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Key to global future

Being able to speak multiple languages opens opportunities for
greater personal and societal advancement. See inside to learn more.
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By THERESA BELLE at every level has become the
IN a recent study by the Northern If the Malaysian Education
Ireland Languages Council across Blueprint 2013-2025 is any
100 schools, principals and indication, this trend will also pick
teachers admitted that although up rapidly in public schools.
they are aware of its merits, it is One of the 11 transformational
challenging to prioritise language shifts of the Malaysia Education
learning in schools. Blueprint 2013-2025 is to ensure organise, says Sophie Lafont, College in Malaysia (ECiM).
Much like in Malaysia, French, every child is proficient in Bahasa project manager in the Education Foreign languages are
Spanish and Mandarin are top Malaysia, English and an additional Department of the Cultural passports to overseas education,
foreign languages taught in language. To this end, every child Services of the Embassy of which is attractive to many
Northern Ireland. will be encouraged to learn an France in Malaysia. Malaysians.
The council, which consists of additional language by 2025. This proclivity for French Beyond that, knowing a
representatives across business, learning reflects the increasingly foreign language strengthens
education and community sectors,
therefore recommends the
French takes the cake global outlook of Malaysian
parents and students.
students curriculum vitae and
increases their chances of
revision and improvement of With the support of the In a country where children in building a career in other parts
current curriculum provision in Education Department of the in the world. public or private education of the world.
additional language learning. Embassy of France, French is The level of systems are trained to be at least Knowledge of French opens
In more than 20 European becoming an increasingly popular interest in French is bilingual, this should come as no the doors to companies in France
countries, it is compulsory to study international language in constantly growing surprise. and other French-speaking parts
a second language for at least one Malaysian schools. in Malaysia, with the Our Malaysian students have of the world such as Canada,
year, with students gaining first This year, the department number of pupils in a clear advantage when it comes Switzerland, Belgium and
exposure to a foreign language reports that approximately 14,000 public secondary schools doubling to being culturally aware and countries of Africa, says Liliane
between the ages of six and nine. students in 90 public schools are in five years. tolerant. It is interesting to see Heininger, head of Department
Comparatively, Malaysian taking the five-year course. The French teachers are really how learning a foreign language of Modern Languages at
schools do not have strict policies This Latin-based language is the involved in promoting French here and culture makes them even Australian International School
on foreign language learning but second most widely learnt foreign they organise French days in prouder to be who they are, Malaysia (AISM).
at private and international language after English and the their schools and participate in says Veronique Hanique, head of
schools, teaching foreign languages sixth most widely spoken language competitions and events we modern languages at Epsom > SEE NEXT PAGE
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Knowing me, knowing you

> FROM PREVIOUS PAGE This informs Haniques belief that the
communication and analytical skills
For business owner Justin Nicholas acquired through language learning are not
Gregory, picking up French from lessons in only relevant but crucial in the connected
school later enriched during an exchange world we live in.
programme in France continues to reap I like to think that someone who has
benefits in his professional life. learnt languages will be able to make
I own a communications company and decisions that promote peace and tolerance
my conversational knowledge of French and instead of ignorance, division and bigotry,
Mandarin becomes useful in business wherever he or she is.
negotiations and day-to-day conduct, he
Magazine journalist Lestari Hairul
Multilingual future
concurs, saying that her conversational Methods of learning have progressed
French is not only useful in breaking the ice greatly in the digital age and language
with new people but in deepening her learning is no different.
understanding and appreciation when We have on-the-spot translating and
covering wining and dining. language learning apps, distance-learning
Building a career, after all, requires just as courses with native speakers, and immersive
much social aptitude as it does business online programmes that make it possible for
acumen or specialised skill and at the core anyone, anywhere to pick up a language
of social interaction is communication, spoken by people continents away.
which is enriched when one is comfortable Nevertheless, this does not downplay the
with different cultures and values. benefits of cultivating the reading, writing
Coming from a multi-ethnic background, and speaking of different languages in a
educator and polyglot Brendan Lanza picked formal structure in fact, technological tools
up Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Korean by are posited as the next big thing in classroom
himself and has spoken English and Sicilian language teaching.
from a young age. The use of technology in the language
My wife is Korean but she did not teach classroom continues to engage students in
me, she only practised with me. It has always the learning process by providing authentic
been hard work that did it I lived in South examples of the target culture and allows
Korea for five years and did what I could to teachers to connect their classrooms with
learn with books, television and verbal other countries where the target language is
practice, he shares. spoken.
Being able to speak his wifes language It will strengthen learning engagement,
has allowed Lanza to better understand facilitate the teacher role and provide
her reasoning and decision-making, structured comprehensive learning, says
although they were raised with different Heininger.
world views. Hanique concurs, adding that the growth
Lanzas aptitude with language has of private international education in
opened many new doors in his career as Malaysia means that competition is even
well, enabling him to better connect with fiercer and parents have high expectations
parents and students of different cultures in regarding the education they want for their
a more authentic, grounded manner. young ones.
I have learnt that language is based Having more international schools means
upon culture and domestic thinking. The that the quality of foreign language teaching
paradigm in each culture, their views on life, and learning will be a determining factor in
themselves and the world around them are preparing learners for the realities of our
ingrained in their languages. world, says Hanique.
I have learnt to understand and connect Building on a strong foundation of
with people far better than I would have bilingualism, it is not farfetched to say that
been able to without these skills, he says. Malaysian students have the potential to
Hanique explains that through the process develop strength in other languages.
of learning several languages, individuals The first step is capitalising on our cultural
develop key personality traits such as links in this melting pot to reach out to more
empathy and tolerance, which help them people in their own mother tongue.
pick up on social cues and better appreciate Coupled with language lessons in schools
other cultures. that are supported by solid policies and
They become open-minded and resources, the future of the country will be
understand that there is no such thing as a in the hands of a generation more culturally
normal culture, language or way of living. aware and in tune with the intricacies of
We are different, and we understand that language application in careers as much as
this is what makes us stronger, she opines. everyday life.
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Probiotics for good health

