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Leaders of Commercial Aquaculture Technologies

Photo credit Roar Halten / NRK

About AgriMarine Technologies

AgriMarine Technologies (ATI) is a Canadian-based

technology developer and consulting company that provides
practical solutions and a full range of technology consulting
and design-build services to new and existing aquaculture
projects worldwide.
Designing Innovative Aquaculture Solutions

Our Technologies Our Services

AgriMarine System Floating Semi-Closed Feasibility studies
Containment Tanks Complete design and build services
Floating semi-closed raceways designs Design and construction of Recirculating
Deep Injection O2 system (DIOS) Aquaculture Systems (RAS)
Dissolved Oxygen Sensor (DOS) and Design and construction of aquaponics
dissolved gas management systems systems
Site specific farm management system
Ceramic Membrane Micro Bubble Diffuser
for large aquaculture systems
After-sales service, training, maintenance
AgriMarine 42Axial Pump - custom and support
engineered pump for low head/high capacity
Offshore mooring system design
pumping requirements
Computational Fluid Dynamics
AVCAM Aquaculture Camera an under-
Water treatment solutions
water live feed monitoring camera
Autonomous Control of Aquaculture

Aquaculture bio-product conversion to
Nutrient recovery and de-watering
AgriMarine System Floating Semi-Closed Containment Tanks

The AgriMarine System floating semi-closed containment tanks combine


the environmental and husbandry benefits of land-based fish farming with

the low operational costs of open net pen aquaculture.

Solutions for:
Sea lice Dead zone water
Toxic algae blooms High water temperatures
Low dissolved oxygen water Ideal for post-smolt to full
Providing Innovative Technology Solutions for the Toughest
Aquaculture Challenges

Key Features of the AgriMarine System : TM

Energy efficiency with low head, high flow pump

Semi-Closed system for effective management of rearing environment
Able to operate in fresh and salt water environments in any temperature
Adjustable intake depth for source water temperature control
Integrated oxygen supplementation and control systems
Demonstrated sea lice reduction
Improved feed utilization
Ideally suited for post-smolt production
Technology tested and proven for salmon and trout; also suitable for sea bream, sea bass,
barramundi, sable fish, sturgeon and other species
AgriMarine Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS)

Affordable, Scalable Systems

ATI is developing RAS technologies for applications where water
access is restricted or where limited water resources are available
for land-based farm production.

RAS systems allow water quality of the rearing environment to be controlled, thus accelerating
fish growth and crop turnover, while minimizing the entry of pathogens. Biofiltration, gas
balancing, oxygenation, solids removal, UV and ozone disinfection and heat recovery are just
a few features of the system.

Drawing courtesy of JLH Consulting

Floating Semi-Closed Raceway Technology

ATIs floating raceway technology provides the same control over water
quality as circular containment systems but can be deployed in smaller
water bodies such as sheltered inlets, lakes, rivers, man-made ponds and
rehabilitated gravel pits.
Easy to implement, affordable systems Biofiltration and oxygen enhancement
Efficient use of limited water resources Efficient removal of settleable solids
Control of dissolved oxygen levels, Simplifies handling and grading fish
temperature and water velocity
Deepwater Injection Oxygenation System (DIOS)

High transfer efficiency oxygenation at low power is a challenge for farmers.

The DIOS was developed to oxygenate water at a lower power consumption.
Initially developed for fresh water applications, this system may be used in
either fresh or ocean water.

Key Features of the DIOS:

Provides a high transfer efficiency for oxygen supplementation
Outfitted with adjustable ports that allow users to draw water from surface down to 30 metres
depth, which provides temperature modulation and avoidance of deleterious biota at certain
May be adaptable for a variety of applications to achieve the oxygenation needs of an
individual site and species farmed

Gas Diffusion Systems (GDS)

Typical oxygen stones corrode in ocean waters and are difficult to clean.
Our serviceable systems can be taken apart during cleaning cycles
and offer a full range of replacement parts. Our diffusers are designed
for many oxygen and gas transfer applications, from waste water to fish
farming and everything in-between.

Ceramic Membrane Micro Bubble Diffuser

for Large Aquaculture Systems
Bubble creation is important for processes such as oxygenation in fish farms
and finer bubble diffusers have been proven to provide the best solution for
increasing oxygen transfer efficiency.

