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SUBJECT : Teaching Methodology

TOPIC : Basics of Teaching and Learning in Nursing

: Nursing Tutors from Government Schools of

Nursing in Andhra Pradesh
TEACHING METHOD(S) : Lecture / Discussion
TEACHING AID(S) : Power Point Presentation
PLACE/ VENUE : Class Room
: BSc Nursing and practical teaching experience
o Will be able to teach nursing students following the basics of Teaching and Learning


o Define and explain the concept of teaching and learning

o Identify the phases of learning process

o Discuss the characteristics of learning

o Explain the principals of teaching

o Describe the maxims of teaching

o List the qualities of a teacher

o Identify the roles and responsibilities of a teacher in clinical and classroom teaching

Lesson Plan - 1.1 Basics of teaching and Learning Page 1

4 Introduces Every individual should have access to a type of education Questions: What is
minutes topic that permits maximum development of his / her potentials the purpose of
and capabilities. Same is true in Nursing Education. By education?
understanding elements of the learning process the teacher Announces topic
can plan and provide learning opportunities for students to
attain the desired educational goals in a better way; what the
student receives, perceives and assimilates is more important
than what the teacher presents, gives or does. Hence, today
we are going to discuss about Basics of Teaching and
Learning in Nursing

6 Define and Learning: Gerrig RJ (2012) has defined learning as process Defines and explains Define Learning.
Minutes explain the based on experience that results in relatively permanent What is seen in the Define Teaching.
concept of change in behaviour or behavioural patterns. picture? State the meaning
Teaching: According to Gage NL (1963), "Teaching is a Writes the terms on of learning.
teaching and
form of interpersonal influence aimed at changing the blackboard State the meaning
learning behavior potential of another person". Shows picture of teaching.

5 Identify the The learning process is complex and is not directly Explains the learning Shows Identify the four
Minutes phases of observable. The phases that are commonly identified in the process with the help SmartArt phases of learning
learning learning process are discussion, interaction, adaptation of four phases and diagram of process and explain
process and reflectionLearning takes place at each phase but the meaning of each phases the meaning of
reaches peak at the reflection phase. phase. each phase.

Lesson Plan - 1.1 Basics of teaching and Learning Page 2

7 Discuss the Learning is Transferable 1. Discusses each of Discuss the
Minutes characteristics Learning is Unitary the six characteristics of
of learning Learning is Individual and Social characteristics of learning with
Learning is Self Active
learning and gives examples
Learning is Purposive
Learning is Creative illustration for each.
2. Questions: State
the meaning of:
transferable, unitary,
individual, social,
7 Explain the Principles of teaching are the rules that are followed to 1. Explains the Explain the
Minutes principles of make learning effective and enjoyable for the students. principles of principles of
teaching These principles are: teaching and gives teaching
Principle of Motivation illustration for each.
Principle of Activity 2. Questions: State
Principle of Setting Definite Objectives and Goal the meaning of:
Principle of Student Centeredness motivation,
Principal of Organization and Sequence objectives, student-
Principle of Individual Differences centered, correlation,
Principle of Prompt Feedback, Reinforcement etc,.
and Remedial Teaching
Principle of Creating Conducive Environment
Principle of Correlation
Principle of Connecting with Life
7 Describe the Maxims of teaching are general rules and are based on the 1. Describes the Describe the
Minutes maxims of principles of educational psychology and hence are very maxims of teaching maxims of teaching
teaching useful for effective learning process. They are as follows: and gives illustration with suitable
for each.

Lesson Plan - 1.1 Basics of teaching and Learning Page 3

2. Questions: State examples
Proceed from Known to Unknown the meaning of:
abstract, concrete,
Proceed from Concrete to Abstract
complex, specific,
Proceed from Simple to Complex inductive, deductive,
correlation, etc,.
Proceed from Inductive to Deductive Approach

Proceed from General to Specific

Proceed from Indefinite to Definite

Proceed from Empirical to Rational

Proceed from Whole to Parts

Proceed from Analysis to Synthesis

Proceed from Psychological to Logical

7 List the Teaching is an activity in which communicating and 1. Questions: What List the qualities of
Minutes qualities of a disseminating information are prime functions. According qualities of a teacher a teacher under the
teacher to Sandra DeYoung (2003), qualities of a good nursing are generally liked / four headings as
teacher can be categorized under four headings:
appreciated by the categorized by
1. Interpersonal relationships with students students? Sandra DeYoung.
2. Professional Competence 2. Divides the
3. Personal qualities blackboard into four
4. Student friendly behavior in the clinical area columns and lists the
qualities under the

Lesson Plan - 1.1 Basics of teaching and Learning Page 4

heading of each of
the four mentioned
9 Identify the The role of nursing teachers comprises of designing, 1. Divides the class Identify the roles
Minutes roles and managing and evaluating learning experiences. into two groups, and responsibilities
responsibilities Assigns one group to of a teacher in
of a teacher in o Prepare for class in advance discuss, identify, clinical teaching
o Regulate physical conditions and arrange classroom
clinical and write and present the
o Begin and end classes promptly as per timetable Identify the roles
classroom roles and
o Select suitable teaching aids and responsibilities
teaching o Ensure all equipment is available and working responsibilities of a
teacher in clinical of a teacher in
o Encourage participation of students
and the other group classroom teaching
o Use of humour appropriately classroom teaching.
2. Supplements as
In nursing much of the learning takes place in clinical needed
setting, particularly in the hospital. 3. Question: a. What
is the relationship of
Your Presence in Clinical Setting Plays a Strong clinical practice to
Supportive Role nursing education?
b. Why it is
o Ensure students are well oriented to the clinical setting
o Ensure that curriculum objectives and learning necessary to have the
outcomes are met presence of teacher
o Identify the areas of students anxiety and help them to in clinical area along
develop problem solving skills with the student?
o Supervise and provide corrective guidance to improve
students skills
o Evaluate clinical practice of the students; write
appraisal of clinical performance; provide them regular

Lesson Plan - 1.1 Basics of teaching and Learning Page 5

written and verbal feedback; use anecdotes

Lesson Plan - 1.1 Basics of teaching and Learning Page 6

LESSON SUMMARY: Teaching is not only concerned with imparting knowledge but
also with preparing the students to adjust with life, to become productive and useful to
mankind. In this lesson, you have reviewed principles of teaching and learning and
maxims of teaching which will guide you to carryout teaching activity in a fruitful way.
The pre-requisites were mentioned in the beginning to give you an overview of essential
components of the lesson learnt. The emphasis is also made for the teacher to introspect
her / his role in classroom and clinical settings. It is hoped the lesson must have enabled
you to understand the qualities of a teacher which has an impact on the classroom learning
and clinical performance of the learner. 8 Minutes


1. A student nurse is learning the technique of IM injections. In the beginning her

movements are slow, awkward, clumsy and poorly coordinated. After several practices
she is able to give injection with ease and speed. This reflects which characteristic of

a) Learning is purposive

2. Nursing students are taught to administer diuretics preferably in the morning. Which
principle of teaching the students are taught through this example?

a) Principle of Connecting with Life

3. What are maxims of teaching referred as?

a) General rules which are essentially followed by a teacher

4. Mention one of the qualities of the teacher showing student friendly behaviour in the
clinical area.

a) Being available with the students in the clinical area

TAKE HOME ASSIGNMENTS: Divide the group into four sub-groups and ask each
group to do a role play demonstrating each of the four desired qualities of a teacher.

Lesson Plan - 1.1 Basics of teaching and Learning Page 7