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The End Of Days

Beta-0.92 read me file

1. Presentation
2. Instructions
3. Team
4. Mod changes
5. Final words

1. Presentation:
The End Of Days is a c&c Generals Zero Hour mod. It brings to the
main game a new faction Russia with new units, special powers, abilities and
upgrades. Also it changes all other factions to un believable level by remaking
their core units and adding new. Turns the main game play by making it more
realistic and fun. To real war feeling!
This is version 0.92 Beta. It is not a final version of the mod. Playable
factions are USA, GLA, CHINA and RUSSIA
AI players works on Easy, Medium and Hard.

2. Instructions:
- INSTALL: Install the mod into your Zero Hour game folder.
AI INSTALL: Go to Zero Hour folder, then DATA folder, then
SCRIPT folder and DELETE file and file!!!
See the figure below!
- Uninstall
Copy and file from
Zero Hour-Script folder and paste it in Zero Hour Data
Scripts folder. Then uninstall the mod from uninstaller icon.

3. Team
- Alexei Stukov TEOD Team Leader
Modeler, Skinner, INI coder, AI scripter, 2d artist
- Ivan T0oL Vlasov INI edit, particles and Testing
- Chozan - 3d Modeler

3.1. Additional helpers of this project:

- Waris Modeler
- TunguskaM1 Modeler
- SliderFF Voice Actor, Beta tester
- Nighegg Voice Actor
- Nqss Voice Actor
- Zatev Beta tester
- Maxtes Voice Actor
- Comrade Grimson - Voice actor
- All users in - testing, ideas,

4. Mod changes
TEOD 0.92 will present a lot of vital and good changes compared to
previous 09 version. A lot of bugs were fixed. Game balance were improved a
lot. New units, upgrades and abilities are part of this version. You can access
heavy ballistic system such as Topol-M, Shaheen-2, DF-21. You can use skilful
tactical abilities and unit combination, or counter your enemies air supremacy
with powerful s-500 or THAAD SAM. Also you will find truly realistic
behaviors of current, re made units and fast dynamic game play. But this is not
all, a lot more is waiting you inside the game. This version have only ultimate
mode. As you remember there was " weapon system " mode in 08 which is now
removed, but will return in final version with new and unique units for all sub
faction systems.

5. Final Words
This mod isnt finished and keep developing more great changes will
come! You can expect fully operational water warfare, new units, upgrades
voices and more in the final version!
TEOD team wishes you a joy from game and success in online battles.
Also remind that our team is keep growing and need testers and modelers.
For reporting bugs or making suggestions please send them at my e-mail :
Do not use my models and dont copy my ideas to your mod without my
Thanks to everyone who helped me and continue to work on this Mod.
Thanks again I really appreciate that.

Date: 29.01.2017 Creator:

City: Sofia, Bulgaria Alexei Stukov