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Writing 101
What is an Editorial?
It is the official stand of the paper
on a relevant development or
The only type of writing in which a
newspaper organization can give
its own comment.
An article that presents the
newspaper's opinions on important
social, political, economic, or legal
issues of the day and intend to
persuade readers to agree to a
particular point of view.
A good editorial is one that:
Has clearness of style
Leads logically to a conclusion
Presents only one idea
Avoids wordiness
Has sound reasoning
Presents facts and not mere
Has the power to influence
public opinion
What are the types of
Editorials writing?
1. Editorial of Information 6. Editorial of Entertainment
2. Editorial of Interpretation 7. Mood editorial
3. Editorial of Criticism 8. Special Occasion
4. Editorial of Appreciation, 9. Pooled editorial
Commendation, or Tribute 10. Guest Editorial
5. Editorial of Argumentation 11. Letter to the editor
Editorial of Information
It seeks to give information on facts
unknown to the reader.
It restates the facts of news stories or
adds other facts with minimum
It may define terms, identify persons,
or factors or provide a background.
Mothers Breast Milk Is the Best
The campaign launch by the UNICEF advising
mothers to breastfeed their babies is a very wise and timely
Some mothers, because of ignorance of the
importance of breastfeeding, prefer to give their babies
canned or powdered milk.
Breast milk contains all the nutritional food values that
infants need to make them healthy, grow, and resist
The yellowish substance found in mothers milk is
perceived by some mothers to be harmful. Unknown to
them, this substance contains the most essential vitamins
and minerals to prevent malnutrition.
Pediatricians recommend breastfeeding to all nursing
mothers, even to those who can afford to buy canned and
powdered milk.
Certainly, mothers milk is the best!
Bayanihan: Filipino Cultural Heritage
The effectiveness of the bayanihan spirit was best shown by groups of students, hundreds
of them, as they took to the streets in support of the Metro Manila clean-up and beautification drive.
The students, coming from different schools in Tondo , pooled themselves together, cleaned
the streets, and beautified them with potted ornamental plants. This is bayanihan in action.
The bayanihan is an ancient Filipino custom, symbolic of the Filipino way of group work. As
found in the Vocabulario de la Lengua Tagala (1745) by P. Juan de Noceda and P. Pedro de Sncluar,
the word bayanihan is derived from the rootword bayani meaning Obra comun or group work.
Another related word, magpabayani, is a request for help by one who wants a job done for
him, and evokes response from neighbors who come in groups to offer their services in all forms and
their own simple ways. In return, the nagpabayani gets free breakfast, lunch or merienda -a token of
appreciation and gratitudes of the nagpabayani.
Bayanihan is more than help extended to another. It includes all kinds of assistance; aid,
relief, or rescue given free. It may be getting together to pray for a departed soul, or grouping
together for operation linis or operation tulong.
Working together in a spirit of faith, love, and charity is the essence of bayanihan; that spirits
of togetherness that makes the Filipino ditict from other peoples of the world. It is fine spirit of group
work to instill in the young for the development of proper attitudes towards all forms of team work at
home, in school, and in the community.
The bayanihan could be a basis for the strengthening and the enriching of our group life
that will evolve a strong unity properly directed towards useful citizenship.
It explains the significance or
meaning of a news event, current
idea, condition, or situation,
theory, or hypothesis.
The writer doesnt argue nor
criticize, but merely present both
sides of an issue and leaves the
judgment to the reader.
Press Freedom
Just recently, top editors of The Sentinel, official school organ of
the Lyceum of the Philippines, were sued for libel for divulging some
abuses committed by their professor. Fortunately, the case was dropped
for lack of merit.
What does it mean?
The school paper is the exponent of the students feelings and
sentiments. Through it, they can voice their opinions which they are afraid
to say openly inside classrooms, especially when it concerns their
teachers and school officials, for fear of reprimand or reproof.
Such curtailment of press freedom is not only unconstitutional but
almost stupid. We are living in a democratic country where we have the
God-given right to exercise the different freedoms we now enjoy. It is true
that democracy and liberty are not excuses to abuse the rights of others.
But if in the abuse, if there is an abuse at all, the welfare of the many is
protected, then the actions are justified.
The schools are places where genuine democracy is taught, and
therefore should be practice.
One wonders how effective militancy should be when press
freedom is curtailed, and without somehow upsetting the schools
established routine.
A Tale of Horror: Population Explosion
Today the Philippines has a population of 80 million. At the present rate of growth, this
small country, would only be most affected by the evil effect of population explosion.
