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FULL-AUTO COBRAY M-11/9 TABLE OF CONTENTS JREMOVING THE HANA MODIFICATION OF THE HAMMER. 14 FULL-AUTO COBRAY CAUTION! The legal constriction and possession of fully automatic weapon is contro by the US. Treasury Department Al conversions must be doe by a Hoensed wfacturer. Tn addition, an authorized must be secured from the B.A.T. any gan damage or bodiy harm. FULL-AUTO COBRAY BEFORE YOU BEGIN ‘STEP #1. Get the proper icense and approval fiom the US. Goverument B.A.T. ‘STEP #2 Read trough the book overlies soyou se fair with each step ofthe comers she to reassemble the complete trigger mechanism FULL-AUTO COBRAY PREFACE The Cobray M-11/9mm represents the most popular configuration for modern machine pistols and sub-machine guns. Manufactured by S.W. Daniel, INC, the M-I1 i the semi-automatic ‘version of the very popular M-10 subsnchine gun ofthe same company. Featuring open-tolt action and loads of acessories, the M-II has proven tobe ‘conversion it” for your weapon. Very simply ‘ut, extra parts forthe weapon shouldbe purchased from the manuficturer and kept aside for ‘modification. With a st of modified pats end a se. ‘of un-modifed parts you may change from semi- auiomaticto fuly-automatic in afew short mints and back again in the sure short time, FULL-AUTO CORRAY problems and answer Aeradns are made tote ream. With good working knowledge ofthe frcarm, and a grasp of wha the conversion actully does, the procest should go very smoothly! av cexacly like the standard “hand-gua configuration ‘with the shorter bare, FULL-AUTO COBRAY FULL-AUTO COBRAY DISASSEMBLY ‘The first step inthe actual cisassembly of the simple and roquzes only « lar object, to remove an E- (COBRAY v-11/3 PROFLE AIRECEVER IN ‘ FULL-AUTO COBRAY FULL-AUTO COBRAY LOWER RECEIVER DETAIL alseery wrest SEAR PLATE ENTIRE AFRAVE LOOKNG STRUCTUFE] ES hakafen bt ino eevaneee nav Son danger of ying springs and pas, ‘ 1 FULL-AUTO COBRAY UNCOCKING THE HAMMER ‘To un-cock the hammer, rasp the weapon by the portion ofthe receive behind the handle Place the thumb of ths hand on the top of the hammer. ng the same hand, star plate should slide to the rear ofthe weapon. This will use the hammer to disengage completely from tho soar plate, thereby releasing the himmer. Care must be and return the safety lever to the “safe” pesition “The weapon is now safe for further disassembly. FULL-AUTO COBRAY a HANDS POSITIONED To UNCOCK HAMMER FULL-AUTO COBRAY REMOVING THE HAMMER exterior of the weapon. The the serial uber side of the gar a the hammer pin may be ncerted LOWER RECEIVER- HAMIVER REMOVAL, AIHAMMEREN. HAMMER AND SPRING ASSEMBLY GVReTANER CoP LOWER RECEIVER PROFILE AVRETANER GLP By gerery teven 10 4" FULL-AUTO COBRAY FULL-AUTO COBRAY | ‘The hammer and the hammer spring are sttached as one unit. The rest ofthe weepon may be st aside at this ime, The hammer and tho henner FULL-AUTO COBRAY MODIFICATION OF THE HAMMER ‘The aummer is the primary mecharism that overs the semi/ull-autocapabilies ofthe M11 It isthe interaction between the hammer and the Place the hammer on a flat surface with the hooked” side down, as iit were in the “cocked” postion in the weepon. See figure 19A. HAMIVER PROFILE. AA) HOOK FaRTHESTFROW Axe SHOOK NEAFEST ANGE Gate FULL-AUTO COBRAY Whee cocke and ready to fire, the sear plate FULL-AUTO COBRAY ‘edges ofthe end ofthe hook. Be careful nat to much metal from the end, short-ending ofthe sear pate FULL-AUTO COBRAY ‘When all seems to work prope, clean all ihe parts of otal lings and Ibricate propery. Be sure to lubicatethe newly ground aurfoes and check for burrs, Replace the hammer spring on the hammer weapon te the “sali” mode to begin testing FULL-AUTO COBRAY TESTING ‘Testing should be conducted at @ safe gun ‘ange oat an unpopulated area with a good back top. Observe all normal safety precautions and follow the usual saty guidelines while testing the FULL-AUTO COBRAY a FULL-AUTO COBRAY ‘Releasing and then depressing the tagr wil fre another burst, ‘The weapon may also fire «burs followed by «short deay and anther burst with @ single 3° trigger. This problem is ‘caused by slightly too much fiction between the hammer ané the sear plate. For the most part, the FULL-AUTO COBRAY hook on the hammer has been ground pr it ja neets wo be smothed some