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Wellhead Sealing Guide

Issue 2

Sealing solutions for the Oil & Gas industry

Innovative technology offering safety,
performance and reliability
Global customer service and product support

High Performance Sealing Technology

About James Walker

The Oil & Gas industry Technology & innovation Manufacturing excellence
James Walker has long been committed Working in partnership with the Oil & Special expertise in the machining of
to the provision of sealing solutions for the Gas industry for over 40 years thin-walled annular components
exploration and production of oil and gas.
In-house development of world-beating Highly skilled at working with nickel
Our capabilities in high performance rapid gas decompression (RGD) alloys that are difficult to machine
materials science are relied upon resistant elastomers
worldwide by customers who need top Total control from concept through
quality materials that are validated and Confidential research projects both for manufacture to supply and
proven to operate: and in partnership with clients commissioning

At extremes of pressure Development of current best in class Full certification and traceability of all
emissions control technology for valve materials
In chemically aggressive and physically stem sealing
abrasive environments In-house processing and compound
Testing and verification manufacture of elastomers and
Under rapid gas decompression thermoplastics
(RGD) conditions We hold test equipment for all relevant
ANSI, API, ASA, ASTM, BS, DIN, DTD, James Walker Moorflex is API Spec Q1
In naturally occurring chemical / sour ISO and NATO standards licensed for ring joint manufacture
gas environments
Environmental chambers capable of ISO 9001:2008 approved for design,
With large clearances and / or poor replicating conditions from -70C to manufacture and technical support
surface conditions +130C

To the highest performance Rapid gas decompression rigs Customer service
specifications laid down by international amongst the most advanced in the
industry world Key operational hubs in Aberdeen,
Houston, Singapore and Rio de Janeiro
With temperature cycling regimes Steam skid for testing seal design and
materials under steam regimes Worldwide family of James Walker
At extremes of temperature companies
Rotary and reciprocating test rigs with a
Where failure could have significant variety of shaft sizes and speeds up to Over 50 production, engineering,
health & safety, environmental or in excess of 6,000 rpm distribution and customer support sites
financial risk spread across Europe, Australasia, Asia
Chemical type-approval testing Pacific, Africa and the Americas
allowing customers the opportunity
for third party-witnessed testing of Local network of James Walker
The correct selection and specification elastomers and polymers in their companies and official distributors
of sealing materials and products is a anticipated chemical environment working in close partnership with
prerequisite to the safe and effective customers in well over 100 countries
operation of plant and the prevention of
expensive downtime.

Please see the relevant James General information

Walker guide for comprehensive
Health warning: If PTFE or fluoroelastomer (eg,FKM, FFKM, FEPM) products are heated to elevated
product descriptions. temperatures, fumes will be produced which may give unpleasant effects, if inhaled. Whilst some fumes are
emitted below 250C from fluoroelastomers or below 300C from PTFE, the effect at these temperatures is
negligible. Care should be taken to avoid contaminating tobacco with particles of PTFE or fluoroelastomer, or
the O meric seals
with PTFE dispersion, which may remain on hands or clothing. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available
To get your copy, il & G
as indu& compone
stry nts for
on request.
see the contact details Issue

Information in this publication and otherwise supplied to users is based on our general experience and is
on the rear cover, given in good faith, but because of factors which are outside our knowledge and control and affect the use of
or visit our website World-
g s ealing
environ egrity produc
products, no warranty is given or is to be implied with respect to such information. Unless governed by type
approval or contract, specifications are subject to change without notice. Statements of operating limits quoted
RG l & rev ts for safety,
D-resi enue p
qualifie stant elas rotect
d to No tom ion

in this publication are not an indication that these values can be applied simultaneously.
Glo rsok M ers
bal sto -710
Pro ing & supp
ven tra
ck rec ort

To ensure you are working with the very latest product specifications, please consult the relevant section of the
James Walker website:
ce Se
alin g Te
ch nolog
James Walker Worldwide Oilfield Support
Aberdeen (UK) Hamburg (Germany) Milan (Italy)
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Bergen (Norway) Lyon (France) Perth (Australia)

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So Paulo (Brazil)
Tel: +55 11 4392 7360
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assuring bolted joint integrity


Elastomeric seals & components for Improving valve sealing performance

the Oil & Gas industry Gasket Technology O Ring Guide Compression Packings Guide
& emissions control Issue 6 Issue 7
Designed & produced by designbrand ltd Tel: 0845 0559216

Issue 8 Issue 2

The comprehensive guide to O ring The comprehensive guide to compression packings for
OIL & GAS Pumps
sealing systems including
O ring selection Hatch lids
General & high performance materials Crucible lids
Housing design & tolerances Furnace doors
Cords, kits & lubricants Gland sealing duties


