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A. Which word is stressed differently from the others?

1. A. commercial B. programmer C. appointment D. endorsement
2. A. stimulate B. prototype C. regulate D. external
3. A. bankruptcy B. sponsorship C. dynamic D. centralize
4. A. image B. persuade C. schedule D. wholesale
5. A. advertising B. manufacture C. television D. supermarket
6. A. individual B. democratic C. profitable D. distribution
7. A. decline B. outlet C. campaign D. declare
8. A. promote B. target C. matrix D. vendor
B. Which underlined part is pronounced differently?
9. A. irregular B. seminar C. exemplar D. registrar
10. A. overcharge B. achievement C. merchandise D. hierarchy
11. A. publicizes B. trades C. services D. merges
12. A. financial B. dividend C. criticize D. principle
13. A. inventory B. strategy C. directory D. revenue
14. A. money B. competitive C. consumer D. logistics
15. A. exhibit B. expenditure C. extension D. exchange

PART II: USE OF ENGLISH (1pt x 25 = 25pts)

Choose the word (A, B, C, or D) that best completes each sentence.

16. I just checked the ______ and realized that Ive been overcharged by more than five dollars.
A. receipt B. reception C. receiver D. receivership
17. Earnings from exports have fallen sharply _____ fluctuations on the international currency markets.
A. since B. due to C. consequently D. because
18. Food retailers who do not _____ to the new regulations on food storage and handling will be liable to fines.
A. reform B. inform C. confirm D. affirm
19. Customers who return goods within 14 days will be entitled to a full _____ on the purchase price.
A. objective B. refund C. warehouse D. wholesaler
20. Any further reduction in prices will inevitably _____ that suppliers will see their profits reduced.
A. cause B. lead C. mean D. result
21. A product _____ consists of introduction, growth, maturity, and decline.
A. image B. placement C. lifecycle D. awareness
22. Your personal banker can _____ your loan application within one week of receiving the completed form.
A. process B. fill out C. launch D. downsize
23. Microfinance enables village people in developing countries to borrow small amounts of money from
Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) in order to _____ small community businesses.
A. turn down B. take out C. set up D. run into
24. Consumer protection laws prohibit advertisers from making _____ claims.
A. misleading B. insufficient C. humorous D. inspiring
25. Excellent customer service is vital to keep up with the competition. The company has introduced new
working practices and is _____ all part-time staff.
A. relocating B. retraining C. decentralizing D. mistreating
26. We will begin reviewing the proposals as soon as the bidding period _____.
A. be closed B. will close C. closes D. close
27. Some perfume companies provide _____ so that customers can try the perfume on their skin before they
A. leaflets B. commercials C. free samples D. public transports
28. Weve got our _____ in Melbourne and offices in more than 30 countries all over the world.

A. complaints B. headquarters C. approaches D. mailshots
29. _____ offices that began to replace enclosed offices in the 1960s could assure a comfortable working
environment for occupants.
A. Progressive B. Impersonal C. Eye-catching D. Open-plan
30. If we are unable to supply any item that you have ordered, you _____ by email.
A. will be notified B. will notify C. are notifying D. notify
31. Celebrity _____ is a technique that is very popular in advertising at the moment.
A. endorsement B. discount C. margin D. kiosk
32. The largest e-commerce company _____ a major press conference a couple of days ago.
A. has held B. held C. would hold D. has been holding
33. We _____ the years results yesterday and I am delighted to announce that our company _____ another
fantastic year.
A. received / has had B. receive / has had
C. have received / had D. will receive / will have
34. I think that we need to purchase _____ new office furniture.
A. many B. some C. several D. a
35. At the moment, we _____ for a new brand name that suggests something about the products benefits and
A. were looking B. will be looking C. was going to look D. are looking
36. The financial advisors have ________ started their meetings and will continue through the morning.
A. yet B. already C. however D. still
37. Her department brought in the most profits; ________, she was promoted before the other managers.
A. therefore B. because C. due to D. nevertheless
38. The new accountant will be doing ________ work that Mr. Drake has been doing.
A. same as B. the same C. same D. the same as
39. The secretary will get the forms ________ tomorrow.
A. signed B. to be signed C. sign D. signing
40. The factory workers dont mind________ overtime.
A. working B. to work C. work D. worked

PART III: CLOZE PASSAGES (1pt x 10 = 10pts)
Read the following passages and then choose the word (A, B, C or D) that best
completes each blank.

Passage 1
Huntley Village Stores would like to ________ customers attention to the information below.
41. A. pull
B. make
C. draw
D. have
During the holiday season, we will be operating according to a ________ opening schedule.
42. A. revised
B. reviewed
C. renewed
D. returned
Please note the following changes to the opening hours:
On Saturday December 23rd and Sunday December 24th, we will be saying open later than usual, closing
at 8 pm to give you a chance to finish that last ________ Christmas shopping.
43. A. hour
B. time
C. minute
D. day
From Monday 25th to Wednesday December 27th, the store will be closed.
The store will revert to ______ opening hours (8 a.m. 7 p.m.) on December 28 th, 29th, and 30th, but will
44. A. regulated
B. ordinary
C. usually
D. regular
be closing at 6 p.m. on December 31st, and will be closed on New Years Day.
From January 2nd we will be back to our regular hours.

Thank you for shopping at Huntley Village Stores.