This means that most of our high school students now, who would only be in their early
40s or 50s at that time, will be the ones to be most affected by the evil effect of population
As of today our basic problems are food, water, housing, education, and pollution. Just
imagined how these problems would be aggravated by the 150 million mouths to feed, backs to
clothe, heads to shelter, and minds to educate.
Also today the world has a population of four billions. These will double in 35 years time.
The world population is increasing at the rate of an additional 2,000 million every eight years.
In six and a half centuries from now, there would be one person standing on every square
foot of land on earth. By that time, men would be no more place for plants to grow.
The only way to avoid this situation would be through population planning. The first
consequence can be seen in the faces of hungry men. One half of humanity is hungry at this
moment. There is less food per person on earth today than there was30 years ago during the
worldwide depression.
Political chaos is death through world wars, revolutions, aggressions, rebellions, and the
The third and the best remedy is population planning done through family planning.
Family planning simply means the planning of the size and spacing of ones family by means of
scientific knowledge and method.
Editorial of Criticism
It points out the good or the bad
features of a problem or situation
mentioned in the news.
Its purpose is to influence the
It suggests a solution at the end.
Rampan1t Rape, Whose Fault?
Newspapers are full of sad stories of rape cases.
Just recently, two elementary school girls were reported
to have been raped and slain by drug addicts.
The heinous crime happens almost ever day.
Whose fault? The parents, the rapists, or the victim
Rampant rapes can be minimized or even
avoided if only parents take good care of their
daughters. They should not permit their daughters to go
out at night. Drug addicts and drunkards roam the
streets at nighttime. So do sex maniacs.
Parents should not let their daughters leave their
homes unchaperoned. They should always know their
whereabouts. On the other hand, these young girls
should always heed their parents advice. They should
listen to reason. Mothers know what is best for them.
A June 12 Thought: Respect Flag Rites
A flag ceremony, wherever it be a flag raising or a flag
retreat is sacred. Therefore, it should be observed with all the
solemnity and sacredness a Filipino citizen can muster.
The National Anthem (Pambansang awit), like the national
flag, should be treated with ceremonial respect.
On this anniversary of the declaration of Independent in
Kawit in 1898 it is perhaps timely to remind all and to behave
during flag ceremonies.
Sad to say, many students during the Monday morning flag
raising ceremonies, instead of standing at attention while singing
the National Anthem, and while reciting the Patriotic Fledge
(Panatang Makabayan), move around play and have
completely disregarding whats going on.
It is for this reasons that we are calling the attention of all
teachers, especially the social studies teachers to give more
emphasis on teaching values, love of country, respect for the
flag, veneration of heroes, and proper behavior during flag
In flag ceremonies cannot be held properly, why then do
we hold them at all.
Editorial of Appreciation,
Commendation, or Tribute
It praises, commends, or pays tribute to a person or
organization that has performed some worthwhile
projects or deeds, or accomplishments.
National Teachers Day
December 5 was set aside by the president to honor all
teachers in the country. For this, he should be commended.
This special day called National Teachers day has long
been overdue. It is high time that such a day be celebrated.
This is the time when the students can give special credit and
recognition for the innumerable thing the teachers do for them.
Without these unsung heroes, the students would not be what
they should be. No amount of gold could repay them. The
youth owe them gratitude that can only be acknowledged but
can never be repaid.
Indeed, there is nothing more fitting and proper to do
than to acknowledge their unselfish efforts and sacrifices for the
welfare of their pupils.
The celebration of Teachers Day in all schools prove that
the students record in their hearts every little thing their teachers
do for them and for the school.
Orchids to our beloved teacher; hats off to our second
The Grand Old Men of Cebu
September 9 marks the 106th birthday anniversary of a
great man whose un measurable deeds can never fade but
should always live in the memory of every Filipino. The man was
Don Sergio Osmena sr., the Grand old Man of Cebu.
In his lifetime, President Osmena was the light that
illuminated our darkened trail during the first days of the liberation,
leading to our national enlightenment and freedom-the building of
our Republic. It was he who continued the fight when his
predecessor, President Quezon, failed to return to his beloved
President Osmena, in spite of wealth and power, was one of
the humblest government officials and President that our country
has ever had. As a man, he was real; as a friend, he was
indispensable and true; as a leader, he was an example; as a
citizen, he was most patriotic; and as a personality, he was
dynamic and virtuous.
All that he was is now a shadow, but that same shadow
stands as a standard with which we can realize our present state of
being. Indeed, few are the men who live the life of Don Sergio
Osmena. That our school was named after such a great yet
humble hero is something every Osmenan should be proud of.
