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Subject Matter Basketball Rebound IP Style B Games and Sports Date February 2017

Overall intent of the episode(s) : To practice rebound, winning the ball and outlet pass
Episode Subject Matter AC-HPE Objectives T-L Behaviour Logistics and Parameters Time Comments
Numbers Topics Band
What is the specific content 1 Strand Why you are doing what you how will the teacher & Organisation of learners, Fdbk/reflection
2 Sub strand
sequence are doing learner look while equipment etc
3 Focus Area
engaged in the task?
1 Name the style(s) B 1 MPA Informing Style B Group P Organised from previous Behavioural objectives
Name the skill Rebound & 2 MB LM Setting Learning and Behavioural Learner Practice activity 2min Engaged in task
Outlet pass 3 APMG Objectives Teacher Available for ? Review tasks
GS Safety
Q not Q

2 3 court ABC Left side 1 MPA Defensive rebound after the shot. Group Practice Subject matter
3 court DEF Right side 2 MB LM 6min Block out
3 APMG Take it high
GS Send to lead

3 Closure MPA Review Acknowledge ability to IP Collect equipment Subject Matter &
2 MB Check for understanding/learning and behavioural objectives Students sitting in an arc Behavioural Objectives
P Rycroft Feb 2017