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Souassi Prep.

School Teacher: Kaies El Heni

March 31st, 2017

Classes: 9 B 8 & 9 Mark: ../20

LANGUAGE: (14 Marks)

1- Fill in the blanks with words from the list. There is one extra word: (5
Travelling flight attendants fly passenger immigration
Gate checked in airport boarding pass great window

Last month was my first time to by myself. I was a little nervous, but it
was exciting! First, I took a taxi to the international airport terminal. Then, I
at the check-in counter and walked to the departure lounge at
64. I was early, so I didnt have to wait for a long time to go through and
security. I waited in the departure lounge for about 25 minutes and then I showed
my passport and before I boarded the plane. After I boarded the plane, I
walked along the aisle and found my seat, and then I sat down and fastened my
seat belt. I was lucky because my seat was a seat, so I could look outside
as the plane took off. After a few hours, the served us dinner, and then I
talked to the sitting next to me. His name was Leonardo, and I was
surprised to find out that he was also to London to study English for the
summer. Finally, I watched an action movie, and then our plane landed soon after
that. It was a experience.

2- Circle the right option: (3 marks)

Many people find this way of life (finding almost everything on the internet) more
(convenient convenience conveniently), because they can complete their
daily chores from the (comfortable comfort comfortably) of their own home.
I think thats why some people like to shop for their clothes (in line line for line
online). With the click of a button, you can order anything you want, and have it
(delivered delivery deliver) directly to your front door. For someone with a
busy lifestyle, this seems ideal.

Firstly, online shopping can be far less stressful than hitting the high street
shops. There are no huge (crowds crowded crowdedness) of people or
tediously long queues. With online shopping, its just you and your computer. Its
like you have the whole shop to yourself! Secondly, online (stories stores
stress) dont have opening and closing times.

3- Match sentence parts in A with their endings in B to write a full

postcard: (3 marks)


1- Dear a- a wonderful time at the beach.

2- We are having b- on a boat trip to an island.

3- We have swum c- here.

4- And we have been d- play beach volley ball.

5- Tomorrow were going to e- Jena

6- Wish you were f- with dolphins.

1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6-

4- Put the words in brackets in the right tense or form: (3 marks)

Mobile phones (to be) permitted at school in the UK but pupils (be /
not) allowed to use them in class and they must be on silent during
lessons. Teachers can take away phones if (this) rules are broken. School
students can use their phones at break time and at lunchtime. Some (teacher)
in British schools complain that pupils dont always follow the rules and
that lessons (to be) disrupted by people texting, (to make)
and receiving calls, looking at social networking sites, watching videos and even
making videos in class.
WRITING: (6 Marks)
1- Write a paragraph where you talk about transportation. Answer the
following questions:
How is transportation and means of transport in Tunisia? (poor services /
crowdedness / late / expensive / pick pocket ).
What is your favourite means of transport?
Why do you like it? (fast / comfortable / spacious / cheap ).

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