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Essential Drug List (Secondary category) for MBBS at CHC

Universal and Primary category of drugs can be also used at this level. facility
Name of Drug Formulation Strength/Size EDL Code code
Halothane Inhalation D253 S
Nitrous oxide Inhalation D372 S
Ipratropium bromide Inhalation 20mcg/ D670 S
Formetrol+Fluticaxone Inhalation 5mcg+50mcg D643 S
Medroxy Progesterone Acetate Tablet 5mg, 10mg D326, D327 S
Mebendazole Tab./Suspension 100mg, 100mg/5ml D324, D325 S
Acyclovir Tab./Solution/Ointment/Inj. 200 mg, 800mg, D6-D10,D559 S
Digoxin Tab./Oral Solution/Inj. 250 mcg D178-,D180 S
Atropine Tab./Inj./Eye Drop 1mg, 0.6 mg/ml,1% D55, D56, D59 S
Haloperidol Tab./Inj.,Liquid 1.5 mg, 5mg D249-D252 S
Ketorolac Tab./Inj.,Eye drops 10mg, 15mg/ml,1% D675-D677 S
Tramadol Tab./Inj. 50mg, 50mg/ml D753,D754 S
Phytomenadione Tab./Inj. 10mg,10 mg/ml D410, D411 S
Labetalol Tab./Inj. 100mg, 10mg/ml D299, D300 S
Drotavarine Tab./Inj. 40mg,20mg/ml D618-619 S
Isoxsuprine Tab./Inj. 5mg/ml,20 mg, 40mg D293- D295 S
Cefalexin Tab./Capsule/ Solution 250mg, 5000mg D95-D98 S
Metoclopramide . Tab./ Inj. 10 mg, 5 mg/ml D339, D340 S
Propranolol Tab., 10 mg, 40mg D440, D441 S
Erythromycin Stearate Tab. or Capsule/Suspension 250, 500mg,125 mg/5ml D202, D203,D204 S
Ciprofloxacin . Infusion 2mg/ml D124 S
Carbamazepine Tab. /Syrup 200 mg, 400mg, D86-D88 S
Valproic . (Sodium salt) Tab. /Liquid Oral 200mg, 500mg, D514-D516 S
Isosorbide Dinitrate Tab. (Sublingual) 5 mg D289 S
Enalapril Tab. (Scored) 2.5 mg, 5mg D197, D198 S
Warfarin Sodium Tab. (Score) 1 mg, 5mg D530, D531 S
Methyldopa Tab. (Film Coated) 250 mg D337 S
Hydroxy Chloroquine Tab. 150 mg (base) D266 S
Ethionamide Tab. 250mg D634 S
Kanamycin Tab. 500mg, 1000mg D673,D674 S
Sertraline Tab. 50mg D470 S
Quetiapine Tab. 50mg,100mg D723,D724 S
Mirtazepine Tab. 7.5mg,15mg D691,D692 S
Escitalopram Tab. 5mg,10mg,20mg D625,D626-627 S
Prazocin Tab. 1mg,2mg D717, D718 S
Zidovudine +Lamuvidin+ Nevirapine Tab. 300mg+150mg+200mg D762 S
Tinidazole Tab. 500mg, 1gm D507, D508 S
Trihexyphenidyl . Tab. 2 mg D511 S
Levodopa + Carbidopa Tab. 100 + 10 mg,250 mg + 25 mg D301, D302 S
Glyceryl Trinitrate Tab. 2.6mg, 6.4mg D654,D655 S
Metoprolol Tab. 25mg, 50mg D341, D342 S
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Telmisartan Tab. 20mg, 40mg D743,D744 S
Ramipril Tab. 2.5 mg, 5mg D726, D727 S
Atorvastatin Tab. 10 mg, 20mg D563,D564 S
Atorvastatin Tablet 40 mg D564A S
Spironolactone Tab. 25 mg D482 S
Torsemide Tab. 5mg, 10mg D751, D752 S
Estardiol Valerate Tab. 2mg D207 S
Norethisterone Tab. 5mg D374 S
Levothyroxine Sodium Tab. 25mcg, 50mcg, 100mcg D304- D306 S
Potassium Iodide Tab. 60 mg D420 S
Propyl Thiouracil Tab. 50 mg, 100mg D442, D443 S
Carbimazole Tab. 5mg D89 S
Acetazolamide Tab. 250 mg D1 S
Mifepristone Tab. 200mg D352 S
Clozapine Tab. 50mg D593 S
Chlordiazepoxide Tab. 25mg D585 S
Monteleukast Tab. 4mg, 10mg D693,D694 S
Zidovudine Capsule/Tab./Liquid/IV 100 mg,250mg D536-D540 S
Cloxacillin Sodium Capsule / PowderOral Solution 500 mg, 125 mg/5 ml D133, D135 S
Hydroxyurea Capsule 500mg, 250mg D268, D661 S
