 plays out. height of Californias five-year extreme drought hit California marked
Shopping Center, Macys Center Building a Winning Resume. 9 a.m.
to 11:30 a.m. Sobrato Center for The Sierra snowpacks overall water drought, when Gov. Jerry Brown trav- by the states driest four-year period on
Court, 60 31st Ave., San Mateo. Event
runs through April 15. For more infor- Nonprofits, 350 Twin Dolphin Drive, content measured 164 percent of nor- elled with surveyors to the same spot record, said Doug Carlson, a
mation visit Redwood Shores. Register at and there was no measurable snow. spokesman for the California mal Wednesday, according to the
Hack the Future. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. m/register/eventReg?oeidk=a07edx states electronic monitors throughout He later ordered residents to use less Department of Water Resources.
South San Francisco Main Library, 840 nmff6668aa9dc&oseq=&c=&ch=. For
more information visit the mountain range. water at home a first for California. When the history of this winters
W. Orange Ave., South San Francisco.
For more information email It was even higher at Phillips Hundreds of domestic wells ran dry dur- wet season is written, undoubtedly itll
Fiction Book Club. 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Station near Lake Tahoe where ing the drought. Many were in rural make note of the fact that this is a wet
Open Spaces and Quiet Places. San Carlos Library, 610 Elm St., San Gehrkes manual measurement farming communities and some season that helped alleviate much of
10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Portola Art Carlos. Discussing Room by Emma plunging a rod into the snow nearly Californians were forced to drink bot- the drought, Carlson said.
Gallery at Allied Arts Guild, 75 Arbor Donoghue. For more information call
Road, Menlo Park. Event runs through 591-0341 ext. 237.
April 30. For more information call
321-0220. Maximizing Your Social Security
Benefits. 10:30 a.m. Burlingame
Free Face Painting. 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Library, 480 Primrose Road,
The Shops at Tanforan, Lower Level Burlingame. Local advisor John Lau
near J.C. Penney, San Bruno. For more will show participants the strategies
information visit theshopsattan- to best utilize Social Security benefits in your household. For more informa-
tion call 401-4662.
Family Fun Day Carnival. 11 a.m. to
3 p.m. 751 Alameda de las Pulgas, Hearing Loss Association Meeting.
Belmont. Will feature pony rides, a 1 p.m. 1455 Madison Ave., Redwood
bouncy house, face-painting and City. Learn about the new non-profit
more. For more information call 593- Pacific Hearing Connection.
4547. Refreshments served. Free. Fore more
information contact 345-4551.
Music of the Civil War: Fort Point
Garrison Brass Band. 1 p.m. San Teen Spring Art Activities. 2 p.m. to
Mateo County History Museum, 2200 4 p.m. 55 W. Third Ave., San Mateo.
Broadway, Redwood City. Tickets are Make a bottle cap ladybug magnet,
$6 for non-members. For more infor- create string art flowers and more.
mation visit or call Refreshments will be provided. This
299-0104. event is for students grades 6
through 12. For more information call
Coding Club. 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. 55 W. 522-7818.
Third Ave., San Mateo. Learn how to
code at your own pace on a personal TUESDAY, APRIL 4
project or through online tutorials. Computer Coach. 10 a.m. to noon.
Mentors will be on hand to help San Carlos Library, 610 Elm St., San
answer questions. All ages welcome. Carlos. Free and open to the public.
For more information call 522-7818. Every Tuesday morning. For more
information call 591-0341 ext. 237.
Millbrae Library Chinese Cultural
Program. 2 p.m. 1 Library Ave., E-Book Coach. 10 a.m. to noon. San
Millbrae. Writer and Traveler Cynthia Carlos Library, 610 Elm St., San Carlos.
Tang, Of the Dust, the Dirt and the Free and open to the public. Every
Ancient Moon Relive the Tuesday morning. For more informa-
Literature of the Travelers presenta- tion call 591-0341 ext. 237.
tion in Mandarin Chinese. For more For more events visit
information call 697-0319., click Calendar.




1 Qt. fractions
44 Runs in neutral
47 Turndowns
21 Foul mood
22 Moonshine holder
4 God of thunder 51 Evaluates 23 Just scraped by
8 Small shot 53 Californias Woods 24 Scorch
11 Not slack 54 Delt neighbor 25 Motor lodges
12 Mrs. Chaplin 55 L, cest moi 26 Machine teeth
13 Habit 56 Alices chronicler 27 Mon. follower
14 Choir voice 57 Secret agent 30 Family member
15 Stack of logs 58 Resist boldly 32 Golf peg
17 Said without thinking 59 Install tile 34 Track events
19 Poets feet 36 Without a covering
20 Wire gauge DOWN 39 Gave out
21 Assn. 1 Gloomy covering 41 Critter
GET FUZZY 22 The Body Ventura 2 Ballet costume 43 Piquant
25 Antenna user 3 Gales or squalls 44 Brats
28 Luau strummer 4 Drying cloth 45 Over ones head
29 Sari sporter 5 Head covering 46 Frilly
31 Drubbing 6 The Plastic Band 47 Unhearing
33 Backpack contents 7 Music sources 48 Mystique
35 A law itself 8 Fedora front 49 Type of pad
37 Right, to Dobbin 9 Tulip source 50 Bway posting of yore
38 Plumbers targets 10 Canonized mlles. 52 AAA suggestion
40 Out-of-date 11 Dinner check
42 Des Moines hrs. 16 Hoosier hoopster
43 Koan discipline 18 Bleachers level


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Sudoku Want More Fun
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Each row and each column must contain the
numbers 1 through 6 without repeating. Jumble Page 2 La Times Crossword Puzzle Classifieds
The numbers within the heavily outlined boxes,
called cages, must combine using the given operation Tundra & Over the Hedge Comics Classifieds
(in any order) to produce the target numbers in the
top-left corners. Boggle Puzzle Everyday in DateBook
Freebies: Fill in single-box cages with the number in
the top-left corner.

CANCER (June 21-July 22) -- Youll be given mixed and good health. Streamline your fitness goals and AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) -- Keep your personal
signals when it comes to where you stand with others. follow a diet that is cost-efficient and healthy. information a secret. Dont divulge financial concerns
FRIDAY, MARCH 31, 2017
Dont let compliments color your vision. Look at the SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) -- An emotional situation or give anyone access to your belongings, assets or
ARIES (March 21-April 19) -- Embrace change, look facts and act accordingly. will throw you off your game. Look for balance and intentions. Focus on personal gains, romance and
for alternatives and push your ideas until you reach LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) -- Put more focus on your integrity in all your transactions. Dont make decisions greater security.
your goal. Own what you do and say and you will gain personal relationships as well as on your health based on assumptions or hearsay. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) -- Youll be offered the
respect, opportunity and support. and appearance. Make love, peace and generosity SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) -- You will have no help you need or granted a favor, but before you
TAURUS (April 20-May 20) -- Call in favors or make priorities if you want to improve your life. trouble gaining control, but before you take command, accept, find out whats expected in return. Dont put
a point to join forces with people who share your VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) -- Dont spend money just make sure you want the responsibility that comes with yourself in a compromising position.
concerns and goals. Your organizational ability will put to impress someone. Stay focused on whats important the job. Know your limitations.
you in a position of leadership. and on the events or encounters that will bring you the CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) -- Make physical COPYRIGHT 2017 United Feature Syndicate, Inc.
GEMINI (May 21-June 20) -- There will be plenty going highest rewards. Intelligence and physical action will changes at home to encourage stability and ease
on behind closed doors. Listen carefully, or you may bring good results. your stress. Lowering your overhead or altering your
end up facing an unexpected dilemma that can cost LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) -- You dont have to go domestic circumstances will contribute to peace of
you your reputation. Honesty is the best policy. overboard when it comes to maintaining your looks mind and emotional stability.
THEDAILYJOURNAL Friday March 31, 2017 25

104 training 110 employment 110 employment 110 employment 110 employment 110 employment
termS & COndItIOnS CarPenterS needed
The San Mateo Daily Journal Classi-
fieds will not be responsible for more SSF Based Construction Co. Looking for HOUSe CleanerS newSPaPer InternS
than one incorrect insertion, and its lia-
bility shall be limited to the price of one
full time skilled carpenters. Must maintain needed JOUrnalISm
insertion. No allowance will be made for a high level of quality and craftsmanship. Up to $15 per hour. Company Car. The Daily Journal is looking for in-
terns to do entry level reporting, re-
errors not materially affecting the value Please email resumes to Call Molly Maid at (650)837-9788. search, updates of our ongoing fea-
of the ad. All error claims must be sub- 90 Glenn way #2, SAN CARLoS tures and interviews. Photo interns al-
mitted within 30 days. For full advertis- so welcome.
ing conditions, please ask for a Rate
HOme Care aIdeS PaInterS wanted for high-end SM
we expect a commitment of four to
eight hours a week for at least four
Multiple shifts to meet your needs. Great company. 5 yrs experience required, own months. The internship is unpaid, but
110 employment pay & benefits, Sign-on bonus, 1yr exp tools & transport, detail-oriented. Must intelligent, aggressive and talented in-
required. Starting at $15 per hour. terns have progressed in time into
speak English, local applicants paid correspondents and full-time re-
rIGGer HelPer, full time, benefits, Matched Caregivers (650)839-2273, preferred. 650-348-3780. porters.
will train. Clean DMV. Lifting 50 (408)280-7039 or (888)340-2273
pounds. 415-798-0021 College students or recent graduates
are encouraged to apply. Newspaper
experience is preferred but not neces-
sarily required.

