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Christ the Antidote regarding Death


Part 8.
When He ascended up on High, He led captivity captive.
''Therefore it says; Having ascended on high he captivated captivity, & he gave gifts to men.''
Eph 4:8. Greek Diaglott.
I would delightfull like not onl to suggest! "ut to assert to us all toda that Christ is as#ending up on
high within us! #apti$ating us % &aking us 'is &ost ardent! delighted % o"edient #apti$es.
''He tasted death for every man & purchased us with a price'', % will not "e satisfied until 'e #apti$ates
all who are rightfull his every man'' % return the& to Eden! or to that Edeni# state where e$er one of us
longs to "e! % is our (every man's) true heritage.
Christ who is God &anifested is the)**+ ,IC-./ not )+ or 0*+ or e$en 10+ "ut )**+.
ove will never fail.
'ow is this task "eing a##o&plished2 3 4o$e! -ruth % 5aith6
/e#entl a $er good friend of &ine posed the 7uestion6 /alph6 As regard the 8/estitution of all things8 I
#an see what ou are saing has &u#h &erit! "ut how do we respond to this $erse2 And this I share with
ou now9 A#ts ):: 4; <=, ''Then !aul & "arna#as wa$ed #old, & said, %t was necessary that the word
of &od should first have #een spo'en to you( #ut seeing ye put it from you, & )udge yourselves
unworthy of everlasting life, lo we turn to the &entiles.'' -he 7uestion in & friend8s &ind was of #ourse
that those in 7uestion '')udged themselves unworthy of everlasting life.'' .n the surfa#e if we were to
"elie$e what &ost of Christendo& ha$e "elie$ed % taught us for so&e ti&e! this would see& like a
foregone #on#lusion that these parti#ular =ews were sure #andidates for a long ti&e in an eternal tor&ent.
3ut in lo$e % #on#ern let us s#rat#h a little "elow the surfa#e % see what lies hidden there6 In what we are
going to share! if I see& perhaps a little fa#etious! please forgi$e &e as what I see is $er #lose to &
heart % the falla# of the unenlightened stern opposer8s! does at ti&es "ring out in us! well &eaning "ar"s.
Allow &e to 7uote a portion of the a"o$e $erse fro& the Greek Diaglott. ''since you thrust away him,
and not worthy )udge yourselves of the age*lasting life,'' -he word everlasting in the <=, rendition! is
translated age*lasting in the Diaglott! % is fro& the Greek Aionian or +on; Its &eaning an Age, an Era
or a Period of ti&e. In a nu&"er of pla#es in the A&plified we read a"out the Age to #o&e. 5or instan#e
in 4k >*: :4a! A&p.
''And ,esus said to them, The people of this world & present age marry & are given in marriage; "ut
those who are considered worthy to gain that other world & that future age''?...In @at >4::". A&p.
Ae read! ''Tell us, when will this ta'e place, & what will #e the sign of -our coming & of the end .the
completion, the consummation) of the age.'' In the <=, the word A./4D is used in pla#e of the word
AGE! Age is the proper translation. @t)1:>8a ''Jesus said un! "e#, Tru$% I sa% ! %!u, in "e ne&
age'' the <=, renders the word AGE as regeneration. Bow ha$ing said % shown that the true translation
is AGE.
Christ the Antidote regarding Death
Two Ages And a Third
4et us now turn to @at )>::> A&p!''And whoever spea's a word against the /on of 0an will #e
forgiven, #ut whoever spea's against the /pirit, the Holy 1ne, will not #e forgiven, either in this world
and age or in the world & age to come.'' Bow when =esus was saing this 'e was still in the age
or dispensation of the 4AA! it had not "een #hanged as et! Pente#ost had not et #o&e. Co these =esus
was referring to #ould not "e forgi$en then (in the ti&e or dispensation of lawD or in the neEt age or
dispensation whi#h is Pente#ost. Bow I ask the 7uestion. Ahat a"out the neEt Age or dispensation! ''The
future age, or the new age'' as &entioned in the a"o$e $erses. Bow please do not think we are referring
to the (new age movement) no, no! In Mk 3:29 ''"ut whoever spea's a#usively against or maliciously
misrepresents the Holy /pirit can never get forgiveness, #ut is guilty of & is in the grasp of an
everlasting trespass,'' the word e$erlasting is on#e again a &isFtranslation! it should read (an age $asing
res'assD. Bow this alters things dra&ati#all when we #onsider the a"o$e eEtra#t (udged "e#se$)es
un&!r"% !* AGE LASTING LI+E, .n#e again an AGE is an E.B or a DICPEBCA-I.B. -he
Gudged the&sel$es unworth of entering into sal$ation in that E.B! the would ha$e to wait. I hear a
7uestion. Aait until when2 -here are a nu&"er of 3i"le referen#es regarding a -'I/D da restoration!
''a day with the ord is as a thousand years & a thousand years as one day.' ' If God is going to ''draw
all men to Himself'' % I "elie$e with all & heart 'e will! there &ust "e a ti&e in the future when 'e
will. Ahen the Con8s of God are full &anifested! /o& 8:)1F>:! this will herald the "eginning of the ti&e
of the era! whi#h will #li&aE in the =u"ilee. (5or those who are interested I ha$e se$eral #opies of =.