Calcium Dobesilate Capsule 500 mg D576 S
Ceftriaxone Sodium Powder for Inj. 1gm D105 S
Suxamethonium Chloride Powder for Inj. 50 mg/ml D495 S
Ondansetron Inj./Syrup 2mg/ml, 2mg/5ml D384,D385 S
Lidocaine . Inj./Jelly (Topical) 20 mg/ml, 2% D312, D310 S
Lidocaine + Epinephrine Inj./Dental Cartridge 1%+ epinephrine 1:200 D313 S
Anti rabies Vaccine Inj. IM administration 000,2%
2.5 IU D42 S
Ketamine . Inj. 50 mg/ml in 2ml Vial/10ml Vial D297 S
Thiopentone sodium Inj. 0.5 g,1.0g D503,D504 S
Glycopyrrolate USP Inj. 0.2mg/ml D248 S
Paracetamol Injection 2ml IM D395A S
Morphine Inj. 10 mg D358 S
Pentazocine Inj. 30mg/ml D398 S
Methyl Prednisolone Inj. 40mg/ml D336 S
Methyl Prednisolone Inj. 500mg D336A S
Diazepam Inj. 5 mg/ml D164 S
Artemether Inj. 80 mg/ml D47 S
Nor adrenaline Inj. 4mg/2ml D373 S
Hydroxocobalamin Inj. 1 mg D265 S
Iron Sucrose Inj. 50mg, 100mg D284, D285 S
Heparin Sodium Inj. 1000 IU/ml D254- D256 S
Protamine Sulphate Inj. 10 mg/ml D444 S
Hydroxyethyl Starch Inj. 6% D267 S
Verapamil . Inj. 2.5 mg/ml D521 S
Dopamine . Inj. 40 mg D190 S
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Ranitidine Inj. 50mg/ 2ml D453 S
Pantoprozole Inj. 40mg D400 S
Insulin Inj. (Soluble) Inj. 40 IU/ml, 100 IU/ml D276, D277 S
Intermediate-Acting Insulin Inj. 40 IU/ml, 100 IU/ml D278, D279 S
Antitetanus Immunoglobulin Inj. 500 IU D46 S
Anti-D Immunoglobulin Monoclonal Inj. 300mcg (Thiomersal free) D44, D45 S
Diphtheria Antitoxin Inj. 10 000 IU, 20 000 IU D184, D185 S
Neostigmine Metilsulfate Inj. 500 mcg, 2.5mg, 500 mcg D361, D362, D364 S
Fluphenazine Decanoate Inj. 25 mg D231 S
Vitamin B1 Inj. 50mg D502 S
Vitamin B12 Inj. 500mcg/ml D526 S
Methylcobalamine Tablet 1500mcg D526A S
Propofol Inj. 1% D439 S
Podophyllum Resin Cutaneous Solution 102% D416 S
Glutaraldehyde Aqueous Solution 2.00% D247 S
Hydroxyzine Syrup 10mg/5ml D662 S
Hydroxyzine Tablet 25mg D662A S
Azithromycin Syrup 100 mg/5ml D62 S
Lactulose Syrup 667mg/ml D550 S
Sucralfate Syrup 100ml D738 S
Amoxicillin + Clavulanic . Suspension/Inj./Tab. 300mg,600mg D31-D37 S
Iodine Solution 8mg/5ml D280 S
Hydrocortisone Acetate Suppository; Retention Enema 25 mg D263 S
Diclofenac Suppository 50mg D607 S
Bisacodyl Suppository 10mg D570 S
Tropicamide Eye Drops 0.50% D512 S
Moxifloxacin Eye drops 0.5%v/w D695 S
Fluconazole Eye drops 0.30% D636 S
Prednisolone Sodium Phosphate Eye drops 0.5%, 1% D430, D719 S
Dexamethasone Eye drops 0.10% D606 S
Flurbiprofen Eye drops 0.03% D641 S
Pilocarpine . Eye drops 2%, 4% D412, D413 S
Timolol Maleate Eye drops 0.25%, 0.50% D505, D506 S
Cyclopentolate Eye drops 2% D594 S
Clotrimazole Ear Drops/Mouth Paint 1% W/V, 1% W/V D130, D131 S
Fluticasone Nasal spray 120 metered dose D642 S
Povidone Iodine Passaries/Ointment/ Drop 200mg, 0.6% D425,D424 S
Calcium Dobesilate+ Lignocain 2% Ointment 0.25%+3 % D577 S
Benzoyl Peroxide Lotion or Cream/ Gel 5%, 2.50% D68, D69 S
Vitamin D3 Granules 1gm D527 S
Estriol succinate Cream 15mg D628 S
Phenol Liquid D406 S
ichthammol Glycerine Ointment ND3 S
Glucose glycerin Nasal drops 25% ND2 S
sodium citrate Syrup 100ml ND1 S
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