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Cyberstudents Basic

Writing Pictures & Audio/Video/ Games,

drawings + Cartoons quizzes,
text Interviews, surveys, tests,
Presentations role-plays, questionnaires
TV/Radio , vocabulary
programmes networks,
hunts, songs

People, family, friends Present ,time and frequency
Famous paintings Questions,
Place prepositions Defining relative clauses
Email: Family picture + Voki: Introducing Vocabulary
introducing audio: Describe yourself networks:
yourself who is who and Radio family, body,
Personal info what’s going on programme: appearance
questionnaire What picture am Interviewing a Cloze test:
I describing? (+ famous artist prepositions
link to website about his latest Guess the word
where the piece of work game
painting or Art gallery audio Describe
photograph is guide something for
among others) others to draw
A moment in time Past
Childhood, stories, fifty years of Place and time prepositions
Invent/ retell a A photo you Picture + Audio: Vocabulary for
story really like the story behind stories
Write the lyrics Draw pictures the photo Get a story in
for a song/ Write for a story Record a story, order
about a song fable, poem or Cloze test:
you like and say rhyme + link to linkers
why text Match rhyming
Music quizz
Treasure Hunt:
The history of
Song + activity
Holiday places and past holidays Past
Airport stories and holiday plans Future plans and intentions
The best holiday A holiday photo Interview: a Holiday
ever Holiday advert nightmare /travelling
Informal letter: holiday vocabulary
welcoming a Radio: network
foreign visitor Advertising a Treasure
holiday Hunt/Quizz:
Audio Pair work: Destination
Discussing plans unknown
for a holiday/
The Pessimist 1st Conditional
Promises Future with will/shall
Dreams and futurology Tense review
The Pessimist Star sign Interpreting Matching
book magazine: dreams opposite verbs
Promises: A Predictions for Audio + picture: Verbs network
repentant lover the summer A dream I had Matching/
Write about a Network/ Chart:
strange/ funny Verb +
dream preposition
Experiences: Zara Present Perfect + just,
Family conflicts- Housework already, yet
Write a postcard Take some Pair work Clothes
from a foreign pictures at home interview an Household tasks
country saying of the things you experienced The have-you-
what you have haven’t done man/ woman ever quizz
already done yet and ask for Radio
and what you advice programme:
haven’t done Problems at
yet. home
Living too fast and friendly cities Comparatives and
Write a short We are living Pair work: The balanced
letter to a faster but are Interview life
problem page we living someone who’s questionnaire
comparing your better?: Take been to a Cities
life now and pictures of foreign city and vocabulary
your life before. representative ask him/her network
Composition: Do things in your what he/she The friendliest
you live in a lifestyle and thinks about it, if English speaking
friendly city?, reflect on the he would like to city quizz/
where would way you live. live there and treasure hunt
you like to live? Publish pictures why. Transport quizz:
from different The best way to
cities, compare get to …
life there and Transport
explain in which survey: How
city you would much do you
like to live and contribute to
why. pollute the air
we all breathe?

Feeling good Infinitive and –ing

Freetime and sport Modal verbs
Movement prepositions
Write about a Make a Radio Verbs chart
party you really collection of programme: Cloze test:
enjoyed and say suggestive Freetime: Prepositions
what the pictures with Quality time? Freetime/Sport
ingredients for a entertaining/rela Pair work: vocabulary
good party are. xing/ creative What’s wrong network
Write a list of activities and with you? Reading:
the things that explain which Radio Colorgenics test:
make you feel one you like programme: How are you
good. best and why. Choosing the feeling today?
Write a Powerpoint: A right sport for The Coach
composition on sport/ relaxing you/ taking up a potato test
how you make activity I like new activity: The what makes
the best out of/ Have you tried you feel good
waste your anything questionnaire
freetime. creative? The right activity
Write a short for you quizz/
piece of advice Treasure hunt:
on how people Relax, Burn
can improve energy, Create
their skills in a something of
sport, or live and your own.
feel better
School experiences Used to
Education & Learning Modal verbs
Advice: Are you a good student? (Modals in the past)
Write a diary Make a Pair work: What The adjective +
note on your collection of kind of infinitve
experience pictures of education did questionnaire:
learrning things you you receive?, Do you find it
English, reflect would like to did they teach difficult to learn
on what went create and you how to think English?
wrong before explain why you and create?, Reading: Find a
and explain haven’t done it how creative are text on the net
what you think yet you? and prepare an
you should do in Pair work: What exercise:
the future. should I do to Multiple
Formal email: improve my intelligences-
asking learning and The way you
information achieve better learn best
about a course. results? Using the right
side of your
Reading: Soup
for the soul
Murphy’s Law Conditionals
Facing dangerous animals May/ Might
Fears and phobias Present perfect + for/ since
Invent some Presentation: My TV/ Radio The what-would-
Murphy’s laws favourite programme: you-do
Write about an animal/ An Amazing/ questionnaire
animal you are animal I’m afraid frightful animals Endangered
afraid of and of / An animal animals quizz
explain what we should Amazing animals
you would do if preserve treasure hunt
you had to face Animals network
it alone. Song activity:
What would you
do …
Problems & decisions Modals: May/ Might &
Personality should
Noun formation
Write to a Make a Role-play: Personality
problem page collection of face Taking decisions vocabulary
Write an email pictures and tag (Kandoo/ Video) network
to a friend them with Radio: What’s Personality test
asking advice personality the problem? Get network
about a future adjectives Noun formation
holiday chart
Moments in life Present Perfect and Past
Famous people and cinema
Write about an Draw your real TV/Radio Guessing game:
important living or imaginary life interview: a Who am I?
person for you line and write or famous cinema Famous people
and explain your talk about it director treasure hunt
choice. Cinema quizz
Describing things Descriptive adjectives for
My favourite possession/ mobile things and materials
phones Passive
Write the Design and TV Programme: Passive
biography of a make something DIY (Do it matching game
famous inventor with your own yourself) Treasure Hunt:
Write about your hands. Take How stuff is
favourite pictures of the done
possession different steps in Treasure Hunt/
the process. Quizz: Inventors
Write some Game online:
instructions on Design your
how to do it and mobile phones
publish it all Activity online:
together. instructions
Weekends Something, anything, ….
Health and fitness: Body age -ed/-ing adjectives
Food: Ingredients, recipes, … Quantifiers, too, enough
Invitations (Phrasal verbs)
Write a letter to Take pictures of Pair work Nutrition
a doctor’s page the food you interview: Do treasure hunt
talking about usually eat or you have a Food & cooking
your lifestyle the rubbish you healthy lifestyle? vocabulary
and ask for produce and ask network
advice. your classmates Cloze test: -ed/-
Write about your for advice or ing adjectives
favourite recipe make your own Prepare a
Write a letter ofreflections. questionnaire for
invitation to a Make a beautiful a cooking video
party Glogster with on the Internet.
your favourite
Final Class project: Organizing a party