Preston E"8s! =u"ilee6 .r ou #an go on line % look for 8-he Ca$iour of the Aorld Ceries8 % find it
A second chance2

Bow ou ask where is our proof of &ore than one #han#e2 Hou see "elo$ed ones! the ''god of this
&!r$d'' whi#h is the #arnal &an! does not want ou to know these things. Gen ::0! ''3or &od 'nows that
in the day that you eat, then your eyes shall #e opened, & you shall #e as god's, 'nowing good & evil.''
4ets turn to ) Pet ::)1F>*.
,)1. ''%n which He went & preached to the spirits in prison.4 56. 78The souls of those9 who long
#efore in the days of :oah had #een diso#edient, when &od's patience waited during the #uilding of
the ar' in which a few 8people9, eight in num#er, were saved through water.''
5irst of all the word prison is fro& the Gk phulake I 04:8! part of the &eaning is "e '$a-e, "e
-!ndii!n, In Ps )4>:Ja! <=, ''"ring my soul out of prison, that % may praise thy name,'' what did the
Psal&ist &ean2 Ah a #ondition of the soul! of #ourse6 Het in this #ase the word prison is fro& macger
I40>0! a s&ith! a thing! a prison. -his is related to the word macoreth I40;>! a "and or "ond. -aking all
of this into #onsideration! I wish to suggest to us toda that the prison that those in )Pet ::)1! is not what
we ha$e "een taught for &an ears! "ut is a -!ndii!n !* "e s!u$ the sa&e as the prison that ou % I
were in % the one that Da$id referred to in the a"o$e Psal&. Ahen ou % I were in 'ris!n that pla#e or
#ondition we #ould go nowhere! we #ould not &o$e an where spirituall! AE AE/E -/APPED. I "elie$e
that the #ondition of the afterFlife is not 7uite like we ha$e "een led to "elie$e thus far " the &aGorit of
3i"le tea#hers. Co these souls that Christ went % prea#hed to! those who were -/APPED in their un"elief!
the had "een prea#hed to on#e "efore " Boah % his fa&il "ut were ''once diso#edient'' or as the A&p
states "ad .een dis!.edien % et God ga$e the& a se#ond #han#e! don8t sa no6 4et8s "e honest with
oursel$es % espe#iall with God! forget what religiosit has taught us % let us read the e$iden#e in front
of us. =esus went % prea#hed to these on#e diso"edient ones % God ga$e the& a se#ond #han#e. Ae are
speaking a"out a God &"! s! $!)ed, "a He ga)e, / .e*!re "e &as gi)en, Jesus said "a a*er I a#
$i*ed u' !n "e -r!ss I &i$$ dra& ALL #en un! #%se$*,
Christ the Antidote regarding Death
%s &od a respect*er of persons2
Is there an other pla#e where a si&ilar thing happened2 YES0 )Pet 4:;. <=,! ''3or this cause was the
gospel preached also to them that are dead, that they might #e )udged according to men in the flesh,
#ut live according to &od in the spirit.'' Bow I realise that this $erse would "e open for #onGe#ture for
so&e "ut the word also #larifies the thought % &eaning. /e&e&"er that when Peter wrote this epistle
there were no #hapters or $erses! he is still ela"orating on his pre$ious the&e % has not et #o&pletel
#hanged it. 4et &e illustrate! to do so I will &arr parts of the two $erses ''He went & preached to the
spirits in prison who had #een diso#edient in :oah's day, when &od's patience waited....3or this cause
was the gospel preached also them that are dead,'' God8s lo$e % patien#e are shown to us in &an was!
espe#iall in 'is i#'ued rig"e!usness, whi#h is to % for all &en. 3ut the &ust hear it "efore the
#an respond. 3ut ou sa the did hear. God is not so interested in the outer ear. 'ear the words of Paul!
A#ts >8: >;! ''&o to this people & say to them, -ou will indeed hear & hear with your ears #ut will not
understand, & you will indeed loo' & loo' with your eyes #ut will not see 8not perceive, have
'nowledge of #ecome ac;uainted with what you loo' at, at all.9 >J, 3or the heart .the understanding,
the soul) of this people has grown dull .stupid, hardened & calloused), & their ears are heavy & hard
of hearing & they have shut tight their eyes, so they may not perceive & have 'nowledge & #ecome
ac;uainted with their eyes & hear with their ears & understand with their souls & turn 8to me & #e
converted9, that % may hear them.'' Isaiah ;:1F)*.
-he reason I ha$e inserted these two $erses is that I "elie$e the would perfe#tl % ade7uatel
des#ri"e those who Boah prea#hed to in prison. God to #arr out 'is plan! ''Who will have all men to #e
saved & to come to the 'nowledge of truth.'' )-i& >:4 <=,! so&eti&es in 'is lo$e has to allow drasti#
&easures for the ear or the inner ear (the soulD to "e &ade read. I wonder after &an hundreds of ears
possi"l #lose to :*** ears entrapped in what the thought was perhaps hopelessness! re&e&"ering the
das of re"ellion % diso"edien#e "efore the flood! whether the were then read to ha$e open ears
(soulsD to gi$e ear to the $i#torious Christ. Aith lo$e! power % gra#e 'e #apti$ated the& .r!ug" "eir
s!u$s !u !* 'ris!n % took the& #apti$e % the as#ended in spirit into that high place realm within
the&sel$es with 'i&! % one da soon we will ha$e the pri$ilege of &eeting the&. Can ou sa with &e
Bow if God8s patien#e! lo$e! &er# % long suffering was shown to those in the pre#eding $erses! % he
did not feel si&ilarl to those diso"edient ones who '')udged themselves unworthy of age lasting life''
would 'e not "e a respe#tFer of persons2 A"solutel6 ''To everything there is a season, & a time for
every matter or purpose under heaven. A time to #rea' down & a time & a time to #uild up.'' E## ::)!
