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Balbina Elizondo Lozano 4/5/17

Animal Farm: Character Comparison Chart 9B #7

Compare the characters of the novel with the people of the Russian Revolution and explain how
are they similar or different. Provide a quote or action for each character and explain it.
Be sure to add at least three (3) of your own boxes and character comparisons.

Animal/Person Similarity Real Life Representation

Animalism No owners, no class differences, Communism

Quote and explanation: all people equal, everything
7. All animals are equal. owned by the government.
Pg. 24
This is the main
commandments of animalism

Mr. Jones Poor leader, irresponsible, cruel, Czar Nicholas II

Quote and explanation: sometimes kind.
Mr. Jones, of the Manor
Farm, had locked the hen- Viewed as unnecessary and
houses for the night, but was perhaps even evil. Has power at
too drunk to remember to in the beginning but loses it
shut the popholes. because of mismanagement.
Pg. 3

This explains how drunk Mr.

Jones was and irresponsible
he was with his animals and

Napoleon Becomes a leader after the Stalin

Napoleon was a large, rather rebellion and uses the military
fierce-looking Berkshire boar, forces to intimidate the others just
the only Berkshire on the as Stalin did.
farm, not much of a talker, but
with a reputation for getting
his own way.
Pg. 16

This quote explains and

describes napoleon

Snowball Snowball in the book challenges Leon Trotsky

Quote and explanation: Napoleon and in real life Trotsky
Quote and explanation: challenges Stalin. Snowball is
Comrades, said Snowball, also intelligent and eloquent and
its half-past six and we have less devious than this
a long day before us. Today counterpart Napoleon.
Balbina Elizondo Lozano 4/5/17

Animal Farm: Character Comparison Chart 9B #7

we begin the hay harvest.

Pg. 23

This quote explains how no

one had being doing anything
throughout the day

Boxer I feel like if boxer represents more Communist community.

Quote and explanation: than just one person, I believe
I will work harder! which that boxer represents like all of
he had adopted as his the people who believed in Stalin.
personal motto. This is because he is hardworking
and believes in the Animal Farm.
He always says that napoleon is
right and stuff that makes the
main communist seem stronger
and more powerful.

Old Major He invented animalism and in real Karl Marx

Quote and explanation: life Karl Marx did, and dies before
Comrades, you have heard the Russian revolution.
already about the strange
dream that I had last night

The dogs The dogs are a private army that The secret police
Quote and explanation: intimidated other to make other
I found no actual quotes from animals work, they threatened the
the dogs since they rarely other animals with killing them if
appear. they opposed from any ideas from
Napoleon, this was another of
napoleons strategy to make
everyone follow his rules.