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Grade Lesson Valentines Day


a. Students will practice tah-ti patterns.

b. Students will continue to practice high low/sol mi patterns.

c. Students will perform a circle dance.

d. Students will use sounds to enhance a story.

Standards Addressed:

1. 1.1 The student will read and notate music, including

a. 1. high and low pitches, using traditional and nontraditional notation;

b. 2. rhythmic patterns that include quarter notes, paired eighth notes,

and quarter rests, using traditional and nontraditional notation; and

c. 3. identification of basic music symbols.

2. 1.2 The student will demonstrate various uses of the voice, including

a. 1. singing high and low pitches;

b. 2. using the voice in speech and song; and

3. The student will perform rhythmic patterns that include quarter notes,

paired eighth notes, and quarter rests, using instruments, body percussion,

and voice.

4. 1.8 The student will respond to music with movement, including

a. 4. performing line and circle dances;

5. 1.15 The student will demonstrate manners and teamwork that contribute to

success in the music classroom

1. Fly Swatter

2. Fish high Low Cards

3. Star high low cards

4. Smartboard patterns (stars and Queen Queen caroline)

5. Recordings of Actors toolbox, and Say Hey (I love you)

6. Videos of French horn and Flute.

7. Big Hearts

8. Froggy went a courtin by Iza Trapini

9. Quacki the Squeaky Little Frog

a. Rhythm sticks, maracas, egg shakers, frog clickers, and castanets.

b. Cards with pictures and words for each verbal cue.


1. Warm Up (10 minutes)

a. Actors toolbox

b. Warm Up Song: Say Hey (I Love you)

c. Hello Song.

d. Objectives/Letter of the week: F (Frog, French Horn, Flute, and


i. Show video of French horn and video of flute.

e. We are dancing in the Forrest (See picture on phone)

i. Students move around the room while singing the song

2. High Low (8 minutes)

What is another animal that starts with the letter F? (Fish)

a. Fly Swatter with fish cards.

b. Review Starlight with high low

i. Then present Sol and mi

c. Show smartboard patterns with stars that have the letters s and m in

them. Review as a class.

d. Review star cards as a class (no letters in the middle).

What holiday is coming up soon?

3. Froggy went a courtin (5 minutes)

a. Read book, have them echo certain parts.

4. Valentine Dance (1st grade pg. 417) Changed to Friendship (5 minutes)

a. Demonstrate in front of whole group.

i. First part: Show and then they all repeat together.

ii. Have a volunteer help show the partner turn.

iii. Have everyone do the Heel-toe part together.

iv. Partners first

b. What does Nein mean? How about Ja?

5. Tah-ti ( 10 minutes)

Start chanting Queen Queen Caroline while they sit down.

a. Queen Queen Caroline (Introduce/Review Tah-tis)

i. Review Rhyme

ii. Tap Rhythm

iii. Whats another way we can show rhythm?

iv. Review Pink cards

1. This one or that one?

2. Which on matches Queen Queen Caroline?

What holiday did we talk about earlier?

b. Create rhythms using students standing on big hearts.

i. Students on circle rug with turn around to face the hearts in

the back of the room.

ii. If one student is on the heart, would that be a tah, or a tah ti?


iii. What if two students are standing on a heart?

6. Quacki the cheeky little frog Sound story (10 minutes)

a. Students will sit on their number spots.

b. Teacher will read the story to the students.

c. Teacher will divide students into 5 groups (just to the people they are

sitting near)

d. Each group will have a picture with a phrase from the story to listen

for. When they hear their phrase, they will show a silent signal.

i. What silent sign can we do to show that we heard our part?

e. Each group will be given instruments. The teacher will re-read the

story, and each time a group hears their phrase they will play their


7. If time permits:

a. Burny Bee song with game. (5 minutes)

i. Students will be taught the song via call and response.

ii. Students sit around the edge of the circle rug and practice the

song as a group.

iii. One student walks around the circle, tapping each student on the

beat. Whoever is tapped on away must fly around the circle.

Then they will have the chance to tap the steady beat.