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edTPA Lesson Plan Template

Subject: Reading Central Focus: Summarizing

Essential Standard/Common Core Objective:

1 point
Date submitted: Date
CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RL.3.2 taught: 3/17/17
Recount stories, including fables, folktales, and myths from diverse
cultures; determine the central message, lesson, or moral and explain
how it is conveyed through key details in the text.
Daily Lesson Objective:
5 points (must have all three parts)

Performance- Students will be able to independently write a summary of chapter 4 of Binnicula on a sticky
Conditions- Students will be able to turn and talk about their summaries before independently writing it on
their sticky note.
Criteria In order to meet the objective, students must receive at least an 8 out of 10 on their sticky note
Which will be graded as follows:
Include the chapter number and title: 2 points
Include at least two main points/events from the chapter: 8 points

21st Century Skills:

1 point Academic Language Demand
(Language Function and
Identify ways in which you teach or support students development of Vocabulary):
21st century skills. For additional information about skills: 2 points
Reason effectively, make judgement and decisions
Prior Knowledge:
Students would have read the previous 3 chapters of Binnicula as well as worked on summaries as a class.
Students will have the foundation of the main characters of the story, setting, and storyline.

Activity Description

1. Focus and Review A couple of days ago we learned how to summarize a chapter of
10 points Bunnicula by identifying the most important events. To do this we
learned that we need to review the chapter title because the chapter
title often provides a clue as to what the author believes is the most
important event. We then thought about to how to explain the most
important events in a couple of sentences making sure to include
details that relate to the title of the chapter. Today we're going to
continue practicing how to summarize a chapter of Bunnicula by
identifying the most important events of that chapter. To do this, I'm
going to read aloud chapter 4. The title of Chapter 4 is, "A Cat
Prepares." However before I begin reading I need to start by re-
reading our summaries from each chapter in order to help us step back
into the book and remember what was happening.

Read aloud the summaries you created for chapters 1-3.

2. Statement of Objective
You will be able to pull the most important parts from chapter 4 to
for Student
write your own sticky not summary.
10 points
Today we are going to continue by reading chapter 4 then we are going
to continue by summarizing it on a sticky note, just like we did for
chapters 1-3 earlier in the week. As I'm reading chapter 4, I want
you to be listening for what Chester does to prepare. Also be
thinking about what Chester is preparing for.

Model: Read aloud chapter 4.

Ask the students the following question.

If you had to tell me the most important events in Chapter 4, what

3. Teacher Input
would you say? Remember, the events need to relate back to the title
10 points
of the chapter, "A Cat Prepares."

At the end of the lesson, model what a good summary looks like (this
will be at the end so students have a chance to practice their own

After students have had the chance to write their own summaries on a
sticky note, share and record your own summary on a post-it. (In
Chapter 4, A Cat Prepares, Chester reads a book that explains all
about vampires and shares with Harold the similarities between
vampires and Bunnicula.)

Allow students to think on their own for one minute about

what their summary of Chapter 4 would be. Then tell them to
share their summary with the person sitting next to them. (turn
and talk)
4. Guided Practice
During this time, check for understand by going around the
10 points
room and asking students what their summary of Chapter 4
would be. Then allow for a few students to share with the class
to model what a good summary might sound like.
During this time, give each student a sticky note and allow them time
to write their own summary. Remind the students that it is important
to include the chapter number and title to know what chapter your
5. Independent Practice
summary goes with. Also, tell the students to focus on the most
10 points
important parts of the chapter, and that you dont need to include
every little detail.

Students will independently create a summary of chapter 4 on a sticky

note. Give the students the directions that they should include the
6. Assessment Methods of chapter number, the title, and the important parts of the chapter.
all objectives/skills:
10 points The students sticky notes would be graded as followed.
Include the chapter number and title: 2 points
Include at least two main points/events from the chapter: 8 points
Remember every time you reach the end of a chapter in a chapter
book it is important to stop and summarize the chapter by identifying
7. Closure the most important events that occurred. This will help prepare your
10 points mind to move forward within the book because you will be able to
quickly review the most important events of the chapters, prior to
continuing with your reading.
This section is not completed unless the lesson plan has been
- **When I taught the lesson, the students did not actually do
the sticky notes I just went around and heard their summaries
verbally. These are the results I think would have happened..
- 50% of students received mastery on the objective for this
8. Assessment Results of lesson.
all objectives/skills: - Students were able to recall the events that happened in the
10 points chapter but they struggled with pulling out the main idea in
order to complete an adequate summary.
- Students who did not meet the objective did not include the
main parts of the chapter in their summary but they just put the
details they remembered instead.
- This activity will be repeated for the remaining chapters in the
book so they will continue practicing writing their summaries.
Targeted Students Modifications/Accommodations Student/Small Group
4 points Modifications/Accommodations
4 points
If students finish early they will be allowed to draw a
picture on the back to represent the chapter. If students are struggling they can be asked to see the
teachers example before writing their own.

1 point

Binnicula; A Rabit Tale of Mystery, post-its of the first 3 chapters, post-its (20), pencils

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