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Process Engineer
Simulation, System and Analytical

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Relieving Condition Exceed Design Temperature

Home Equipment design temperature is usually determined based on the maximum temperature plus
a certain margin. The margin could be different for each project, say 20F, 25 F or 30F.
Conducting rigorous simulation for fire case, the temperature in each stage simulation is set
Translate higher than the previous stage by certain interval. Let say, using 10F in interval temperature
will result in temperature about 30F higher than the operating temperature at third stage
simulation. That is why; relieving temperature for fire case is very often higher than the design

temperature. Whether or not increasing rating pipe is required?.

PSV Doesn't Provide Adequate Protection of Fire Case

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Depressuring (4)

Diary (1)

Flare (3) A Separator has operating temperature of 120 F with design temperature of 145F. Looking at simulation above, in
Gas Processing (1) only two stages of temperature increase, the temperature will reach 150F.

PID (7) After fire, the temperature will increase commonly above the design temperature. And even in some cases, the
vessel could rupture before increasing pressure reaches PSVs setting pressure. In other word, the vessel will have
Piping (7)
ruptured before the PSV open. Thus, the PSV doesnt provide adequate protection for the vessel in case of fire.
PSV (16)
For example, the following picture show that the metal plate temperature reaches 1200 F in only 15 minutes after
Pump (5)
Simulation (4)

STHE (1)

1st Depressuring Tutorial

2nd Depressuring Tutorial

3rd Depressuring Tutorial

Blog Archive
2014 (2)
2012 (21) That is, actually, the PSV doesnt provide adequate protection for the vessel in case of fire. Therefore, some other
October (1) options for vessel protection from fire case beside the PSV should be considered, such as: 1. Depressuring 2.
External cooling 3. External insulation 4. Provide proper drainage
September (5)
July (1) My friend, for now, we already know the fact that PSV will not give adequate protection for vessel in fire case. But,
May (2) why do we always provide PSV as protection devise of the vessel? Why do we consider for fire case too? That
could be a joke, right? In my opinion, that is all to meet the CODE requirement
April (9)
Relieving Condition My friend, a note shall be made, although the relieving temperature is higher than the design temperature, and
Exceed Design the PSV is not efficient to protect the vessel against fire, the PSV remain to be designed based on the relieving
Temperature temperature, since the PSV is installed as a safe guard 07-Mar-17
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Useful HYSYS Short

Example Case Cut
Rigorous Method for
I still remember, one of our friends has ever asked me; at that time, he did calculation of fire case forCase
Fire instrument air
receiver, the relieving temperature was exceeding the maximum allowable for 150# rating pipe. The question was,
Fire Case - Heat
whether the 150# pipe rating of inlet PSV would be needed to be increased to 300# or not? Input Rate
Of course NOT, the pipe rating class of 150# does not need to be increased to 300#, since the Failure Case
determination of pipe
rating shall based on maximum condition without consider fire case. Tube Rupture Case
Blowdown PSV
Besides that, it is not common to design PSV for instrument air system with fire case. Personally, I prefer calculate
Gas Blowby
the PSV load of instrument air receiver based on blocked outlet case (if it is possible). Furthermore, In someCase
it might not be applicable to size PSV of instrument air receiver based on fire case. Actually, itBlock
shall Outlet
be based on
FERA (Fire and Explosion Risk Assessment) justification whether the instrument air receiver included in fire zone or
not. March (3)

2011 (8)
The block outlet case has more possibility occurred than the fire case. Based on my experience, the load of block
outlet is also smaller than un-wetted fire case. Therefore, it is better to design PSV of instrument air based on block
outlet case than fire case. Moreover, if you still design PSV based on fire case to consider worst case load, that PSV
will not provide adequate protection for the vessel: D.
Do you agree with me, don't you?
My Office - IKPT

Talk back in comment section below and let me know your opinion ! Process Simulation

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Unknown Aug 18, 2012, 4:16:00 AM Built Up Back Pressure
What about relieving temperature for blocked outlet case? In case of blocked outlet the temperature will rise
due to pressure increase. What i normally do, is to calculate the temperatureBuiltrise Up
and on compression Back
case. Is this correct? In most of the cases i end up with temp. Much higher than Pressure
the normal operating temp.
Reply Critical - Subcritical

Tube Rupture Case

Triyanto SR Oct 10, 2012, 11:44:00 AM Minimum Flow System
For blocked outlet case simulation using HYSYS,
PSV Sizing
We can use balance the mol and the enthalphy, then increase the pressure.
PSV Calculation - Kd,Kc,Kb factor
if you model it with the compressor , there is any efficiency factor that you must consider.
PSV Installation-Guide
Depressuring Tutorial

Gas Blowby Case

Anonymous Apr 1, 2013, 12:59:00 PM
How can one determin Minimum Design Metal Temperature for an Air Cooler using
was an errorUtility
in thisfrom
Anonymous Jun 18, 2015, 4:26:00 PM
In one of our system, piping and equipment design temperature is adequately sized for normal operating
temperature conditions with some margins. But during relief temperature temperature of the piping and
equipment is way above the design temperature.
In such case what can be done


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Process Engineer: Relieving Condition Exceed Design Temperature Page 3 of 3

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