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Blu Peppa Cocktails

Agent Apple:
Tumbler Glass
Blend together: 1Vodka, 3 Apple Sours.
Pour into tumbler, garnish with cherry.

Alabama Slammer:
Hurricane Glass:
Build: 1 Absolute Kurrant, 1 Southern Comfort, top with orange juice. Add dash

Bloody Mary:
Hurricane Glass:
1 Lemon Juice, 1 ½ Vodka, Fill with tomato cocktail

Blu’z on deck:
Hurricane Glass:
1 Butler’s blue, top with Smirnoff spin, and garnish with cherry

Long Island Glass:
Build, 1 Sweet and Sour, 1 Cherry liquor, 1 Gin, fill with Red Bull

Fill a tumbler with crushed ice
Add 1 ½ Cane. Cut 1 lemon into quarters, crush together with 6 spoons brown sugar, and
add Cane, juice and lemons into tumbler

Californian Ice Tea:

Long Island Glass,
Build, 2 Sweet and Sour, ½ Cane, ½ Gin, ½ Bacardi, ½ Vodka, ½ Triple Sec, fill with
Sprite add dash butlers blue

Call me a cab:
Long Island Glass,
Build, 1 Butler’s Banana, 1 Malibu, 1 Vodka, Southern Comfort, Archers Peach, fill with
Pineapple Juice apple juice, Cranberry Juice and Sprite.

Shake up 1 Absolute Citron, 1 Lime Cordial, 1 Triple Sec, and Cranberry Juice, dash
Grenadine, and strain into sugar-rimmed margarita Glass

Blend, 1 Bacardi, 1 Lime Cordial, 1 flavor, pour into sugar rimmed Daiquiri Glass
Faithful Bitch.
Hurricane Glass,
1 Sweet and Sour, 1 Apple Sours, 1 Vodka fill with Sprite add dash Grenadine

Hurricane Glass,
1 Absolute Citron, Pineapple Juice Orange Juice Cranberry Juice

Horny Bull,
Long Island Glass,
Dash lemon dash Lime Cordial, 1 Southern Comfort, 1 Amaretto, top Red Bull, and dash

Iced tea.
Long Island Glass,
Build, 2 Sweet and Sour, ½ Cane, ½ Gin, ½ Bacardi, ½ Vodka, ½ Triple Sec, fill with
flavor ice tea

Inside Story,
Big cognac Glass with crushed ice,
2 Frangellico, 1 Cape Velvet, 1 Amarula, dash Nachtmusiek, 2 spoons chocolate as

Long beach:
Long Island Glass,
Build, 2 Sweet and Sour, ½ Cane, ½ Gin, ½ Bacardi, ½ Vodka, ½ Triple Sec, fill with red

Long Island:
Long Island Glass,
Build, 2 Sweet and Sour, ½ Cane, ½ Gin, ½ Bacardi, ½ Vodka, ½ Triple Sec, fill with

Mai Tai:
Long island Glass,
½ Bacardi, ½ Captain Morgan, Triple Sec, ½ Tequila Silver, ½ Amaretto, Pineapple Juice
Orange Juice Sprite, dash Grenadine, bitters and almond essence

Shake up 1 ½ Tequila Silver, 1 Triple Sec, 2 Sweet and Sour, strain into salt-rimmed
margarita Glass
Blue Margarita: Same as above add 1 shot blue
Strawberry Margarita, same as above, add 1 shot strawberry

Mermaid’s orgasm.
Hurricane Glass,
1 Butler’s Banana 1 Malibu, 1 Archers Peach, and top Pineapple Juice juice, dash blue

Miami Vice,
Hurricane Glass:
½ strawberry Daiquiri, ½ Pina Colada

Sweet, 2 Gin 1 Martini Bianco
Dry, 2 Gin 1 Martini xtra dry
Strawberry, 2 Vodka, 1 Martini Rosso, 1 Strawberry liq, dash Grenadine,
Vodka – same as Gin
Chocolate – 1 Frangellico, 1 Vodka, 1 Nachtmusiek

Daiquiri Glass,
Fill with crushed ice, add 6 mint leaves, 2 teaspoons caster sugar, 2 Bacardi fill with soda

New Yorker:
2 Whiskey, 1 Lime Cordial, 1 caster sugar, dash Grenadine

Orange and Blue,

Hurricane Glass,
Fill half Glass with Orange Juice, dash Grenadine, and blend Absolute Mandarin and
Butlers Blue

Pan Galactic Red,

Hurricane Glass
½ Glass Orange Juice, blend Grenadine, Archers Peach and Vodka

Pan Galactic Blue:

Hurricane Glass,
½ Glass Orange Juice, Blend 1 Tequila Silver, 1 Lime Cordial and 1 blue

Passion Jack Daniels:

Martini Glass,
1 ½ Jack Daniels, 1 Passion Fruit Cordial, 3 Granadilla Juice

Passionate Blue:
Hurricane Glass,
1 Sweet and Sour, 1 Bacardi, ½ Triple Sec, fill with Pineapple Juice, add dash blue.

