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U & I Software VTrack 1.5 Multi- MPEG, AVI, and DV, with a number 128 sources can be used. Effects are
track Video Tool of codec and frame rate options. processed in real-time on all formats.
VTrack runs on Mac OS X using A new Dynamic RT (real-time) sys-
U & I Softwares VTrack is an eight- CarbonLib 1.3 or later and can run on tem can be set by the user to adjust
track video editor/sequencer and ef- Macintosh OS 9 as long as CarbonLib image quality and frame rate in real-
fects application that can be used to is installed. A VTrack demonstration time according to CPU power usage.
mix QuickTime movies, DV streams, version is available from the U & I Also new in this version is support
still images, sounds, and ArtMatic Software Web site. for 24 channels of 24-bit audio sam-
structures. ArtMatic, also from U & VTrack is listed for US$ 299. Along pled at 96 kHz.
I, is a graphics and animation synthe- with ArtMatic and MetaSynth, vari- Although audio mixing is available
sizer that allows users to easily create ous combination and upgrade discounts in Final Cut Pro 5, Soundtrack Pro
complex digital art using graphics are available. Contact: U & I Software; with its roots in Apples Soundtrack
functions and filters. The combina- electronic mail ui_public@uisoftware and Logic Pro applications provides
tion of video-mixing with ArtMatic .com; Web additional plug-in, effects, and
features makes VTrack a useful post- recording/editing utilities. More than
production tool as well as an applica- 50 effects plug-ins and 5,000 Apple
tion for creating art and music videos. Apple Final Cut Studio with Final Loops, with a range of both musical
A VTrack project consists of a Cut Pro 5 and Soundtrack Pro sounds and sound effects, are in-
number of events of different types cluded. A set of noise removal and
arranged across eight tracks on a Final Cut Studio is a suite of Apple audio cleaning utilities are available,
tempo-based grid. A number of differ- software for the professional video and AppleScript is supported. Audio
ent types of transport modes can be market. The centerpiece of this col- sequences can be transferred from the
used to specify how the layers of lection is Apples Final Cut Pro 5 audio editor of Final Cut Pro for more
events are combined. Events in video editing software with new High detailed editing.
VTrack can be picture, movie, Art- Definition (HD) support. Soundtrack Motion 2 is a real-time graphics
Matic, or simpler graphic events cre- Pro is included for audio editing and application with support for MIDI
ated with the VTrack graphic editor. mixing, Motion 2 for real-time mo- controllers. Featuring graphics pro-
A project library of events for pos- tion graphics, and DVD Studio Pro 4 cessing units (GPU) accelerated 32-
sible use can hold 96 pictures and to prepare and burn videos to DVD. bit float rendering, motion graphics
movies, and 64 images. A set of 3,000 Soundtrack Pro is a new product but with improved quality even at low
ArtMatic presets are provided. More the other applications are all up- bit rates, no banding artifacts, and
than one project can be opened at the grades of previous releases with pow- very accurate colors, are possible.
same time so the user can copy and erful new features. Collectively, they New to Motion is the Replicator
paste between them. A separate offer the video producer a profes- Tool, an automated tool for creating
soundfile can be associated with the sional product that covers the entire multiple copies of particular graphic
project to act as a soundtrack. It is video production process from start features with user-defined behaviors.
also possible to associate a soundfile to finish. A set of more than 50 filters, effects,
with a particular picture or ArtMatic Final Cut Pro 5 is a comprehensive and particle presets are included. Fil-
file so that each time the graphic video editing and mixing application ter and transform parameters can be
event appears, the sound is played. with support not only for Digital mapped to MIDI controllers for dy-
Special effects, fades, transitions, Video and Standard Definition film, namic response to multiple inputs.
and title sequence features, along but also for a variety of High Defini- Finally, DVD Studio Pro 4 can be
with powerful ArtMatic features, tion (HD) formats, including uncom- used to burn SD or HD videos to
mean that VTrack can be used as a pressed, HDV, DVCPRO HD (a DVD. Distributed encoding can be
standalone video editor and se- Panasonic DV format), and newer for- used to speed up the process. A Dolby
quencer or can be used to create mats. Among the new features in Fi- Digital Professional (AC3) encoder
whole videos or video clips for fur- nal Cut Pro is support for multiple and General Parameters (GRPM) for
ther processing and editing in other cameras, allowing editors to switch storing viewer history and making
applications. Video output from angles from shot to shot and auto- appropriate changes to the playing of
VTrack can be in a number of for- matically combine video sequences the DVD, are also included.
mats, including QuickTime Movie, based on time-of-day timecode. Up to Detailed application specifications

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Figure 1. Mackie Control
Universal with XT exten-
der and control C4.