:". A&p. God who is so far ahead of us! had planned in aeonian ti&es for the sal$ation of A44 @EB.
'ear a word fro& Paul reading fro& /o& );:>0F>J. A&p.
'':ow to Him who is a#le to strengthen you in the faith which is in accordance with my &ospel &
the preaching of .concerning) ,esus <hrist .the 0essiah), according to the revelation .the unveiling)
of the mystery of the plan of redemption which was 'ept in /%+:<+ & /+<=+T for long ages.''

Paul who was the #ha&pion of this pre$iousl hushed se#ret! whi#h is now re$ealed! though in &an
7uarters not et realised. Please allow &e to 7uote Gust a few eE#erpts. ''As in Adam A die, even so in
<hrist shall A made alive.4 1Cor 1: 22! 73or )ust as #y one man's diso#edience...the many were
constituted sinners, so #y one man's o#edience the many will #e constituted righteous.'' /o& 0:)1.
''Who W% have A men to #e saved & to come to the 'nowledge of the truth.'' ) -i& >:4.
''Therefore as #y the offence of one, )udgement came upon A men to condemnation; even so #y the
righteousness of one the free gift came upon A men unto )ustification of life.''' /o& 0:)8. ''Who is
the /aviour of A men, specially of those who #elieve.'' 1spe#iall not eE#lusi$elD )-i& 4:)*. ''+ven
the righteousness of &od which is #y faith of ,esus <hrist unto A & upon A them that #elieve(
Christ the Antidote regarding Death
for there is no difference.'' /o& 4:>>. -hese few 7uotations fro& "oth the <=, % A&p should suffi#e
for now. -he reason we ha$e underlined the a"o$e even so in two #ases! is that in the Gk it is an
e;uation! % of #ourse it is the sa&e in the English.

Co to "e #onsistent God will ha$e a wa through #ir#u&stan#es that 'is great 4o$e Plan will "e
#arried out % will "ring us &e &"! &ere #ade in His )er% !&n I#age, spirit #eings to the pla#e where
we are willing to e&"ra#e his lo$e. % as the great Apostle Paul stated in Phillipians ''% apprehend that
for which % am apprehended'' in other words on#e the lo$e of God had "e#o&e a #ons#ious part of his
life! he rea#hed out with % in that 4o$e of God that was in % upon hi&! % was apprehending hi& for
hi&self. 5or it is God8s lo$e! it is God8s faith! it is God8s righteousness! it is God8s gra#e! we #an take no
#redit whatsoe$er! if we do this is self righteousness. +!r G!d's L!)e &i$$ NE2ER *ai$,
> Ca&)4:)4"
''And having made peace through the #lood of His cross, #y Him to reconcile A things unto
Himself; #y Him % say, whether they #e things in earth, or things in Heaven .'' Col ):>*.
In > Ca& ):::JF:1. After A"salo& had slain his "rother A&non! in his guilt he fled to his grandfather
-al&ai who li$ed in Geshur % he H%> hi&self. And the spirit of Da$id longed for A"salo&. -his is how
we are in our dual thinking! unfortunatel we are prone to take the negati$e. A si&ilar instan#e was when
Ada& ate fro& the tree of dualit! when he said to God I heard ou walking in the garden % I was afraid
"e#ause I was naked % I H%> &self! % God said! Who told you that you were na'ed2 'a$e ou eaten of
the tree whi#h I #o&&anded that ou should not eat2 In our #isa5en ideni% we think that there is a
separation "etween oursel$es % God! or our soul % spirit! whi#h is our true self. Ah2 5or there is a $eil
"etween the two % that $eil is our flesh. 'e")*:>*! "ut we ha$e good news for all for when =esus was
#ru#ified that $eil was taken awa % in#identall it was for e$er person! past present % future. -here is a
wa that ou #an a$ail oursel$es of! % to! what alread "elongs to ou. ''"ut whenever a person turns
8in repentance9to the ord, the veil is stripped off & ta'en away.'' > Cor ::);. 3ut sadl not all
Christians are aware of this! "ut those who are reading this % ha$e not realised this up until now. 6T"e
ru" &i$$ #a5e %!u *ree,7 And so toda I speak the Aord of the 4ord to ou % sa. =ise up in your
understanding & #e set free & wal' in a new realisation as to your position in <hrist, :1W &
31=+?+=. /o #e it@
Ae are now narrating fro& > Ca& )4. Bow =oa" "eing a saga#ious person knew that the kings heart
(this is speaking of Da$id A"salo&8s fatherD was toward A"salo&. A"salo&! instead of seeking God! he
was listening $ia the $eil (his fleshD whi#h will alwas lie to us. In#identall in this analog! Da$id
represents -he 5ather % A"salo& represents us all. Co =oa" sent to -ekoah for a wise wo&an % said to
her this is what I want ou to do. Pretend that ou are in &ourning % put on suita"le &ourning apparel as
if ou had "een &ourning for a lo$ed one for so&eti&e. -hen go to the king % sa thus % thus. Ahen she
spoke to Da$id she fell on her fa#e % said help .h king6 Da$id asked her! Ahat trou"les ou2 Che said! I
a& a widow9 & hus"and is dead. I had two sons % the 7uarrelled with one another in the field % there
was no one to separate the&! % one stru#k the other % killed hi&! % "ehold! the whole fa&il has risen
against &e % are de&anding &e to deli$er hi& to the&! that the &a kill hi& for the life of his "rother
who he slew9 % so the would destro the heir also. And so 7uen#hing & #oal (or taking awa the onl
one who #an support &eD whi#h is left! the would lea$e to & hus"and no na&e or re&nant on this earth.