PROBIOTICS, often known as good
bacteria, are crucial in
strengthening our bodys
immunity, protecting gut health
and regulating metabolism.
Almost 70% of our immune
system is located in the gut. the same. Probiotics are beneficial No two strains of probiotics are
Therefore, it is vital to keep the bacteria while prebiotics are food the same in their functions each
gastrointestinal barrier intact to to these bacteria. has strain-specific benefits. For
prevent bacteria invasion. Prebiotics such as inulin, example, Lactobacillus acidophilus
In the gut, probiotics help galacto-oligosaccharides and LA-5 and Lactobacillus acidophilus
protect against harmful bacteria
Probiotics fructooligosaccharides are NCFM are two strains of the same
by producing anti-bacteria play an non-digestible carbohydrates that species with different health
substances, competing with them important nourish the good bacteria in the benefits.
for colonisation and producing role in intestine. Probiotics need to be alive for
mucin to enhance the epithelial maintaining Probiotics can ferment prebiotics them to deliver health benefits to
barrier. a strong and produce short-chain fatty acids humans.
Studies have found that changes immune (SCFA) in the gut. The SCFAs lower The LA-5 and BB12 probiotic
in the microflora (the good and system in the pH level in the intestine, thus strains have two billion CFU
the bad bacteria) composition are children. enlarging the intestinal mucosa for (colony-forming units) upon
associated with several health better nutrient absorption. consumption, making them a good
problems such as irritable bowel Bifidobacterium lactis BB12 can choice of probiotics for childrens
syndrome, gastroenteritis, Microbiology in 1998, children who entering the body. ferment inulin and helps in health.
colorectal cancer and candida fed on Bifidobacterium lactis BB12 Children commonly suffer from increasing calcium absorption in
infection. for eight days had an almost constipation, a bloated stomach the body. This article is brought to you by
Two clinically studied probiotic threefold increase in and stomach aches. Besides fibre, A combination of probiotics BiO-LiFE Marketing Sdn Bhd.
strains, Lactobacillus acidophilus immunoglobulin A. probiotics can help improve the Lactobacillus acidophilus LA-5 and
LA-5 and Bifidobacterium lactis Immunoglobulin A, one of the bowel function of children. Bifidobacterium lactis BB12 with n For more information, call
BB12, have been proven to bodys antibodies, acts as the first Children with lactose intolerance prebiotic inulin is the first clinically BiO-LiFEs customer care at
improve childrens immunity. line of defence in the immune may take Lactobacillus acidophilus proven synbiotic (product 03-7882 8888 (Monday to Friday
According to a study published function of mucous membranes, LA-5 to help them digest lactose. containing both probiotic and from 8am to 5pm) or e-mail
in the International Journal of Food preventing bacteria from Prebiotics and probiotics are not prebiotic) in Malaysia.