and system requirements are avail-

able on the Apple Web site.
Final Cut Studio is listed for
US$ 1,299. Purchased individually,
Final Cut Pro is listed for US$ 699,
Soundtrack Pro for US$ 299, Motion
2 for US$ 299, and DVD Studio Pro
for US$ 499. Upgrade discounts and
educational pricing are available.
Contact: Apple, Inc., 1 Infinite Loop,
Cupertino, California 95014, USA;
telephone (+1) 408-996-1010; Web the master section. The MCU con- cial curriculum of the Apple Pro nects to the computer by means of a Training and Certification Program.
MIDI interface. This series includes volumes for
The MCU can be extended by the learning how to work with Final Cut
Mackie Control Universal and Mackie Control Universal XT, an Express/Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Logic,
Control C4 MIDI Controllers eight-channel extension similar to Shake, and Motion. Mary Plummer
the MCU but lacking the master has added to the list with her book
The Mackie Control Universal section. on Soundtrack (softcover, 2004,
(MCU) is a touch-sensitive control The final device in this control sur- ISBN 0-321-24690-X) (see Figure 2).
surface that now offers support for face collection is the Mackie Control No doubt, an updated version will
Apples Final Cut Pro 5 and Sound- 4, a controller for plug-ins with sup- soon be out to address the Sound-
track Pro. The MCU has eight 100- port for Logic Pro 7, Logic Express 7, track Pro upgrade.
mm motorized touch channel faders Sonar 4, and Tracktion 2. The con- In addition to the Getting Started
and a master fader (see Figure 1). troller features the same 55 2 back- section, the 458-page book is organ-
There is no limit to the number of lit LCD as the MCU with 32 V-pots ized into nine lessons, followed by
banks that can be used and therefore with LED indicators that give access an appendix (Apple Professional
no limit to the number of channels. to 32 plug-in parameters. The pots Products Integration) and index.
Each channel has a rotary V-pot with are grouped into sets of eight with a These lessons are laid out as follows:
an LED surround displaying the cur- further 55 2 LCD display beneath 1. Working with the Interface; 2. Ar-
rent controller value. Each channel each group acting as a scribble strip. ranging a Song; 3. Editing, Mixing,
also has dedicated buttons for record The C4 can be used as a standalone and Effects; 4. Creating and Exporting
arm, solo, mute, channel select, and unit or in conjunction with the MCU a Temporary Score; 5. Using Ad-
signal present. The most noticeable and MCU XT. vanced Editing and Mixing Tech-
feature of the control surface is the The MCU is listed for US$ 1,299, niques; 6. Scoring Techniques for
55 2 backlit LCD that is incorpo- the XT for US$ 1,099 and the Control Multimedia Projects; 7. Distributing
rated into the design. The display can C4 for US$ 1,299. Contact: Mackie, and Managing Soundtrack Files; 8.
be used for various parameters in- Inc., 16220 Wood-Red Road N.E., Recording Audio in Soundtrack; and
cluding track name, channel meter- Woodinville, Washington 98072, USA; 9. Using the Soundtrack Loop Utility.
ing, plug-ins, I/O assignments, and is telephone (+1) 425-487-4333; fax (+1) The book comes with a DVD-ROM,
complemented by a seven-segment 425-487-4337; Web containing all the files necessary to
LED timecode display. The master products/msu/index.html. follow the lessons, along with guide-
section is labeled for Logic Pro but as lines for downloading a 30-day trial
the controller supports Pro Tools, Fi- version of the software.
nal Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Nuendo, Apple Pro Training Series: Soundtrack: Create Original
Cubase SX, Adobe Audition, and Soundtrack by Mary Plummer Scores for Video, DVD, and the Web
Cakewalk Sonar, among others, is listed for US$ 39.99. Contact:
Mackie supplies Lexan overlays for Peachpit Press publishes a variety of Peachpit Press, 1249 Eighth Street,
many of these applications. Trans- technical how-to books, including Berkeley, California 94710, USA;
port controls, a jog/shuttle wheel and the Apple Pro Training Series, the telephone (+1) 510-524-2178; fax
software-specific controls make up self-paced learning tool and the offi- (+1) 510-524-2221; electronic mail

100 Computer Music Journal

Figure 2. Apple Pro Train- Figure 3. JazzMutant
ing Series: Soundtrack by LEMUR multitouch con-
Mary Plummer (Peachpit troller.
Press).; Web www

JazzMutant LEMUR Multitouch

Controller more interfaces that detail the map- ness involved in movement. Objects
ping relationship between the hard- can be labeled according to the param-
Created by JazzMutant and marketed ware controller and audio software. eter(s) they are controlling. Another
by Cycling 74, LEMUR is a controller Currently 1,024 objects of various important feature for performance
with a multiple-finger touchscreen types are available for building these settings is LEMURs ability to track
for live performance of audio and mul- interfaces. Faders, switches, toggles, parameter values on the computer so
timedia applications (see Figure 3). keyboards, and two-dimensional area that the user does not have to moni-
The display/touchscreen of LEMUR controllers can be combined and tor the computer display itself for
is a 12-in., 800 600 LCD screen. mapped to musical and control pa- feedback.
The controller has a built-in 100 rameters in audio applications. Physi- LEMUR is not pressure sensitive
Base-T LAN interface for connection cal switches (+/) above the display but the creators suggest that the rate
to an Ethernet port and uses Open panel allow the user to switch be- of change and size of objects can be
Sound Control (OSC) to send and re- tween interfaces. The software editor used to emulate pressure readings.
ceive 32-bit precision data. OSC is has four main windows: an interface, The controller is powered by a 12-V
currently supported by Max/MSP/ an object list window, an object wiz- external power supply. Video clips of
Jitter, Reaktor, Pure Data, SuperCol- ard window, and an expression editor. the LEMUR in use are available on
lider, and a software development kit The object list window allows the the JazzMutant Web site.
is available. Multiple LEMURs can user to create and manage object in- The LEMUR is listed for US$ 2,495.
be used with one or more computers. stances as well as functions and vari- Contact: JazzMutant, 2 alle du Doyen
LEMUR is more than just a touch- ables. The user can set parameters Georges Brus, 33600 Pessac, France;
screen interface for applications. The and properties in the object wizard telephone (+33) 556-460-344; elec-
LCD screen allows the creation of window. The expression editor, with tronic mail;
new touch-oriented interfaces for 1,024 expressions, allows for editing Web In
control of application parameters and functions and variables. Many of the North America, contact: Cycling 74,
functions. A cross-platform software user interface objects have parameter 379A Clementina Street, San Fran-
editor is used to arrange LEMUR settings for things like shape, size, cisco, California 94103, USA; tele-
projects. A project consists of one or and the amount of friction or smooth- phone (+1) 415-974-1818; fax (+1)

