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An excerpt from your narrative to the questions posed

in the For Your E-portfolio section in Chapter 2 of

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Chapter 2: Getting Acquainted

The United Way of Delaware is a non for profit community agency that focuses
on community impact within the state of Delaware. I am interning within the Community
Engagement department in which the main focus is to monitor the direct impact of the
organizations programs into the actual community. Monitoring and planning within this
department is much more complex than it may initially sound. There are many different
complexities and influences that directly affect these programs that need to be
The United Way of Delaware although is state wide, they directly serve the
community of promises which is the main location of the agency, Wilmington Delaware.
Wilmington is a very underserved community that is known for its poverty as well as
high crime rates. The United Way has stepped in and has been serving this community to
better serve the areas of child development, youth engagement, and professional growth.
The United Way of Delaware also have leadership groups that focus on cultures such as
womens leadership, African American leadership, and Latino leadership.
An interesting program that the United Way offers, involves young high schoolers
and it allows them to have the opportunity to get involved with the agency and serve as
young interns. The purpose of this initiative is not only to place these students in a
professional setting, but to also provide opportunities for these children to stay on
successful paths within their communities.
The Untied Way of Delaware is very active with other members of society
whether that includes, social, cultural, legal, or political subgroups. Their list of partners
range from small non-for-profits, to hospitals, as well as nationwide foundations. United
Way attempts to make an impact in all types of ranges and is willing to assist anyone
regardless of gender, race, religion, or economic status.
So far, my time here has been spent more on the administrative side, so I have
been able to see how the organizational structure works. I have also learned more details
about how they receive their funding and have looked over their tax documents. I have
also become familiar with the organizations vision, mission, impact, and core values that
are all also expected from my role as an intern. I am excited to continue to grow within
my internship role and am hoping to learn much more about the agency as a whole.