Please send a cover letter describing

your interest in newspapers, a resume
and three recent clips. Before you ap-
UX SOftware Designer Redwood City ply, you should familiarize yourself
F./T. Design innovative solutions for cur- with our publication. our web site:
rent digital communications, software
platforms&programs using Adobe Crea-
tive Suite, Flash, HTML, Javascript, Send your information via e-mail to
CSS, prototyping&wireframing in Axure, or by reg-
SaleS/marketInG Visio, omnigraffle, High school ular mail to 1900 Alameda de las Pul-
InternSHIPS diploma+ 4yr exp. as US software de- gas #112, San Mateo CA 94403
The San Mateo Daily Journal is looking signer. Mail resume to V.Nguyen-Vu,
for ambitious interns who are eager to Replicon Software Inc., 3 Lagoon dr.,
jump into the business arena with both Suite 130, Redwood City, CA 94065.
feet and hands. Learn the ins and outs
of the newspaper and media industries. SaleS - Telemarketing and Inside Sales
This position will provide valuable Representative needed to sell newspa- 129 Cemetery Plots
experience for your bright future. per print and web advertising and event
Email resume marketing solutions. To apply, please call Skylawn Cemetery-Two Plots 650-344-5200 and send resume to Garden of Vision over looking HMB (650)773-1256

The Future
of local news content
Storekeepers (requires CA Driver License) $14.79/hr is actually right here in the present, as it has been for centuries The local community
Warehouse (requires CA Driver License) $14.79/hr newspaper. We ignore the naysayers and shun the "experts" when it comes to the "demise" of
Drivers (requires Commercial Driver License) $21.60/hr the newspaper industry.
Eqpt/Food Runners $15.05/hr
The leading local daily news resource for the You will be offering a wide variety of
Food Preparers $14.79/hr
SF Peninsula seeks an entreprenuerial marketing solutions including print advertising,
Porters $14.14/hr Advertising Account Exec to sell advertising inserts, graphic design, niche publications,
Cooks $17.34/hr and marketing solutions to local businesses. online advertising, event marketing, social media
Pick/Pack Station Attendant $14.28/hr We are looking for a special person to join our and whatever else we come up with if as the
team for an immediate opening. industry continues its evolution and our paper
You must be community-minded, action- continues its upward trajectory.
Shift Production Manager
oriented, customer-focused, and without fail, a Experience with print advertising and online
self starter. You will be responsible for sales marketing a plus. But we will consider a
and account management activities associated candidate with little or no sales experience as
with either a territory or vertical category. long as you have these traits:


Join us, if you check off on these qualities and also believe in the future of newspapers.
Please email your resume to
A cover letter with your views on the newspaper industry would also be helpful.

Leading local news coverage on the Peninsula

Immediate need for Full Time/Part Time
Home Care Providers Positions Needed:
$250 Sign on Bonus*
ENTRY LEVEL JOB, WE CAN TRAIN ! t Room Attendants t Laundry Attendant
Paid Training & Benefits Requirements: t PM Server t Class B Driver t Cooks
Must have valid DL and reliable transportation Applicants must have a valid California Driver's License that is in t On Call Banquet Set Up
Call or stop by TODAY! good standing.
t On Call Banquet Server
Closet, garage, office installation experience preferred.
Dont wait, call or stop by TODAY! Ask for Carol AM & PM Shifts Available
For consideration, please submit your resume to cmenji-
(650) 458-2200 var@homeorganizers, subject line installer helper, or walk-in M-F
Employee Benefits Package (9am 4pm) 23768 Eichler St., Suite 1A Hayward, CA 94545 Call Michelle D. (650) 295-6141
1660 S. Amphlett Blvd. #115 in San Mateo 1221 Chess Drive Foster City 94010
Questions? Call CJ 562-699-9945 X 1330
26 Friday March 31, 2017 THEDAILYJOURNAL

203 Public notices 203 Public notices 203 Public notices tundra tundra tundra
Statement #272684 Statement #272737 Statement #272541
The following person is doing business The following person is doing business
as: JEM Staging & Events, 365 Tampa The following person is doing business
as: Venkatesh Consulting, 52 Roslyn as: MommyShuffles Dance Company,
Avenue, SAN CARLoS, CA 94070. Ct., FoSTER CITY, CA 94404. Regis-
Registered owner: Nandini Venkatesh, tered owners: 1)Jamie Montenegro, 122 Buxton Avenue, SoUTH SAN
same address. The business is conduct- same address 2)Eric Montenegro, same FRANCISCo, CA 94080. Registered
address. The business is conducted by owner: Jennifer Baran, same address.
ed by an Individual. The registrants a Married Couple. The registrants com-
commenced to trans act business under menced to transact business under the The business is conducted by an Individ-
the FBN on 3/9/2017. FBN on N/A. ual. The registrants commenced to
/s/Nandini Venkatesh/ /s/Jamie Montenegro/ transact business under the FBN on N/A.
This statement was filed with the Asses- This statement was filed with the Asses- /s/Jennifer M.G. Baran/
sor-County Clerk on 3/9/2017. (Publish- sor-County Clerk on 3/13/2017. (Publish-
ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, This statement was filed with the Asses-
ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
3/10/17, 3/17/17, 3/24/17, 3/31/17). 3/17/17, 3/24/17, 3/31/17, 4/7/17). sor-County Clerk on 2/24/2017. (Publish-
ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
3/17/17, 3/24/17, 3/31/17, 4/7/17).

fICtItIOUS BUSIneSS name Over the Hedge Over the Hedge Over the Hedge
Statement #272632
The following person is doing business
as: 1)Bay Area GCM 2)Transition Com-
panions, 1139 San Carlos Ave., #301,
SAN CARLoS, CA 94070. Registered
owner: Aging LIfe Care California, CA.
The business is conducted by a Corpora-
tion. The registrants commenced to
transact business under the FBN on 3-3-
/s/Sharon Gray/
This statement was filed with the Asses-
sor-County Clerk on 3/3/2017. (Publish-
ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
3/17/17, 3/24/17, 3/31/17, 4/7/17).

Sees Candies, a leader in the confectionary is now hiring

industry, is looking for a skilled Mechanic to join our
Plant Maintenance Department. This position is Are you searching for a position where you
responsible for installing, repairing and maintaining can contribute to a team that dedicates itself
all equipment and facilities in the manufacturing to enriching the lives of seniors and be able to
plants and offices in South San Francisco, Daly City maintain a healthy work/life balance? Look
and Burlingame. no further. The Peninsula Regent, the premier
retirement community in the Bay Area similar
Requirements include: to a Five Star Hotel, nestled in the heart of
ImmedIate OPenInG downtown San Mateo is currently accepting
electrical and mechanical experience rsums for the positions of:
newSPaPer ability to work in a fast paced environment
delIVery ability to work day and night shift, and t1BSUUJNF'PPE4FSWFSTBOE)PTUFTTFT
overtime as required
San mateO ability to lift up to 50 lbs. t0O$BMM-7/T
must provide own tools
SOUtH Sf Employees are members of Local 125.
Seeking Delivery driver to manage newspaper route

