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TUNE UP4 Unit 3


accomplish (v.) - to achieve (ostvariti, postii)

advocate (v.) - to support, fight for (zalagati se za, zagovarati)

account (n.) - a written or spoken report of some event (prikaz /dogaaja


agitated (adj.) - upset, worried, disturbed, nervous (uznemiren, potresen)

alienated (adj.) emotionally or intellectually separated (otuen, udaljen)

anthem (n.) a kind of formal song written for a special occasion (himna)

assembly (n.) a gathering of people, or a group of people who meet regularly to

make laws (skuptina)
au pair (n.) a young foreigner, usu. a young woman, living for a time with a
family in order to learn the language, usually at the same time
looking after the children of the family and doing some of the
housework in return for a small wage

baton (n.) a short heavy stick used as a weapon by policeman (pendrek, palica)

bid (v.) to order someone to do sth. (traiti)

boycott (n.) the refusal to buy, use or take part in sth as a way of protesting

chastise (v.) to criticize sb. (koriti nekoga, grditi, kazniti)

chronicler (n.) a person describing a series of events (kroniar)

clutch (v.) hold tightly (grevito/vrsto drati)

concede (v.) to admit (usu. unwillingly) (/nevoljko/ priznati)

conscientious (adj.) - very careful to do one's work properly (savjestan)

dedicated to sth. (adj.) - giving a lot of time and effort to it (posveen emu)
determined (adj.) not easily stopped from doing what they want to be

dumbfounded (adj.) - so surprised that you are unable to speak (zabezeknut)

dustbin (n.) a trash can (kanta za smee)

elections (n.) an organized process in which people vote to choose their

representative in e.g. parliament (izbori)

eloquently (adv.)- in a well-spoken way, effectively and persuasively (rjeito)

energise (v.) give sb. the enthusiasm and determination to do sth. ( dati

enrol (v.)- join (usu. a college) by being officially registered (upisati se)

enunciate (v.)- to express an idea clearly and in detail ( iskazati, izraziti)

established (adj.) firmly associated with some activity, being known to do it

(dokazan, afirmiran)

etched (adj.) imprinted, having left a strong impression (urezan, usjeen)

features (n.)- traits, characteristics (crte, obiljeja)

figurehead (n.) a leader, often one who has little real power (obina figura)

firmly (adv.) strongly (vrsto)

haunting (adj.) unforgettable (because of great beauty or sadness

(nezaboravan, stalno prisutan)

hold on to sth (v.)- keep ones fingers round and not let it fall or be taken
from you (vrsto drati)

inert (adj.) without any liveliness or interest (bezvoljan, nezainteresiran)

inscrutable (adj.)- mysterious about what one is really thinking (nedokuiv,


like-minded (adj.) having similar opinions, ideas or interests (sliinh

man up (v.) to start being brave and dealing with a difficult situation ( skupiti

mayor (n.) the person elected to be the head of a town or city (gradonaelnik)

minority (n.)- a number of people or things that form less than half of the
than half of the group ( manjina)

monitor (v.) - to control (pratiti)

nostrils (n.) two openings at the end of the nose (nosnice)

obstacles (n.) barriers (prepreke)

oppressed (adj.) treated unfairly or cruelly (potlaeni)

orderly (adj.) well organized or arranged (uredan)

overcome (v.)- to successfully deal with a problem (prevladati)

peak (v.) to reach the highest level of success (dosei vrhunac)

plea (n.) an urgent or emotional request for sth. (molba)

prime minister (n.) the leader of the government of a country (premijer)

propel (v.) to move or push sth. or sb.forward (pogurati)

rally (n.) a large public meeting to support a cause (skup, okupljanje)

relief (n.) a feeling of happiness that sth. bad is over ( olakanje)

reluctant (adj.) unwilling and hesitant before doing sth ( neodluan)

spokesman/spokesperson (n.) a person that speaks as a representative of

others ( glasnogovornik)

stern-looking (adj.) looking strict and harsh (mrk, ozbiljan, strogog izgleda)

summit (n.) a meeting between leaders of two or more countries (sastanak na


supplies (n.) food, equipment and other things needed by a group of people
sustainability (n.) the ability to maintain sth for a period of time.( odrivost)

tale (n.) a story (pria)

unrest (n.) people showing how angry and dissatisfied they are and what has to
be changed (nemiri)

urge (v.) to advise sb. very strongly about what action, e.g., they should take
(pozivati, nagovarati, zalagati se za)

voter (n.) a person deciding on who should be your representative in e.g.

Parliament (glasa)

whereabouts (n.)- the place where a person or a thing may be found

(mjesto boravka, prebivalite)
COLLOCATIONS (words often used together)

active/inert citizen

animal shelter

animal testing

beaded necklace

child abuse

civil disobedience

civil unrest

cyber bullying

dating-abuse victim

debut album

deeply resonant topical songs

disability rights

distinctive vocal style

ecologically conscious

education inequalities

elected official

elections monitoring

energy conservation

extinct species

factory farming

fierce sun
gang violence

general election

good deeds

grassroots campaign

hate crimes

human trafficking

key public policy issues

labour rights

law-enforcement forces

mainstream music

major political parties

mixed heritage

non-violent resistance

plenary session

political rally

press release

prime minister

prominent figure

public opinion

puppy mills

racial discrimination

scathing humour

social unrest
EXPRESSIONS ( with verbs/prepositions)

address an issue

be at a loss for words

be proactive

be unwilling to participate

be up for adoption

bear witness to

bring to tears

call sb. names

come to a halt

conduct a survey

defied by many

die down

draw attention

fall behind with schoolwork

fall on deaf ears

feel alienated from (politicians)

for the sake of

get a set of chores

get involved in decision-making

give a standing ovation

give rise to

go door to door
hand out flyers

include information into school curriculum

look the other way

organize a benefit concert

post signs

raise money

recruit speakers

relax ones grip

remain passive

run for office

separate waste for recycling

shop in bulk

start an online awareness campaign

stir up the folk scene

stray in the wrong direction

subjected to racial discrimination

support a cause

tackle the question of

take a stand

take part in a community project

to be bound to happen

volunteer for a campaign

volunteer in soup kitchen



success succeed successful

conviction convince convincing/convinced

address address addressing/addressed

devastation devastate devastating/devastated

determination determine determined

emphasis emphasize emphasizing/emphasized

election elect elected/electoral

alienation alienate alienating/alienated

plea plead pleading/pleaded

reluctance - reluctant

accomplishment accomplish accomplished