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Literary Criticism Essay Rubric

CATEGORY 4 3 2 1
The introduction The introduction The introduction There is no clear
is inviting, states clearly states the states the main topic, introduction of the
the main topic main topic and but does not main topic or structure
and previews the previews the adequately preview of the paper.
structure of the structure of the the structure of the
paper. paper, but is not paper nor is it
particularly inviting to particularly inviting to
the reader. the reader.
Relevant, telling, Supporting details Supporting details Supporting details
quality details and information are and information are and information are
give the reader relevant, but one key relevant, but several typically unclear or
Support for important issue or portion of key issues or not related to the
Topic information that the analysis is portions of the topic.
goes beyond the unsupported. analysis are
obvious or unsupported.
There is one clear, Main idea is clear Main idea is The main idea is not
well-focused topic. but the supporting somewhat clear but clear. There is a
Main idea stands information is there is a need for seemingly random
Focus on
out and is general. more supporting collection of
Topic supported by information. information.
The pacing is well- The pacing is The pacing is The pacing often feels
controlled. The generally well- generally well- awkward to the
writer knows when controlled but the controlled but the reader. The writer
to slow down and writer occasionally writer sometimes elaborates when there
elaborate, and does not elaborate repeats the same is little need, or leaves
when to pick up the
enough. point over and over, out necessary
pace and move on.
Details are placed in or spends too much supporting
Organization Details are placed
in a logical order a logical order, but time on details that information. Many
and the way they the way in which don't matter. details are not in a
are presented they are Some details are not logical or expected
effectively keeps presented/introduced in a logical or order. There is little
the interest of the sometimes makes expected order, and sense that the writing
reader. the writing less this distracts the is organized.
interesting. reader.
Writer makes 2 or Writer makes 3-4 Writer makes 5-6 Writer makes more
fewer errors in errors in grammar or errors in grammar or than 6 errors in
Grammar & grammar or
spelling that distract spelling that distract grammar or spelling
Spelling spelling that the reader from the the reader from the that distract the
(Conventions) distract the reader
content. content. reader from the
from the content.