Da$id said go ho&e % I will gi$e orders #on#erning ou. And the wo&an said to the king! @ lord .
king! let the guilt "e on &e % & father8s house9 let the king % his throne "e guiltless.
, )* ''>avid then said, if anyone says anything to you,#ring him to me & he shall not touch you
again. ?AA 7Then she said, % pray you, let the 'ing remem#er the ord your &od, that the avenger of
#lood destroy not any more, lest they destroy my son. And >avid said, as the ord lives, there shall not
Christ the Antidote regarding Death
one hair of your son fall to the earth.4 ?A5 Then the woman said, et your handmaid, % pray you,
spea' one word to my lord the 'ing. He said, /ay on. ?AB 78/he9 said, Why then have you planned
such a thing against &od's people2 3or in spea'ing this word the 'ing is li'e one who is guilty, in that
8he9 does not #ring home his "A:%/H+> one. ?AC 7We must all die; we are li'e water spilled on the
ground, which cannot #e gathered up again. And &od >1+/ :1T ta'e away life, #ut devises means so
that he who is #anished may not #e an utter outcast from Him.'' Ahat a wonderful word this is! this is
purposel written here! in the wisdo& of God! for a word of en#ourage&ent to us toda.
Bow Da$id e$en though he represents the 5ather in this analog! is $er hu&an % so to fulfil his tpe
in this #ase needed a wake up #all a" #t were! Co to #ontinue the narration "etween Da$id % the wo&an
of -ekoah. ,erse >* ''%n order to change the course of matters 8#etween A#salom & his father9 your
servant ,oa# did this. "ut my lord has wisdom li'e the wisdom of the angel of &od***to 'now all things
that are on the earth. ?5A Then the 'ing said to ,oa#, "ehold now, % grant this; go #ring #ac' the
young A#salom...... ?5C And the Ding said, et him go to his own house, & let him not see the Ding's
face......?5E A#salom dwelt two full years in ,erusalem & did not see the 'ing's face.''
-he two full ears is a tpe of two of the three das that =esus referred to in =ohn >:)1! >). ''>estroy
this temple & in three days % will raise it up again. ,>) "ut He had spo'en of the temple which was
His #ody.'' A prophe# #on#erning the "od of Christ in these last das. -his of #ourse is eEplained "
Peters state&ent! ''A day with the ord is as a thousand years & a thousand years as 1:+ day.'' Ae are
now I "elie$e right at the "eginning of the -hird Da. A"salo& did not see his father the <ings fa#e until
the -'I/D ear. Also a si&ilar analog in 'osea ;: )F:. In $erse >! we read ''After two days He will
revive us .;uic'en us, give us life); on the TH%=> >A- he will raise us up that we may live #efore
I wish here to "ring to our attention that on#e again as we see three separate pla#es of "eing or
understanding in our eEperien#es! this also applies to A"salo& in this situation.
) 1uter <ourt F 'is grandfathers house! a long wa fro& seeing the king fa#e to fa#e. -o so&e toda it
represents a God who is not within us! % as so&e would e$en think a God up in the sk so&ewhere6
> Holy !lace F In =erusale& still not seeing the <ing fa#e to fa#e! "ut knowing that 'e is #lose.)Cor
: 0ost Holy !lace F As we are a"out to see A"salo& in sin#ere desperation % dedi#ation in seeking the
<ing! % the <ing re#ei$ing hi& % kissing his son A"salo&. .n#e again )Cor )::)>! )=ohn ::>.

,erse >1 ''/o A#salom sent for ,oa# to send him to the 'ing, #ut he would not come to him; even
when he sent again the second time, he would not come. ?B6 Therefore A#salom said to his servants,
/ee, ,oa#'s field is near mine, & he has #arley there; go & set it on fire. /o A#salom's servants set the
field afire. ?BA Then ,oa# arose & went to A#salom at his house & said to him, Why have your
servants set my field afire. ?B5 A#salom answered ,oa#, % sent to you, saying, <ome here, that % may
send you to the 'ing to as', Why have % come from &eshur2 %t would #e #etter for me to #e there still.
:ow therefore 8,oa#9, let me see the 'ing, & if there is ini;uity & guilt in me, let him 'ill me. BB /o
,oa# came to the 'ing & told him. And when >avid had called for A#salom, he came to him & #owed
himself on his face to the ground #efore the 'ing; & 8>avid9 'issed A#salom.''
%f you will see' me with all your heart you shall find me.