The Micro Bubble Diffuser was designed by ATI for many oxygen and gas transfer applications.
Robust and easily serviceable, our Micro Bubble Diffusers feature ceramic membranes which are
interchangeable and may be refurbished multiple times before replacement is necessary.

Key Features of the GDS:

Housings are stainless steel which enables for indefinite operation
in both salt and fresh water environments
50-micron-pore-sized ceramic diffusers
Robust design for durability and 8kg weight ensures stability
Diffusers have a 60 square inch surface area
Bubbling pressure to a maximum 50 psi
Lower pressure differential in order to save power
Easy to install, dismantle, clean and replace
Axial 42 Aquaculture Pump

The AgriMarine 42Axial Pump was custom engineered for low head/high
capacity pumping requirements, typically in hatcheries and land-based
recirculation systems (RAS), or where large amounts of water need to be
moved. The pump may be engineered to suit your requirements, ensuring
cost-efficiency and superior performance.

Key Features of the Axial 42 Pump:

Superior high performance Axial Pump
Sophisticated design that transfers high volume water with
low head
With small size adjustments, the applications are unlimited
(where large quantities of water are required to move with
low head such as waterworks, water supply, drainage and
Pump efficiency up to 85%
Durable and robust construction for long life
Reliable and proven performance
Diverse aquaculture applications
Cloud Based Autonomous Control of Aquaculture Systems

This monitoring and control system provides remote

user access for both monitoring and adjustment
of rearing environment control systems.

ATI developed the system to provide autonomous control of computers and

equipment. The system ensures that computers can make rapid adjustments
without the need for someone present at a farm site 24/7. Local data is
uploaded to a cloud server which allows for remote access to data in real
time, letting the farmer monitor a farm remotely, anytime of the day. Cloud
servers send out text messages to farmers to alert them of any issues.

Key Features:
Wireless communication between devices makes this system unique
Modular set up allows easy incorporation into existing systems
Monitors variables, sensors and pumps for instruments, and provides
automated controls based on variables and parameters set
Currently developing new wireless sensors that can be battery-powered and
are easily connected without the need for power
Data hosting is also available
AVCAM Live Feed Monitoring Camera

Feed management is integral to all aquaculture operations. ATI designed

the AVCAM stationary underwater feeding camera with flexibility and
efficiency in mind. Our stationary cameras provide live feed monitoring
with high visibility under low light conditions, so that farmers can easily
detect uneaten feed.

Key Features of the AVCAM:

AVCAM Camera offers high resolution under low light conditions
Auto-switch from colour to black & white under low light
Affordable, robust receptacle
Permanent installation for hatcheries, rearing tanks and cages
Live feed monitoring - our AVCAM Camera connects to the AVCAM Camera Cart
Sharp video imaging
Recent Projects

Innovative design and first to farm Pacific Salmon in China: ATI pioneered the concept of floating
semi-closed containment and completed the installation of six AgriMarine System tanks in a fresh
water reservoir in Northern China
Year round operation: The six tanks operate during high heat and freezing temperatures for the
rearing of trout and crops of Pacific Salmon
State-of-the-Art Hatchery: ATI conducted the expansion and modernization of a 600 m3
bio-secured, Benxi Trout Hatchery
Installation of Recirculating Aquaculture Systems tanks, segregated into multiple zones and raceways
in the hatchery

Pilot Project: Designed and tested a Pilot AgriMarine System tank for marine applications off
Vancouver Island , BC
Continuous Innovation: Completed Versions 1.5 and 2 of the AgriMarine System and installed six
tanks at West Coast Fishculture Steelhead farm in Powell River, BC
Floating Raceway Project: Launched a unique project in Ontario to demonstrate the effectiveness of
floating raceway technology for the production of Rainbow trout in man-made water bodies
RAS Salmon Hatchery: New Construction for facilities at Big Tree Creek Hatchery and Wolf Creek
Full RAS systems for sturgeon and caviar production for Target Marine Industries

Post Smolt Project: Completed the sale and installation of two AgriMarine System tanks for the
Norwegian salmon farming industry.
The tanks are being utilized in a post-smolt pilot project in Norway with a local smolt producer

Other International Consulting Projects

Chilean Salmon Hatchery Reuse Conversion
National Conservation Training Center(NCTC) West Virginia, USA
RAS project for Mingo County Restoration Authority
First Nations aquaculture projects in Canada and proposed projects in Europe (Albania, Turkey),
Latin America (Mexico, Chile, Peru, Ecuador), Mongolia, Namibia, and the Middle East (Iran, UAE)
ATI Key Management and Engineering Staff

