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Issue Nine - January 2010

An update on the construction projects at

University Hospital and University Health Center - Downtown

Conceptual design approved for 9
Target 2012
meetings planned for
University Hospital project University Hospital
temporary parking lot
At its nal meeting for 2009, and Project Management. He also
Weather permitting,
the University Health System Board reported construction estimates to be
the temporary parking
of Managers approved the conceptual under the $778,486,278 capital budget
lot on Wurzbach, next to
design scheme for University Hospital approved by the Board.
Walgreen's will open in late
as part of a larger Project Denition The conceptual design process
February and plans are
report. "The architect's conceptual included input and involvement from
underway to provide in-
design accomplishes substantially all of nurses, physicians and other key user
person information sessions
the objectives of the University Health groups. Key Master Facility Plan goals for those hospital employees
System Master Facility Plan," explained achieved include: who will be relocating from
Mark Webb, University Health System Expand the Emergency Center the C lot until the new
vice president for Facilities Development Replace most beds in the 1968 tower permanent garage opens in
Cont'd on page 2 late 2010.
These meetings will
include information on
Conceptual Design
security and shuttle service.
of new sub-level at Each "remote parker"
University Hospital. attending will also receive
a token of appreciation for
their cooperation during the
construction. In the next few
weeks, day shift hospital
workers who park in the C
lot will receive an email with
meeting details.
Patients and visitors, as
well as hospital employees
who pay for parking, will
continue to park on the
CLICK HERE for hospital campus. Work to
more visuals on the demolish a portion of the
conceptual design current employee/visitor
plan for University garage will NOT begin until
Hospital. a large section of the new
garage opens.
Target 2012: Living Proof

Cont'd from page 1

Retain most beds in the 1981 tower
Right-size diagnostic and treatment areas Have a question?
Provide adequate on-site parking What will happen with the
Separate public and service circulation patterns
helipad on the garage?
Separate emergent from non-emergent functions
Enable future growth In May of this year, construction of a
Create a "campus feel" with green spaces new helipad on top of the physicians'
Accommodate signicant elevation changes on property garage behind University Hospital
When the project is complete, University Hospital will have 716 total will begin. The existing helipad will
beds. The next step is the development of schematic designs and be demolished in early 2011 to make
equipment planning strategies. This process will ultimately dene how way for the new hospital tower. A
second heliport will be constructed
the interior and exterior of the new tower will look in terms of design
on top of the new 3,300+ space
features, landscaping and building materials. garage. Once construction on the
The conceptual design for University Health Center - Downtown new tower is completed, the second
will be presented to the Board of Managers later this month. heliport will connect to the new
Emergency Center with a covered
Conceptual Design of 5th oor of University Hospital breezeway. The helipad behind
the hospital is expected to remain
New tower
open for those helicopters carrying
NICU or obstetrics patients, to save
transport time, since those units will
not be moving to the new tower.

Where will patients and staff

park during the construction
at University Health Center-

Parking plans are currently being

nalized for the downtown project.
By June 2010, work will begin on
the site of the West Annex, across
1981 tower Frio Street, to create a large parking
lot on that property. At this point,
the decision has not been made
with regard to whether that will
be a visitor or staff lot. Either way,
additional parking will be in place
prior to the closing of the current
visitor lot, which will be the site of
1968 tower the new clinical services building.

This is an example of one of the inpatient unit oors in the new tower. The
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conceptual design phase determines the size and locations of departments, and the Target 2012 Program.
the overall scale of the project. The process now moves forward to develop more
specic designs related to how the building will ultimately look, inside and out.

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learn more about the Target 2012 poject