Peppa Tea Party:

Hurricane Glass,
All ½ shots: Vodka, Tequila Silver, Triple Sec, Gin Bacardi, Jack Daniels, Spiced Gold,
Fill with orange juice.
Pina Colada:
Hurricane Glass.
Blend together, 1 Bacardi, 1 Malibu, 3 scoops ice cream and Pineapple Juice

Sex on the Beach:

Hurricane Glass:
1 Sweet and Sour, 1 Vodka, 1 Archers Peach, fill with Orange Juice add dash Grenadine.

Sharks Tooth:
Hurricane Glass:
Dash Lemon Juice, 2 Captain Morgan, fill with Sprite add dash Grenadine

Sicilian Kiss,
Tumbler Glass,
1 Southern Comfort, 1 Amaretto

Steel Rose,
Hurricane Glass,
Fill half ice, add 1 Passion Fruit Cordial, 1 Butler’s Banana liquor, fill Glass half way
with Sprite, blend 1 Bacardi and Grenadine

Steel works,
Long Island Glass,
1 Passion Fruit Cordial, 1 Lime Cordial, 1 Kola Tonic Cordial, top with Ginger ale and

Long island Glass,
Pineapple Juice, Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice, top with red bull

Tequila Sunrise:
Hurricane Glass:
2 Tequila Silver, fill with orange juice, add dash Grenadine

Raging Bull,
Hurricane Glass:
1 Red Sambuca, ½ Galliano, fill with red bull

Rusty Nail,
Tumbler Glass:
1 Whiskey, 1 Drambui,

Walking Peaches,
Long Island Glass,
2 Sweet and Sour, 1 Vodka, ½ Archers Peach. Top white grapetiser.
White Russian:
Tumbler with crushed ice,
1 Vodka, 1 Montez, Fill with milk
Black Russian: Same as white only NO milk
B-52: Montez, Cape Velvet, White Zappa

Birthday Cake: Strawberry, Banana, Cape Velvet, Whipped Cream, Drizzle


Black Bitch: Half Zappa Black, Half Stroh

Blow Job: Montez, Cape Velvet, Whipped Cream

Bob Marley: Peppermint, Cape Velvet, Zappa Red

Bowie: Montez, Peppermint, Cape Velvet

Brain Hemorrhage: ¾ Peach Schnapps, ¼ Cape Velvet, 4 Drops Grenadine

Brief Case: Shot Southern's, Shot Lime

Chocolate Cake: Half Frangellico, Half Vodka, Lemon slice covered in brown sugar

Devils Pancake: Aftershock, Cape Velvet, Stroh

Fizz Pop: Shake up, ½ Strawberry, ½ Banana, 1 Sours {Double Shot}

Flaming Lamborghini: Martini Glass: 1 White Zappa, float Stroh. Separate shot glass’s
1 Montez, 1 Blue, 1 Strawberry, 1 Runny Cream

Flaming Panties: ¼ Passion Fruit, ¼ Strawberry, ¼ Banana, ¼ Stroh

Flatliner: Half White Zappa, Half Tequila, few drops Tabasco Sauce

Four x Four: Peppermint, Cape Velvet, Stroh

French Kiss: Strawberry, Cape Velvet, Cream

G-Spot: Half Banana, Half Cape Velvet, drop Nachtmusiek

Irish Car Bomb: Shot Glass Half Amarula, Half Jameson. Beer Glass, Guinness Draft

Jelly Baby: Grenadine, Banana, Blue, Cape Velvet

Liquid Cocaine: Shake up, Dash Blue, Dash Lime, Dash Vodka

Liquid Crack: Small Blender, crush Dash Absolute Vanilla, Dash Blue, Dash Lime
Marley Bomb: Small Cognac Glass: 1 Shot Absinth, 1 Shot Drambui

Nutty Angel: Frangellico, Cape Velvet, drop Nachtmusiek

Oil Slick: Half Amarula, Half Zappa Black

Paint Brush: Snail Tray, 1 of each colour Zappa, Stroh

Pancake: Aftershock, Cape Velvet, Cream

Sex Bomb: Half Amarula, Half Nachtmusiek

Sledgehammer: Montez, Cape Velvet, Stroh

Slippery Nipple: Half Amarula, Half Zappa White

Smack Down: Half Absinth, Half Stroh

Springbokkie: Peppermint, Cape Velvet, Cream

Suit Case: 1 shot Jack, 1 shot Passion Fruit

Super C: Shake up, Strawberry, Gin, Sweet and Sour mix, Grenadine

Sweet Sixteen: cherry with no stalk, Half Cherry, Half Cape Velvet

Virgin: Tequila, Absinth, Stroh