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Gold Seal Actuators

Innovative Vehicle Solutions

Haldex Gold Seal

By using advanced
processes and
high-grade, quality
materials, Haldex
Gold Seal Actuators
assure low operating
costs and deliver
long-lasting durability,
performance and
reliability for
Haldex Gold SealActuators
outstanding value
For Reliable Performance
mile after trouble-free
mile. Haldex is both an industry pioneer and market leader in air brake actuators.
Many of the designs and features you have come to expect are Haldex
innovations. We continue to set the industry standard for design, reliability
and extended product life today and into the future.

Engineered Tough
Unlike our competitors who use inferior off-the-shelf components, Haldex
engineers all of our materials to strict standards. Utilizing specially designed
components like our patented power spring, we maximize output force and
extend the life of the actuator. Longer life means few replacements, which
saves you money.
Innovative Vehicle Solutions
Haldex Gold Seal

Built Tough Haldex has the Tested For Reliability

Actuator You Need
Haldex manufacturing facilities are both To ensure toughness, each Haldex
ISO and TS certified. These disciplines Haldex offers a complete family of actuator is 100% leak tested and date
ensure each actuator exceeds your actuators designed and built to the stamped for traceability. All product
expectations. Competitor units may same high standards. The Gold Seal testing is performed at our in-house
look similar but lack many of the family includes twelve different sizes laboratory according to SAE J1469.
corrosion protection features of Gold ranging from the popular 3030 2.5 Actuators are heat tested to over 158F
Seal. The integral rolled seal on the stroke to the 1624 2.25 stroke and (70C) and cold tested to -40F (-40C).
spring housing maintains the protective 3636 3.0 stroke. A complete listing To ensure critical component integrity
coating even after assembly. of part numbers included in the Gold and peak performance under various
Seal product line can be found at conditions, each model has been pressure tested to over 300 psi.
Guaranteed to Endure
In addition, actuators are vibration
Haldex Gold Seal is guaranteed with tested to OEM engineering criteria and
four-year, unlimited mileage warranty *See Haldex Warranty Policy Number performance tested on regular intervals.
coverage*. All the design features and L20221 for details. We test components for strength and
benefits of Gold Seal add-up to save durability to exceed our own strict
you time and money by reducing your engineering requirements.
maintenance and downtime

Innovative Vehicle Solutions

Haldex Gold Seal

Black Polymer Coating,

for superior corrosion protection

Tethered Dust Plug Special Heat-Treated Power Spring,

for easy accessibility producing maximum output force and ex-
tended life, is powder- coated for
corrosion protection

Lightweight, Aluminum Spring Piston

for excellent corrosion resistance
Nylon Reinforced Diaphragm
for superior durability
Tamper-Resistant Integral
Rolled Seal permanently
Aluminum Center Body
attaches the spring housing to
is durable, lightweight and
the aluminum center body to
corrosion resistant
prevent inadvertent disassembly

Caging Tool with ACME

threads makes caging
quick, convenient and
easy Epoxy Coated Clampbands
and Service Return Spring
Double O-Ring Center Seal for added corrosion protection
and Unique Wear Rings extend
service life and protect against
air leakage between chambers

Orbital Riveted Adapter Push Epoxy Coated 9-Gauge Stud Housing

Rod Discs permanently at- (optional 8-gauge HD available)
tached for durability Patented Orange
Alert Stroke Indicator
is visible when brakes
are out of adjustment
Patented Piloted Dust Shield is designed to
enhance automatic brake adjuster operation
by maintaining push rod alignment and reduc-
Available with ing contaminants in the service chamber
welded clevis
Haldex, the first choice of North
American truck-tractor and
trailer manufacturers, now
offers Gold Seal actuators
with the OEM specified welded
clevis pushrod assembly. These
new models come with the
clevis welded to the pushrod
and in the exact pre-set
position used in new vehicle
production. This OEM grade
replacement comes in both
standard stroke and long
Welded Clevis stroke.



Haldex Gold Seal To minimize service side air leaks, Haldex
recommends replacing both the service
Piggyback clamp and service diaphragm during
piggyback replacement.

Replacement Kit
After years of faithful service, it may
become necessary to replace your Gold
Seal Actuator. Order the genuine Haldex
Gold Seal Piggyback Replacement Kit.
The kit includes one each of the Gold Seal four-year unlimited mileage. Step up to
Piggyback actuator, a premium Haldex a six-year unlimited mileage
service diaphragm and a new double warranty with a Life Seal Piggyback Re-
clamp assembly. For ease of handling placement Kit.
each kit is individually boxed.
Contact the Haldex Technical Service
Your replacement kit carries the same Department at 800-643-2374 for
warranty as the original equipment, additional details.

Haldex Actuator
Product Offering
Life Seal - 4 available sizes
Service Chamber - 11 available sizes
Air Disc Service Chamber - 3 available sizes
Air Disc Double Diaphragm - 4 available sizes
Blue Seal - 3 available sizes for the European Market
Maxibrake Products - including the R-Series and Type 50 actuators
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