Requires early morning work six days per week Mon-Sat. If interested, please send your resume to "QQMZPOMJOFBU
Papers are picked up early morning between 3am and 4:30am or fax it to (650) 827-3241.
Call roberto 650-344-5200
THEDAILYJOURNAL Friday March 31, 2017 27
203 Public notices 203 Public notices 203 Public notices 203 Public notices 210 lost & found 302 antiques
fICtItIOUS BUSIneSS name fICtItIOUS BUSIneSS name nOtICe Of PetItIOn tO administration authority will be granted lOSt Cat. Black and white. Black antIqUe BUffet Cabinet, with 2 large
Statement #272547 Statement #272856 admInISter eState Of unless an interested person files an ob- patch on right eye. REwARD. drawers w/skeleton key, needs refinish-
The following person is doing business The following person is doing business Leandra Spadoni jection to the petition and shows good Call (323) 439-7713. ing. $700/obo.. antIqUe CHIna cabi-
as: 1)Preferred Property Inspection as: Vibration Engineering Consulting, Case Number: 17PRo00289 cause why the court should not grant au- net, with doors and legs, dark wood..
2)PPI, 2262 Carmelita Drive, SAN CAR- 446 old County Road, Ste 100-304, PA- To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, con- thority. lOSt Small gray and green Parrot. $500/obo. (650)952-5049
LoS, CA 94070. Registered owner: CIFICA, CA 94044. Registered owner: tingent creditors, and persons who may A hearing on the petition will be held in Redwood Shores. (650)207-2303.
Preferred Property Services, Inc., CA. Vibration Engineering, Inc., CA. The otherwise be interested in the will or es- this court as follows: APR. 24, 2017 at
tate, or both, of Leandra Spadoni. A Peti- 9:00 a.m., Superior Court of California, BeaUtIfUl and UnIqUe Victorian
The business is conducted by a Corpora- business is conducted by a Corporation.
tion for Probate has been filed by Jose- County of San Mateo, 400 County Cen- Books Side Sewing table, All original. Rose-
tion. The registrants commenced to The registrants commenced to transact wood. Carved. eXCellent COndI-
phine Reynoso in the Superior Court of ter, Redwood City, CA 94063.
transact business under the FBN on De- business under the FBN on N/A. California, County of San Mateo. The If you object to the granting of the peti- qUalIty BOOkS used and rare. world tIOn! $350. (650)815-8999.
cember 4, 2002. /s/Paul H. Blanton/ Petition for Probate requests that Jose- tion, you should appear at the hearing & US History and classic American nov-
/s/william C. Crook, Jr./ This statement was filed with the Asses- els. $5 each obo (650)345-5502 maHOGany antIqUe Secretary desk,
phine Reynoso be appointed as personal and state your objections or file written 72 x 40 , 3 drawers, Display case, bev-
This statement was filed with the Asses- sor-County Clerk on 3/22/2017. (Publish- representative to administer the estate of objections with the court before the hear-
ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, elled glass, $350. (650)766-3024
sor-County Clerk on 2/24/2017. (Publish-
3/31/17, 4/7/17, 4/14/17, 4/21/17).
the decedent. ing. Your appearance may be in person 294 Baby Stuff
ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, The petition requests the decedents will or by your attorney. Old VIntaGe wooden Sea Captains
3/17/17, 3/24/17, 3/31/17, 4/7/17). and codicils, if any, be admitted to pro- If you are a creditor or a contingent cred- fISHer-PrICe HealtHy Care booster Tool Chest 35 x 16 x 16, $65
bate. The will and any codicils are avail- itor of the decedent, you must file your seat - $5 (650)592-5864. (650)591-3313
fICtItIOUS BUSIneSS name able for examination in the file kept by claim with the court and mail a copy to
fICtItIOUS BUSIneSS name Statement #272960 the court. the personal representative appointed by 296 appliances
Statement #272535 The following person is doing business The petition requests authority to admin- the court within the later of either (1) four 303 electronics
as: Ponzu Poke Bar, 1051 Park Place, ister the estate under the Independent months from the date of first issuance of
The following person is doing business Administration of Estates Act. (This au- letters to a general personal representa- 1960'S aVOCadO osterizer blender
as: Darling Rats, 516 Pine Terrace, SAN MATEo, CA 94403. Registered excellent condition $20.00 (650)596- 46 mItSUBISHI Projector TV, great
owner: MCAChow, LLC., CA. The busi- thority will allow the personal representa- tive, as defined in section 58(b) of the condition. $400. (650)261-1541.
SoUTH SAN FRANCISCo, CA 94080. tive to take many actions without obtain- Calilfornia Probate Code, or (2) 60 days 0513
Registered owner: Michaela Darling Ro- ness is conducted by a Limited Liability
Company. The registrants commenced ing court approval. Before taking certain from the date of mailing or personal de- antareS dOllarS Bill Changer ma-
que, same address. The business is very important actions, however, the per- livery to you of a notice under sectioin aIr COndItIOner 10000 BTU w/re- chine s never used for small bus. $95
to transact business under the FBN on mote. Slider model fits all windows. LG
conducted by an Individual. The regis- /s/Beltran Chow/ sonal representative will be required to 9052 of the Callifornia Probate (650)992-4544.
trants commenced to transact business give notice to interested persons unless Code.other California statutes and legal brand $199 runs like new. (650)235-
This statement was filed with the Asses- 0898
under the FBN on 1/1/2017. sor-County Clerk on 3/30/2017. (Publish- they have waived notice or consented to authority may affect your rights as a aUdIO-teCHnICa (at-Pl50) Auto.
/s/Michaela Darling Roque/ the proposed action.) The independent creditor. You may want to consult with an Stereo TURNTABLE sys. $40
ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, administration authority will be granted attorney knowledgable in California law. aIr COndItIOner, Portable, 14,000
This statement was filed with the Asses- 3/31/17, 4/7/17, 4/14/17, 4/21/17). (650)344-4756
unless an interested person files an ob- You may examine the file kept by the BTU, Commercial Cool model
sor-County Clerk on 2/24/2017. (Publish- CPN14XC9, almost like new! All acces-
ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, jection to the petition and shows good court. If you are a person interested in BlaUPUnkt am/fm/Cd Radio and Re-
cause why the court should not grant au- the estate, you may file with the court a sories plus remote included. ceiver with Detachable Face asking
3/17/17, 3/24/17, 3/31/17, 4/7/17). fICtItIOUS BUSIneSS name 20 x 16-5/8 x 33-1/2 $345.
Statement #272954 thority. Request for Special Notice (form DE- $100. (650)593-4490
A hearing on the petition will be held in 154) of the filing of an inventory and ap- (650)345-1835
The following person is doing business
fICtItIOUS BUSIneSS name this court as follows: APR. 25, 2017 at praisal of estate assets or of any petition BUlOVa wIndUP Travel clocks.Vin-
as: Palace Cafe Catering, 1306 old 9:00 a.m., Superior Court of California, or account as provided in Probate Code CHefmate tOaSter oven, brand
Statement #272824 County Road, BELMoNT, CA 94002. tage. Set of eight. $99. gene (650)421-
County of San Mateo, 400 County Cen- section 1250. A Request for Special No- new, bakes, broils, toasts, adjustable 5469
The following person is doing business Registered owner: Beau Cadeau Foods, ter, Redwood City, CA 94063. tice form is available from the court clerk. temperature. $25 oBo. (650)580-4763
as: Imagihome, 350 Sharon Park Drive Inc., CA. The business is conducted by If you object to the granting of the peti- Attorney for Petitioner: COmPlete COlOr photo developer
Apt. M04, MENLo PARK, CA 94025. a Corporation. The registrants com- tion, you should appear at the hearing Margaret Laughlin Martin, Esq. CIrCUlar CHarCOal Barbecue 14 Besler Enlarger, Color Head, trays, photo
Registered owner: Baris Melih Ruacan, menced to transact business under the and state your objections or file written Martin Family Law Firm with Cover, Excellent Condition $7.00 tools $50/ (650)921-1996
same address. The business is conduct- FBN on N/A. objections with the court before the hear- 1700 S. El Camino Real, Suite 502
ed by an Individual. The registrants /s/Donna Busse/ ing. Your appearance may be in person SAN MATEo, CA 94402 CIrrUS Steam mop model SM212B 4 IPHOne 5 Morphie Juice Pack with
commenced to trans act business under This statement was filed with the Asses- or by your attorney. (650)340-1166 new extra cleaning pads,user manual. charger, originally $100, now $85.
the FBN on 03/20/2017. sor-County Clerk on 3/29/2017. (Publish- If you are a creditor or a contingent cred- FILED: 03/27/2017 $45. (650)588-5487 (650)766-2679
/s/Baris Melih Ruacan/ ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, itor of the decedent, you must file your (Published in the San Mateo Daily Jour-
3/31/17, 4/7/17, 4/14/17, 4/21/17). claim with the court and mail a copy to nal on 3/31/17, 4/7/17, 4/8/17 ) COffee maker, 30 Cup kIndle fIre 8 in. Case and Charger
This statement was filed with the Asses- Excel-
sor-County Clerk on 3/20/2017. (Publish- the personal representative appointed by incl. 64 gig $75 Jeff 650-208-5758
the court within the later of either (1) four lent Condition $7. (650)368-0748
ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, left-Hand erGOnOmIC keyboard
3/24/17, 3/31/17, 4/7/17, 4/14/17). fICtItIOUS BUSIneSS name months from the date of first issuance of COleman lXe Roadtrip Grill -
Statement #272890 letters to a general personal representa- with 'A-shape' key layout Num pad, $20
Red Brand New! (still in box) $100 (650)204-0587
The following person is doing business tive, as defined in section 58(b) of the (650)918-9847
fICtItIOUS BUSIneSS name as: Northern California Filipino Directory, Calilfornia Probate Code, or (2) 60 days
1325 Howard Ave. #425, BURLINGAME, from the date of mailing or personal de- mOtOrOla BraVO MB 520 (android
Statement #272861 eleCtrIC StOVe From Sears 4.1 upgrade) smart phone 35$ 8GB SD
CA 94010. Registered owner: Jumana livery to you of a notice under sectioin Excellent Condition $225
The following person is doing business 9052 of the Callifornia Probate nOtICe Of PetItIOn tO card Belmont (650)595-8855
as: Banner Fruit Company, 155 Terminal Hassan, 1830 Seqouia Apt. U, Burlin- admInISter eState Of Please Call (650)244-9267
game, CA 94010. The business is con- Code.other California statutes and legal
Court Stalls 22/23, SoUTH SAN FRAN- authority may affect your rights as a Constance M. Steinkamp, new HP Desk Jet 1112 Printer plus ex-
CISCo, CA 94080. Registered owners: ducted by an Individual. The registrants aka Coni Steinkamp, deceased eUreka BraVO II Upright Vacuum tra cartridges- $50. Call (650)345-1234
creditor. You may want to consult with an Cleaner, Micron Filter System, Model
1)Kevin Sommerfeld, 717 Barneson commenced to transact business under attorney knowledgable in California law. Case Number: 17PRo00306
the FBN on 3-23-17. To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, con- 7683 $20. 650-952-3500 OnkyO aV Receiver HT-R570 .Digital
Ave., San Mateo, CA 94402 2)Kelly You may examine the file kept by the
Sommerfeld, same address. The busi- /s/Jumana Hassan/ court. If you are a person interested in tingent creditors, and persons who may Surround, HDMI, Dolby, Sirius Ready,
This statement was filed with the Asses- otherwise be interested in the will or es- GOOd mICrOwaVe 1100 watt $40 Da- Cinema Filter.$95/ offer (650)591-2393
