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Translated from German to American English by T. Itschner Copyright to the Translation by T.


Heinz Tobler:

Visiting the "Swiss Lakhovsky"

Whoever googles the term
"Lakhovsky," first comes by
H e i n z To b l e r ' s w e b s i t e o f
Lakhovsky Switzerland.[1] Much
information, testimonials of
patients and photographs are
presented there, which Georges
Lakhovsky had published in his
pamphlet "The Multiple Wave
Oscillator" in 1934. While today
there are many other, small and
compact MWO devices in
circulation, of which nobody really
knows who produced them, Heinz
Tobler stands for replicating
original devices, as you can
gather from the following report.
The editors succeeded in getting
one of the highly contested
appointments at his treatment
center and we also got to know View of the room, where the MWO replicas are produced and in part used
his charming wife Trimurti. for therapy.

The Visit
On the 5th of August the editors
drove across picturesque
landscapes in the canton Basel
Country to a small town, the name of
which shall not be revealed. At the
said address in front of the house
there were many plants and devices.
The seemingly young and athletic
Heinz Tobler had expected us and
stepped laughingly towards us
saying: "Excuse the chaos. We are
moving to another place right now!"
On the website the services by
H e i n z To b l e r / L a k h o v s k y
Switzerland are stated:"Manufacture
of Devices; Treatments as a Self-
E x p e r i m e n t ; Te c h n o l o g i c a l
Information." He is no therapist, no
physician and no alternative
practitioner, but rather a learned
horticulturist, said Tobler. Thus he
Heinz Tobler shows how bright sparks are forming between the two small
does not take fees for treatments, for ball electrodes due to the induced electric field of two induction coils.
which everybody has to assume
responsibility on his own. The
successes of his treatments prove help in Western medicine (or that price is about 15.000 Francs,
him right and by word-of-mouth turned away from it). Afterwards depending on model and features.
propaganda lead to many requests many buy a device, although the
from patients that could not find any

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Translated from German to American English by T. Itschner Copyright to the Translation by T. Itschner
The Inner Knowledge
Heinz Tobler may not have the
conventional training for building
such devices and treating people
with them, but he has something,
which not many people have: He had
lived for more than ten years in an
Indian monastery and experienced
some kind of inauguration from the
yogis and acquired knowledge on
the function of life, on the "fabric," of
which the things are made, on the
interior of man. In one word: His
work as a builder of Lakhovsky
devices is thus marked by deep
inner knowledge and intuition. He
"feels," loves and knows, what he is
doing, receives inspiration from
inside and therefore accepts more
responsibility for his work than many
experts in white coats.
In fact the device uses high One can clearly see the electrostatic discharges, which are emitted from the
currents, although Heinz Tobler coil into the air. In nature one talks about corposant, that is, a continuous
assures that the focus of the corona discharge in the atmosphere that occurs during thunder with electric
frequencies is "just beneath cell fields of more than 100 kV/m. It is for example observed on ship's masts,
phone frequencies," which is indeed barbed wire fences, and so on. Here it occurs on Lakhovsky rings.
advisable, because otherwise cell
phone communication would be
impaired. In the pamphlet "The
Multiple Wave Oscillator" [2] of 60
pages by Georges Lakhovsky from
1934, which Heinz Tobler handed
over to the editors, it is stated: "This
oscillator brings forth all vital wave
lengths from ten centimeters up to
400 meters, that is, all frequencies
from 750.000 up to 3 billion
oscillations per second. Furthermore
every ring emits numerous
harmonics, which in combination
with the primary waves, its
interferences, and the corona
discharge reach up into the infra-red
range and even to visible light (1 to
300 trillion vibrations per second).
Because according to Lakhovsky, all An editor during the downright crackling and sparkling treatment inside
cells oscillate at frequencies in this three Lakhovsky antennae. One can see how a fluorescent tube held in
range, they will find in the field proximity to the antenna lights up brightly and sprays sparks.
created by such an oscillator exactly
the frequencies, which enable them editor was treated for slight back waves radiating from the device
to vibrate in resonance." In other pain and afterwards the pain was returned the organism to its natural
words: To regain their healthy natural gone, as if it were magic. The other order and to equilibrium. All in all a
oscillation. editor, who suffered in particular from pleasant experience!
stress and fatigue, experienced the
Feel it First Hand crackling and sparkling treatment References:
inside three Lakhovsky antennae to 1)
Both editors wanted to feel the 2) Lakhovsky, Georges: Der
be refreshing yet calming. She had
strong currents at first hand. The one Multiwellen-Oszillator, Paris 1934
the feeling that the electromagnetic

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Translated from German to American English by T. Itschner Copyright to the Translation by T. Itschner

Impressions from Heinz Tobler's Laboratory

View of the opened Lakhovsky device,

where the spark gap is visible. The
discharge sparks create a broad mixture of
high-frequency oscillations, which are
emitted by the copper antennae. Inside the plexiglass tube, which is depicted above, is a Tesla
transformer, the primary coil of which consists of just a few
windings, as can be seen on the right, and on the left side there is
the secondary coil, which consists of numerous windings.

Trimurti Tobler, a born Bengalese, shares the Above you can see how high-frequency discharges
spirituality of her husband. She sells among others inside a glass tube energize water inside a rotating
beautiful energy jewelry from India. The selection can vessel.
be found at

Below:Heinz Tobler with copper ring in his workshop. Below you can see bundle discharges.

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