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ITP Online Logbook User Guide (Students)

Last update: 25 March 2017

A. Adding Company Supervisor(s)

1. Student login to ITP website ( and click on the Log Book link at the left
control panel to access the online logbook portal.

2. An online logbook portal will be popup in separate web page (as below).
3. Click on the Supervisors link and enter the company supervisors particulars. Student may add more
than 1 supervisor if necessary.


4. Click OK to confirm the supervisors details.

5. After adding the supervisor(s), a verification email (as below) will be sent to the supervisor(s), student
has to remind his/her supervisor(s) to check email and click on the confirmation link.

6. An acknowledgement page will pop up after the company supervisor has submitted the confirmation
link in his/her email.
7. An acknowledgement email will also be sent to the student after the supervisor has been successfully

B. Daily Reports
1. Click on the Daily Reports link and click on the Add button in the specific date that the student
wishes to update his/her daily activities. The date column will remain in Red colour if no report has
been submitted.

2. Student has to enter his/her daily activities in the prepared column and tick the appropriate Learning
Outcome(s) that can best relate to his/her activities.

3. The date column will be changed to Green colour if a report has been successfully submitted.
4. View Summary button will only appear when the student has successfully submitted all the daily
reports (excluding Saturday and Sunday) within the week. Student can click on the View Summary
button to access the weekly summary report.

5. Student must confirm the correct supervisors name if there is more than one supervisor, and click
Submit to send the weekly summary report to the corresponding supervisor for verification.

6. Click OK to confirm the submission of weekly report. After submission, student will not be able to
modify the submitted daily/weekly reports.

7. The corresponding supervisor will receive a notification email (as below) after the student has
successfully submitted his/her weekly report.

8. Supervisor has to click on the link in the notification email to approve the weekly report. Student has
to remind his/her supervisor to approve the report in weekly basis.