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Algebra II Honors Unit 8: Logarithms

Learning Resources
Learning Objectives The links below connect resources to specific learning objectives from the unit.
These resources are intended to be supplemental and are helpful for review,
study, or catching up after absences
At the completion of this unit, I
Know Quizlet Vocabulary
- The vocabulary related to this unit.

- Properties of logarithms. Properties of Logs Website

Be able to Graphing Logs Website

- Graph logarithmic functions and Graphing Logs Video
identify key features of the graph. Graphing Logs with Transformations
- Change expressions between Converting Website
logarithmic and exponential form. Converting Video
Evaluate Logs Video
- Evaluate logarithms
Evaluate Common and Natural Logs
- Use properties of logarithms to Log Properties Video
expand or compress a logarithmic
Condensing Logs Video
- Use properties of logarithms to solve Solving Logs Equations Video
logarithmic and exponential
Solving Logs Website
- Use properties of logarithms to write Evaluate and Change of Base Video
the log of a number in a different
Change of Base Website
- Solve problems involving Word problems and Logs Video
exponential and logarithmic
Understand Logs and Exponents Website
- The relationships between a
logarithmic and an exponential
- How properties of logarithms are All about logs video
related to properties of exponents.
History Video
- The history of logarithms.
Vihart Video

Vocabulary of Logarithms
Explicit form
Recursive form
Arithmetic sequence
Geometric sequence


1. Create a foldable in your notebook about properties of logs.

2. Create a graphic organizer for how to solve the various types of exponential and log equations.
3. Give two examples of how the activities in this unit answer the Essential Question and explain your selections.