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To incorporate marketing 3.0 concept along with rigor and relevance strategies in
Hospital setup

For this assignment, I have taken my family owned hospital AAAAABC General
Hospital on which Marketing 3.0 will be applied along with rigor and relevant
strategies. The seven strategies proposed are implemented in the hospital as per
requirement in order to increase better customer experience and satisfaction. They
indeed make important contribution to increase rigor and relevance together

1. Bridge disciplinary silos

The hospital is divided into multiple departments like admin/HR,
Finance/Payroll, _____
All these departments are closely integrated for better customer
The departments are properly aligned and well managed under one
umbrella to ensure that value of customer is properly communicated
The medical staff hired is properly trained with the help of workshops
in order to proper facilitate the customer/patient
The medical doctors in the hospital ______________are also specialized
with degrees from well recognized institutes along with experience
from well reputed organizations
Quantitative approach as well as subjective judgment both elements
are properly considered while improving the quality standard of
The geographic location of the hospital was selected in such a way that
patients who cannot travel to the city and need proper medical
attention are facilitated with all necessary resources
2. Shift from traditional management to network orchestration
Preiously, the management was following traditional ways but recently
the owners have switched its approach toward modern concept of
The company is balanced with the focus of network management along
with empowering the employees to make necessary decisions for the
facilitation of patients in case of emergency as well as normal OPD
3. Change focus from CRM to CMR
Feedback from customer is also taken in consideration followed by
taking proper steps to ensure patient facilitation allowing customers to
manage their relation with us

4. Shift from company-branded products to customer-branded

Customer is always the priority for the hospital
Previously, medical treatment was provided as per standard set of
procedures maintained by hospital but now the customer/patient is
taken into consideration while making any decision which comes with
different variations
Medicines are also prescribed after proper identification of patient
rather than using standard medicines

5. Use analytics and metrics as the glue

Return on investment is already there and since no loan was taken
while setting the hospital, the capital was result of savings and hence
the management does not owe any thing to any financial institution.
Equity is also there
If the same was setup in areas like Clifton, Defence, PECHS, the ROI
would have been comperatively less since customers can easily
approach big hospitals like Agha Khan, South City hence they would
not have preferred Saima General Hospital for their medical treatment
6. Adopt the adaptive experimentation philosophy in all your activities
and strive for empirical generalizations.
Adaptive Experimentation (AE) involves the creation and
implementation of continuous experiments to improve your strategies
over time. By pursuing several approaches, you will be able to better
identify strategies for the next level of experimentation, yielding
results that improve with each step
Saima General Hospital follows the concept of "one percent rule" in
every new activity. This approach involves measuring results to reveal
what is working and what needs further experimentation.
The hospital is continuously experimenting on supply chain
improvements that add consumer value and competitive advantage
(by reducing both inventory gluts and shortages).
7. Challenge (and change) your mental models
Saima General hospital is continuously evolving and changing its
pattern of doing things with better innovation and creativity
New improvements have been made recently in different aspects
i. Patient appointment scheduling with introduction of online
appointment portals.
ii. Reduction of patient waiting times.
iii. Web-based availability of patient records and treatment history.
iv. Laboratory has been upgraded
v. X ray machines have been replaced with new models for better
insight of diseases
vi. Surgical instruments have been updated along with their proper
handling mechanisms.
vii. Continuous enhancements in sterilization equipment and
protocols along with introduction of incinerators specifically to
prevent cross-infection from congo borne infections.