ness is conducted by a Married Couple the estate, you may file with the court a ly City (415) 231-4825.
sor-County Clerk on 3/23/2017. (Publish- Request for Special Notice (form DE- tate, or both, of Constance M. Stein-
The registrants commenced to trans act kamp, aka Coni Steinkamp, deceased. A OPtImUS H36 ST5800 Tower Speaker
business under the FBN on July 1, 2017. ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 154) of the filing of an inventory and ap- JaCk lalane'S power juicer. $40.
3/31/17, 4/7/17, 4/14/17, 4/21/17). praisal of estate assets or of any petition Petition for Probate has been filed by Ri- 36x10x11 $30. (650)580-6324
/s/Kevin Sommerfeld/ chard J. Steinkamp / Robert R. Stein- Call (650)364-1243. Leave message.
This statement was filed with the Asses- or account as provided in Probate Code PIOneer HOUSe Speakers, pair. 15
section 1250. A Request for Special No- kamp in the Superior Court of Califor-
sor-County Clerk on 3/22/2017. (Publish- fICtItIOUS BUSIneSS name nia, County of San Mateo. The Petition inch 3-way, black with screens. work
ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, tice form is available from the court clerk. UPrIGHt VaCUUm Cleaner, $10. Call great. $99.(650)243-8198
Statement #272685 Attorney for Petitioner: for Probate requests that Richard J.
3/24/17, 3/31/17, 4/7/17, 4/14/17). Steinkamp / Robert R. Steinkamp be ap- Ed, (415)298-0645 South San Francisco
The following person is doing business Patricia Kennedy Fyfe SamSUnG flat TV 20"
as: 1)Change one 2)Character Health 1801 Murchison Drive, Suite 320 pointed as personal representative to ad- wHIrlPOOl waSHer DRYER, GE
minister the estate of the decedent. VCR ,set up $70. (650)992-4544
3)In God we Trust 4)Culture Faith, 2995 BURLINGAME, CA 94010 Refrigerator all working and in good con-
fICtItIOUS BUSIneSS name woodside Road, Suite 400, REDwooD (650)652-3494 The petition requests authority to admin- dition all for $99.00 (650)315-3240.
ister the estate under the Independent SOny PrOJeCtIOn TV 48" with re-
Statement #272879 CITY, CA 94062. Registered owner: FILED: 03/23/2017 mote good condition $99 (650)345-1111
The following person is doing business (Published in the San Mateo Daily Jour- Administration of Estates Act. (This au-
United In Purpose Education, CA. The thority will allow the personal representa- 297 Bicycles
as: Loom, 825 Marshall St #117, RED- business is conducted by a Corporation. nal on 3/31/17, 4/7/17, 4/8/17 ) tV SOny Triniton 21" $15 oBo
wooD CITY, CA 94063. Registered tive to take many actions without obtain- (650)784-3243
The registrants commenced to transact ing court approval. Before taking certain adUlt BIkeS 1 regular and 2 with bal-
owner: Kryptnostic, Inc., DE. The busi- business under the FBN on 03/01/2017. very important actions, however, the per- loon tires $30 Each (650) 347-2356
ness is conducted by a Corporation. The VIntaGe G.e. radio, model c-430-a
/s/Red Rutherford/ sonal representative will be required to $60. (650)421-5469
registrants commenced to transact busi- This statement was filed with the Asses- give notice to interested persons unless CHIldS BICyCle in good condition.
ness under the FBN on n/a. sor-County Clerk on 3/9/2017. (Publish- they have waived notice or consented to $30. (650)355-5189 VIntaGe G.e. radio, model c-442c $60.
/s/Matthew Tamayo-Rios/ ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, the proposed action.) The independent (650)421-5469
This statement was filed with the Asses- 3/31/17, 4/7/17, 4/14/17, 4/21/17). Order tO SHOw CaUSe fOr administration authority will be granted new 12" girls bike w/ training wheels
sor-County Clerk on 3/23/2017. (Publish- CHanGe Of name unless an interested person files an ob- $75.00 (650) 347-1458 no ans/leave VIntaGe G.e. radio, model c1470 $60.
ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, CaSe# 17CIV00746 jection to the petition and shows good mes (650)421-5469
3/24/17, 3/31/17, 4/7/17, 4/14/17). fICtItIOUS BUSIneSS name SUPERIoR CoURT oF CALIFoRNIA, cause why the court should not grant au-
Statement #272923 thority. VIntaGe zenItH radio, model L516b
The following person is doing business
400 CoUNTY CENTER RD, A hearing on the petition will be held in
298 Collectibles $75. (650)421-5469
fICtItIOUS BUSIneSS name as: ACM Investments, 179 Kings Moun- REDwooD CITY CA 94063 this court as follows: MAY 1, 2017 at
Statement #272917 9:00 a.m., Superior Court of California, 1920'S aqUa Glass Beaded Flapper 304 furniture
tain Road, wooDSIDE, CA 94062. Reg- PETITIoN oF Purse (drawstring bag) & Faux Pearl
The following person is doing business istered ownesr: 1)Armas C. Markkula, Loren Chen, Jing Xu County of San Mateo, 400 County Cen-
ter, Redwood City, CA 94063. Flapper Collar. $50. (650)762-6048
as: Jireh House Cleaning, 216 S. Idaho Jr., 179 Kings Mountain Rd., woodside, To ALL INTERESTED PERSoNS: antIqUe dInInG table for six people
St., Apt A, SAN MATEo, CA 94401. CA 94062 2)Linda K. Markkula, same Petitioner: Loren Chen, Jing Xu filed a If you object to the granting of the peti- with chairs $99. (650)580-6324
petition with this court for a decree tion, you should appear at the hearing 1940 VIntaGe telephone bench maple
Registered owner: Zulman A. Chinchilla address. The business is conducted by antiques collectibles $75 (650)755-9833
Elias, same address. The business is a Married Couple. The registrants com- changing name as follows: and state your objections or file written antIqUe GlaSS Hutch. Cherry wood.
conducted by an Individual. The regis- menced to transact business under the Present names: Huiyi Chen objections with the court before the hear- Excellent Condition. $450.
ing. Your appearance may be in person BIlly dee williams autographed Star
trants commenced to transact business FBN on 6/13/1984. Proposed Names: Vanessa J. Chen wars action figure: Lando Calrissian, (650)888-2662
/s/Armas C. Markkula, Jr./ THE CoURT oRDERS that all persons or by your attorney.
under the FBN on N/A. interested in this matter shall appear be- If you are a creditor or a contingent cred- space smuggler. $35 Steve (650)518-
/s/Linda K. Markkula/ 6614 antIqUe maHOGany Bookcase. Four
/s/Zulman A. Chinchilla Elias/ fore this court at the hearing indicated itor of the decedent, you must file your feet tall. $75. (415) 282-0966.
This statement was filed with the Asses- This statement was filed with the Asses- below to show cause, if any, why the pe- claim with the court and mail a copy to
sor-County Clerk on 3/27/2017. (Publish- sor-County Clerk on 3/27/2017. (Publish- the personal representative appointed by lennOX red Rose, Unused, hand antIqUe maHOGany double bed with
tition for change of name should not be painted, porcelain, authenticity papers,
ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, granted. Any person objecting to the the court within the later of either (1) four adjustable steelframe $225.00. oBo.
3/31/17, 4/7/17, 4/14/17, 4/21/17). 3/31/17, 4/7/17, 4/14/17, 4/21/17). months from the date of first issuance of $12.00. (650) 578 9208. (650)592-4529
name changes described above must file
a written objection that includes the rea- letters to a general personal representa- mIller lIte Neon sign , work good
sons for the objection at least two court tive, as defined in section 58(b) of the arm CHaIr, orange color, exc't condi-
$59 call (650)218-6528 tion. $45. (650)598-9804.
days before the matter is scheduled to Calilfornia Probate Code, or (2) 60 days
be heard and must appear at the hearing from the date of mailing or personal de- Pez dISPenSerS - 8 piece sealed box
livery to you of a notice under sectioin BeIGe SOfa $99. Excellent Condition
rfP annOUnCement to show cause why the petition should wizard of oz 70th anniversary $25.
(650) 315-2319
not be granted. If no written objection is 9052 of the Callifornia Probate 650-556-9708
BUSIneSS OPPOrtUnIty timely filed, the court may grant the peti- Code.other California statutes and legal
ada Self-eValUatIOn and tranSItIOn Plan tion without a hearing. A hearing on the authority may affect your rights as a Brand new Bookcase 72"x30" still in
renO SIlVer leGaCy Casino four box $45. (415)231-4825.
petition shall be held on 4/11/17 at 9 creditor. You may want to consult with an rare memorabilia items, casino key, two
a.m., Dept. PJ, at 400 County Center, attorney knowledgable in California law. coins, small charm. $95. (650)676-0974
The San Mateo County Human Resources Department seeks Redwood City, CA 94063. A copy of this You may examine the file kept by the
CHaIrS 2 Blue Good Condition $50
oBo (650)345-5644
qualified accessibility consultants to submit proposals to con- order to Show Cause shall be published court. If you are a person interested in SCHIller HIPPIe poster, linen, Sparta
duct an ADA Self-Evaluation and compile a Transition Plan for at least once each week for four succes- the estate, you may file with the court a graphics 1968. Mint condition. $600.00. COat/Hat Stand, solid wood, for your
sive weeks prior to the date set for hear- Request for Special Notice (form DE- (650)701-0276 mountain cabin/house. $50. (650)520-
County buildings, parks, parking lots, parking garages, street ing on the petition in the following news- 154) of the filing of an inventory and ap- 7045
intersections, and sidewalks. paper of general circulation: praisal of estate assets or of any petition
San Mateo Daily Journal or account as provided in Probate Code 299 Computers COmPUter SwIVel CHAIR. Padded
Filed: 2/27/2017 section 1250. A Request for Special No- Leather. $80. (650) 455-3409
Proposals may be obtained by addressing inquiries to: /s/Susan Irene Etezadi/ tice form is available from the court clerk. COlOr PrInter HP model Deskjet
Alicia Kellie, ADA Title II Coordinator Judge of the Superior Court Attorney for Petitioner: 932C. $15 oBo (650)784-3243 COmPUter taBle, adjustable height, Dated: 2/24/2017 Richard J. Steinkamp / Robert R. Stein- chrome legs, 29x48 like new $30 (650)
(Published 3/10/17, 3/17/17, 3/24/17, kamp COmPUter mOnItOr 21" ACE LCD 697-8481
San Mateo Human Resources Department 3/31/17). 4101 Happy Valley Rd., model X203H. $15 oBo (650)784-3243
455 County Center, 5th Floor ANDERSoN, CA 96007 COUCH, Cream IKEA, great condition,
(415)200-8187 COmPUter mOnItOr 21" HP model
Redwood City, CA 94010 S2231 $15 oBo. (650)784-3243
$89, light-weight, compact, sturdy love-
FILED: 03/28/2017 seat (415)775-0141
(Published in the San Mateo Daily Jour-
Proposal packages must be submitted electronically to public- nal on 3/31/17, 4/7/17, 4/8/17 ) kOGI 15 inch computer monitor. Model
nOtICe Of PetItIOn tO L5QX. $25. PH(650)592-5864. CUStOm made wood sewing storage by 10:30 P.M. Pacific Standard Time on Friday, admInISter eState Of cabinet perfect condition $75. (650)483-
Joseph T. Gavasse, aka Joseph Thomas reCOrdaBle Cd-r 74, Sealed, Unop- 1222
May 5, 2017. Gavasse, Joseph T. Gavasse, Jr., Jo- ened, original packaging, Samsung, 12X,
seph Gavasse (650) 578 9208 dInette taBle with Chrome Legs: 36"
Case Number: 17PRo00301 x58" (with one leaf 11 1/2") - $50.
To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, con- (650)341-5347
tingent creditors, and persons who may 300 toys
otherwise be interested in the will or es- 210 lost & found dInette taBle, 3 adjustable leaf.$30.
tate, or both, of Joseph T. Gavasse, aka 3-StOry BarBIe Dollhouse with spiral (650) 756-9516.Daly City.
Joseph Thomas Gavasse, Joseph T. fOUnd: keyS at westwood Park in staircase and elevator. $60. (650)558-