- Get in groups and decide what you need for a good party. Plan
games, songs and food and distribute tasks
- Write letters of invitation to your party
- Design games and songs activities
- Think of your favourite recipe and get ready to talk about it
- Take home your teacher’s recipes and try to cook something at
- Party day: Talk to the class about the food you’ve brought
(explain recipe or say why you haven’t been able to cook) and
get ready to eat, play and sing.
Revision: Interviewing your granny
TV/ Radio Programme:
Interview your granny or a very old person and ask him/her about:
- Life before: family, school, relationships, freetime &
entertainment, housetasks, health and food, work, travelling, old
photos, …
- Retirement and life now: When he/she retired, what he/she does
now and how he/she feels, what he/she thinks about our lifestyle
- Predictions for the future: What he/she thinks life may be like in
2020, dangers our planet is facing and what may happen if we
continue like this.
Revision: Planning a trip
Choose an English Select pictures from Design a treasure hunt
speaking city you the city or different or quizz on English
would like to visit and English speaking cities speaking cities or
say why. and ask classmates countries
Make a list of things to what/where they are Games, surveys, … on
do and places to visit from. travelling and English
in this city and draw a Make a presentation speaking countries
week schedule. or glogster about a
Write a postcard from city or country.
the city saying what Role-play dialogues
you are doing, what (Video, audio, Kandoo,
you have already/just …):
done, what you At the airport
haven’t done yet, At the hotel reception
what you have liked Restaurant problems
best so far, describe a Giving/asking for
beautiful building directions
you’ve seen and Shopping for clothes
explain what you are At the pharmacy
planning to do on the A boat trip
following days. On the phone
Write a travel log or a
diary of your
imaginary holiday

Other possible activities

Find songs related to the topics, vocabulary, grammar seen in class

and prepare an activy for your classmates.
Find a gook link to a grammar explanation or exercise, to a
vocabulary website, an interesting audio or video file, a good piece of
reading, ….
Design activities or games for people to expand and improve their
vocabulary or practice their grammar.
Design a Treasure hunt on any interesting topic you like
Read out a poem, a fable, a short story, … and publish it with a
picture or your own scanned drawings
Film or find an interesting video on the net and prepare a
Suggest a topic for writing or an interesting website for reading or
Write a letter, a composition, a set of instructions, a review,… on any
topic of your own interest or a biography of someone you know or
Make a powerpoint presentation about something which you find
interesting (amazing facts, endangered animals, eco-houses, world
problems and conflicts, icons of our time, new sports, crafts,
interesting people, multicultural recipes, interesting destinations,…)
Prepare a game, a questionnaire, a quizz, … on anything you like.
Look for different pictures related to one of the topics for the oral
exam. Publish them together with Slide and suggest some questions.
Publish pictures for others to discuss, describe, guess where they are
from, give their advice on how you live, get to know you and your
family, ….
Use Tandoo, video-cartoons to role-play dialogues related to topics
seen in class

Go to the English File website and try out the exercises
Find other interesting websites where you can practice and improve
your pronunciation and tell your classmates about it.
Design games, charts, …. for other to practice the phonetic symbols
and their pronunciation.