Kolej Tuanku Jaafar emphasises education that moulds the whole


Inspired learning,
brighter future
RECENTLY, there has been a At KTJ, students explore and
proliferation of international develop their talents on an
schools being set up in Malaysia. 80-acre (32.4ha) campus
As a parent, the decision of equipped with first-class
which school to send your child academic, sporting, theatrical
to is critical and often daunting. and music facilities.
Asking the right questions KTJ is a not-for-profit school
guides a parents discovery of and an active member of
information to enable them to the Federation of British
confidently make the right International Schools in Asia.
choice for their child. Each class, which is capped at
Believing that clarity of vision 20 students, has a qualified
is key, Kolej Tuanku Jaafar (KTJ) expatriate teacher working
wants parents to be fully alongside a trained and
informed partners and experienced teaching assistant.
participants in their childs The best way for you to get an
education. indication of the quality of a
With team spirit as a big part school is to see its facilities and
of its ethos, KTJ Primary & seek the views of the staff and
Secondary School believes that members of the wider school
all staff, pupils and parents can community.
work cooperatively to give their KTJ Primary & Secondary
best and make a positive School will host a seminar on
contribution to the life of the April 22 at 2pm at the Royale
school. Bintang Hotel, Seremban. The
People achieve far more when seminar is open to the public, so
they feel happy, secure and come and meet the staff and
valued. KTJs philosophy is to learn more about the school.
educate the whole person.
The school wants children to n For more information,
enjoy learning and has high visit, e-mail
expectations for their academic, or call
creative and social progress. 06-758 2561.
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Rise above
the rest
To commemorate
Earth Day,
students of Smart
Reader Kids Desa
Sri Hartamas
EATON International School, located 20km performed
from the centre of Kuala Lumpur, has had a creative arts and
lot to celebrate this year. built a castle from
Not only has Eaton launched a a refrigerator box.
state-of-the-art campus at Jade Hills in

Celebrating Earth
Kajang, the increasing enrolment, dynamic
teaching staff and academic results have also
been turning heads.
Eaton recently held an Open Day on
March 11 that was a testament to its success.
Principal Datin Wendy Teo explains, IT is vital for every individual to develop an strongly believes in the importance of
Parents are coming to Eaton after hearing appreciation for our planet and all it has to developing an appreciation for the
great things about our teachers and facilities. offer. What better time to teach the environment among children.
We are grateful that our dedication is being importance of protecting the environment The educational programmes offered by
noticed. than to begin with our little ones? Smart Reader Worldwide are Smart Reader
Eaton teachers add a truly international As such, Smart Reader Worldwide has Kids, Smart Reader Kids Islamic, Smart
flair, coming from England, Australia, the kicked off the Save Earth, Save Us! campaign Reader Kids Mandarin Medium, Smart
United States, Canada and beyond, bringing in conjunction with the upcoming Earth Day. Reader Kids Intensive English Programme,
with them global best practices and The campaign is designed to encourage Smart Reader Kids Tamil Language
international exposure and experience. children to create a better, healthier and Programme, and Smart Reader Kids++
Classroom teachers at Eaton are highly Datin Wendy Teo is the principal of Eaton cleaner environment wherever they are. franchises.
qualified and motivated to ensure that every International School. Throughout April, fun-filled activities are
student reaches his or her maximum carried out on a global scale in all Smart n For more information, call 03-6279 5555
potential. Eaton prides itself on preparing We want world-class education that is Reader Kids centres, aimed at educating or the SMARTLine at 1300 885 555 or visit
children for the future. accessible to bright and ambitious thinkers, children on the importance of mother nature
Students are exposed to active and critical says Teo. and how we can help save the planet in
thinking, problem solving, enhanced If you missed the recent Open Day, creative ways, one small step at a time.
communication skills and diverse Eaton will have an Open Week from now to To promote environmental awareness in
technological advancements through an April 8. It will be offering interactive school honour of Earth Day, Lim Pey Tin, franchisee
integrated, rigorous yet enjoyable education tours and information sessions for parents of Smart Reader Kids Taman Sri Pulai 2,
plan. as well as trial classes for students with Seremban, which offers the Smart
These skills paired with smaller class sizes opportunities to meet its outstanding Reader Kids Intensive English
enable students to improve their levels of teaching team and dedicated heads of Programme, taught kids to respect.
achievement and their chances of getting school. These activities teach children that
into top local and overseas universities. Eaton will also be offering a rebate on everyday activities can have a big
Eaton provides top-quality education that its application fee. impact on the environment, thus
is on par with the nations highest ranked assisting them to develop lifelong
international schools at more affordable n For more information or to register, sustainable habits from a young age.
prices. e-mail The Smart Reader Kids fraternity
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Step up with English