The ATI team has significant fish culture knowledge, having designed, built and operated some of the most
advanced and technologically sophisticated recirculation hatcheries in the world. The team includes seasoned
professionals in the areas of mechanical and environmental engineering, Computational Fluid Dynamics, energy
modeling, hatchery design and construction, closed containment rearing environments, fish husbandry, sales and

Robert Walker, President, ATI

Mr. Walker has extensive experience in logistics, sales and marketing, procurement and regulatory compliance,
having worked with AgriMarine since 1993 in a variety of positions and in the seafood distribution industry as a
senior manager with responsibility for sales and purchasing. Mr. Walker holds a Master of Business Administration
from Royal Roads University, where he focused on Executive Management with a specialization in Leadership

Sean Wilton, President & CEO, AgriMarine Holdings Inc.

Mr. Wilton has worked for AgriMarine since 2004 and was named President and CEO in 2012. Mr. Wilton has
been involved in many aspects of the environmental engineering, construction and aquaculture industries for
over 20 years. His engineering experience encompasses a multitude of designs, from complex municipal water
systems to the most advanced fish hatchery systems in the world and the largest cold-water fish hatchery in North
America. Mr. Wilton is an aerospace engineering graduate from the Canadian Forces School and holds a Bachelor
of Mechanical Engineering from the Royal Military College of Kingston.

Stephen Robinson, General Manager

Mr. Robinson has significant salmon aquaculture farm management experience, including project planning,
designing and installing automation control systems, sampling, and designing IT systems. Mr. Robinson has
worked for AgriMarine since 1994 and currently acts as General Manager and Senior Manager of Design and
Technology for AgriMarines marine-based solid-wall containment finfish aquaculture systems. Mr. Robinson has
designed and installed control and monitoring systems for pumps, oxygenation, and waste water treatment and
has conducted environmental field monitoring and background surveys in pursuit of prospective freshwater and
marine aquaculture licenses. Mr. Robinson holds a Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry) from the University of
Victoria and completed subsequent studies in Math, Physics, and Computer Science at the University of Victoria.
ATI Key Management and Engineering Staff

Pedram Mahinpour, Mechanical Engineer

Mr. Mahinpour has worked for ATI since 2014, and has demonstrated exceptional skills in computational fluid
dynamics. Mr. Mahinpours possesses an ideal combination of education and work experience. He holds a Masters
of Engineering, Mechanical from the University of British Columbia, as well as a Master of Science, Computational
Fluid Dynamics from the University of Leeds (UK). His experience encompasses fluid structures research,
environmental and energy modeling, numerical analysis of water disinfection tanks and swimming pools.

Nick Cottrell, Mechanical Engineer

As a graduate from the University of Victoria in 2014 with a B. Mechanical Engineering, Mr. Cottrell has
international and domestic experience with engineering design in the areas of hydrogen fuel cell systems, diesel
engine manufacturing as well as marine engineering.

Jeff Robins, Mechanical Engineer

Mr. Robins graduated in 2014 from the University of Victoria. He has experience with John Deer Reman,
University of Victoria, and the Department of National Defence. With ATI since 2013, Mr. Robins work has
focused on finding solutions for issues that inhibit or hinder optimal fish rearing. Some examples of recent project
objectives have been reducing operating costs, reducing cost of capital of infrastructure, improving water quality,
and improving dissolved oxygen transfer efficiency.

Shawn Stargardter, Mechanical Engineer

Mr. Stargardter holds an undergraduate degree in Physics from the University of Winnipeg, a Masters degree
in Applied Physics from the Guelph Waterloo Physics Institute - University of Guelph, as well as a Mechanical
Engineering degree with Aerospace Specialization from the University of Manitoba. With ATI since 2014,
Mr. Stargardters area of specialization is industrial automation and communication, with a specific interest in
instrumentation physics.

John Holder, Consultant to ATI

Mr. Holder has extensive experience with fresh water systems dealing with Salmonids, Cichlids and numerous
salt-water species including shrimp and he can be considered an expert in this field. He has worked and consulted
for aquaculture companies on six continents. Mr. Holder graduated from the University of Guelph in 1973. Mr.
Holder has consulted for AgriMarine on a number of projects worldwide.
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