-he sin#erit of earnestness! % &eans whi#h A"salo& went to is $er heart &o$ing! he was not going to
lea$e an stone unturned. 'e was deter&ined to use e$er &eans at his disposal to "e in the a#tual
presen#e of the <ing % to see hi& fa#e to fa#e. Aould to God that we all would ha$e the sa&e earnest
desire. ''A#salom #owed himself on his face to the ground #efore the Ding'' % his reward was that the
<ing kissed hi&. -his is the true heart of God toward us all. ''3or &od so loved that He gave, & the son
said to him, 3ather % have sinned against heaven & in your sight & am not worthy....."ut the father
said....#ring ;uic'ly the "+/T ro#e & put it on him.'' 3ut "efore this happened we are told. ''"ut while
Christ the Antidote regarding Death
he was a still a long way off his father saw & was moved,...& he ran & em#raced him & 'issed him.
-he the&e of our &essage is that God has % de$ises was % &eans that ''His #anished #e not
e$pelled from Him.'' 4isten to it9 God will "ring at so&e ti&e in e$er persons eEisten#e! (so&ewhereD
#ir#u&stan#es that the will! willingl want to "urn e$er hindran#e % "ridge that would stand "efore
the&sel$es % a lo$ing #reator. ''% have sworn #y 0yself, the word is gone out of my mouth in
righteousness & shall not return, that unto 0e every 'nee shall #ow, every tongue shall swear
8allegiance9.'' Isa 40:>:. /o&:)4:)). A&p.....!''That at the name of ,esus every 'nee should .must)
#ow, in heaven & on earth & under the earth, And every tongue 8fran'ly & openly9 confess &
ac'nowledge that ,esus <hrist is ord, to the glory of &od the 3ather.'' Phillipians >:)*F)). A&p.
3alse #urdens & causes of "anishment.
In the se#ond Chapter of 4a&entations % the )4
$erse. <=,! we read. ''Thy prophets have seen vain &
foolish things for thee( & they have not discovered thine ini;uity, to turn away thy captivity; #ut have
seen for thee false #urdens & causes of #anishment.'' E$en though so&e translations do not word this
$erse the sa&e! if we look at the #onteEt #losel we will see that the <=, is #orre#t. -his $erse is alluding
to the false prophets of Israel! % the prophet! (&ore than likel =ere&iahD! is " the spirit of God warning
the people % "erating the false prophets. -he religiosit that we ha$e had % are "reaking free fro& toda
also ha$e their false prophets ''who have seen vain & foolish things for thee( & they have not discovered
thine ini;uity,'' @ake #onfession often to the priest! then li$e an wa ou like for the week % #o&e "a#k
again neEt week % #onfess again. -his is not urning a&a% %!ur -a'i)i%8 "ut keeping ou #apti$e to
their parti#ular religious "ondage. @an so #alled respe#ted #hur#hes are no "etter. Co&e to our
parti#ular Chur#h listen to the Pastor % no one else! ou are not to do an thinking for oursel$es (eE#ept
to enhan#e their dog&aD otherwise ou are in re"ellion % this will e$entuall lead to an eternit in hell
fire. -his is ruling " fear! % the are ''seeing for you false causes of #anishment.'' -hese rulers sa if
ou don8t pa our tithes ea#h week then that is re"ellion also. 5ro& A#ts to re$elation there is not one
&ention of the word -ithe eE#ept in 'e"rews! % these referen#es are #ertainl not ad$o#ating it is for us
toda. 3ut the sa A"raha& paid his tithe to @el#hiKedek6 Hes he did! "ut he also kept the Ca""ath Da6
Do ou2 'e was also #ir#u&#ised6 Do ou prea#h that also2 If we keep one point of the law % offend in
an other! we are guilt of offending the lot. =a&es >:)*. -ithing was under the law! so was Cir#u&#ision
% the Ca""ath Da. Co&eone said "ut how do we keep the Chur#hes afloat if we don8t prea#h tithing.
-ea#h gi$ing! "ut for God8s sake % hea$ens sake! the peoples sake % our sake! let8s lea$e the 4AA out
of it. In retrospe#t! &a"e so&e of the& ought to sink an wa the Chur#hes that is.
5or those of ou who are interested in the s#holarl point of $iew. -he a"o$e word "anish&ent is
fro& the word madduwach C-/.BGC I 4*;0 L sedu#tion:F #ause of "anish&ent! % is dire#tl fro& the
word nadach G 0*8* L a pri& root9 to push off9 used in a great $ariet of appli#ations! lit. % fig. (to eEpel!
&islead! strike! infli#t! et#D:FF "anish! "ring! #ast down (outD! #hase! #o&pel! draw awa! dri$e (awa! out!
7uiteD! fet#h a stroke! for#e! go awa! out#ast! thrust awa (outD! withdraw! Co we #an see that the <=,
was right on the &ark.