leGal nOtICeS
Gavasse, Jr., Joseph Gavasse. A Peti- Redwood City, off of Fernside. Call to 8142 dInInG rOOm table Good Condition
tion for Probate has been filed by Grego- claim (650)714-8893 $90.00 or best offer ( 650)-780-0193
ry L. Gavasse, aka Gregory Lee Gav-
asse in the Superior Court of California, allOyed lInOtyPe (BNH ~18) for dreSSer 4-drawer in Belmont for
County of San Mateo. The Petition for
lOSt - my COllaPSIBle music stand, casting miniature/board-game figurines. $75. Good condition; good for children.
Probate requests that Gregory L. Gav- clip lights, and music in black bags were 10#, $10 (650) 591-4553 Call (650)678-8585
Fictitious Business Name Statements, asse, aka Gregory Lee Gavasse be ap- taken from my car in Foster City and may
have been thrown out by disappointed dreSSer- art Deco. 54wide 34 tall
pointed as personal representative to ad- larGe StUffed ANIMALS - $3 each
Trustee Sale Notice, Name Change, Probate, minister the estate of the decedent.
The petition requests the decedents will
thieves. Please call (650)704-3595 Great for Kids (650) 952-3500 22deep. $150. (650)888-2662.

Notice of Adoption, Divorce Summons, and codicils, if any, be admitted to pro-

bate. The will and any codicils are avail-
Star warS one 4 orange card ac-
dreSSer- VICtOrIan. 35 tall
lOSt - womans diamond ring. Lost tion figure, Momaw Nadon (Hammer-
Notice of Public Sales and More. able for examination in the file kept by
the court.
12/18. Broadway, Redwood City. head). $8 Steve (650)518-6614
48wide 22 deep. w/ mirror 34x42
$450. (650)888-2662.
REwARD! (650)339-2410
The petition requests authority to admin-
ister the estate under the Independent Star warS SDCC Stormtrooper dreSSer-art deCO. Heavy Glass.
Published in the Daily Journal for San Mateo County. Administration of Estates Act. (This au- lOSt Cat our Felicity, weighs 7 lbs,
she has a white nose, mouth, chin, all
Commander $29 oBo Dan,
(650)303-3568 lv msg
Top 51 tall 36 deep 14 wide $150.
thority will allow the personal representa- (650)888-2662.
tive to take many actions without obtain- four legs, chest stomach, around her
Fax your request to: 650-344-5290 ing court approval. Before taking certain neck. Black mask/ears, back, tail. Nice drUm taBle - brown, perfect condi-
very important actions, however, the per- REwARD. Please email us at 302 antiques tion, nice design, with storage, $45.,
Email them to: sonal representative will be required to
give notice to interested persons unless or call 650-576-
8745. She drinks water out of her paws.
antIqUe ItalIan lamp 18 high, $70
they have waived notice or consented to (650)387-4002 eSPreSSO taBle 30 square, 40 tall,
the proposed action.) The independent $95 (650)375-8021
28 Friday March 31, 2017 THEDAILYJOURNAL