Products of Interest 101

415-974-1812; electronic mail of parameters, and a chorus mode and formance Set deals with playing; Web www specialization tool are provided for styles and tools to create convincing the instruments. musical performances.
The riffs that are included in The samples in the Orchestral
BRASS span a variety of styles and Cube consist of single note samples
Arturia/IRCAM BRASS Physical can contain up to four instruments. of varying length with constant dy-
Modeling Virtual Instruments A chosen riff can be changed in namics, dynamics that change over
tempo manually or set to synchro- time, different velocities, different at-
Arturia has teamed up with the Insti- nize with a host sequencer. They can tacks, and various playing techniques
tut de Recherche et Coordination be launched automatically from the like vibrato and flutter tonguing.
Acoustique/Musique (IRCAM), to users keyboard and exported as MIDI Each instrument in the library has
produce a set of three virtual instru- files for use in sequencers. Individual the same structure so it is easy to
mentstrumpet, saxophone, and notes can be edited with a piano roll switch between instruments. The
trombonethat can be used as stand- editor. MIDI files can also be im- Performance Set is used to control
alone software or as plug-in instru- ported to form BRASS riffs. legato transitions between notes, the
ments in most popular formats. BRASS is available for Windows performance of repeated notes, runs,
IRCAM has been involved in the XP and Mac OS X. For each, a mini- authentic grace notes, and more. The
development of physical models of mum of 256 MB RAM and a 1.5-GHz control of repeated notes includes
instruments for a number of years. Its processor is recommended. Contact: tempo, velocity, dynamics, and ele-
previously released Modalys software Arturia, 4 Chemin de Malacher, ments such as legato. Octave runs in
is a library of objects for building in- 38240 Meylan, France; telephone all major keys are included. Along
struments, the latest version of (+33) 438-020-0525; electronic mail with standard orchestral instruments,
which combines a graphical user in-; Web www.arturia more unusual instruments like the
terface with Max/MSP control. This .com/. contrabass trombone and Wagner tuba
current collaboration with Arturia are also included.
brings IRCAMs physical modeling All samples were recorded at 24-
techniques to a wider audience. Vienna Symphonic Library and bit/96-kHz resolution/sampling rate
BRASS is available to both Macintosh- Horizon Series Orchestral Sample in a specially constructed studio, the
and Windows-based users, in stand- Libraries Silent Stage, to ensure a signal-to-
alone format or as VST, DXi, RTAS, noise ratio of 90 dB. The Orchestral
HTDM, or Audio Units plug-ins. The Vienna Symphonic Library, from Cube and Performance Sets are avail-
With BRASS, a keyboard or other the company of the same name, is a able separately or as a package, and
controller can play virtual instru- vast sample library of orchestral the instrument sample sets of string,
ments with physical characteristics sounds with performance controls. brass & woodwinds, and percussion
specified by the user. The software The library is available in two ver- can also be purchased separately.
operates in two modes. The Live sions, a First Edition and Pro Edition, The Horizon Series comprises 13
mode is a basic instrument playing in GigaStudio and EXS24 formats. editions of individual instruments or
mode, and the Riff mode allows the (EXS24 is a software sampler origi- instrument groups, with many of
user to recall, edit, and export a li- nally developed by Emagic and now these instruments taken directly
brary of preset stored phrases. incorporated into Apple Logic.) The from the Pro Edition of the Vienna
For each instrument, the user can Pro Edition of this library consists of Symphonic Library. These smaller
control the attack, pressure, pitch, a 240-GB collection of 360,000 sample collections are available in
timbre, amount of noise, vibrato, and samples, and the First Edition is a formats for the EXS24, GigaStudio,
position of the instrument in relation slightly smaller version. Both are Steinbergs HALion, and Native In-
to a microphone. A mute parameter made up of two parts: the Orchestral struments Kontakt, and range in size
is available for the trumpet and trom- Cube and the Performance Set. Indi- from the 2.7-GB horn set to the 29-
bone. MIDI controllers can be as- vidually available sets of strings, GB solo string edition.
signed to these parameters to allow brass & woodwinds, and percussion Further details of instrument
for real-time control in performance. instrument samples, form the Or- samples, performance controls, the
Drawing tools enable precise editing chestral Cube component. The Per- editions of orchestral samples, and

102 Computer Music Journal

Figure 4. Digigram
VX882HR high resolution
multichannel soundcard.

upgrade and combination-purchase free download from Ugos Web site.

offers are available on the Vienna Contact: Ugo; electronic mail
Symphonic Library Web site.; Web www
The complete orchestral package of
the First Edition is listed for US$ 3,690
and the Pro Edition for US$ 5,990.
Contact: Vienna Symphonic Library Digigram VX881HR and
GmbH, Draschestrasse 89, A-1230 VX882HR Multichannel
Wien, Austria; electronic mail Soundcards; Web
Digigram specializes in producing au-
dio soundcards and other hardware
String Theory v1.5 Physical for the broadcast industry. Its High fax (+1) 703-875-9161; electronic
Modeling String VSTi Resolution VX series soundcards are mail; Web
Synthesizer aimed at broadcast users who deal Outside of
with applications relating to produc- North America, contact: Digigram,
Chris Sciurba (a.k.a. Ugo) is a graphic tion, on-air audio, permanent play- Parc de Pr Milliet, 38330 Montbon-
artist, composer, and developer of a back, and audio logging. not, France; telephone (+33) 476-52-
number of free VST synthesizers, in- The VX882HR sound card features 47-47; fax (+33) 476-52-18-44.
cluding String Theory, a Physical eight analog and eight digital input/
Modeling plucked hybrid instrument. outputs (see Figure 4) and the
This synthesizer can produce not VX881HR is an all-digital version Digidesign Pro Tools M-Powered
only a range of plucked strings but with eight digital input/outputs. The Audio Workstation Software
atmospheric pads and hybrid synthe- card can handle sampling rates of 8
sizer sounds. Along with the physi- kHz to 192 kHz at up to 24-bit resolu- Pro Tools M-Powered is a new ver-
cally modeled plucked strings are tion. Hardware sample rate convert- sion of Pro Tools created especially
delay-based oscillators, amplitude en- ers are built in to allow simultaneous for use with M-Audio hardware inter-
velopes with two different kinds of recording of audio with different faces (see Figure 5). This enables
attacks, a Low Frequency Oscillator sample rates. The card is in PCI for- users to utilize powerful Pro Tools
(LFO), a tremolo, and a detune func- mat, requiring a single slot, and oper- features, without the need for
tion. A range of filters for shaping the ates at a 64-bit resolution and a rate Digidesign hardware, for the first time.
sound includes a band-pass and band- of 66 MHz. Maximum input and out- Pro Tools M-Powered supports se-
reject filter and high- and low-pass put level is +24 dBu. lect M-Audio audio/MIDI interfaces.
filters, both with envelope control The cards are compatible with Currently the supported interfaces
and LFO. A dual phrase apreggiator Windows 2000 or XP and drivers are are the Audiophile 192 and 2496 PCI
offers controls of speed, gate, and available for Windows Driver Model cards; the Delta 1010, 1010LT, 66,
octave of each unit and can be used (WDM), DirectSound, ASIO, Wave, as and 44 PCI cards; the FireWire mo-
to reproduce guitar finger-picking well as Digigrams own np drivers. bile interfaces (models 410, 1814, and
effects. Parameter values can be The cards feature a 62-pin external Audiophile); the FireWire Solo; and
mapped to MIDI control messages. connector, inter-board synchroniza- the Ozonic, a 37-key audio/MIDI
The synthesizer comes with 173 pre- tion, and a companion board connec- FireWire interface with microphone/
loaded patches. tor for Digigram or other custom instrument preamplifier.
Other synthesizers available in- add-on cards. An optional breakout This new version of Pro Tools soft-
clude: Motion, featuring, among box is also available. ware provides professional standard
other things, eight LFOs and three The VX882HR is listed for audio recording, editing, and mixing.
16 step sequencers; Texture, with a US$ 2,290, and the VX881HR digital Sessions recorded with Pro Tools M-
band-pass filter as a key element; and card for US$ 1,690. Contact: Digi- Powered can subsequently be opened
Rez, a monophonic synthesizer with gram, 2101 Wilson Boulevard, Suite in Pro Tools TDM and LE full ver-
a multiple-filter chain. 1004, Arlington, Virginia 22201, sions. One of the main benefits of
String Theory 1.5 is available for USA; telephone (+1) 703-875-9100; this is that initial recording and ses-

