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Observation Task 2: Teaching a Phonics Lesson

Table 2: Teaching a Phonics Lesson

The Structure of the Lesson
What the teacher does What the children do Comments
Introducing the Sound:

The teacher explained the activity The students singed a It is a nice activity and
for students song of the flash cards that helpful because this way
The teacher prepared for the teacher showed them and students can use the prior
students activity to make the if they said the song of the knowledge so it is top down
students understand and learn the letter correctly they should development skill. Also, the
sound of the letter. match the flash card pictures teacher let students review the
The activity was students look at with the letter. sound of the letter and
the flash card pictures and tried to students will improve their
say the song of the pictures with the skills about the sound of the
sound of the letter that related to the letter.
The teacher showed children the
flash card pictures and lets students
engaged and explored the sound of
the pictures, then matched with the
She choosed students who raise
her/his hand. Also the teacher
encouraged the children. The teacher
asksed students to tell me the sound
of the letter.
The example of the sound is the
tigger on the tv t t t
(the teacher made a revision of
whole the letters)
Hearing the Sound in the initial

The teacher explains the letters Children heard the teacher It works well because
for the students and lets them hear carefully and repeated after children focused and listened
the sound first. her the song. to the teacher.
The teacher song a letters song
and let the students listen and then
she let students to repeated after her.

Introducing the Writing of the


The teacher let students said the Students said the sound of I like this way because the
sound of the letter then write the the letter then they write on teacher uses a different
letter on the sand. the sand. Also they write the method to let students write
First the teacher asks the student letter on the air. the letter in a different way. In
about the sound of the letter. this case students will learn
The teacher let students write the the letter and the sound
letter on the air. because the activity of writing
hand on and children learn
from hand on activity.

Practicing Writing the Sound:

The teacher practiced by having Children focus and try to This way helps children to
various flash cards and explained listen carefully to the teacher understand more and keep the
each flash card with using the sound and said the sound of the information in their mind
of the letter of each flash card letter after the teacher. easily.
When students look at the
She said the song of the picture in video, in the first time they
the flash card included the sound of saw the video and in the
the letter second one they try to learn
the sound of the letter.
The teacher used the YouTube
video about the sound of the letters They look at the video of
and let students listened to every day the sound of the letters every
and practiced. day at the classroom with
English teacher
She opens the video every day
because English teacher teaches
them daily.
Reflections on Observation Task 2: Teaching a Phonics Lesson

1. What program is used in your school to teach phonics?

- The program that teacher used is the song of sound. This program is coming
from the MOE. It teacher students the sound of the letters.

2. How is phonics taught in your school?

- The teacher plays the video and sings with students the song,
students repeat after the video and the teacher.

3. What was the focus of the lesson?

- The lesson was about whole letters (revision)

4. Were the learners engaged in the phonics lesson? If they were, select (a); if they were not,
select (b).

a. Describe the different types of active engagement activities that the

teacher used.
- The teacher engaged students by videos, sometime questions and pictures and
children enjoy, most of them understand they video. Also, they interact with the
song of the video.

b. What could active engagement activities the teacher have used to help
learners b e t t e r understand the lesson?
5. What types of activites did the children participate in during their independent centers that reinforced
the lesson objective/learning outcome? If they participated in learning centers, select (a); if they
did not, select (b)

a) Describe the different types of learning center ac tivities that the

students did.
- There are different activities that the teacher uses to teach students the
phonics. The first activity there are cupcake letters with the cupcake pictures,
so students said the sound of the letter and matched the picture with the
letter. The second students had a flash card with a letter and they should say
the phonic of the letters. The third activity students had cubes with letters.
The learners like it, enjoy and understand the lesson.

b) Describe two (2) learning center activities that the teacher could
have used to help reinforce the learning outcome.