304 furniture 310 misc. for Sale 316 Clothes 318 Sports equipment Garage Sales 470 rooms
entertaInment Center for $50. CHrIStmaS tree, 7.5 oregon pine, ladIeS SeqUIn dress, blue, size XL, wOmen'S lady Cougar gold iron set HIP HOUSInG
Good shape, blonde, about 5' high. 1225 tips, hooked construction with pure silk lining, $40.00, (650) 578-9208 set - $25. (650)348-6955 Non-Profit Home Sharing Program
(650)726-4102 stand. Used once. $49. (415)650-6407
leatHer JaCket, New Black Italian
GaraGe SaleS San Mateo County
GlIder rocker and ottoman, oak, excel- eleCtrOnIC tyPewrIter,
condition $50 (650)878-9542
good style, size M Ladies $45 (650) 875-1708 wOmen'S nOrdICa ski boots, size 8
1/2. $50 (650)592-2047
eState SaleS
lent condition. $100 650-345-5644
lOUIS VUIttOn monogram leather
Ikea dreSSer, black, 3 shelf. 23" x Game "Beat tHe eXPertS" never clutch/computer carry case 10.25x13.5. make money, make room! 620 automobiles
used $8., (408)249-3858 Inside zipper $95. (650)591-6596 wOmen'S nOrdICa ski boots, size 8
15"deep x 50" high. $65. (650)598-9804.
1/2. $50 (650)592-2047 List your upcoming 84 nISSan 300zx Former Drift Car No
Ikea taBle, black 58" x 21" x 14" high. InCUBatOr, $99, (650)678-5133 man'S BlaCk leather jacket, size 40, engine/Transmission $1,200
$ 30. (650)598-9804.
larGe BlaCk Ciao Luggage 26"
like new. $85.00 (650)593-1780 wOmenS raICHel ski boots, size 6 ? garage sale, (650)341-1306
lawn CHaIrS (4) white, plastic, $8. w/wheels, Good Condition $35 (650)952- men'S StetSOn hat, size large, new, $ 50. 650 888-5808 . moving sale,
3500 rim, solid black, large, great gift. $40
each, (415)346-6038
(650) 578-9208 yamaHa rOOf RACK, 58 inches $75. estate sale, dont lose money
leatHer SOfa, black, excellent condi-
tion. $100 obo. (650)878-5533
lIOnel CHrIStmaS Boxcars 2005,
2006, 2007 New oB $90 lot (650)368- new wItH tags wool or cotton Men's
(650)458-3255 yard sale, on a trade-in or
7537 pullover sweaters (XL) $15/each rummage sale, consignment!
lIVInG rOOm table 36"x19" exc condi- (650)952-3466
tion $30.(415) 231-4825. lIOnel CHrIStmaS Holiday expan- 335 Garden equipment clearance sale, or
sion Set. New oB $99 (650)368-7537 ParIS HIltOn purse white & silver un- whatever sale you Sell your vehicle in the
lOVe Seat, Upholstered pale yellow BlaCk & Decker 18, Hedge Trimmer,
floral $99. (650)574-4021 lIOnel weStern Union Pass car and
used, about 12" long x 9" high
$23. (650)592-2648 electric, used once, $60. 650 888-5808 have... daily Journals
new delUXe Twin Folding Bed, Lin-
dining car. New oB $99 (650)368-7537 auto Classifieds.
ens, cover, Cost $618. Sale $250. Must SIze 38 tan gabardine navy officers uni- CHaIn Saw, 16 ,Craftsmen ,electric,
rmt CHrIStmaS Diesel train and Ca- form great condition Perfect for that cos- $55. 650 888-5808 Reach over 83,450 readers
Sell! (650) 875-8159. boose. Rare. New oB $99 (650)368- tume party. Free. (650)322-9598 from South San Francisco Just $45
new twIn Mattress set plus frame
VelVet draPe, 100% cotton, new
345 medical equipment to Palo Alto. well run it
$30.00 (650) 347-2356 SamSOnIte 26" tan hard-sided suit til you sell it!
case, lt. wt., wheels, used once/like new.
beautiful burgundy 82"X52" w/6"hems: BatH CHaIr lIft. Peterman battery in your local newspaper.
Oak Claw foot coffee table, needs $45 (415)585-3622 operated bath chair lift. Stainless steel
$60. (650)328-6709
some refinishing $35 (650)646-8530
VIntaGe 1970S Grecian made dress, frame. Accepts up to 350lbs. Easily in- Call (650)344-5200 reach 83,450 drivers
SIlk Saree 6 yards new nice color.for serted I/o tub.$250 oBo.
Oak SIX SHELF Book Case 6FT 4FT
$55 (650)458-8280 $35 only. Call(650)515-2605 for more in-
size 6-8, $35 (650)873-8167
(650) 739-6489. from South Sf to
formation. wIlSOn'S lG Green Suede Jacket Palo alto
OffICe taBle, 24"x48" HD. folding $40. (650)367-1508
legs each end. 500# capacity. Cost UnIden Harley Davidson Gas Tank Garage Sales Call (650)344-5200
phone. $100 or best offer (650)863-8485
$130. Sell $60, (650)591-4141 317 Building materials 379 Open Houses
VaSe wItH flowers 2 piece good for the
OUtdOOr wOOd SCreen - new $80 Holidays, $25., (650) 867-2720 CUltUred marBle 2 tone BR vanity mOVInG OUt Sale
counter top. New toe skin/ scribe. 29 x
obo Retail $130 (650)873-8167 VIntaGe wHIte Punch Bowl/Serving
Bowl Set with 10 cups plus one extra
19 $300 (408)744-1041
Saturday and Sunday OPen HOUSe aUdI 01 a4
72K miles, $3,900.
PaPaSan CHaIrS (2) -with cushions
$45. each set, (650)347-8061 $30. (650)873-8167 lIke new oak bath fittings $5
3/31 4/1, 10am to 6pm lIStInGS Bmw 07 X-5, one owner, Excel. Condi-
reClIner CHaIr blue tweed clean waGOn wHeel wooden, original from tion Sports package 3rd row seats re-
good $75 Call (650)583-3515 Colorado farm. 34x34 Very good SHUtterS 2 wooden shutters 32x72 Clothes, orchids, List your open House duced $19,995 obo Call (650)520-4650
aged condition $200 San Bruno like new $50.00 (650)368-7891 in the Daily Journal.
reClInInG SwIVel chair almost new (650)588-1946 Lots of Plants CadIllaC 02 Deville, 8 cylinder, per-
$99 (650)766-4858 wHIte dOUBle pane window for $29 wATERFoRD CHRISTMAS fect condition, like new, cashmere out-
water StOraGe tank, brand new, or Best offer. Call Halim @ (650) 678- GoBLETS and Much more!! Reach over 83,450 side white inside 4787 miles $13,000.
rOCkInG CHaIr fine light, oak condi- 275 gallons. 48" x 46" x 39" $250. 5133. potential home buyers & (415)850-2370
tion with pads, $85/oBo. (650)369-9762 (650)771-6324 renters a day,
rOCkInG CHaIrS solid wood, great
wrOUGHt IrOn Railing Set side floor- 205 Hillcrest Rd., from South San Francisco CadIllaC 99 DeVille Concours,
mount for porch/level change. 98,500 miles, $3,500 or best offer.
shape asking 30 dollars each. Call 311 musical Instruments 36Hx78L & 20L. $99 (650)483-3738. San Carlos 94070 to Palo Alto. (650)270-6637
(650)574-4582 Lily
BaldwIn Grand PIANo, 6 foot, ex- in your local newspaper.
318 Sports equipment CHeVrOlet 86 ASTRoVAN, 63K
rUmmy rOyal poker table top $30.00 cellent condition, $8,500/obo. Call miles, $3800 (650)481-5296
(650)573-5269 (510)784-2598 Call (650)344-5200
15 Sf Giants Posters -- Barry Bonds,

SHelf rUBBer maid new $20.00 Jeff Kent, JT Snow. 6' x 2.5' Unused. $4

Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle

CHrOmatIC HarmOnICa: Horner CoNDITIoN. $8888. (650)274-8284.
contact joe (650)573-5269 The 64 Chomonica, German Made $180, each. $35 all. (650)588-1946 San Bruno
teak-Veneer COmPUter desk with (650)278-5776.
single drawer and stacked shelves. $30 CHIldS kICk scooter by razor with hel-
obo. (650)465-2344 met $25 obo (650)591-6842
eXCellent VIOlIn, previously owned,
first violinist SF Symphony, Mellow GOlf Cart, Caddytek, four wheels,
tHOmaSVIlle BeVeled mirror 22" x used only twice. $80. 650-341-1728
12" $50. Call (650)834-4833 sound. Dated 1894. $5,500/best offer. Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
GOlf ClUBS {13}, Bag, & Pull Cart all--
twIn Bed, mattress, box spring, frame 6 Poet __ St. 36 What alopecia 54 Musical Mars
$ 50. (650)598-9804. GUlBranSen BaBy Grand PIanO - $90.00 (650)341-8342
Appraised @ $5450., want $1800 obo,
GOlf ClUBS, new, warrior woods 1 Serious service Vincent Millay sufferers lose 55 Better half?
walnUt CHeSt, small (4 drawer with (650)343-4461
upper bookcase $50. (650)726-6429 3/15 degree 5/21 degree 7/24 degree 5 Toaster opening? 7 2013 Katy Perry 37 My word! 57 Zen riddle
$15 ea (650)349-0430 39 Common football 58 Buddhist
HammOnd B-3 organ and 122 Leslie 10 Moxie chart-topper
wOOd - wall Unit - 30" long x 6' tall x Speaker. Excellent condition. $8,500. pri-
17.5" deep. $90. (650)631-9311 vate owner, (650)349-1172 GOlf ClUBS, used set with Cart for 14 Settled down 8 Diamond mishap passing teacher
$50. (650)593-4490 15 Treasure 9 Teachers note formations 59 Beowulf, for
wOOd fUrnItUre- one end table and mOnarCH UPrIGHt player piano $99
coffee table. In good condition. $30 (650) 583-4549 GOlf ClUBS, used set with Cart for 16 Crop, say 10 Focuses (on) 43 Cheri of SNL one
oBo. (760)996-0767. $50. (650)593-4490 44 __ la vie 60 Adjective for
PIanO, UPrIGHt, in excellent condi-
17 Taboo 11 Part of an
tion. Asking $345. (650)366-4769 IGlOO BlUe 38-Quart wheelie Cool 18 Parade academic 48 Yelp users rapper Jon or
306 Housewares Cooler/Ice Chest $14 (650)952-3500 50 65-Across choice Kim
UPrIGHt PIanO. In tune. Fair condi- instruments address
BraSS fIrePlaCe screen $30. tion. $300 oBo (650) 533-4886. kaStle 190Cm Xcountry skis+poles 20 Unused car using 12 Focus 51 Roadster maker 61 Tonic go-with?
(650)348-2306 $29 650-595-3933 53 Music genre 62 Snap receivers:
yamaHa PIanO, Upright, Model M-305, some 56-Across? 13 62-Down
ladIeS mCGreGOr Golf Clubs word Abbr.


