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Steven J.

5804 Barjona Place
Lincoln, NE 68516
(402) 525-6543


Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Minor: Education Anticipated Graduation: May, 2017

GPA: 3.786 / 4.0 University of Nebraska at Lincoln

STUDY ABROAD Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland January May, 2015

ENDORSEMENT Secondary Mathematics

CERTIFICATION Application pending for Nebraska Initial Teaching Certificate
PRAXIS STATUS Completed Praxis I & Praxis II

Student Teaching, Southeast High School, Lincoln NE January May, 2017
Algebra 2
Design and lead daily lessons for 3 sections of 24 to 26 students
Accommodate by using classroom microphone system for students with hearing impairments
Lead exploratory lessons during statistics unit using Geogebra on Chromebooks
Develop lesson plans for units covering: Exponent/Radical Functions, Logarithms, Statistics
Model graph transformations to students by projecting Desmos from an iPad.
Compose lessons using Desmos and monitor student work using teacher tools
Create daily warm up activities and monitor and select student work to be presented
Encourage peer collaboration during lessons by providing partner and group discussion time
Create discovery problems to build cross section and cross chapter connections
Devise balanced grading scales for assessments given to students
Block Algebra 1
Co-teach class of 25 students, 13 of whom have one or more disability
Accommodate students with Autism by developing effective questioning methods
Provide students with Specific Learning Disabilities preferred setting for assessments
Read aloud test and quizzes for students with Speech Language Impairments
Conduct lessons for units on: systems of equations, exponents, and polynomial operations
Develop lessons while working with the co-teacher in order to engage all students
Monitor student work and discuss student progress with cooperating teacher
Design assessments with fair grading scales to allow students to track progress
Create warm up activities, monitor, and select student work to be presented
Collaborate with IEP manager to provide appropriate accommodations during class
Steven Emmerich - 2

Comprehensive / Additional Duties

Provide assistance for a math club consisting of approximately 15 to 20 students per week
Facilitate mathematically enriching activities during math club
Assist cooperating teacher with independent e-learning class
Conduct observations of math and other classes taught by a variety of teachers
Responsible for providing accurate grades and feedback for students and parents
Practicum, Mickle Middle School, Lincoln NE September December, 2016
Differentiated Algebra, Grade 8
Observed and assisted class of 28 students with daily Algebra 1 lessons
Conducted warm up activities daily, including monitoring and selecting student work
Answered questions and clarified solutions to homework and other assessments
Individualized lesson content for students who were struggling with new topics
Independently developed 4 lessons plans for Algebra 1 covering linear functions
SUAS Educational Development Literacy Mentor, Dublin, Ireland February April, 2015
Encouraged struggling primary school students with development of reading skills
Provided support for word pronunciation along with positive feedback to students
Tutor, Freelance, Lincoln NE April November, 2016
Tutored high school students with material from Algebra 2 and Geometry classes
Conferred with parents about the progress of their children

Proficient reading and speaking level of Spanish Strong organizational and planning skills
Critical thinking and analytical skills Public speaking skills, large and small groups
Technology skills: Desmos, Geogebra, Windows, Microsoft Office, iOS, and Adobe Photoshop
International travel experience: Ireland, England, Scotland, The Netherlands, and Canada
Deans List, 6 Semesters James Canfield Scholarship Recipient
Phi Kappa Theta: Housing Manager, Executive Board Member, Housing Corporation Member, 2014


Server, Texas Roadhouse, Lincoln, NE August, 2011 Present
Telephone Interviewer, Gallup, Lincoln, NE June, 2010 August, 2011
Trainer, Closer, Cook, and Cashier, Burger King, Lincoln, NE November, 2007 July, 2010
Strategic Relator Individualization Achiever Futuristic