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20 (29-Sep-09)

Product Release Letter

AVEVA Plot Utilities 12.1.5
Full Release 52333
Windows 7 / Windows 8.1
This letter introduces and describes this release, which is supported on the indicated platform(s).

This Release Contains

A full release of AVEVA Plot Utilities, a separately installable product available as a standard
component that can be used in conjunction with AVEVA Plant 12.1, AVEVA Marine 12.1 and
AVEVA Everything3D 2.1.

The separate product component installable from or upgraded by this release is as follows:

Product Version
Product Name
Code Number
V00FN135 AVEVA Plot Utilities 12.1.5

Prerequisite for this release - operating system:

Minimum Supported O/S Version (for each Windows 7 (64-bit preferred)
supported platform) with Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (supplied)

Mandatory O/S Patches (for each Windows 7 Service Pack 1

supported platform)

Supported Operating System Windows 8.1.

with Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (supplied).

Please note that recommended/supported hardware and software configurations are constantly subject to review, so
please consult the AVEVA support web pages for the latest recommendations.

For further information please contact your local AVEVA support office, which can be found at

This document has been prepared and approved by the following:

Job Title Name
Development Manager Patricia Gardener
Product Manager Stephen Burrows
Test Manager Vaseem Jameel
Head of Product, Plant 3D Gavin Watton
Manager, Training & Product Support Semra Hamitogullari

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Product Release Letter

Prerequisite for this release - products:

The AVEVA Plot Utilities are not licensed but the prerequisite associated products PDMS, Hull &
Outfitting or Everything3D require AVEVA Licensing System 2.0.
For full details, please refer to the AVEVA Everything3D 2.1 Installation Guide.

Works (is compatible) with:

AVEVA PDMS 12.1.SP2, 12.1.SP4
AVEVA Hull & Outfitting 12.1.SP2, 12.1.SP3, 12.1.SP4
AVEVA Everything3D 2.1

For full details, please see the compatibility matrix on the

This is a new product and does not directly supersede any previous product.

To Install product release:

The AVEVA Plot Utilities product is installed automatically from the AVEVA Product Support
Download site using the AVEVA Plot Utilities Setup Wizard.

Installations using setup.exe will install into the standard directory C:\Program Files
(x86)\Common Files\Aveva Shared\Plot.

First released on:

This product release is first available as a download AVEVA Plot Utilities 12.1.5, release number

Overview of Product
AVEVA Plot Utilities is a graphical plotting utility (PLOT) that allows you to interpret pseudo-code
plot files generated by AVEVA programs and to translate them into a range of standard formats.

After translation, the plot file data may be sent either directly to a hardware device, such as a pen
plotter or laser printer, or to another file, or to a graphics screen.

PLOT handles both the file format translation process and the transmission of the resulting data to
a specified hardware device, including interaction with the output device where necessary to
ensure that data transmission protocol is correctly observed. PLOT can recognise source files in
any of the formats described in the following section and translate them into any of a wide.

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Product Release Letter


The development, maintenance and testing of AVEVA Solutions software products is carried out
in accordance with the companys KEYSTONE lifecycle processes and this document includes a
summary of the testing carried out on this release and a list of significant defects known to exist at
the time of release.

Development Testing
Developers have carried out unit testing of each enhancement and/or fix in the development
environment to verify that any new functionalities have been correctly implemented and identified
defects have been corrected.

Regression tests have been run in the development environment to verify that enhancements
and/or fixes have not adversely affected the integrity of the product.

System Testing
Independent system testing has been carried out on the product, as released, to verify that it
installs correctly in all supported configurations and that product functionality operates as intended,
subject to any known exceptions listed below.

Acceptance Testing
This document has been prepared before Acceptance Testing. This product release will be
subjected to an acceptance test by AVEVAs Training and Product Support Group.

Any exceptions found during Acceptance Testing or after release will be reported in the Product
Release Latest Update Note on AVEVA's support web site

Exceptions Significant Defects And Recommended Workarounds

AVEVA intends to fix the defects listed below in a fix release or service pack as soon as reasonably
Incident Defect Description Recommended
number number Workaround

For the latest list of exceptions and other updates, please see the Product Release Latest Update
Note on AVEVA's support web site

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