Passage 3
Montalvo Industries announced Friday that it takes on 100 new _________ over the next 6 months.
45. A. employees
B. merchants
C. customers
D. products
Our market is expanding, said company CEO Shirley Henrico, so we need to _________ our production.
46. A. grow
B. more
C. bigger
D. increase
Thats why we need to hire more workers. The company plans to build a new, larger factory on the outskirts of
the city, which will be equipped with all the latest technology. We are building a very modern factory, said Ms
Henrico. We are very proud of it.

Passage 3
To: All Staff
From: Personnel
Re: Upcoming Vacancies
Date: September 30th

This is just to ______ everyone that with the decision to open a third branch, we will be needing to increase our
47. A. remember
B. reminder
C. remind
D. reconcile
staff by at least 30. We will be advertising in the Daily Herald this coming Friday. We would also like to ask
________ staff if they know of any suitable candidates who would be interested in joining the Greyford Team . If
48. A. already
B. existing
C. essential
D. prospective
you know of someone who could make a useful addition to Greyford, please ask them to ________ copies of
49. A. merge
B. enter
C. submit
D. seal
their rsums. We value your input on our hiring decisions since it is important to us that we maintain the current
harmony and level of cooperation we ________ here at Greyford.
50. A. enjoy
B. celebrate
C. live
D. rejoice

Thank you.


Read the following passage and choose the best answer (A, B, C or D).

Passage 1

As a member of the Electrix team, you know that Electrix is a world leader in the field of electronics. But
do you know that we are the leading manufacturer in Spain? Do you know that we have companies in Northern
Africa, Europe, and North and South America? Do you know that you are one of over 38,500 employees
By reviewing this report of Electrixs operations, youll learn more about your company. Our very first
manufacturing plant, SpanElectrix is still in Madrid and is our European headquarters.
Telecor Ltd. is in Rabat, Morocco, where our capacitors, semiconductor diodes and transistors are
manufactured. Electrix in South America, based in Caracas, Venezuela produces most of our satellite
communications equipment as well as office equipment devices like answering machines and all types of
telephone equipment. Our sales and distribution outlets stretch from Venezuela to Egypt.
The most recent company to join our ranks is the Softcomp Corporation. This organization designs new
software and enhances existing packages. It is based in New York City where the main offices of Electrix in the
Americas are located.

51. In what country is Electrix the main producer of Electronics?

A. Egypt B. Venezuela
C. Spain D. Morocco
52. Who is this report intended for?
A. Employees of Electrix B. Software engineers
C. Business school students D. Competing European electronics manufacturers
53. Which company in the organization is the newest member?

A. Softcomp Corporation B. Electrix in South America
C. Telocor D. SpanElectrix
54. Where have Electrix companies yet to be established?
A. South America B. North Africa
C. Asia D. Europe

Passage 2

The European Film Festival (EFF) box office is located in the Victory Building at the Brandenburg Plaza.
It is open 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on weekdays when films are scheduled. It is open 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday. On days for which there are no scheduled screenings, the box office is not open. For a
pre-recorded program, please call 365-8000; to hear 60-second reviews call 365-7786.

The EFF accepts American Express, Visa and MasterCard. Phone orders can be made by calling 221-
8937 during box office hours. Members may also reserve tickets by phone five days in advance. These
reservations are held until 20 minutes before show time. A current membership card is required for all member
transactions. There is a limit of two member-price tickets per show. Parking at the Brandenburg Plaza is free
from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. with theater validation.

55. Who would be interested in this notice?

A. Victory Building office workers B. Actors and actresses
C. Job applicants D. Show goers
56. What number gives a listing of shows?
A. 365-8000 B. 221-8937
C. 365-7786 D. 800-EFF-SHOWS
57. What is a benefit of membership in the EFF?
A. Free tickets B. Scheduled pre-screenings
C. Advance ticket reservations D. Free parking

Passage 3

European retailers are busy preparing the supermarkets of the future for shoppers from the past. The
average age of European shoppers has already started its spectacular rise: from 38 today to 52 by 2050. This
demographic shift is the direct result of the combination of increased longevity and lower brithrates. In some
European Union countries, as much as one third of the population will be over 50 by the year 2015. So how will
supermarkets cater to their ageing clientele? In Vienna, the German company Adeg Aktiv thinks it may have
found the answer. Their new superstores, like the one the company is currently piloting, will feature some
intriguing innovations; products will be labeled in larger print, shelves will be lower to provide easy access and
shopping carts will have fold down seats to give tired shoppers an instant break.
The employees will also be selected from an older age group, the over-fifties. That fits nicely with the
stores new 50+ trademark. Just how successful the new concept will be remains to be seen but there are some
very positive signs; more than half of the customers in the pilot store are actually under the age of fifty. They
were simply attracted by the shopper-friendly design of the stores and by the high standard of customer service.

58. Why is Adeg introducing a new supermarket concept?

A. To target older shoppers
B. To compete with rival stores
C. To lower recruitment costs
D. To attract a younger clientele
59. How old are the majority of customers in the pilot store?
A. Between fifty and sixty years old
B. At least fifty years old
C. Less than fifty years old
D. Under thirty years old
60. Which of the following is NOT a feature of the new stores?
A. Specially designed shopping carts
B. Personal shopping assistants
C. Easy to read labels
D. Easy to reach products.

PART V: WRITING (10 pts)

There were six different presentations presented during your Business English 1
course. In this test, you are required to write a roughly 80-word paragraph about the
presentation topic that you like the best. Give reasons for your answer. (Do not write
about the topic of your own presentation.)


End of Test