Products of Interest 103

Figure 5. Main user inter-
face for Digidesign Pro
Tools M-Powered software.

sion work can be done on a computer designed by Bomb Factory and Di- Pro Tools M-Powered is available
at a home or project studio before giRack, is supplied with the software. for Windows XP and some Mac OS X
transferring work to a full Pro Tools- Equalizers, delays, choruses, dy- operating systems. Apple computer
based recording studio. Both 16-bit namic processors, reverberation, a users should make sure to check the
and 24-bit sample sizes are available pitch shifter, and more are available compatibility listings available on
and sampling rates of up to 96 kHz in the form of plug-ins. Pro Tools M- the Digidesign Web site (www
can be used. A total of 32 simultane- Powered also supports ReWire, en-
ous audio tracks are provided and up abling the user to capture audio Pro Tools M-Powered is listed for
to 256 MIDI tracks. A number of streams from other ReWire-compatible US$ 349.95 for the software alone. It
MIDI sequencer functions such as software running concurrently on the can only run in conjunction with an
loop recording and quantizing are computer. The software is also com- M-Audio hardware interface, avail-
built into the software. patible with Digidesigns Command|8, able for purchase separately. Contact:
Both effects and instrument plug- a control surface with eight touch- M-Audio, 5795 Martin Road, Irwin-
ins, in RTAS and AudioSuite for- sensitive faders. Ableton Live Digi- dale, California 91706, USA; tele-
mats, can be used with Pro Tools design Edition, a sampling sequencer, phone (+1) 626-633-9050; fax (+1)
M-Powered. A set of 30 free plug-ins, is packaged with the software. 626-633-9070; electronic mail

104 Computer Music Journal

Figure 6. Klipsch RVX-54
Reference Series loud-
speaker.; Web www projector actually incorporates 42 in- Additional information dividual loudspeakers into a single
is also available on the Digidesign unit (see Figure 7). The direction of
Web site ( sound is controlled by focusing it
into beams and taking advantage of
wall reflections.
Klipsch RVX-54 and RVX-42 The YSP-1 speaker system is de-
Reference Series Speakers for signed to be placed at front-center or
LCD and Flat-Panel TV front-corner of a room and can be
wall- or table-mounted. Yamaha uses
Klipsch makes a wide range of loud- a patented Digital Sound Projection
speakers for the home user. One of its technology that controls not only the
latest developments has been a range direction and volume of the sound
of stylish slimline units aimed at the but the delay time and phase of the
entertainment market for use with output of each speaker driver. This
plasma and LCD televisions. Here we ensures that there is no dissipation in
note the RVX-54, a floor-standing the energy of the sound whether it
unit, and the RVX-42, a wall-mount reaches the user via wall reflections
speaker. or comes directly from the speaker
Both loudspeakers consist of a unit. The result is that the listener
single-piece aluminum extrusion perceives the sound as if it is coming
and both have a 1-in. magnetically from additional speakers placed
shielded titanium-dome compression that the user has full customizable throughout the room.
driver tweeter with a round Micro- control for setting up a surround- The YSP-1 is made up of 40 4-cm
Tractix Horn. The RVX-42 also has sound listening environment. A full speaker drivers, each outputting 2 W
dual 4-in. magnetically shielded alu- range of satellite and subwoofers that of power, and two 11-cm woofers out-
minum woofers, with a frequency re- would compliment these speakers are putting 20 W each. The unit itself
sponse of 92 Hz to 20 kHz and 75 W listed on the Klipsch Web site. measures 1,030 194 118 mm.
power capacity (300 W peak). The The RVX-42 is listed for US$ 449 As this surround system has only
size is 24 5.75 4.5 in. Keyhole and the RVX-54 is listed for US$ 799. one main cabinet component it is
mounts and dual-threaded inserts Contact: Klipsch, 3502 Woodview easy to set up, and a range of features
are included and the user has the Trace, Suite 200, Indianapolis, Indiana are available to help users configure
option to wall mount or use the 46268, USA; telephone (+1) 317-860- the speaker system for their require-
pedestal bass, so that the speaker can 8100; fax (+1) 317-860-9170; elec- ments. An on-screen menu, in con-
be used as a center channel or as a tronic mail; junction with a preset remote
bookshelf speaker. The speaker also Web control, gives access to a range of fea-
has a bass compensation switch that tures. These include a set-up func-
can be switched on/off according to tion for the room type, speaker
positioning. Yamaha YSP-1 Multichannel position, and room size, three user
In addition to the tweeter, the RVX- Surround Sound Digital Sound memory positions, a control for hori-
54 has four active 5.25-in. woofers, Projector zontal/vertical angle, a room equal-
providing 150 watts of power (600 W ization tool, and night listening
peak) in a unit that is 49.3 7 6.5 in. Yamaha has combined a distinctive mode. The remote control can also
(see Figure 6). The frequency response and unique approach to multichannel control the TV and DVD players. An
range is 75 Hz to 20 kHz (3 dB). The surround sound with a stylish com- LCD screen displays surround set-
inputs on both units are binding post pact loudspeaker design in the YSP- tings and volume. Decoders are built
speaker terminals. 1.The surround-sound projector is in for Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic
Both loudspeakers are available in a aimed at plasma and LCD television II, and DTS Neo6, this latter a system
black or silver finish that matches the owners who require a compact, non- that decodes matrixed stereo record-
range of Klipsch Reference Satellites. intrusive, multi-channel audio sys- ings into multiple channels for 5.1 or
These speakers are sold separately so tem. The YSP-1 digital sound 6.1 sound.

