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Music Theory and Aural Skills Pedagogy Resources

Compiled by the Music Entrepreneurship & Career Center, Updated August 2016

Society for Music Theory SchenkerGUIDE
Theory pedagogy resources and networking Presentations, exercises, and bibliographies
opportunities. for teachers of Schenkerian Analysis.
Music Theory Pedagogy Online
Sample analyses, articles, bibliographies, and
guides to pedagogy. Contextual Ear Training
Paula Telesco provides some best practices
Jacobs School of Music Selected Music for teaching aural skills.
Theory Pedagogy Bibliography
Comprehensive list of pedagogy books The Cognitive Pedagogy of Aural Training
organized by topic. Short paper by Orlando Musumeci on how
psychology affects aural training. Also a
San Francisco Conservatory of Music Theory bibliography.
A treasure trove of materials, resources, Teaching Aural Skills to High School Students
assignments, and syllabi. Ideas for teaching various aural skills. PRACTICE TOOLS FOR STUDENTS

A collection of scores and sound files.
Exercises, chord calculators, and more
AP Music Theory Teachers Guide
Guide for teachers who are preparing Teora
students for the AP Music Theory test. Interactive chord-building and ear-training
Includes sample syllabi, exercises, and exercises
Dolmetsch Online
ChoraleGuide Directory of theory and ear training resources
Guide to part-writing with formulas and for students
mnemonic devices
Theta Music Trainer
Harmonia Ear training games
Free software that analyzes student chorales
and generates practice sheets for analysis. The Musical Mind
Also a fully-analyzed set of Bach chorales. Ear training exercises, including solfge,
dictation, and chord identification
Bachs Well-Tempered Clavier
Analysis, scores, audio.
Customizable ear training exercises