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An Excerpt from The Life of Lam-ang (An Iloko epic) She also leashed the hairy dog With

g With the curly locks

Then cradled the white rooster.
When the Captain had left, This is what the brave-
man Lam-ang Said with a sigh: She left and soon reached the spot Where his
clothes were. There at the spot where Lam-ang was,
My wife Cannoyan I have been chosen To
dive for shellfish called rarang. Cannoyan cried, Overwhelmed by sorrow. The cock
comforted her thus:
I have dreamt That I shall doubtless be eaten
By the shark tioan-tioan. Mistress, dont you worry. Master Lam-ang certainly
shall live If they can locate his bones.
I shall give you a sign; The stairs shall dance;
The kitchen shall collapse; The diver, old man Marcos, Dived then. But he failed
to find the bones.
The stove shall break to pieces. When morning
came, Lam-ang prepared to leave. The second time he dived, He found the bones
Where the shark had expelled them.
Reaching an ideal spot, He undressed and swam To
where the rarang abounds. The cock said: Sir, take all the bones and beach
them: None should be missing.
He looked through the crystal waters Then dived for
the shellfish But failed in his first try. And when no more bones could be found, The cock
examined the bones closely. He found nothing
Surfacing, he tried once more to locate them And missing.
having seen some Dived once more
The bones of Lam-ang Having been completed, This
Right into the mouth of the fish, A big tioan-tioan is what he said:
I shall turn my back While you cover the bones With
And the signs came to pass: The stairs danced; The your skirt.
kitchen collapsed;
The yellow-legged hen crowed; The rooster shook its
The stove broke to pieces. The woman Cannoyan wings. And the bones started to move.
The wept.
The dog with the curly locks Howled twice Then
My husband Don Lam-ang, Where can you clawed the ground
be now. There is none I can hire
As though to bury the bones of Lam-ang. Then the
To look for you. man Lam-ang Got-up at once.
The woman Cannoyan then sought help And found How soundly I slept, my wife Canoyan. Its been
Marcos, the diver. seven nights Since we last slept together.
She then tied the white rooster, The yellow-legged
hen, The woman Cannoyan.