World-leading sealing technology

High integrity products for safety,
environmental & revenue protection
RGD-resistant elastomers
qualified to Norsok M-710
Global stockholding & support
Proven track record
Understanding gaskets & dimensional guidebook

High Performance Sealing Technology High Performance Sealing Technology High Performance Sealing Technology High Performance Sealing Technology

Elastomeric products RotaBolt tension control Gasket technology Valve components O rings Compression packing

James Walker & Co Ltd James Walker Oil & Gas Co James Walker Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Oil and Gas Team 16619 W. Hardy Road 192 Pandan Loop #05-11/12
1 Millennium Gate, Westmere Drive Houston Pantech Industrial Complex
Crewe, Cheshire CW1 6AY, UK TX 77060, USA Singapore 128381
Tel: +44 (0)1270 536140 Tel: +1 281 875 0002 Tel: +65 6777 9896
Fax: +44 (0)1270 536065 Fax: +1 281 875 0188 Fax: +65 6777 6102
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BS EN ISO 9001:2008 FS 533362 ISO 9001:2000


Registered Office: Lion House, Oriental Road, Woking, Surrey GU22 8AP, UK. Reg. No. 2432592 England

James Walker 2011

BP4301 0611/1m
O rings
Versatile sealing devices for wide
range of static and dynamic
Tie-down &
Precision-moulded, high-integrity
endless rings
Materials include NBR, HNBR or
screw packings FKM elastomers
Available in thousands of
imperial and metric sizes
Seals for bolts used to fasten SAE AS568, BS1806/4518
and retain tubing & casing See JW elastomeric seals &
hangers components guide
Customised design to meet See JW O Rings Guide
specific requirements
Available in compressed
expanded graphite, PTFE or
moulded elastomers
See JW elastomeric seals &
components guide
Moorflex 5 FULLSIZE 14 - 07- 2010 Ian Harland

Large thin-walled machining capabilities

Oil & Gas Industry

Large diameter - Thin-walled machining

Metal seals and H4 gaskets
S seals Thinwall machining
Casing and tubing hangers
Extrusion-resistant double-acting Precision machining capability
seal for arduous static sealing High nickel alloys
duties available for internal or Full materials traceability
external groove applications See JW Moorflex metal seals
Materials: tough HNBR or FKM
and components guide
Stainless steel anti-extrusion
toroidal springs
Wide range of sizes to fit
standard SAE housings
Validated to API 6A
See JW elastomeric seals &
components guide

MEC seals
Hybrid metal/elastomer extrusion-
resistant seals for high-pressure
casing and tubing applications Compression
Makes intimate metal-to-metal seal
with housing
Energised by bonded high- Extensive range of packing products
performance elastomer for pump, valve, lid and gland sealing
Stainless steel or inconel for duties
corrosion resistance Class-leading TA-Luft certified
Supagraf Premier and
Range of sections and sizes Supagraf Control
Shell standard SPE85-203 / 204
PremiPak combination packing
See JW Compression Packings Guide

FS casing,
tubing and
P seals
Casing and tubing hanger
seals on wellheads
Tough Elast-O-Lion
hydrogenated nitrile
Stainless steel anti- Casing & tubing
extrusion toroidal springs
Standard API diameters hanger packing
from 4 to 30 inch
Tested to API 6A For axial sealing against
See JW elastomeric seals & tubing or casing pipe
components guide Various designs available
depending on application
and service conditions
Rectangular section of
elastomer, with or without
anti-extrusion elements
See JW elastomeric seals &
components guide

Valve sealing and

RotaBolt assured components
tension control
Spring energised PTFE lip seals
Bolts and stud tension control O rings
indicators Metal and semi-metallic gaskets
For applications requiring precise Valve bonnets
tensioning of bolts Valve seat carriers
Finger-feel registering device Devlon V-API thermoplastic
loosens if tension drops below seats and seat insert material
specified level PTFE, graphite, PEEK and
Range of materials to ensure nylon seats
compatibility and corrosion See JW valve sealing and
resistance emissions control guide
Wide range of sizes
See JW bolted joint integrity guide

Moorside API
ring joints
Metaflex spiral
Metal seals for wide range of
high-pressure oilfield applications wound gaskets
Materials: soft iron, low carbon
steel, alloys and stainless steels For pipe and vessel flanges in
arduous temperature, flow or
API and ASME standards
vibration conditions
Range of standard sections and V-section stainless steel or alloy
diameters strip, combined with graphite or
See James Walker Moorflex metal PTFE filler
seals and components guide ASME, BS, DIN standards
TA-Luft emission control certified
Diameters: 10mm to 3.5m
See James Walker Moorflex gasket
technology guide

To order or for further details, please call your local contact shown on rear cover or visit