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Translated from German to American English by T. Itschner Copyright to the Translation by T.


The Multiple Wave Oscillator by Georges Lakhovsky:

Healing through Electricity?

A f t e r t h e M u l t i p l e Wa v e
Oscillator (MWO) by Georges
Lakhovsky proved to be an
important subject at the congress
"Heilung fr Erde und Menschen"
(Engl.: Healing for Earth and Men)
in Zurich on the 18th of June, we
decided to take a closer look.
What our research brought to
light is in fact revolutionary!

Thoughts and Electrons

All starts with the thought. Wise
people say, everything is thought or
electromagnetic light energy, just as
earth is supposed to be a thought of
God! In the same manner as
invisible water vapor or wet air,
visible water vapor or clouds, water
or ice, are simply different phases of
the same matter, that is, of water on Bioelectric currents inside the human body.
distinct energy stages or vibrational
levels, thoughts are the essence of electric "disruption field" or an drugs are developed all the time, and
all visible and invisible things. The electric "blockade" is present (old the pharmaceutical industry prospers
quality of all things, in particular if scars, wounds, chronic and other like never before but on the other
something is visible or invisible, is inflammations, surgeries, strokes, hand epidemics and civilization
only determined by the frequency or multiple sclerosis, parkinson diseases are increasing. This implies
rate of oscillation of the thoughts disease, etc.). The human feels sick that Western medicine is reaching
thus matter is merely crystalline or is sick and restricted in his down a blind end. Here the highly
thought. thinking and movements. efficient methods of electromedicine
Natural electric currents were The sick human is comparable to offer great chances.
already used for healing by romans a car motor with, for example, four So long as they are not utilized by
and indigenous peoples. Electric cylinders, of which one does not physicians, such devices will stay a
eels and rays, which give off current ignite properly. One can still drive borderline phenomenon, because
impulses, were used and pressed at with it, but only much slower. It is not paradoxically only Western medicine
the respective body areas for pain sufficient to just pour a liter of is allowed to state healing claims.
relief and anesthesia. gasoline, diesel or some other fuel, But in contrast to orthodox treatment,
Electricity controls all life to get back to full power, and with electromedicine almost no
processes, also the processes of the similarly in the case of humans, it is damage can be done. This means:
cells and organs. Thus our body is, not sufficient to eat more or to stuff "If it doesn't help, at least it doesn't
technically-biologically viewed, a oneself with medication. No! First the do any more damage!"
biological chemistry factory that is electric ignition needs to be fixed, so
powered by electric current, so that that the motor can be controlled just All Started with Nikola Tesla
along the nerve pathways all at the right moment and thus be in Many inventions by Nikola Tesla
functions are controlled electrically. "in-tact", in the right beat, and run (18561943) are based on an
These processes occur and without disruptions. Then every essential insight: "Everything in the
cooperate without us being aware of therapy and other necessary medical universe is energy and vibration."
them. measures have an effect even faster. There is a certain frequency or
Only when we suffer from a [1] oscillation, which flows through the
health problem, so to speak when universe. This acts in a positive
the control fails, our electric sensors Electro-Medicine as Aid manner on all living cells.
call our attention by movement In medicine the situation This energy was also called Chi,
restriction or pain. In this case, an emerges, that on the one hand new Od or Prana. In March of 1901 he

