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Subject Matter Basketball Jump shot IP Style B Games and Sports Date February 2017

Overall intent of the episode(s) : To develop initial competence in the technique of a Jump Shot
Episode Subject Matter AC-HPE Objectives T-L Behaviour Logistics and Parameters Time Comments
Numbers Topics Band
What is the specific content 1 Strand Why you are doing what you how will the teacher & Organisation of learners, Fdbk/reflection
2 Sub strand
sequence are doing learner look while equipment etc
3 Focus Area
engaged in the task?
Warm-up student initiated 1 MPA Warm up. I Practice Balls counted and placed in Behavioural objectives
1 practice 2 MB To initiate self- starting Self Check up turned bench 5min Engaged in task
3 APMG Learner initiated Individual Warm-up Review tasks
GS Reciprocal Safety
3-4 Man Scrimmage Street Game 2 groups of 4 @ each Basket Cooperation
Name the style(s) B Informing Style B IP Students on RH side sitting in Behavioural objectives
2 Name the skill Jump Shot Setting Learning and Behavioural Learner Practice arc 1min Engaged in task
Objectives Teacher Available for ? Review tasks
Q not Q
3 Organisation for Jump Shot LEST
Students Select an area of wall leave
the ball & return for demo 1min
Equipment Students select location
Space and equipment
4 Demo skill of jump shot and Demo the exact model & form for Students on RH side sitting in Subject matter
intro new vocabulary jump shot. Include KTPs arc 3min Balance
Behavioural objectives: (see attached sheet) Jump, Nose, Under
Individually, Control -Concentrate-Confidence Release at top, snap

5 Individual Practice of the MPA Opportunity to practice B - Individual Practice While the students are Provide individual &
technique Jump Shot 2 MB Check for understanding D - Inclusion working organise into groups immediate Fdbk for both
Differentiation - distance from 3 APMG Assessment of skill of 4 5 min Action & Decision
target, receive & shoot, GS Self assessment
control & shoot Decision Making
6 Closure MPA Review Acknowledge ability to IP Leave equipment and Subject Matter &
2 MB Check for understanding/learning and behavioural objectives remember where you are Behavioural Objectives
3 APMG working
GS Students sitting in an arc
P Rycroft Feb 2017