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Swimming practical examination support materials f | 4." SERVE-FLAT, SLICE, TOP-SPIN Note: Alfo the observation points hold fr the fa, slice and fop-spin serves, with ihe exception of impact pork ‘The impact point foreach ype of seve is led separately Preparation Execution | Completion + Gip: Continental Backswing Folowthrough + Serving stance: perpendicular to | * Shoulders rotate, hands spit, | + Racquet head deceleates end the net front foots angled towards the net post, and back foot behind the fron, paralll to thebaseline + Non-hiting hand supports the ball and throat of the racquet bodyweight transfered onto the back foot © Tossing arm raises up towards the net post and leads the iting am ‘+The palm ofthe hing hand remains down facing the ground before the hiting arm bends to provide fora fvent throwing motion Forward swing © Bodyweight transfers tothe front foot through leg drive © Hips uncol flowed by the shoulders (or trunk) » Eowextends and racquet folows an upward and outward ‘swing path wit the upper arm and forearm rotating outward © Tossing arm tucks in cose to the body to allow for continued acceleration of cominent arm © Shoulders aign more vertical ‘han horizontal at imeact with the ‘ees focusing on the impact point Impact © Flat serve: ball contact made in line with front foot and in front of the body Slice serve: bal contact is made inne wit the front foot and in front ofthe body, with the racquet contacting the outside ofthe ball + Topsnin serve: ball contacts made to the non-hiting side of the front foot and in frontof the body finishes on the opposite side of the body Natural upper erm internal rotation and forearm prorton complete the acton Landing completad on the front foot