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Translated from German to American English by T. Itschner Copyright to the Translation by T. Itschner
submitted his patent on an apparatus
for utilization of space energy, which
was supposed to capture "radiant
energy" and convert it into electrical
energy. From the patent: "The
apparatus being arranged as shown,
it will be found that when the
radiations of the sun or of any other
source capable of producing the
effects before described fall upon the
plate P an accumulation of electrical
energy in the condenser C will
result." [2]
Furthermore he writes: "It is well
known that certain radiations such Section from Tesla's patent "Apparatus for the Utilization of Radiant Energy."
as those of ultra-violet light, cathodic,
Roentgen rays, or the like possess
which threatened the business of the
the property of charging and
powerful pharmaceutical industry of
discharging conductors of electricity,
his time.
the discharge being particularly
In fact he had discovered that
noticeable when the conductor upon
the electric signature inherent to
which the rays impinge is negatively
every specific disease could be
electrified. These radiations are
modified in such a manner that all
generally considered to be ether
afflictions known to men could be
vibrations of extremely small wave
eliminated quickly and without
lengths." [3]
It was no less than the discovery
Violet ray device according to Paul In 1934 the University of
that by such an apparatus energy
Oudin. Southern California instructed a
from the cosmos could be captured
committee in the area of medicine,
for technical and medical purposes.
course of years the fabrication of the the take 16 cancer patients in
This opened up a broad field also
devices was simplified. To this day terminal stage, from the Pasadena
in medical research. In 1892 the
such devices can be acquired from County Hospital to Rife's clinical
French physician and radiologist
private persons for home usage. laboratory in San Diego. There he
Paul Oudin (18511923) built the
wanted to treat them. In the team
first violet ray device, which is
The End to All Disease there were physicians and
supposed to have shown successes
Around 1936 physicians even pathologists, which were to examine
with acne, eczemas, psoriasis,
treated cancer with electrically the patients after 90 days, in case
warts, skin cancer, pain, rheumatoid
excited plasma tubes by Dr. Royal they were still alive. After the three
arthritis, Karpal Tunnel syndrome,
Rife (18881971). He was a US months of treatment, the committee
and other diseases. In collaboration
American physician and inventor of concluded that 14 patients recovered
with the French physicist Jacques
optical microscopes. With the completely. The treatment was only
Arsne (18511940) he developed in
prismatic dark-field microscope changed slightly and the other two
1899 the Oudin coil for healing
invented by him, which could render patients also recovered during the
purposes, a variation of the Tesla
a magnification of 30.000 with subsequent four weeks! [4]
excellent acuity, he observed the On the 20. November 1931 forty-
Devices of this kind consist of a
same phenomenon as the French four of the most respected
magnetic circuit with circuit breaker,
chemist, physician and pharmacist authorities in medicine gathered at a
like the former house bells had, a
Antoine Bchamp (18161908) and banquet at Dr. Milbank Johnson's
coil, which rhythmically attracts the
he could view, for the first time in estate in Pasadena. The motto was
anchor of the bell, and a high voltage
history of mankind, living viruses "The End to All Disease" and was
winding. The in this manner
beneath the microscope and study held in honor of Royal Rife.
generated pulsed voltage causes the
the effect of certain frequencies on Participants of the original study:
gas in an evacuated glass tube to
bacteria and viruses. Arthur Kendall, director of the
glow. The name violet ray stems
Seldom a genius was persecuted Northwestern Medical School; Rufus
from the color of the gas discharge
as ruthlessly as Rife, especially Klein-Schmidt, president of the
and the ultra-violent component of
because his discoveries had an University of Southern California;
the light, which passes through the
exceptional therapeutic effectivity, Milbank Johnson; Edward Kopps of
quartz glass of the tube. Over the

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Translated from German to American English by T. Itschner Copyright to the Translation by T. Itschner
communication between cells patented in France and in the USA. It
utilizing high-frequency and his concerns a short-wave transmitter
invention of the Lakhovsky generator with variable transmission frequency.
or multiple wave oscillator (MWO). Subsequently he and other users of
After World War II he was in contact his technology treated numerous
with Jaques-Arsne d'Arsonval. cancer patients. He achieved
D'Arsonval had invented an electric spectacular successes and

Royal Rife next to his legendary

electron microscope.

the Metabolic Clinic in La Jolla;