SHAKESPEARE wrote in As You Like It, All
the worlds a stage, And all the men and
women merely players. Truer words have
never been written.
The world has become a global village
with the march of technology and
communication. It is becoming a stage for offering an English-medium curriculum.
humans to act out our parts. It is a simple case of demand and supply
For us to live our lives to the fullest, the demand for English has created a
communication becomes a valuable tool that booming market for enterprising people. At
helps us cross borders and cultures. the same time, these schools recognise the
Today, English is a common language of value and importance of English in a
choice we use it in business, banking, shrinking world.
academia, travel, entertainment and politics, As we immerse ourselves in making a
among others. success of our lives, make our way up the
While mother tongues have their place in International corporate ladder or stay ahead in the rat
society, it is English that overcomes schools are race of life, English is here to stay.
boundaries. It is important to know that this offering an A check on the Internet reveals that there
language is a necessity if one is to conduct are about 375 million native English
business transactions on a large scale, for speakers and 750 million individuals who
example. speak English as a second language.
Living under a shell will never do if one is curriculum Yes, English is here to stay in all its glory
to establish ties globally and make the most as English grammar, history and literature. By Chong
of the opportunities given. has become Soh Nee, head of secondary at elc
English learners complain that the rules of a language International School
English are that there are no rules. However, of choice in
the eccentricities of the language and its rich business and
background make it more attractive. Where academia.
else can you find jokes about the oddities
and peculiarities of grammar?
In learning English, we also learn about learning, analysing, understanding and included several current words in the
the literature. The wonderful words of enjoying the language of these great writers dictionary, thereby officially increasing the
William Shakespeare, Jane Austen or F. Scott who have lived in worlds that we can breadth and span of the language itself.
Fitzgerald open new vistas of experiences, imagine through the beauty of their I remember when the term electronic
enrich our lives as well as give us different language. Why else do we learn literature if mail was used many years ago. It was new,
perspectives and insight into a world long not to make our own lives better and richer? strange and a noun. It has since been
gone. English has adapted to the changing times abbreviated to the word e-mail.
We improve through these experiences, in well. The Oxford English Dictionary has As men and women on a global stage, we
have no valid reason for not wanting to
learn English. It is all around us on
billboards that we see along the highways,
television programmes and movies we enjoy,
the e-mails that we read and send out, and
the news that we read or listen to each day.
We cannot change the fact that tuition
centres are mushrooming everywhere
offering English classes or holiday
programmes for English.
We cannot deny the fact that new
international schools have appeared,
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Getting infant care right

AT The childrens house (TCH), the respectful, responsive and
Infant Care Programme is designed reciprocal interaction between
for young ones between three and caregivers and infants.
18 months old. A sense of trust, security and
The first three years of life is an healthy attachment is also
optimum period for learning, nurtured to encourage exploration
which is why it is important for and the development of infants
infants to be in an environment self-esteem.
that respects, supports and The play component helps
responds to their development. children acquire and manage
This award-winning programme cognitive, physical and emotional
was developed in Singapore by abilities as well as develop
Learning Vision, a leader in language and social skills.
corporate childcare service since This sort of interaction nurtures
1989. moral values society holds dear so
It was brought to Malaysia by children also learn to become
TCH and received encouraging active participants in the world
reception when launched in Bank they grow up in. Chloe Khor.
Negaras Tunas Kijang Childcare Infants who undergo this
Centre, which has nurtured more The Infant Care Programme offered by The childrens house aims to nurture programme are more sociable and
than 400 infants over the past six children who are secure and sociable. adaptable as they are constantly positive attitude to learning.
years. stimulated through interaction Interested parents are
First introduced in the Ara We have daily programmes TCHs Ara Damansara branch. with the educators and other welcome to register for the
Damansara branch in 2013, the designed to promote a wide area of children. parent-accompanied trial at the
Infant Care Programme promotes
holistic development through a
development and provide parents
with information of their infants
Witness and discover These infants also develop more
positive emotions in and outside of
Bruas branch in KL, held every
Wednesday morning from 9.30am
carefully curated programme that daily activity and development. The Infant Care Programme, the school and adapt easily when to 11.30am.
emphasises the development of Furthermore, we adhere to which is now also offered at the transitioning to toddler class, says
every infants emerging physical, established health and safety Bruas centre, is guided by three Khor. n For more information, visit
sensory-motor, perceptual, guidelines that are frequently distinctive features of caregiving, All these and more shape infants or
cognitive, language and reviewed and improved, says attachment and play. into young citizens who are not call 03-6203 3833 to book your
socio-emotional skills. Chloe Khor (pic), principal of Care is displayed through only inquisitive but display a place.

Beaconhouse aims to nurture independent learners by building upon
their natural enthusiasm, curiosity and creativity.