CHrIStmaS tree China, Fairfield $750. Call (650)572-2337
Right handed with covers and pull cart 22 It can be bid protectors
Peace on Earth. Complete Set of 12 (48
pieces) $75. (650)493-5026 $150 o.b.o. (650)344-3104 23 Coin toss 19 It may be served
312 Pets & animals winners option from an orange-
COmPlete Set oF CHINA - windsor men'S Callaway Rain Jacket XL .
Garden, Noritake. Four place-settings, aIrlIne CarrIer for cats, pur. from Mint Condition worn only a few times. 27 Large Eurasian handled pot
Southwest Airlines, $25, 2 available. Call $50 650-208-5758
20-pieces in original box, never used.
(505)228-1480 local. group 21 Orange stuff
$250 per box (3 boxes available).
(650)342-5630 men'S rOSSIGnOl Skis. $95.00, 31 Very, to Puccini 24 Faith with Five
CalIfOrnIa CarOlIna Pups. good condition, (650)341-0282. 32 DJIA company Pillars
POrCelaIn JaPaneSe Tea set, Un- Gd. Fam./watchdpgs. Ex.Hiking Buddy.
opened, in wood box, great gift $30. $1600. (707) 980.0915. new weIGH bench with 200lbs, plus alphabetically 25 Sirens
(650)578-9208. free weights. $50. (510)943-9221.San following Home 26 Innsbruck iron
Canary BIrd cage 24 x 16 for sale. Mateo.
SmOke alarmS with batteries $4 650- $40.00 firm. Used, good condition. Call Depot 28 ... __ sure you
595-3933 (650)766-3024 POwer PlUS Exercise Machine $99 35 Movies using know
SOlId teak floor model 16 wine rack One kennel Cab ll one Pet Taxi ani- some 56-Across? 29 Livin la __
with turntable $60. (650)592-7483 mal carriers 26x16. Excellent cond. $60.. PrInCe tennIS 2 section nylon black Loca: Ricky
(650)593-2066 Bag with Prince Pro Graphite Racket- 38 PC alternatives
$55.(650)341-8342 40 Dreamers have Martin hit
308 tools ParrOt CaGe, Steel, Large - approx 30 Lighten ones
4 ft by 4 ft, Excellent condition $300 best PUrSUIt SCOOter. $99. (650)348- big ones
BOStItCH 16 gage Finish nailer Model offer. (650)245-4084 2235 41 A scarf can wallet
SB 664FN $99 (650)359-9269
SkI raCk Thule, roof mounted to roof protect it 32 Press
Pet CarrIer, brown ,Very good condi-
CraftSman 10" Mitre Saw $25 tion, $15.00 medium zize leave txt or call load bars. Holds three pairs. $85, oBo 42 Compulsive sort 33 Sri Lankan pop
(650)595-3933 (650)773-7201 650-594-1494
using some music
CraftSman 9" Radial Arm Saw with 6" SOCCer BallS - $8.00 each (like new) 56-Across? 34 Periodic
dado set. No stand. $55 (650)341-6402 316 Clothes 4 available. (650)341-5347 McDonalds pork
45 Yahoo! 03/31/17
CraftSman radIal Saw, with cabi- tOtal Gym XLS, excellent condition. sandwich
net stand, $200 Cash only, (650)851-
BlaCk dOUBle breasted suit size 38 alternative
excellent condition $25 (650)322-9598 Paid $2,500. Yours for $900. Call
1045 (650)588-0828 46 Silas Marner
CraftSmen 3 saw blades $20. new.
BOy SCOUt canvas belt with Boy Scout author
Buckle. Vintage. Fair condition. $5. VIntaGe enGlISH ladies ice skates -
(650)573-5269 (650)588-0842 up to size 7-8, $40., (650)873-8167 47 Static source
delta CaBInet Saw with overrun ta- 49 Doctors order
faUX fUr Coat woman's brown multi VIntaGe naSH Cruisers Mens/ wom-
ble. $650/obo. (650)342-6993
color in excellent condition 3/4 ens Roller Skates Blue indoor/outdoor sz 52 Latin dance
leaf BlOwer electric 7.5 amps brand length $50 (650)692-8012 6-8. $60 B/o. (650)574-4439 56 Antigone
new 30.00 joe, (650)573-5269 characters?
ladIeS BOOtS size 8 , 3 pairs different wet SUIt - medium size, $95., call for
rOUter taBle ryobi $ 99. like new styles , $20/ pair. call (650)592-2648 info (650)851-0878 60 Dawn, for
SHOPSmItH mark V 50th Anniversary 63 Place for pins
most attachments. $1,500/oBo.
(650)504-0585 and needles
64 Amazon ID
VIntaGe CraftSman Jig Saw. Circa
1947. $60. (650)245-7517 65 Unlimited free
VIntaGe SHOPSmItH and Band
mileage pioneer
Saw, good shape. $500/obo. Call 66 Mapmaking
(650)342-6993 name since 1872
67 What much
insurance covers
309 Office equipment 68 Family nicknames
laPtOP CaSe or bag. Black. Like new. 69 Wild plum

Hardly used. $25. (650)697-1564.

neat reCeIPtS Mobile Scanner new

in box $79, call (650)324-8416 1 Heavenly food
2 Audibly
310 misc. for Sale 3 Decalogue
"mOtHer-In-law tOnGUeS" plants, delivery site
3 in 5-gal cans. $10.00 each. (650)593- 4 Wraps not made
By Andrew Woodham
in delis
2017 Tribune Content Agency, LLC
500-600 BIG Band-era 78's--most mint, 5 Jumble
no sleeves--$50 for all-(650)574-5459
8 traCkS, billy Joel, Zeppelin, Eagles
,Commodores, more.40 @ $4 each , call
THEDAILYJOURNAL Friday March 31, 2017 29
620 automobiles 625 Classic Cars 640 motorcycles/Scooters 650 rVs 670 auto Service 670 auto Parts
CHeVy HHr 08 - Grey, spunky car
1955 CHeVy Bel aIr 2 door, Standard
Transmission V8 Motor, non-op $22,000
00 Harley davidson
Road King Burgundy Red Metallic rV - 2013 wInneBaGO ItaSCa na- lUXUratI aUtO rePaIr e-tyPe JaG wk-shop manual by Bent-
ley, 2nd. Ed. $99.00, (650) 347-7949.
loaded, even seat warmers, $9,500.
obo. (650)952-4036. Great Cond. New Tires, 32kmiles, one
owner, $10,500 (415)866-9985.
vion, 25 with sideout. 4000 miles. Mer- Smog Check
cedes Benz Sprinter chassis,. diesel, Repair Services
86 CHeVy COrVette. Automatic.
dOdGe 99 maIntenanCe Van, , 93,000 miles. Sports Package.$6,800 loaded, like new! $85,500. Collision and Body work
Burlingame & San Mateo Locations
GOOdyear tIre P245/70R-15 Like
$1,500, call (650)481-5296 New. $40. (650) 637-9791
obo. (650) 952-4036. alPIne Star motocross boots Tech 8s
size 14 good cond. $75. (650)345-5642 Call (650)726-8623 or (650)619-9672.
GOt an Older (650) 340-0026 new COntInental Temporary tire
COrVette 69 50.000 miles. $19,000. SEE oUR AD FoR DISCoUNTS! mounted on 5 lug rim Size T125/70/R17-
Car, BOat, Or rV? Best Cash offer. (650)481-5296. Bmw 03 F650 GS, $3899 oBo. Call 670 auto Service 98M $100. (650)483-1222
Do the humane thing. (650) 995-0003
Donate it to the fOrd 64 falcon. 4DR Sedan. 6 cyl. new SnOw Cables SZ327 $19 650-
Humane Society.
Call 1- 800-943-8412
auto/trans $3,500.00. (650) 570-5780. mOtOrCyCle SaddleBaGS, with
mounting hardware and other parts $35.
Call (650)670-2888
aa SmOG 670 auto Parts 595-3933

SHOP manUalS for GM Suv's

635 Vans Complete Repair & Service BrIdGeStOne alenza 235/65R17,
Year 2002 all for $40 (650)948-0912
$50. Excellent condition, 80k warranty,
lInCOln 02 Navigator, excellent condi- CHeVrOlet 06 Mini VAN, new radia- 645 Boats $29.75 plus certificate fee used less than 10k. (650)593-4490
tion. Runs great! Must sell! $4,400/obo. tor, tires and brakes. Needs head gasket. (most cars) 680 autos wanted
(650)342-4227. $800. (650)481-5296 16 ft Sea ray. I/B. $1,200. Needs Up- BrIdGeStOne tUranza RFT (Run
holstery. Call (650)898-5732. 869 California Drive . Flat) 205/55/16 EL 42 All Season Like wanted 62-75 Chevrolets
mazda 12 CX-7 SUV Excellent con- 640 motorcycles/Scooters Burlingame New $100. (650)483-1222 Novas, running or not
Parts collection etc.
dition one owner Fully loaded Low
miles reduced $18,995 obo (650)520-
89 GOld wING. 1500 CC. 39K miles.
Call Joe (650)578-8357
2003 P-15 west wight Potter sailboat,
excellend condition. $5,500. Call (650) 340-0492 COBra CaBle chains for radial and
regular tires, never used $65.00
So clean out that garage
Give me a call
(650)347-2559 (650)593-1780 Joe 650 342-2483

Cabinetry Concrete Construction Handy Help Hauling landscaping


*Retaining walls*Drain Systems
*Colored Stamped Concrete
in Many Custom Designs
Call for Free Estimate:
(650) 871-5308
CA License # 598762
Drought Tolerant Planting
Richards Drip Systems, Rock Gardens
t.m. COnCrete Handyman Pressure Washing,
Lic: #1017155
*Foundation*Stamp Concrete 650-575-5227 and lots more!
*Exposed Aggragate *Retaining walls
*Bricks *Pavers *Driveways
free estimates
David: (650) 642-1614 t1-6.#*/( t8*/%084
t&-&$53*$"- t3&.0%&-*/(
Construction t'-0034 t5*-&&.03&
Contractors Painting
COrderO PaIntInG
aaa rated!
Commercial & Residential
IndePendent Exterior & Interior
decks & fences HaUlerS landscaping
Free Estimates
(650) 348-7164; (650) 372-8361
marSH fenCe
& deCk CO.
$40 & UP
Lic# 35740 Insured

