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A community of protected area leaders of different generations, geographies, and genders learning and working
together within and through the IUCN.

We are a collective, taking actions for conservation.

We are young, but do not feel limited by our age.
We acknowledge and respect the efforts and legacy of those before us.
We believe in our power and potential to be change makers. We believe in yours too.
Together we can create the future we want.
To do this we commit to act, for and through protected areas, within and beyond their boundaries.
We are co-creating change.
Our Pact for Parks, People and the Planet (Blue Mountains WHS, October 2014)


To foster intergenerational partnerships between established and emerging young Protected Area (PA) leaders
and professionals to contribute in meaningful ways to the work of WCPA and broader IUCN in valuing and
conserving biodiversity, governing natures use and sharing its benefits equitably, and deploying nature-based
solutions to global challenges.

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This Capacity Development Group is influenced by the YPs Strategic Plan (2013-2016) Objective number 3 and
is directly aligned to the WCPA Capacity Development Strategic Framework but seeks to direct its focus to
Young Professionals.


To empower, support and capacitate Young Professionals involved in Protected Areas and management whilst
positioning them to be able to achieve conservation and development objectives.


Empowering Young Professionals through free and affordable learning opportunities.

Create support mechanisms through mentorship opportunities whilst exposing to practical experience.
Information sharing and distribution through established platforms such as Google groups.
Sponsorships to attend relevant engagements and conferences.
Link with other capacity development initiatives in the different regions.
Support fulfilment of Commitments in Our Pact for Parks, People and the People

In order for The Young Professionals Capacity Development Group to have an impact it will focus its efforts on
the following priority area:

Young Professionals who operate within or in support of Protected Areas, as individuals or representing
government and non-governmental institutions, indigenous peoples and local communities. The focus in
this group will mainly be on the lower level staff such as Field Rangers to entry and mid-level career


These programmes are our way forward as the Capacity Development Group, they are linked to the objectives
above and the focus is on the priority area identified which focuses on the staff already employed in protected

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areas. As per the Strategic Framework for Capacity Development by the WCPA CD the following programmes
have been adapted to the Young Professionals:

1. Professionalization
a) To initially pilot an accredited Field Ranger training to upskill the entry level staff (proposed
pilot site: Western Cape Nature Conservation Board in South Africa).
b) To explore and discuss with the Young Professionals a free online training course (e.g.,
MOOC) based on identified needs on the ground. Once the consultation has taken place a
course will then be developed and YPs can apply to take the course.

2. Indigenouspeoplesandlocalcommunities
The focus in this programme would be around learning from best practice through sharing of case
studies that exist from other platforms such as Man and Biosphere Reserve of the UNESCO. The focus
would be around capacitating Protected Area staff that interact and deal with surrounding communities
and indigenous peoples.

3. Enablingprotectedareacapacitydevelopment
a) Explore possibilities of linking with potential donors to fund some of the capacity development
initiatives that include training, workshops, sponsorships to attend conferences.
b) Link interested YPs with senior and experienced mentors in different fields of conservation and

4. Evaluationofcapacitydevelopment
a) Link with the WCPA CD to measure and monitor the impact of the Capacity Development

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