IF you want your child to fulfil her practices to provide a dynamic

potential, give her the best possible start in a childs early years.
start in life with Beaconhouse The structure for BNEY
School System. embraces constructivism
Beaconhouse strives to help philosophy, which posits that
students achieve their intellectual children are natural leaders
potential as well as develop of their own learning
confidence and lifelong-learning experiences.
skills through a holistic learning To that end, BNEY creates
experience. opportunities to inspire and
Established 42 years ago, the nurture children, building
Beaconhouse Group is dedicated upon their natural
to providing quality education enthusiasm, curiosity and
from preschool to the postgraduate creativity.
level. Imaginative play as well as
Today, the group is one of the experience in designing and
largest, most established school constructing through physical
networks in the world with more play are encouraged to help
than 284,000 students in eight children explore and discover
countries Malaysia, the United that learning is fun.
Kingdom, Oman, the United Arab Admission to BNEY is now
Emirates, Pakistan, the Philippines, open.
Belgium and Thailand.
In Malaysia, Beaconhouse owns
and operates 12 schools within the
Choose Beaconhouse
Klang Valley. today
They comprise eight preschools,
two private primary and Beaconhouse aims to bring
secondary schools offering the success within the reach of
national curriculum, and two every student through its high
international schools that offer the teaching standards and
Cambridge IGCSE (International challenging programmes.
General Certificate of Secondary Let Beaconhouse help you
Education) programme. prepare your children for
Beaconhouse Malaysia recently their future by empowering
introduced its new international and inspiring them to reach
preschool, BNEY, which provides for excellence and become
students with a holistic, balanced independent global learners.
education by combining the best of
the UK Early Years Foundation n For more information on
Stage with the Beaconhouse School BNEY or any of the schools,
System Curriculum. call 03-5632 2100 or e-mail
BNEY is based on international,
developmentally appropriate my.
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The importance of mindfulness

MINDFULNESS is the process of The upcoming technology fast
bringing our attention to the at SIS will encourage students to
present moment, being fully aware be more aware of their habitual
of what we are doing and what is tendencies with phones.
happening around us. Instead of digital social media
Mindfulness is beneficial to interaction, students will be
any given environment. The reminded of how important it is
integration of mindfulness in our to have real-world social
daily lives can see reduced levels of interaction.
stress and anxiety, increased focus The mindfulness programme is
and productivity, less emotional a good addition as it complements
reactivity, self-awareness, the Character Education
emotional awareness, reduced risk programme at SIS.
of depression, more compassion Every year, SIS students will be
and empathy, among others. exposed to the 10 different virtues
Mindfulness can be cultivated of the month through various
through mind and body practices activities organised by students
such as meditation. and teachers alike in the hope of
Over time with training, our cementing valuable virtues in
minds rewire to focus on things students, outside classroom
that matter as mindfulness training learning.
has proven to reduce the tendency The mindfulness programme
of the mind to wander. complements the schools mission
At Sunway International School of providing a holistic approach
(SIS), the mindfulness programme to education as it focuses on the
is introduced to enable the sharing development of the student in
of tools that can positively impact terms of their achievements,
the overall well-being of students well-being and life-long learning.
and teachers. Mindfulness programmes are
Students will be exposed to At SIS, teachers begin the class with a simple mindfulness activity that promotes focus and productivity. becoming increasingly popular
strategies that aim to reduce stress, and relevant in schools across the
increase focus and positively that are integrated into the class we are doing. phone-free days. globe as they enhance the
contribute to their overall include guided meditations, stress Students at SIS are guided As much as technology has made educational, social and emotional
well-being. relief activities, mindful eating and through their breathing with life better in many ways, it has also well-being of students. That is
The end goal of promoting various activities that focus on practices, which are designed to caused our attention to sway, why this programme plays an
mindfulness in a school gratitude. reduce stress, anxiety and negative which will in time make us less integral role in shaping a healthy
environment is to ensure that Simple activities such as the emotions. present as human beings. SIS community.
students can cope with stress and guided meditations and mindful This leads them to be more The healing of our mind can be Visit the SIS community on its
anxiety as well as improve their eating help students to focus on the focused and sharpens their done through various activities Open Day on April 22 at the
focus and productivity, which will task at hand. concentration skills. such as art, music and meditation Bandar Sunway and Sunway
ultimately lead to a positive We live in an era where the Moving forward, the SIS but becoming more conscious of Iskandar campuses.
classroom environment. simplest form of distraction can community will take mindfulness our use of technology has proven
Launched in January this year, put us on an autopilot mode to a whole new level by to be the most effective remedy to n For more information,
the pilot mindfulness programmes without really being aware of what introducing technology fasts or bring us back to the real world.