George Fisher of the New York
Children's Hospital; Kurt Meyer of
the San Francisco Hooper
Foundation and the chief physician
of Santa Fe Railway, Whalen
Morrison. Dr. Milbank Johnson,
professor of physiology and clinical
medicine at the University of
Southern California and chairman of
the research committee, had his own
Georges Lakhovsky (18701942) inside the multiple wave oscillator
cancer clinic and had been using developed by him.
Rife's therapy for ten years. He
documented many cases of curing
The pharmaceutical cartel was
extremely agitated, its customers
didn't need their medication any
longer due to this more effective and
inexpensive method.
What followed is shortly told:The
pharmaceutical cartel "bought"
before mentioned scientists and
physicians, so that by 1939 almost
all of them denied every having met
Rife. Others, which opposed this lie,
died in mysterious circumstances.
Others' license to practice medicine
was withdrawn in turn. All clinical
records of Rife's work were removed The MWO at highest output power.
from the archives of the scientific Lakhovsky's laboratory in New York.
community. But according to the therapy treatment. At the Salptrie in
motto, that the good won't die, Rife's Paris, Lakhovsky developed his own
published them. He founded the firm
work found a continuation anyway. therapy for the treatment of cancer in
C.O.L.Y.S.A. that produced the
geraniums with high-frequency
devices and sold them worldwide.
Georges Lakhovsky Enters electromagnetic fields in 1923, which Politically he was between the
the Stage! was based upon the ideas by
fronts; he was a vehemently of
D'Arsonval and the technology by
Georges Lakhovsky (18701942) national socialism and emigrated
was a Russian inventor (he lived in with his son across Spain and
In 1930 he invented the multiple
Paris and died in New York) that was Morocco to the USA. There he met
wave oscillator, which he had
known for his theory of a wireless his friend Dr. Disraeli Kobak, who

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Translated from German to American English by T. Itschner Copyright to the Translation by T. Itschner
cured thousands of people with Not to say anything against
Lakhovsky's multiple wave oscillator relaxation, but the effect of the MWO
between 1941 and 1958. In the USA goes far beyond just that. In recent
Lakhovsky continued his successes times various versions of the MWO
in healing. In 1942 he died from the can be acquired, small ones, big
consequences of a car accident. His ones, from 2.500 Euros up to
son Serge (who talked about multiples thereof. [5]
murder), Dr. Kobak and Albert
Verleyh founded the Lakhovsky The Do-It-Yourself MWO
Multiwave Institute is 1945. The The greatest surprise came to us
MWOs disappeared from the clinics while researching "do-it-yourself
and were later forbidden by the MWO." One of the activists in this
American Medical Association as area is the Swiss Heinz Tobler. He
quackery. But again it must be suggests to everybody that wants to
said: The good will never become replicate the MWO, to download the
extinct and will turn up again. This instructions from the website of
concerns especially the multiple MultiWaveResearch and to carry
wave oscillator. them out.
On this website one can then
Not just Pleasant Relaxation! read that the e-book on the
Unfortunately to this day, the Lakhovsky multiple wave oscillator Tony Kerselaers, who wrote the
medical and pharmaceutical cartels by the US-engineers Bruno Sacco book on the do-it-yourself MWO
with Tony Sacco.
prohibit this technology, as it is not and Tony Kerselaers is the result of
allowed to make any healing claims experiences, documents, analyses of
as beneficial as they may be for components of three original devices
such devices. Thus it can be read from the Italian physician Dr. Boris
about the effect of the newly Hadzhi Vassileff, which they had
available multiple wave oscillator: a c q u i r e d . D r . Va s s i l e f f h a d
"Reach deep, pleasant relaxation successfully treated his patients for
with high-frequency resonance years with the MWO. [6]
technology: That is what the multiple Heinz Tobler is, so he told us on
wave oscillator is good for! The the phone, actually a horticulturist
MWO is primarily known for its and only by coincidence he had
beautiful rings. The combination of heard about the multiple wave
oscillator and built a replica. In the
meantime the demand for these
devices has increased
phenomenally, so that in recent times
he has been entirely concentrating
on the production of these devices.
The book for building your own
multiple wave oscillator.
The testimonials on his website Bernhard reports: "Diagnosis
[7] prove Heinz Tobler, who is also November 2013: cancer of the
conducting treatments, to be right. thyroid and lymph glands. First
Because he is not allowed to do this surgery December 2013, second
professionally (or make any healing surgery January 2014. During control
A positive effect on the chakras is claims), he doesn't take any fees, at examination in Summer 2014 two
attributed to the coil of the multiple most donations. Thus for example, it metastases were found: One in the
wave oscillator. had been written by "Karin and neck between esophagus and aorta
Bernhard B. from Stuttgart": "Karin (size 8mm), one in the chest area
light, mat and antenna is one of a and Benna bought, after a treatment next to the lung (size 5mm).
kind and thus offers many in our center, a RK2 Multiple Wave Afterwards the sessions in the
possibilities for different treatments. Oscillator and applied it effectively on oscillator began. During the next
You can imagine the MWO as a themselves and in their circle of examination the physicians asserted,
musical instrument that 'awakens' acquaintances. the metastasis of size 5mm had not
every cell in your body."
grown, the other had shrunk from 8