This is oftentimes called editorial
of persuasion.
The editor argues in order to
convince or persuade the
reader to accept his hand on
the issue.
Solution: Return to the Basics
Lengthening the elementary school up to Grade
VII is not the solution to the poor quality of instruction in
the public school system.
Congress has deplored the proliferation of half-
baked products of the present school system. Sen.
Edgardo Angara has proposed to add one curriculum
year to both the elementary and high schools.
We believe that this is not the solution to the
deteriorating educational system. The best thing we
should do is to return to the basics the mastery of the
3 Rs Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. Only
competent and committed teachers should be
employed. They should be given higher pay and more
incentives and benefits.
No amount of frequent seminars, workshops, and
conferences will help.
Science Not Conflict With Religion
Can science be reconciled with religion?
This was the argument discussed in the open forum during the science seminar-workshop
held July 18 at the school social hall in observance of National Science and Technology week.
This statement from the speech of Mr. Ernesto L. Damaso of the National Science Technology
association who said that only truth does not change.
There is no contradiction between science and religion when both are property understood;
what is needed is a proper knowledge of religion and a more scholarly interpretation of the bible, the
Koran, and other similar books, for there can never be a contradiction between any truth revealed by
God in the holy scriptures and any findings of science, properly tested and verified.
Holy Scriptures of whatever religion are not textbooks of science. Their purpose is all the
same-to inculcate moral, spiritual, and religious truth.
The subject matter of science on the other hand is the physical universe. Its purpose is to
discover the law of nature.
Religion and science move in the essentially different orbits. Religion is concerned primarily
with spiritual realities with moral values, with the intangibles which elude both the pills and the test
tubes; science with matter and energy which can be seen, weighed, and measured.
Religion has no fear of science. It does not tremble before discussion but before ignorance.
It welcomes with eager hospitality every new finding. Thus further man goes into outer space, the
better vision he has of GOD, and the deeper insight he acquires into the Divine Administration of the
Scientists are searching for the truth in the field of nature just as the moralists are seeking to
clarify the application of ethereal and eternal truth to the changing social and economic conditions
of modern life.
The church welcomes truth wherever it may be found in history, in Biblical researchers, in
psychological and natural fields of human inquiry. It welcomes every wise thought and every useful
discovery, whatever its origin.
Editorial of Entertainment
It takes for its subject a topic of school life or a topic of
student interest outside school and develops it lightly.
Its similar to a light feature story.
Jump into the Pasig River? No Way!
With the worsening ecological condition all over the
world, jumping into the polluted Pasig River is never fun.
Just recently, there was a confrontation between the
police and student demonstrators in front of the Post office
Building. Then, there was the usual chasing. The demonstrators
ran towards Jones Bridge to save their dear lives. But across the
bridge, they faced another phalanx of heavily armed
policemen, the so-called protects of human right. The students
were outnumbered and out-armed. What to do? Jump into the
Pasig River. You are a scholar arent you? Use your common
sense, shouted the leader.
The students looked at each other. Then, they looked at
the seemingly bottomless river filled with rubbish of all sorts. They
stepped back and in unison with closed fisted hands declared:
It is much better to face a legion of heartless foolish
men than to die without a fight at the bottom of the foul-
smelling Pasig River!
No way, no way, no way!
It presents a philosophy rather
than an argument or an
Oftentimes, the subject matter
is nature or emotion.
Christianity, A Woman with A Child
A woman knocked at the gate with a boy in her arms.
What sort of people are they?
Very untidy, the maid said, And they are begging!
Give them one peso, ordered the master of the house. He
thought he had done his duty.
They arent interested in money. They want food. They say
they are hungry.
Well, the man laughed, I never knew that beggars could be
choosers these days. Let them go if they wish to. This is not a
It was then that he heard the voice of his heart. A woman with
a boy in her armsMadonna and Child.
A Christianwhich he believed he washad no business
driving them away.
And his thoughts went back to the word of Jesus told his
disciples. As long as you did it for one of these, the least of my
brethren, you did it for me. If I, your Lord and Master, have washed
your feet, how much more ought you to was anothers feet?
Christianity is a Woman wit a Boy in her arms.
She is waiting at the gate.
The Challenge of 1994
Old year 1993 with knitted brown, limping and
hungry, black-eyed by student demonstrations, social
unrest, dirty, politics, criminality, kidnapping, and a rebellion
has just departed, leaving behind great problems to
Youthful 1994.