Co&eti&e ago whilst speaking to so&eone on the su"Ge#t we are addressing! he &entioned 'e"
,4 ''3or it is impossi#le 8to restore & #ring again to repentance9 those who have #een once for all
enlightened, who have consciously tasted the heavenly gift & have #ecome sharers of the Holy /pirit,
,0 And have felt how good the word of &od is & the mighty powers of the age & world to come, ?H %f
they then deviate from the faith & turn away from their allegiance****8it is impossi#le9 to #ring them
#ac' to repentance, for .#ecause, while, as long as) they nail upon the cross the /on of &od afresh 8as
far as they are concerned9 & are holding 8Him9 up to contempt & shame & pu#lic disgrace.'' -he
Diaglott renders age in $erse 0 as the coming age. I would like to point out in $iew of what we ha$e
Christ the Antidote regarding Death
&entioned as regards not "eing forgi$en in this Age or the Age to #o&e % re&e&"ering that there was a
ti&e for ''those who were once diso#edient in the days of :oah'' to #onsider that in the a"o$e $erse ;
(#ecause, while, as long as) supports God8s $er wonderful plan of the ''restitution of all things, which
&od hath spo'en #y the mouth of A his holy prophets since the world #egan.'' A#ts ::>)"
.n#e again I repeat part of the a"o$e $erse in 'e"rews! ,;. ''8%t is impossi#le9 to #ring them to
repentance, for * "+<AI/+, WH%+, A/ 1:& A/ * they nail upon the cross the /on of &od
afresh.'',,,,,, Also ''Those who were once diso#edient in the days of :oah,'' at one ti&e fitted the
des#ription of the 'e" ; group! #ecause, while, as long as the staed diso"edient! I &as i#'!ssi.$e !
.ring "e# ! re'enan-e, 5or those who would sa well I don8t read it that wa in the <=,. 4et &e
Muote fro& a $er! relia"le ,ersion! -he Con#ordant 4iteral Bew -esta&ent 'e" ;:;". ''to #e
renewing them again to repentance WH%+ crucifying for themselves the /on of &od again & holding
Him up to infamy.'' -he word while &akes all the differen#e to the #onteEt of the passage. It throws
eEa#tl the sa&e &eaning on the $erse as the A&plified! when it #ites ''#ecause, while, as long as.''
Co #onsidering that our wonderful 4ord =esus is now % e$er in the pro#ess to!
aying claim to his purchased !ossession.
'e will not rest until e$er last one of those that 'e has pur#hased is a 4.,E 8#apti$ated #apti$e8.
Ps 1*::.<=,.
In #losing this parti#ular su"Ge#t I would Muote fro& =er >1:):F)4. ''Then will you see' 0e, in;uire for,
& re;uire 0e 8as a vital necessity9 & find 0e when you search for 0e with all your heart.?AC % will #e
found #y you, says the ord, & % will release you from captivity & gather from all the nations & all the
places to which % have driven you, says the ord, A:> % W% "=%:& -1I "A<D T1 TH+ !A<+
3=10 WH%<H % <AI/+> -1I T1 "+ <A==%+> AWA- <A!T%?+.'' -his pla#e is! if ou #an see it is none
other than Eden. -his $erse is propheti# % is one of those $erses that has a dou"le &eaning si&ilar to
'osea ;:> % &an others.
As we know when reading s#ripture we need to let the spirit show us the deeper &eanings that God
has for us. 4et us now #o&pare /o& 8:>* with the a"o$e $erse. ''3or the creation .nature) was
su#)ected to frailty .to futility, condemned to frustration), not #ecause of some intentional fault on it's
part, #ut #y the will of Him Who so su#)ected it***8yet9 with the hope.'' 4et us add one &ore si&ilar
$erse whi#h is saing the sa&e thing. /o& ))::>! ''3or &od has consigned .penned up) A men to
diso#edience, only that He may mercy on them A 8ali'e9.''
As we stated at the "eginning of the arti#le the plan of God is in the pro#ess "ringing &an "a#k to his
Edeni# state! 'e is &aking &an into the I&age of hi&self whi#h is Christ. -o e&phasise the thought I a&
#iting fro& the latest arti#le that our good "rother =. Preston E" has written! whi#h I re#ei$ed onl
Muote :F @en ha$e "een gi$en a wrong $iew! a &istaken i&age of God6 /eligion prea#hes % ser$es a
God who is a &onster! who is &ean! #ruel! % $i#ious. -he sa that God is lo$e! "ut in their hearts the
"elie$e that God is $indi#ti$e! i&pla#a"le! harsh! un&er#iful! % eEa#ting! "e#ause the "elie$e that God8s
Gudge&ent against sin % sinners is eternal torture in the fires of hell w#thout one $egree o% merc&, -he
also "elie$e that God is fi#kle! for 'e will send to this eternal hell &en who ne$er had a #han#e! who
ne$er heard the na&e of =esus! who were ignorant % undis#erning! who were #areless % un#on#erned!
although the did not hate God or deli"eratel walk in re"ellion against 'i&. 3ut then! the $ilest &an
who e$er li$ed! who hated % "lasphe&ed % a"used % &urdered! if on his death"ed! at the last "reath of
his life! he si&pl sas! 5ather! forgi$e &e9 4ord =esus! sa$e &e! this one gets to go to hea$en6 Bow
that! & "elo$ed! is #lassi#al %#cklene""!
