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Zainal Arifin


Assessment of High School Principals Transformational Leadership
Title Journal
Journal Journal Siasat Bisnis

Volume &Page Volume 15, No. 1, Hal. 145 155

Date Januari 2011,
Author Nahiyah Jaidi Faraz
ISSN 0853-7665
Reviewer Zainal Arifin

ResearchPurposes This study aimed to identify the construct of school principals

transformational leadership, and to find assessment of school principals
transformational leadership

ResearchSubject Assessment, transformational leadership, principal, teacher.

AssesmentData Questionnaires instrument used to collect the data is the Multifactor
Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ).

Research methods The design of this research is an ex-post facto,studying variables of

teachers assessment oward school principals transformational leadership
without direct manipulation by the researcher.

The schools tested are state and private senior high schools in
Yogyakarta totalling 172 schools with 5873 teachers as data source
(DinasPendidikan Propinsi DIY,2007/2008) the number of sample that
are 18 state and private schools. Assuming that each school has 20
teachers, the data source is 360 male and female teachers from various
disciplines. Proportionate random sampling is used to determine the
schools and random sampling to determinethe teachers.

Questionnaires instrument used to collect the data is the Multifactor

Step Research Step ResearchSome of the research phase:
1). First- order confirmatory factor analysis, to test variable construct
or the single dimensional sub-variable.
2). Rank order correlation by Spearman to measure correlation of the
two ordinal data variables.
3). Second order confirmatory factor analysis to test plural dimensi
onal variable construct.
4). MANOVA, to measure the teachers assessment-based difference
of the school principals transformational leadership.

Research result The results of this study indicate that transformational leadership
assessment by the school head teacher is effective, then the principal
should be generated using standard instruments of this study particularly
inspirational motivation dimension.
Strength Research Strengh Reseach is :

- All not Just In theory based assessment methodology Theory but

was also

- Step research explain to make reader can validating the results

Weakness Research Weakness Research is:

- Table and picture not explain

- Relevant studies are not exposed

- Not make suggestion

Leadership in Higher Education Academic Leader or Manager ?
Title Journal
Journal Journal SMARTek

Volume Volume 18, No.12

Date Februari 2013
Author Agung Widhi Kurniawan 1 , Zarah Puspitaningtyas2
ISSN 1410 4628
Reviewer Zainal Arifin

ResearchPurposes To analyze type of leadership that is appropriate to apply to higher

education institutions in Indonesia

ResearchSubject Leadership, higher education, academic leader, manager

AssesmentData Document study

Research methods Only explain with theory Managerial Concepts In College and The Job Of
A Leader And Manager
Research result The results of the analysis of the research is:

The college requires academic leader. Academic leaders must have

the spirit of academic excellence, and is selected from the academics who
have leadership ability skills, communication skills and interpersonal
skills are adequate. Academic leaders are not "individual player" is
difficult to work with others. Academic leaders are expected to increase
scientific knowledge for all civitas academica and eventually became
enlightenment for the people and nation of Indonesia.

Strength Research Explain with table And Theory

Weakness Research - Research result not explain in Abstract

- Relevant studies are not exposed
- Not make suggestion