Products of Interest 105

Figure 7. Yamaha YSP-1
multichannel surround
sound digital sound

The four main audio controls in

MaxxPlayer include technology
used in many other Waves plug-ins.
Elements of the professional L1
Ultramaximizer (peak limiter), Re-
naissance Compressor, Renaissance
Bass, MaxxBass, S3600 Surround Im-
ager, and S1 Spatial Imager are all
combined in this one plug-in.
The MaxxPlayer iVolume control
is a gain control that ranges from 20
dB to +20dB and includes peak limit-
ing, compression, expansion, and
noise gating. All of these functions
Two digital optical outputs, a coax- sound in noisy environments, provid- work together to ensure that the user
ial digital input, two analog stereo in- ing better bass and high frequency re- can increase the volume level with-
puts, and an RS-232C interface are sponse, and widening the stereo out clipping, that weak signals are
provided. A subwoofer output is also image. Many of the above functions automatically boosted above the
included for optional subwoofer use. are possible through the use of DSP noise floor, and that system and
The Yamaha YSP-1 is listed for algorithms that are based on psycho- background audio noise are kept to a
US$ 1,499.95. A full listing of Yamaha acoustic principles. minimum.
dealers is available from the Yamaha The MaxxPlayer interface consists The MaxxBass replaces all bass
Web site. Contact: Yamaha Electron- of three main sections. In the first, boosts and equalizers on your sys-
ics Corporation USA, 6660 Orangeth- the listener specifies the source ma- tem. By using psychoacoustic prin-
orpe Avenue, Buena Park, California terial (music or speech); in the second, ciples with this bass control, Waves
90620, USA; telephone (+1) 714-522- one sets the type of music system be- provides subwoofer-type bass perfor-
9105; Web ing used; and then finally, a control mance, enabling users to hear fre-
YSP1/index.htm. section is provided for bass, treble, quencies far below those physically
stereo width, and volume. Once the possible on your loudspeakers (up to
plug-in is engaged the user controls 1.5 octaves, it is claimed).
Waves MaxxPlayer Windows volume and equalization from the The MaxxTreble control enhances
Media Player Plug-in MaxxPlayer GUI rather than the high frequencies to provide a crisp,
Windows Media Player itself. clear audio sound. The MaxxStereo
Waves is probably best known for its As mentioned, the audio source control gives users control over the
professional audio software, espe- can be specified as being music or width of the stereo field, allowing
cially the range of high-quality plug- speech, and an extra Quiet Mode them to create the illusion of loud-
in effects. This plug-in for Windows option is used if either is at a particu- speakers being further apart than
Media Player marks a new departure larly low level. This on/off switch is they are and hence giving the impres-
for the company but is one that com- intended to keep the sound level con- sion that the listener is in a bigger
bines many recognizable elements of sistent when listening to TV and ra- space.
existing products. dio sources in which the sound level An On/Bypass control is provided
MaxxPlayer takes control of the can vary between commercials and for switching easily between using
audio output from the Windows Me- programs. the plug-in and using the Windows
dia Player, optimizing it for the users The user specifies the type of sys- Media Player output.
particular system setup and cutting tem being used in terms of loud- The MaxxPlayer plug-in is avail-
out changes in volume level that oth- speaker type: HiFi for large speakers, able for Windows XP and 2000 in-
erwise often occur when listening to Multimedia for smaller home com- stalled with Windows Media Player 9
tracks from different audio sources. puter speakers, and Notebook for inte- or 10. A free demonstration version
The plug-in also allows the user to grated laptop speakers. A separate 2.1 of the application is available for
play audio at higher levels than previ- switch is available for cases in which download from the Waves
ously while maintaining clarity of the user already uses a subwoofer. MaxxPlayer Web site.

106 Computer Music Journal

Figure 8. Korg D4 digital
four-track recorder.

Waves MaxxPlayer is listed for

US$ 30. Contact: Waves, Inc., 306
West Depot Avenue, Suite 100,
Knoxville, Tennessee 37917, USA;
telephone (+1) 865-909-9200; fax (+1)
865-909-9245; Web www.maxxplayer
.com/ or