Christ the Antidote regarding Death
3ut God has re$ealed to us how wonderful 'e is FFFFF 'e lo$es e$er &an so &u#h that 'is
Gudge&ent against sin % sinners is not eternal! un&er#iful! unrelenting torture % da&nation FFFFF 'is
Gudge&ent against sin % sinners is 'e"u" hang#ng on the cro"" #n our place & on our (ehal%! .h! es6 God
was #n Chr#"t re#on#iling the world unto 'i&self6 God #a&e in Christ to die for e$er &an! et 'e is
going to torture &ost of &ankind for all eternit with no respite FFFFF those two ideas $on't compute! -he
Gust don8t add up6 -he are #ontradi#tions6......... 3ut I tell ou " the word of the 4ord FFFF the 4ord God
who walks in the Garden in the #ool of the da will "ring ou out fro& under our ro#k Gust as 'e "rought
Ada& out fro& "ehind his tree6 -here is no pla#e ou #an run % hide where this fa#e #annot "e seen6
-hat8s what the "ook of /e$elation is all a"out FFFF the re$elation! the un$eiling of =esus Christ6 -here is
no es#ape fro& the fa#e of the 4a&". Co&ewhere! so&eda! so&ehow! 'e will get ou! 'e will win! ou
will "e #aptured! #apti$ated! #on7uered " 'i&6 'e is out to get ou FFFF not to destro ou! "ut to sa$e
ou % &ake ou 'is #hosen one6 'e will ra$ish our heart. 'e will win our lo$e. 'e will gain our
adoration. 'e will #o&&and our o"edien#e.......If those who heard this $oi#e on Cinai #ould not es#ape
the $oi#e speaking on earth! how &u#h &ore #an we not es#ape the $oi#e that now speaks fro& hea$en6
End 7uote.
.n that "eautiful note we will #lose 6La%ing -$ai# ! His 'ur-"ased P!ssessi!n,7
In the arti#le T"e Oneness !* Man &i" G!d, Part ;. Ae &ade &ention of whether the soul lea$es the
"od at death or not6 -here was 7uite so&e response fro& se$eral readers! in wanting to know &ore a"out
the su"Ge#t! so I pro&ised that we would respond in a later arti#le. 'en#e the #hange in the su"Ge#t.
In "roa#hing an su"Ge#t where there is a "eem#ng or "uppo"e$ #ontradi#tion we &ust re&e&"er that
while either part! (for or againstD takes a hard! toe8s dug into the ground attitude % will not not #onsider
the other side of the stor! then it is futile to #ontinue.
There is no contradiction in the /criptures, only seemingly so@

Ahen we #a&e fro& .uter #ourt to 'ol Pla#e i.e. 8Pente#ost8! there were $erses that those we had
left! used against us! that see&ingl would support their #ause! "ut it was "e#ause the would not listen to
the the 8Ahole Counsel of God8. -he sa&e goes again with the 8'ol Pla#e8 % the supposed #ontradi#tion
to 8-he @ost 'ol Pla#e.8 In what we are going to sa! there is alwas an answer to an to an soF#alled
dissension! % that is attitude. Bow all the referen#es to 8Coul Cleep8 are #orre#t in part6 Do I now ha$e
our attention 2 3ut there is so&ething to #onsider % that is "e !"er side !* "e s!r%, I wish! " the
help of the spirit to &arr the two.

If the soul is separated fro& the "od at death! % it &eans that onl the Cpirit apart fro& the soul
returns to God who ga$e it! would God talk to that spirit! without the soul! as regards it8s past life 2 And
further&ore would 'e deal with that Cpirit without the soul! to perfe#t it! 8the spirit8 2 4et us re&e&"er
that this whole eEperien#e we are ha$ing is "e#ause God is dealing with our soul... .n#e again I would
like to look at the #ase where =esus addressed the s'iris in 'ris!n in I Pet ::)1F>*. Bow if we think we
#an es#ape " tring to #lai& that these spirits are fallen angels. =ude ,erse ;FJ puts a $er s&art stop to
that " de#laring that the ha$e not et "een released! if ou still insist! then we ha$e a #ontradi#tion in
God8s word! "ut as &entioned there are no #ontradi#tions! onl see&ingl so! % the reason is! "e#ause of
the la#k of understanding. -o #ontinue with the s'iris in 'ris!n, Christ went % prea#hed to the&. What
without their souls2 "eloved we cannot separate <hrist, when God #reated &an in 'is own I&age! 'e
#reated a @AB who was "oth &ale % fe&ale or spirit % soul. Hou will not find anwhere that God
C/EA-ED a wo&an! WOW0 3efore ou send &e an responses ou had "etter #he#k that one out $er
#arefull % that in#ludes Gen >:>>. -he 8&ale % fe&ale8 or the 8spirit % soul8 are intrinsi#all one %
#annot "e separated. Ae were &ade in the i&age of God who is "oth @as#uline % 5e&inine! the 85atherF
Christ the Antidote regarding Death
Creator % E$ S"addai,' the '%ull, or tw#n (rea"te$ one'. And ea#h % e$er one of us are "oth &ale %
fe&ale. I a& speaking spirituall now. If Ada& was &ade in the i&age of God % this was "efore the "od
was formed 9 as God #annot "e separated! neither #an we9 our soul % spirit that is9 God has a soul6 Go
to our #on#ordan#e % ou &a "e $er surprised. Ahen Christ went % prea#hed to those in prison! did
'e prea#h to onl the spirit that God ga$e the& who % whi#h is perfe#t2 If ou sa es. that is like
saing that Christ prea#hed to 'i&self! how a"solutel ridi#ulous6 Bo "elo$ed the onl wa it fits is that
as God is one % #annot "e separated! neither #an we. Ahen Christ prea#hed to the spirits F th#" #"
re%err#ng to (oth "oul & "p#r#t F in prison. -his is referring to the fe&inine part of the spirit. Ps )4>:Ja
''He #rought my /1I out of prison.' ' It is the soul that is "rought out of prison! that part of the spirit
that has it8s own will.
