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2014 INSTALLATION OF STATIONARY PUMPS FOR FIRE PROTECTION Screen shall have at least 62.5 percent open area. pressure sensitive shall be permitted where the authority hav-
ing jurisdiction requires positive pressure to be maintained on Where zebra mussel infestation is present or rea-
the suction piping. Where required, the low suction throttling
sonably anticipated at the site, the screens shall be constructed
valves shall be installed between the pump and the discharge
of a material with demonstrated resistance to zebra mussel
check valve.
attachment or coated with a material with demonstrated resis-
tance to zebra mussel attachment at low velocities. 5.15.10 No pressure-regulating devices shall be installed in
the discharge pipe except as permitted in this standard. The overall area of the screen shall be 1.6 times the
net screen opening area. (See screen details in Figure A. 5.16* Valve Supervision.
5.14.9* Devices in Suction Piping. No device or assembly, un- 5.16.1 Supervised Open. Where provided, the suction valve,
less identified below, that will stop, restrict the starting, or re- discharge valve, bypass valves, and isolation valves on the back-
strict the discharge of a fire pump or pump driver shall be flow prevention device or assembly shall be supervised open
installed in the suction piping. The following devices shall be by one of the following methods:
permitted in the suction piping where the requirements are met: (1) Central station, proprietary, or remote station signaling
(1) Check valves and backflow prevention devices and assem-
(2) Local signaling service that will cause the sounding of an
blies shall be permitted where required by other NFPA
audible signal at a constantly attended point
standards or the authority having jurisdiction.
(3) Locking valves open
(2) Where the authority having jurisdiction requires positive
(4) Sealing of valves and approved weekly recorded inspection
pressure to be maintained on the suction piping, a pressure-
where valves are located within fenced enclosures under the
sensing line for a low suction throttling valve, specifically
control of the owner
listed for fire pump service, shall be permitted to be con-
nected to the suction piping. 5.16.2 Supervised Closed. The test outlet control valves shall
(3) Suitable devices shall be permitted to be installed in the be supervised closed.
suction supply piping or stored water supply and ar- 5.17* Protection of Piping Against Damage Due to Movement.
ranged to activate an alarm if the pump suction pressure A clearance of not less than 25 mm (1 in.) shall be provided
or water level falls below a predetermined minimum. around pipes that pass through walls or floors.
(4) Suction strainers shall be permitted to be installed in
the suction piping where required by other sections of 5.18 Relief Valves for Centrifugal Pumps.
this standard. 5.18.1* General.
(5) Other devices specifically permitted or required by this Where a diesel engine fire pump is installed and
standard shall be permitted.
where a total of 121 percent of the net rated shutoff (churn)
5.14.10* Vortex Plate. For pump(s)
p p takingg suction from a pressure plus the maximum static suction pressure, adjusted
stored water supply,
pp y a vortex plate shall be installed at the for elevation, exceeds the pressure for which the system com-
entrance to the suction pipe. (See Figure A.6.3.1.) ponents are rated, a pressure relief valve shall be installed.
5.15 Discharge Pipe and Fittings.* Pressure relief valves shall be used only where spe-
cifically permitted by this standard.
5.15.1 The discharge components shall consist of pipe,
valves, and fittings extending from the pump discharge flange Where a variable speed pressure limiting control
to the system side of the discharge valve. driver is installed, a pressure relief valve shall be installed.
5.18.2 Size. The relief valve size shall not be less than that
5.15.2 The pressure
p ratingg of the discharge
g components
p shall
given in Section 5.25. (See also 5.18.7 and A.5.18.7 for conditions
be adequate
q for the maximum working g pressure
p but not less
that affect size.)
than the rating of the fire protection system.
5.18.3 Location. The relief valve shall be located between the
5.15.3* Steel pipe
p p with flanges,
g screwed joints,
j or mechanical pump and the pump discharge check valve and shall be so
grooved joints shall be used above ground. attached that it can be readily removed for repairs without

5.15.4 All pump discharge pipe shall be hydrostatically tested disturbing the piping.
in accordance with NFPA 13, Standard for the Installation of 5.18.4 Type.
Sprinkler Systems, and NFPA 24, Standard for the Installation of
Private Fire Service Mains and Their Appurtenances. Pressure relief valves shall be either a listed spring-
loaded or pilot-operated diaphragm type.
5.15.5* The size of pump discharge pipe and fittings shall not Pilot-operated pressure relief valves, where at-
be less than that given in Section 5.25.
tached to vertical shaft turbine pumps, shall be arranged to
5.15.6* A listed check valve or backflow preventer shall be prevent relieving of water at water pressures less than the
installed in the pump discharge assembly. pressure relief setting of the valve.
5.15.7 A listed indicating
g gate
g or butterflyy valve shall be 5.18.5* Discharge.
installed on the fire protection system side of the pump The relief valve shall discharge into an open pipe or
discharge check valve. into a cone or funnel secured to the outlet of the valve.
5.15.8 Where pumps
p p are installed in series, a butterfly valve Water discharge from the relief valve shall be readily
shall not be installed between pumps. visible or easily detectable by the pump operator.
5.15.9 Low Suction Throttling Valves. Low suction throttling Splashing of water into the pump room shall be
valves that are listed for fire pump service and that are suction avoided.

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