Korg D4 Digital Four-Track


Many readers will already be familiar

with Korgs range of digital recorders,
but it is the latest in their line of
four-track recorders that warrants a
special mention due to its compact
lightweight design. The D4 is a four-
track digital recorder with effects,
metronome, rhythm patterns, and a
tuner, all combined in a package
that measures just 191 145 41
mm and weights less than 1 lb (415 g)
(see Figure 8).
The D4 provides two inputs with a System) effects. REMS models the chromatic tuner. Tempo settings
trim knob on each. Input 1 is a com- audio characteristics of amplifiers, from 40 to 240 BPM are available. A
bination XLR/1/4-in. jack, and input loudspeaker cabinets, and effects. An backlit LCD screen displays user set-
two has an XLR jack only. Two tracks AMP effect simulates the sound from tings and audio levels. The recorder is
of audio can be recorded simulta- classic and modern amplifier heads, AC powered only.
neously and eight virtual tracks are while the CABINET effect provides The Korg D4 Digital Recorder is
available on each of the four tracks. the matching loudspeaker cabinet listed for UK 249. See the Korg Web
Twenty-bit A-to-D/D-to-A conver- models. The MODULATION cate- site for a list of distributors. Contact:
sion is provided and sampling rates of gory provides effects like chorus and Korg USA, Inc., 316 South Service
up to 32 kHz are possible. flanger, and a 4-BAND EQ effect is Road, Melville, New York 11747-
When recording or editing activity also included. Five dedicated knobs 3201, USA; telephone (+1) 631-390-
ends, the recording is saved automat- are provided for editing effects in 6500; Web
ically onto CompactFlash cards in real-time and eleven effects can be
MPEG1-Layer 2 format (16-bit). saved and recalled using a Favorites
Three different modes of varying au- knob. Effects chains can be created Marantz PMD660 Portable Solid
dio quality can be used for recording. and stored in four different types: State Recorder
CompactFlash (CF TYPE I) cards of guitar/mono, insert/stereo, master,
16 MB to 2 GB can be used to save up and final. One hundred preset effects The PMD660 from Marantz is a highly
to 99 songs. A 64-MB flash card is chains are provided and 100 user lo- portable digital recorder. This com-
included with demo songs. A USB cations are also available. A dedi- pact, lightweight recorder can record
connection is also provided for cated switch is provided for each mono or stereo audio in WAV or MP3
downloading audio files directly to effect type. format onto Compact Flash cards.
computer. A metronome/rhythm generator Among the main features are XLR in-
One of the key features of this can provide 32 different metronome puts, phantom power, and editing
recorder is the inclusion of Korgs patterns and 55 rhythm patterns in a features, all running on an incredible
proprietary REMS (Resonant struc- variety of styles. Extra features in- four AA batteries (see Figure 9).
ture and Electronic circuit Modeling clude a built-in microphone and a The PMD660 can record 16-bit

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Figure 9. Marantz PMD660
portable solid state

workstation. This hybrid workstation

provides both the hardware for record-
ing audio and software in the form of
a Graphic User Interface (GUI) for ed-
iting purposes (see Figure 10).
As the name suggests, the X-48 is a
48-track digital recorder, capable of
sampling at rates up to 96 kHz (24-bit
resolution). A higher sampling rate of
192 kHz is available for reduced 24-
track recording. The rear panel con-
nections on the workstation include
48-channel TDIF inputs/outputs and
built-in S/PDIF input/output. A VGA
output and PS/2 connection for mon-
itor and mouse are also available al-
though potential buyers should note
that monitor, mouse, or keyboard are
not supplied. Two 24-channel option
slots are also included on the rear
panel for analog, ADAT, or AES/EBU
expansion cards. Synchronization op-
tions include a BNC Video In and
WAV files at 44.1- and 48-kHz sam- and measures 4.5 1.9 7.2 in. The Thru, and a BNC Word Clock In,
pling rates. Mono MP3 files can be frequency response is up to 20 kHz Out, and Thru. A MIDI input/output,
recorded at 64 kbps and in stereo at (3 dB) and the dynamic range is 80 1/4-in. TRS balanced SMPTE input/
128 kbps. A 64-MB Compact Flash dB. The signal-to-noise ratio is 80 dB output, 1/4-in. footswitch input, and
card is included with purchases made on the line input and 60 dB on the a RS-422 remote input provide fur-
in the USA, but higher capacity cards microphone input. ther operating options.
are recommended. A 1-GB card could The Marantz PMD660 is listed for The unit itself has an 80-GB hard
store more than one hour in WAV for- US$ 499.99. The RC600 wired re- drive, with options for connecting
mat or up to 36 hours using MP3 for- mote control is listed for US$ 79.99. external hard drives via USB or
mat. A USB port can be used for Contact: D & M Professional, A Divi- FireWire ports, and a DVD+RW
downloading audio to computer for sion of Marantz America, Inc., 1100 drive for backup. In all, four USB 2.0
further editing or backing up to CD. Maplewood Drive, Itasca, Illinois ports and two FireWire ports are
Two XLR microphone inputs are 60143, USA; telephone (+1) 630-741- available for use. A Gigabit Ethernet
included with 48-V phantom power, 0330; fax (+1) 630-741-0642; elec- port is available for transferring
and a stereo condenser microphone is tronic mail; Web files and the software provided also
built into the unit. A 1/8-in. mini- includes an FTP server and drive-
jack stereo line input/output is in- sharing capabilities.
cluded, along with a similar-sized The front panel of the unit incor-
headphone output. Built-in 150 mW Tascam X-48 Hybrid Hard Disk porates a range of physical controls
loudspeakers can be used for moni- Multichannel Workstation and displays. Transport controls are
toring and playback. A cut-and-paste conveniently located here, along with
function allows audio editing to take Digital hard disk recorders have be- track arming controls and project
place before transferring to computer, come increasingly available over the management functions. Meter func-
and 99 virtual tracks are available. past number of years. Tascam takes tions for all 48 tracks, in groups of
An optional wired remote control hard disk recording a step further with eight channels, take up most of this
with peak indicator is also available its X-48, combining the technology front panel.
for purchase. and features of a hard disk recorder The various physical connections
The recorder weighs just 1.1 lbs with a computer-based digital audio for transferring audio recordings have

108 Computer Music Journal

Figure 10. Tascam X-48 hy- Figure 11. Sennheiser HD
brid hard disk multichan- 215 DJ/Studio headphones.
nel workstation.