Bow ou &a "e saing! Aell ou see& to "e taking a one sided $iew6 3ear with &e for a little while!
I a& esta"lishing the fa#t that there is another point of $iew % & 7uestion is. Can we &arr the the two2

4et us now look at 'e" )>: >:. A&p. ''And to the church .assem#ly) of the 3irst*#orn who are
registered 8as citiJens9 in heaven, & to the &od Who is ,udge of all, & to the /!%=%T/ of the righteous
.the redeemed in heaven) who have #een made perfect.''

If! as we ha$e "een told " so&e that ''the spirit returns to &od who gave it'' is #o&pletel separate
fro& the soul! whi#h stas with the "od! (% &a I sa that there are a nu&"er of $erses that would
see&ingl support thisD. If this is true! how #o&e that the spirit! apart fro& the soul! is '#ade 'er*e-,'
-o "e reasona"le % to &ake sense of this $erse! there &ust "e so&ething of the soul in#orporated in that
Ahen in )Pet 4:;! ''<hrist went & preached also to them that are dead,'' on#e again to &ake an
sense of this $erse 'e had to "e prea#hing not onl to the spirit of God that returns to God who ga$e it!
"ut the soul in so&e wa had to "e in$ol$ed! so&ehow 66
In the #ase of EliGah % the dead #hild that he raised to life again. Ae read! )<ings )J:>)F>>. ''And he
stretched himself upon the child three times & cried to the ord & said, 1 ord my &od, % pray -ou, let
this child's /1I <10+ "A<D %:T1 H%0. And the ord heard the voice of +li)ah, & the /1I of the
child <A0+ %:T1 H%0 A&A%:, & he revived.'' It is 7uite o"$ious that in this instan#e that the soul or at
least (part of the soulD left the "od % #a&e "a#k into it again. .n this we &ust all agree. 3ut we &ust "e
fair % honest with this topi# % not ignore either side.

-here are a nu&"er of instan#es where when referring to people the 3ook uses the word souls % it
&eans eEa#tl that. In the 'e" it is the word :ephesh I 0:)0 % its e7ui$alent in the Gk is !suche G 001*
% si&pl put! it &eans L )#%e, M#n$ & *oul! Co what is the answer 2
-he soul of an person will not #o&e into an eternal relationship with God until it is first 7ui#kened
" God. ''He that #elieves on him will not perish.'' After death the eEperien#e of the person who has
"een 7ui#kened " God is $astl different to the person who has not.
Cin#e starting this parti#ular seg&ent! I was in praer % knowing what I felt in & spirit! I was
sharing it with the 5ather % I needed a witness. Cuddenl a "ook #a&e to & &ind $er #learl. I had
read this "ook a nu&"er of ears ago % was not sure if I still had it! also I #ould not re&e&"er if it
&entioned this su"Ge#t or not! so I went hunting % 4o to & delight! in the first Chapter this is what I
Muote:F Ea#h indi$idual soul passes through &an trials! tri"ulations % initiations! through the
pro#ess of whi#h these two prin#iples of will % lo$e are "e#o&ing united % perfe#tl har&onised in &an
% he "e#o&es Christed. -his is the true &eaning of the i&&a#ulate #on#eption! whi#h is the out#o&e of
the &sti#al &arriage "etween spirit % soul within &an.
Christ the Antidote regarding Death
Ae are tring to #on$e (and a $er diffi#ult task it isD the nature of the di$ine Godhead of 5ather!
Con % Cpirit or Mother! (Gk pneu&a whi#h is %em#n#ne genderD. And we are tring to show the need for
that union "etween spirit % soul in &an! % the truth whi#h underlies the tea#hing of the i&&a#ulate
Bow we are told that God #reated &an a li$ing soul! "ut this soul is not ne#essaril i&&ortal! it is not
the eternal part of &an. Chall we des#ri"e the soul8s "od as a finer repli#a of &an8s phsi#al for&2
-his soulF"od has two aspe#ts N first! that portion whi#h is the "ridge "etween earth % hea$en during
&ortal life "ut is not itself i&&ortal! for it graduall disintegrates after the death of the "od9 % se#ond!
the part of the soulF"od whi#h li$es on after phsi#al death! the #lothing of the spirit. 3ut not until
so&ething happens N % that so&ething is an awakening of the life of the soul " the "reath of God N does
the soul "e#o&e trul 7ui#kened % li$e eternall. +n$ the )or$ ,o$ %orme$ man o% the $u"t o% the
groun$, an$ (reathe$ #nto h#" no"tr#l" the (reath o% l#%e- an$ man (ecame a l#v#ng "oul! (Gen >:JD. -his is
a spiritual truth not understood " &an.F: End 7uote.
Co there we ha$e it6 Ae ha$e &arried the two. I "elie$e that if ou #an re#ei$e it! that the a"o$e
#hapter #ontains the answer for "oth sides of the age old dile&&a of the su"Ge#t of 8soul sleep8 eE#ept that
it is not 8soul sleep' as so&e ha$e interpreted! "ut a disintegration of that part of the soul that was a part of
this lower life. -o further support what I a& saing! read > Cor 0:)F1. @a"e at a later date we #an go
into the su"Ge#t &ore full.
-rust that this has "een a "lessing to all.
Wrien .% Ra$'" :n!&$es, N!) ;<<=,
5or those interested we ha$e "een on a "log for se$eral &onths the address is O wwws#ri"d.#o& P
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