All around the country are tensions, miseries, and a
starvation. Hunger stalks the land, as different kinds of
diseases inflict the people.
The poor and the unfortunate stage the same old
story. The power of political struggle and the growing
strength of the NPA and Muslim rebels have crept even into
the once peaceful barrios throughout the country, while
countless of millions look up to the sky with hope for order,
peace, and sobriety.
Now that the New Year is here, it is the time to take
stock of and adjust ourselves to a brighter tomorrow. Let us
stand firmly, for the future depends on how we make it. All
that we do is only a matter of trials, struggles, and sacrifices.
But above all, let us practice peace and love of God
and of our fellowmen.
It explains the significance of a special day or
Holy Week: An Enigma
To some people, Holy Week is a complete enigma. What does
this mean?
To others it is merely the repetition of rituals and ceremonies like
Rizal day or Christmas that make their familiar appearance every year.
To men of faith, Holy week is a mystery, but a mystery full of
meaning. It comes as a reminder that in human life, every good thing is
purchased at a price. The more precious the thing we wish to obtain,
the dearer the price. What is free cannot be of great value.
Christ came to redeem manliterally to buy him back. True, He
is God, so He is All Powerful.
But even He, had to pay a price to repurchase man. This price
He paid in His own humanity was a life of complete obedience His
passion and His death.
Christs life is the price of peace and order. To bring these back
to the life of man, Christ must die on the Cross.
The Cross has a simple message. We are all one. We are all
Valentines is...
When some students began decorating their rooms with
Valentine trimmings, a critic asked, Is it necessary to celebrate
Valentines Day? Is not a good for nothing occasion like
Contrary to what the critic said, Valentines Day is not just
a froth and flower occasion devoid of any meaning at all. It has a
distinct place and function in contemporary life; otherwise its
observance would have been dropped after the Vatican had
declared St. Valentines Day. To them, the existence of the
patron saint is immaterial.
What is important is, that people still believe in the
existence of love, love between lovers, love between children
and their elders, love among men, and love between man and
These kinds of love are universal. They are the ties that bind
the world together to keep it from crumbling into hatred and
The consensus stand or position of several editors from
different schools on a common issue or problem
published in their respective schools on a common
issue or problem published in their respective school
papers at the same time
Opinion sent to the staff by an
authority on a particular topic
educational, political,
religious, or moral.
Sent by an outsider to the staff, either praising or
Different parts of the Editorial:
Lead or introduction
Conclusion, summary, or
appeal to action
May consist only of the news of
which the editorial is based, or
the problem or topic to be taken
Could start with the newspeg
with the reaction. It is usually one
short paragraph.
newspeg: a brief statement
about the news event or issue
upon which the editorial is
SAMPLE INTRODUCTIONS (newspeg + reaction)

The new office policy of requiring tardy students to study

their lessons in the library while they wait for the next period
is both timely and wise.
It is a source of great pride and inspiration for our school to
win Second Place in the Division Athletic meet.
Our general PTA is really generous and concerned for the
students welfare. They will donate labor and materials to
improve the school gym.
The move of the DepEd to revive Grade VII to add one
more year in the high school is not the solution to the
deteriorating pre-college education in the country.
May take two or three short
paragraphs that support or
justify the reaction
Should prove or justify the
reaction or stand already
made in the introduction.
Sometimes called the punchline
or clincher. But if the preceding
lead and body have been well
organized and carefully written,
the conclusion may be omitted.
An editorial may also start with:
A simple sentence statement that gives enough of the
situation, problem or news to be discussed.
A question which calls attention to give an idea about
the problem, or point out the logical development of
the topic.
A striking statement which jolts the imagination and
arouses the interest of the reader.
A quotation relevant to the subject under discussion.
A narrative illustrating the problem or situation.



1. Make the editorial interesting enough to read.
2. Develop it from one specific, limited idea, phrased in one
sentence, and expand it into the body of the editorial.
3. Have a purpose well in mind which should be accomplished
with sufficient idea.
4. Organize all data into well-reasoned arguments, with each
argument leading up to the conclusion.
5. Peg the lead sentence on a recent relevant news for its
impact value.
6. Present both ideas of an issue and clarify tricky aspects with
a widely understood analogy or with an illustration that
makes for easier understanding.
7. Direct the editorial towards the establishment of a
8. Is the writing simple, direct, clear, and forceful?
9. Does it not carry a double meaning?
10.Does it reflect a clear, logical thinking?
11.Is the subject matter significant to the students, the
school, the community, and the country?
12.Are the sentences and paragraphs relatively short?