Road, Montebello, California 90640,

USA; telephone (+1) 323-726-0303; Web

Sennheiser HD 215 DJ/Studio


Sennheisers HD 215 headphones are

specifically designed with DJs in
mind. Along with excellent sound
quality and attenuation of ambient
noise, these headphones have a rotat-
able ear cup and single-sided cable for
easy one-ear listening (see Figure 11).
The design is said by the developers
been mentioned, but equally impor- design of the MX-2424 hard disk to be rugged yet comfortable. The
tant is the range of audio file formats recorder. coiled cable is detachable and a pro-
and transfer protocols supported. The software aspect of this work- tective pouch is included for storage
Time-stamped Broadcast WAV file station is centered around a GUI for and transport. The frequency re-
format (BWF) is used for recording. editing and mixing 48-track audio at sponse of these headphones is 12 to
This is an extended WAV format for 32-bit floating point resolution. Some 22,000 Hz, with an SPL of 112 dB at 1
the exchange of audio between broad- of the features include 6 stereo re- kHz, a 32-Ohm impedance rating,
cast platforms and equipment on dif- turns, 24 busses, 6 auxiliary sends, and < 0.2% Total Harmonic Distor-
ferent computers. Audio can be and a stereo bus. Dynamics processing tion (THD). The connector is a 3.5-
imported and exported in Open Me- and a four-band equalizer are avail- mm stereo plug with a screw-on
dia Framework (OMF), Advanced Au- able on each channel. Four VST plug- gold-plated 1/4-in (6.3 mm) adapter.
thoring Format (AAF), and OpenTL in inserts are also provided for each The headphones weigh 280 g and
(Open Track List) formats. OMF is a channel, group, and auxiliary return. come with a two-year warranty.
file exchange protocol for transferring Some optional extras that are sup- The HD 215 headphones are listed
between both video and audio work- ported for the X-48 are the Tascam R- for US$ 149. Contact: Sennheiser,
stations, AAF was designed by Mi- 2424 remote control and the US-2400 Am Labor 1, 30900 Wedemark, Ger-
crosoft for exchange of media using 25-fader controller. many; telephone (+49) 513-060-00;
Windows computers, and OpenTL is The X-48 is listed for US$4,999. fax (+49) 513-060-0300; Web www
a Tascam format that was used in the Contact: Tascam, 7733 Telegraph

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Figure 12. Lectrosonics SM
super-miniature wireless
microphone transmitter.

Lectrosonics SM Super-Miniature
Wireless Microphone Transmitter

Lectrosonics has specialized in pro-

ducing wireless microphone trans-
mitters and receivers for a number of
years. Its latest line is based around
the Digital Hybrid Wireless technol-
ogy. In these new systems, the trans-
mitter encodes a digital signal into a
format that can be sent across an ana-
log FM link to a receiver, that in turn
decodes this signal back to the origi-
nal digital audio signal. The audio
quality mimics that of a pure digital
system and avoids problems arising
from companders and crystal oscilla-
tor damage in traditional analog wire-
less systems.
The SM, or Super-Miniature, UHF
transmitter from Lectrosonics was
launched, according to the develop- bandwidth with a pilot tone available 505-892-6243; electronic mail
ers, as the worlds smallest profes- in each of the 256 frequencies.; Web www
sional audio wireless transmitter The input to the transmitter is a
(see Figure 12). Designed to run on standard 5-pin input jack that is com-
just one AA battery, the transmitter patible with electret lavalier micro-
measures just 2.3 1.8 0.64 in. phones, dynamic microphones, and MusicPad Pro Plus Digital Music
(not including antenna) and weighs line level signals. Five compatibility Tablet Notebook
2.7 oz with battery. A single AA modes are available for choosing the
lithium battery can provide six receiver type. The SM can be used FreeHand Systems has released an
hours of operation, while a recharge- with all Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid updated version of the MusicPad
able 2500-mAh NiMH battery gives Wireless receivers, the companys tablet notebook to include enhance-
4.5 hours operation time; a standard 100 and 200 Series analog Synthe- ments of already existing features
alkaline AA battery can also be sized Wideband UHF receivers, and and some added functionality. The
used, with an operation time of the Interruptible Foldback (IFB) in-ear MusicPad Pro Plus functions as a dig-
about 1.5 hours. monitoring receivers. Some analog ital display for sheet music, incorpo-
Despite the small size and single- receivers from other manufacturers rating a 12.1-in. LCD display while
battery power, the unit has a 100-mW are also compatible. also providing the means of storing
transmission power and can handle The body of the transmitter is an entire collection of scores, all in a
24-bit audio with a signal-to-noise ra- made of a splash-proof non-corrosive device that weighs less than 6 lbs.
tio of 107 dB. A flat frequency re- material that cannot be damaged by The LCD touchscreen features
sponse up to 20 kHz is also part of perspiration or salt water. A water- 1024 768 resolution and the screen
the specifications. The control panel resistant holster with a non-corrosive is backlit for reading scores in low
includes an LCD screen to enable the belt clip is included with purchase. light and performance situations.
user to adjust frequency and audio Full specification details are available The touchscreen facility is used for
level. Four membrane switches are on the Lectrosonics Web site. turning pages and for editing scores.
used to select different options, and The SM transmitter is listed for A range of annotations can be made
indicators are included for power and US$ 1,650. Contact: Lectrosonics, to the score, including practice
frequency. Two hundred fifty-six fre- 581 Laser Road NE, Rio Rancho, marks, changes to the music itself,
quency channels are available in 100- New Mexico 87124, USA; tele- and performance instructions (see
kHz steps over a 25.6-MHz phone (+1) 505-892-4501; fax (+1) Figure 13). The annotations can be