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Translated from German to American English by T. Itschner Copyright to the Translation by T. Itschner

A modern multiple wave oscillator.

Excerpt from the Youtube video on Heinz Tobler's website [7]. On the left is
Beatus Gubler, who suffered from MS, after a few treatments with the
MWO. On the right is Heinz Tobler. In the back Beatus Gubler before his
first treatment.

and has been our friend for a long O n t h e d a y a f t e r t h e fi r s t

time. For many years he suffered treatment he noticed that the urine
from a herniated disc, because of he passed was dark as sludge and
which he had permanent strong, smelled like like ammonia. He said:
burning nerve pain, starting from the "It was as if something had left my
left bottom cheek, along the back of body, which didn't belong in it."
the thigh, into the calf. It is Three days afterwards his
astonishing that one day after the digestion had normalized a great
FIRST session in December 2014 miracle for him. "I would love to
this pain was gone and did not return shout it out to the world how
to this day!" wonderful that is!" By this time he
The testimonials fill many pages already had taken four strong drugs
Heinz Tobler next to a multiple and they are all affirmative! for years to regulate his digestion
wave oscillator replica. and he had to adjust his whole life
Back to Life! accordingly!
to 4mm. Furthermore it was asserted The video on Heinz Tobler's Shortly afterwards he could
in two blood examinations that the website with Beatus Gubler [7] is discontinue two of the four drugs.
tumor marker was cut in half during Another miracle: He had regained
most impressive;17 years before his
every examination (quarterly a year) his libido, which he had lost for
first treatment (on the 25. July 2014)
the last time from 26 to 13!" he was diagnosed with MS. As the years. He feels much stronger and
A few weeks later Bernhard picture from the video shows, there calm inside. It is an undreamed gain
reports: "Last week a blood sample are worlds between the formerly sick in quality of life. Now he wants to
was taken again result: tumor serve creation and provide
and the now glowing Beatus Gubler.
marker at 7!!!" information to everyone including
In the about an hour long video
Karin writes: "In January 1994 Beatus Gubler talks about the physicians who want to know!
suddenly appearing, extreme changes that occurred during the
dizziness. Diagnosis at the hospital: treatments. Before he had become
Vestibular neuritis left (inner part of invalid, he had worked as an
the ear coordinating balance). electrician. Heinz Tobler, who had
Statement of all involved physicians known him from the References:
(ENT, neurologist, psychiatrist, family 1
Friedensmahnwache (Engl..: peace 2 Nikola Tesla: US-Patent No. 685.957
doctor): The organ IS defect and vigil) in Basel, asked him, if he could 3
WILL STAY defect, one cannot do help him with an electronic problem technik_kosmologie/nikola_tesla.htm
anything, I would have to live with 4
of his MWO replica. In return he index.php/Thread/91-Dr-Royal-Raymond-
the dizziness for the rest of my days. offered a treatment with the finished Rife-und-das-Ende-aller-Krankheiten/
After merely six sessions in the MWO. In the video, Beatus Gubler 5
oscillator my dizziness was gesundheit/multi-wave-oscillator.html
explains that strong reactions had 6
completely gone and did not return set in, "although I did not believe that 7
to this day!" this could help me".
About their athletic friend "Harald"
they report: "Harald is a sports man
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