State License #377047

Licensed Insured Bonded HaUl
Fences - Gates - Decks
Stairs - Retaining walls
Since 1988/Licensed & Insured
Monthly Specials JOn la mOtte
Fast, Dependable Service
10-year guarantee
Quality work w/reasonable prices PaIntInG
Call for free estimate free estimates Interior & Exterior
(650)571-1500 a+ BBB rating Quality work, Reasonable
(650)341-7482 Rates, Free Estimates
electricians (650)368-8861
Lic #514269

all eleCtrICal
SerVICe CHaIney HaUlInG
Junk & debris Clean Up Plumbing
650-322-9288 Furniture / Appliance / Disposal
Tree / Bush / Dirt / Concrete Demo

for all your electrical needs Starting at $40 & Up
CaledOnIan * Tree Service * Fence
maSOnry InC Gardening * Deck * Pavers SUPPly
Landscape Design! * Pruning & Removal Toilets, Sinks, Vanities,
we can design your lawn maIntenanCe
CHeaP * New Lawn * Irrigation Faucets, water heaters,
whirlpools and more!
* All Concrete * Ret. Wall
outdoor living
Drought Tolerant Planting
Drip Systems, Rock Gardens
Pressure washing,
HaUlInG! * Sprinkler System wholesale Pricing &
Closeout Specials.
and lots more! Light moving! * Stamp Concrete
*BBQs *Pizza ovens Call robert Haul Debris! * Yard Clean-Up, 2030 S delaware St
*Patios *Flagstone SterlInG GardenS 650-583-6700 Haul & Maintenance San mateo
650-703-3831 lic #751832
*Concrete/Foundation Free Estimate
Call For Free Estimate:
Housecleaning 650.353.6554 650-350-1960
(650) 525-9154 Lic. #973081
mena Plastering
Interior and Exterior
window & Patchwork Repair
free estimates
(415) 420-6362
yOUr SerVICe
Lic#625577 Bonded & Insured
Handy Help in the
HOme & Garden SeCtIOn
aaa COnCrete deSIGn tHe VIllaGe SenIOr Handyman
*Stamps *Color *Driveways Specializing in any size project offer your services to 83,450 readers a day, from
*Patios *Masonry COntraCtOr
*Flagstone *Retaining walls Licensed General and Painting Electrical Palo Alto to South San Francisco
Painting Contractor Carpentry Dry Rot and all points between!
*Block walls *Landscaping Int/Ext Painting Carpentry
Sheetrock, Dryrot & Stucco Repairs 40 Yrs. Experience
Free Estimates Lic#979435 Retired Licensed Contractor Call (650)344-5200
(650)533-0187 Call fOr Great rateS!
Lic# 947476 (650)701-6072
30 Friday March 31, 2017 THEDAILYJOURNAL

roofing tree Service window washing

reed Hillside Tree

Service WINDOW
Serving the entire Bay Area
Residential & Commercial
Family Owned Since 2000 WASHING Business Owners
License #931457
Est. 1968 Gutter Cleaning
San Bruno
Call for free estimate LargeRemoval Free Estimates Power Washing The Daily Journal covers more San
(650) 591-8291 Stump Grinding Local References Lic. & Insured Bruno news and events than any other
Deck Restoration media source.
roofing Free San Bruno residents turn to The Daily
Journal for local news.
Mention Wouldnt you like it if they could be
The Daily Journal looking at your marketing message.
to get 10% off
for new customers notices Not only that, but your marketing
nOtICe tO readerS: support helps continue the strong
Call Luis (650) 704-9635 California law requires that contractors
taking jobs that total $500 or more (labor coverage of San Bruno the community
or materials) be licensed by the Contrac- relies on every day.
tile tors State License Board. State law also
requires that contractors include their li- For more information on how The
CUBIaS tIle cense number in their advertising. You
LIC.# 955492 & GRANITE DESIGNING Daily Journal can connect our
Kitchen Marble can check the status of your licensed
Bathroom Natural Stone contractor at or 800- readers to your organization and
Floors Porcelain 321-CSLB. Unlicensed contractors taking
Fireplace Custom
Entryway Granite work
jobs that total less than $500 must state help achieve your goals, please call
Resealers Fabrication & in their advertisements that they are not
Ceramic Tile Installation
licensed by the Contractors State Li-
cense Board.

Caregiver dental Services Health & medical real estate loans

CalIfOrnIa eye eXamInatIOnS refInanCe

seeks individuals to support
maGnOlIa 579-7774 Hard mOney
at lOwer rate
adults with special needs.
receive up to $3,000/month
dental 1159 Broadway
Burlingame dIreCt PrIVate lender

for your spare bedroom. Dr. Andrew Soss ALL CREDIT ACCEPTED
Rachel (650) 389-5787 650-263-4703 oD, FAAo
Since 1979
150 N. San Mateo Drive
Care Indeed food Insurance
890 Santa Cruz Ave affOrdaBle
Real Estate Broker
CA BRE#746683
Menlo Park PanCHO VIlla lIfe InSUranCe
NMLS #348288

taqUerIa Eric L. Barrett,

(650) 328-1001 Because Flavor Still Matters CLU, RHU, REBC, CLTC, LUTCF travel
365 B Street President
Barrett Insurance Services
San Mateo fIGOne traVel
Cemetery (650) 343-4123 (650)619-0370 GrOUP CA. Insurance License #0737226 (650) 595-7750
Cruises Land & Family vacations
ImPreSSIOnS legal Services Personalized & Experienced
Family owned & operated
ARE oUR FIRST San CarlOS Since 1939
1495 Laurel St. SAN CARLoS
PRIoRITY Farmer's Market leGal CST#100209-10

Cypress Lawn Downtown Laurel Street
Non-Attorney document
1370 El Camino Real Sundays 10 am to 2 pm preparation: Divorce,
Rain or Shine Pre-Nup, Adoption, Living Trust,
Conservatorship, Probate,
Internal Medicine Specialists:
Notary Public. Response to Lawsuits: Credit Card Providing expert care and
Issues, Breach of Contract
tHe Cakery Jeri Blatt, lda #11
knowledge for your pets
Charities a touch of europe
1308 Burlingame Ave
Registered & Bonded
(650)574-2087 complex condition.
dOn't need It? Burlingame
donate it! 650 344-1006 "I am not an attorney. I can only
quick Pick-Ups provide self help services at your specific direction."
Furniture, Appliances,
Cabinets etc. Find us on Facebook Additional
Tax Receipts provided.
Habitat for Humanity Hwy
(650)847-4000 marketing
Health & medical

dental Services dental GrOw

yOUr Small BUSIneSS
COmPlete ImPlant ImPlantS Broadway

Get free help from



Save $500 on
ur S

dentistry Under One roof The Growth Coach Bay Ro





Implant abutment &


Go to


Same day treatment


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THE DAILY JOURNAL LOCAL Friday March 31, 2017 31
Traffic is backed up for miles, youre Mateo. serve as a guide highlighting the communi-
WORKSHOP wrecking this town, Westbrook said to
Once attendees broke into groups, she
The City Council is also looking to pro-
mote residential growth near transit and
staff noted two city-owned redevelopment
tys desires. Either way, staff emphasized
there will be trade-offs in the process for
example expanding sidewalks could restrict
Continued from page 1 the flow of vehicle traffic.
elaborated saying as a homeowner living parcels just east of the Caltrain tracks on
off El Camino Real, I see a downtown that the south end of downtown are being target- City planners also noted shifting demo-
This is going to set the framework for could be fantastic, but I feel the infrastruc- ed for housing and parking. graphics and market demands, including an
how development and the future of down- ture cant handle the growth thats happen- uptick in leisure activities or experiential
town is going to happen in the next 20 City consultants estimate 25 acres could
ing so rapidly. be redeveloped in the coming decades, opportunities in response to the rise of the
years, Klein said. online shopper.
Early in the meeting it became clear But others differed, instead suggesting including 2. 2 acres of vacant land and
theres a range of heightened feelings cen- increasing density via a modern transit-ori- another 10.8 acres of surface parking lots. Andrew Sevillia, a 40-year-old father who
tered around density and traffic. When staff ented development approach could benefit The city is also looking toward the corridor lives off 25th Avenue, has a range of priori-
and consultants noted regional projections to San Mateo and help alleviate congestion. around Claremont and Delaware streets as ties and was drawn to the first public work-
estimate the market might generate 1,550 Weve seen the initial surge in jobs and the potential for change. shop to weigh in on the Downtown Specific
new residents and 158,000 square feet of not a commensurate increase in housing. But some vocal residents and homeowners Plan.
office space downtown over the next 20 That, combined with other factors in the associations in the surrounding area contin- I feel like I want to be a part of molding
years, residents concerned about the Bay Area that is prospering right now, has ue to remain concerned about residential the future and having my voice heard and
impacts of growth spoke out. led to a downtown that was built before this proposals pointing to the potential for hopefully having an impact on making this
The market has to work with the commu- boom now buckling under the pressure, exacerbating problems with traffic, parking a great place to live, Sevillia said. I think
nity and plans and zoning, said resident said Adam Loraine. and safety. entertainment options is huge, live music
Maxine Turner, who argued the city should- The 32-year-old said hes lived in San Another topic expected to draw debate venues, more reasons to go downtown other
nt be forced into increasing density if resi- Mateo most his life and suggested it is time will be when the city dives deeper into a dis- than restaurants, things that are going to
dents were opposed. Whats the quality of for change. cussion around height and density. San bring the community together, open
life that people value in this community? People are drawing the conclusion that Mateo has a voter-approved initiative spaces. Better transportation is a top prior-
We already have very high density. we are too dense, which is ridiculous restricting both height and density that is ity better for bikes, better for pedestri-
Mary Westbrook, who raised her children because we live between two much larger slated to expire in 2020. Its not yet clear ans. I want downtown San Mateo to be a
in the Aragon neighborhood, said she was metropolitan areas, Loraine said. I think whether voters will again seek to renew it, jewel.
inspired to attend the meeting to get more there are some values and some insights but councilmembers have emphasized its a
involved. While not completely opposed to that we could gain from those cities that discussion that must be had. Visit for
growth, she questioned whether the city have become much more dense and find a While the market may drive whats ulti- more information or to weigh in on the
could support it. way to make it work for our fair city of San mately built in downtown, the plans will Downtown Specific Plan.
32 Friday March 31, 2017 LOCAL THEDAILYJOURNAL