110 Computer Music Journal

Figure 13. MusicPad Pro
Plus digital music tablet

650-941-0207; electronic mail; Web

The Future of the Music Business

by Steve Gordon; The Future of
Music by David Kusek and Gerd

As Steve Gordon puts it in the Intro-

duction to his book published by
Backbeat Books, The Future of the
Music Business (softcover, 2005,
ISBN 0-87930-844-3, 269 pages),
new technologies are revolutioniz-
ing the music industry. As David
Kusek and Gerd Leonhard put it in
their book from Berklee Press, The
Future of Music (softcover, 2005,
ISBN 0-87639-059-9, 181 pages), The
record industry as we know it is dy-
ing. But the music industry is health-
ier and more vibrant than ever.
In different ways, these two publi-
cations examine the music industry
added by typing text or using hand- Cakewalk formats to the MusicPad today, offering perspective on the
writing and can be stored and later format, so that even newly created changes that are occurring and strate-
changed or deleted. A library of com- compositions or arrangements can be gies for successfully working within
monly used notation symbols is pro- loaded onto the MusicPad. Physical this changing environment.
vided and all annotations can be scores can also be scanned and con- Mr. Gordons book, subtitled
entered in a range of colors. A zoom verted to this format. How to Succeed with the New Digi-
facility is available for entering pre- An audio/MIDI output is provided tal Technologies: A Guide for Artists
cise score markings. for MIDI playback and a video output and Entrepreneurs, is organized in
Scores can be viewed in portrait or is also included. A footswitch can be four parts, each fleshed out with a
landscape mode with the MusicPad connected and used for turning pages. number of chapters (see Figure 14).
Pro Plus. The landscape mode option The device is powered by AC or a Part I: The Rules, comprises seven
uses a two-page display so that the rechargeable battery, with a battery chapters: 1. Music Law & Business
musician can look ahead while play- time of 3.5 to 4.5 hours, depending on Primer; 2. Overview of Digital Music
ing. In portrait mode, half-page turns which brightness settings are chosen. Law; 3. Webcasting; 4. Downloading
are used to look ahead. A sleep mode is available. Two USB and Interactive Streaming; 5. Music
The tablet notebook has 64 MB of ports are available for connecting to a Videos, Audiovisual Concerts & Doc-
RAM installed and a 64-MB flash computer for transferring files. Op- umentaries; 6. Music-Licensing Fun-
memory module is also included. tional extras to the MusicPad include damentals; and 7. Licensing Music
Browser functions and a file search the foot pedal, MusicPad stand, and for New Media. Part II: Crisis & Solu-
function allow the user to locate carrying bags. tionsThe Music Industry in Transi-
stored files. A large collection of mu- The MusicPad Pro Plus is listed for tion, contains three chapters: 8. The
sic in the MusicPad format is avail- US$ 1,199. Contact: FreeHand Music Recording Industry in Crisis; 9. Pro-
able from the Web site. Systems, 95 First Street, Suite 200, posed Solutions; and 10. Latest Cases
Software is provided for converting Los Altos, California 94022, USA; and Legislative Initiatives. Part III:
files in Finale, Sibelius, Encore, and telephone (+1) 650-941-0742; fax (+1) How to Succeed in the New Music

Products of Interest 111

Figure 14. The Future of Figure 15. John Chowning,
the Music Business by No. 7 of the Portraits Poly-
Steve Gordon (Backbeat chromes publications
Books). (GRM-Institut National de

and Mr. Leonhard contains ten chap-

ters, along with acknowledgments,
introduction, and about the authors
(no index is included). The chapters
are as follows: 1. Music Like Water:
The Future of Music is Mobile, Di-
verse, and Ubiquitous; 2. Our Top-10
Truths of the Music Business; 3. Fu-
turizing Some Popular Music Indus-
try Myths; 4. The Future of Music
Marketing and Promotion; 5. The Fu-
ture of Music Distribution and Ac-
quisition; 6. The Digital Kids and the
Changing Marketplace; 7. A New
Music Economy; 8. How Technol-
ogy Will Rewire the Music Business;
9. Megatrends That Will Impact the
Future of Music; and 10. Onto the
Business, contains four chapters: 11. The Future of the Music Business
How to Build a Web Site & Why; 12. is listed for US$ 22.95. Contact:
Hot Web Sites by Three Artists: Backbeat Books, 600 Harrison Street,
Acoustic & Alternative Rock, Jazz & San Francisco, California 94107, (biographical or aesthetic), an inter-
Hip-Hop; 13. Additional Ways to Use USA; telephone (+1) 866-222-5232; view or text written by the composer,
the Internet to Promote Your Music fax (+1) 408-848-5784; electronic mail analysis of one or more important
and Make a Living; and 14. How to; Web works, and a detailed list of composi-
Build an Independent Digital Record The Fu- tions and/or publications. Further,
Label. Part IV: New Business Mod- ture of Music is listed for US$ 16.95. GRM has developed a Web site for
elsStories of Ambition, Indepen- Contact: Berklee Press, 1140 Boylston each publication in the series, con-
dence, Imagination, and Success, Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02215- taining audio excerpts and graphic
comprises seven chapters: 15. Artists 3693, USA; telephone (+1) 617-747- analyses (sometimes animated), along
Who Create Their Own Record Com- 2146; Web with additional exegesis particular to
panies; 16. Creative Commons: A the work of that composer.
New Way to Encourage Creativity To date, there are seven portraits
Online; 17. Online Record Stores; 18. GRM-Institut National de completed in the series. These in-
Online Financing; 19. Webcasting as lAudiovisuel Portraits clude: Franois Bayle, John Chowning
a Business Model; 20. The Future of Polychromes (see Figure 15), Luc Ferrari, Ivo Malec,
Peer to Peer; and 21. The Digital Bernard Parmegiani, Gilles Racot,
Runway: The Convergence of Music GRM (Groupe de Recherches Musi- and Jean-Claude Risset. The texts are
and Fashion (Will Fashion Labels Be- cales), through its administrative unit, all in French. An English version of
come Record Labels?). the Institut National de lAudiovisuel the Web site is in preparation.
Mr. Gordons book also includes a (INA), has launched a book series on The books range in price from 9
foreword by John Simson, an intro- electroacoustic composers, Portraits to 13. Contact: Institut National de
duction, acknowledgments, credits, Polychromes. This initiative has been lAudiovisuel, Maison de Radio-
and index. A CD-ROM (the menu is undertaken in collaboration with France, 116 avenue de Prsident
listed in the book, helpfully) contains the Centre de Documentation de la Kennedy, 75220 Cedex 16, France;
links to the books Web site, a video Musique Contemporaine (CDMC), telephone (+33) 1-56-40-29-88; fax
of a seminar, various audio inter- published by ditions Michel de (+33) 1-56-40-49-88; electronic mail
views, and a large set of links to on- Maule, Paris.; Web
line music business resources. Each volume follows a general out- acousmaline/polychromes/index
The slimmer volume by Mr. Kusek line: an introduction to the composer .fr.html.

112 Computer Music Journal