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(20 minutes) Score

30 = 10
Name : 3
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Part 1. Vocabulary

1. In order to make our fruits fresh when needed, we should ..them properly.
A. Clean B. Refrigerate C. make D. leave E. pick

2. A branch of public health which is concerned with keeping the environment healthful
is called
A. Sanitation B. Doctors C. Dispensary D. Hospital E. Public Health Centre

3. It is obvious that drinking water without boiling it first will endanger our health. The
underlined word means ..
A. Believed B. Necessary C. Important D. Sure E. clear

4. Science that studies our environment is called

A. Sanitation B. Environmental C. Education D. Astronomy E. Ecology

5. Sometimes we see some rubbish on the street and we must pick it up. The opposite
of the underlined words is
A. look for B. put down C. turn down D. leave out E. throw away

6. Everything around us is our

A. Future B. Home C. Surrounding D. Address E. World

7. Do not forget to dispose the .. of your candies in the rubbish bin.

A. Taste B. Paper C. Wrapping D. Favour E. Rest

8. A story that is wholly from the writer imagination is called

A. Comic B. non-fiction C. legend D. fiction E. news

9. The river is heavily polluted by industrial waste, nevertheless, many people ..

A. have become the victims of it
B. do not allow their children to play there
C. complain about the danger threatening them
D. are still washing their clothes there
E. are greatly concerned about it

10. A container that you put rubbish into is called a

A. Spade B. Broom C. Rake D. Wagon E. Dustbin

Part 2. Grammar
11. The sun . from the east
A. Raise B. Raises C. To raise D. Raising E. Raised
12. Please dont make so much noise.
My father .
A. Sleeps B. has slept C. was sleeping D. is sleeping E. will sleep

13. Heru had a lot of work to do. He finished his work five minutes ago.
He said: I am free now, because I ..all my work.
A. Finished B. will finished C. am finished D. have finished E. will have finished

14. Agung .. a letter in his room when his mother came in.
A. Wrote B. Writes C. is writing D. has written E. was writing

15. Watch out! The train

A. approaches B. have approached C. is approaching D. approached
E. will approach

16. The cat sleeps under my bed

A. Everyday B. next day C. yesterday D. tomorrow E. last time

17. Echo : I ..grammar when I first studied English, but now Im very
interested in it.
Echi : Wow. To me, that sounds strange.
A. havent like B. didnt like C. dont like D. doesnt like E. am like

Part 3. Reading comprehension

Text 1
Alternative energy sources are becoming increasingly attractive as the energy crisis
become more severe. Solar heating systems, which use the suns radiation as source of
energy, are a promoting alternative energy source. Nuclear power plants are already in
operation in several parts of the country. Government and private industry are even
investigating the possibility of capturing the power of ocean waves and tides for
conversion into usable energy. Coal is one again becoming an acceptable fuel as the
nation searches for solution to the energy shortage. Even garbage is seen as a potential
source of energy.
18. The main information of the text is about _______________

A. the interest in alternative energy sources

B. potential solar energy heating systems
C. the operation of nuclear power plants
D. the search for energy from the sea
E. the use of coal to replace oil.

Text 2
There are many different causes of car accidents in the United States. Sometimes
accidents are caused by bad weather. Ice or snow can make roads very dangerous.
Accidents also can result from problems with the car. Even a small problem like a flat
tire can be serious. Bad roads are another causes of accidents. Some accidents are
caused by drinking too much alcohol. In fact, this is one of the most important causes of
19. What is the paragraph about?
A. Problems with car engines
B. Results of car accidents
C. The frequency of car accidents
D. Weather conditions in the US
E. Car accidents and their causes
20. Car accidents in the US are caused by the following, except ______________
A. drunken drivers
B. bad roads
C. unskilled drivers
D. icy roads
E. a flat tire
Part 4. Writing
Identify these sentences and decide which part is not correct
21. Everybody plans to improve their knowledge by looking for many sources.
22. Manufacturers may use food additives for preserving, to color, to flavor, or to fortify foods.
23. John hasnt complete the assignment yet, and Linda hasnt neither.
24. A bankruptcy may be either voluntary nor involuntary.
25. The personal manager usually arrives at the office at eight oclock, but today
because the storm he is an hour late.

Arrange these words into correct sentences.

26. large amount - Indonesia of in all provinces - natural has resources.
27. is become class - university world growing a to - Mercubuana University
28. demanded - is - Every - university - to be - graduation - easy - to have - to be - their
business - in order - independent - of.
29. education - to continue - Many university, - students - , who - from, try - to - have
graduated higher - Indonesian.
30. has - among - international - For many years, - study - Australia - popular - the most one
- been overseas of - for students - destinations.

Good Luck