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2015 Grade 5 MTAP Math Challenge Division Orals

Below are the 2015 Grade 5 MTAP Math Challenge Division Oral Competition questions
with answers.

15-second question (2 points each)

1.) If 25 + N 100 = 75, what is N?
Answer: 150

2.) 75% of of a number is three times 15. What is the number?

Answer: 120

3.) In a basket factory, Mario finished 5 baskets in 2 hours while Jose finished 10
baskets in 3 hours. If they work at the same rate, how many baskets can they finish
together in 12 hours?
Answer: 70

4.) What is the smallest whole number N that will make N 7 > 35 true?
Answer: 43

5.) Two identical trapezoids are put together to form a parallelogram. The bases of each
trapezoid are 8 cm and 15 cm. Its height is 6 cm. What is the area of the parallelogram?
Answer: 69 sq cm or 69 cm^2

6.) A cylinder exactly contains a sphere inside. If the radius of a sphere is 2 cm, how high
is the cylinder?
Answer: 4 cm
7.) When two diameters of a circle divide the circle into 4 parts such that only 2 angles
are congruent, but pair is not congruent to the other pair, what kinds of angles are
formed by the diameters?
Answer: acute and obtuse angles
8.) Two identical trapezoids are put together to form a parallelogram. The bases of a
trapezoid are 8 cm and 15 cm. Its height is 6 cm. What is the base of the parallelogram?
Answer: 23 cm

9.) How many 1.5 cm 1.5 cm 1.5 cm cubes can fill in the 3 cm 5 cm 6 cm box?
Answer: 24

10.) The area of a rectangle is 14 cm^2. If the length is one more than three times its
width, what is the perimeter of the rectangle?
Answer: 18 cm
11.) In an elementary school, 450 pupils are in grade 5. If each has 50 students per class,
how many classes are there?
Answer: 9
30-second question (3 points each)
1.) The sides of a triangle have measures in the ratio of 5:8:10. If the perimeter of a
triangle is 46 cm, what is the length of the longest side?
Answer: 20 cm

2.) The perimeter of a rectangle is 18 cm. Its length is 7 cm. If the ratio of the length to
the width remains the same, what is the area of the resulting rectangle when the
perimeter of the original triangle is tripled?
Answer: 126 cm^2

3.) The surface area of a rectangular box is 94 cm^2. The area of one face is 15 cm. What
are the dimensions of the box?
Answer: 3 cm, 4 cm, and 5 cm
4.) How many numbers between 100 and 999 whose sum of the digits is 10?
Answer: 54

5.) The sum of two numbers is 80. What is the sum of two other numbers so that the
average of the four numbers is 37.5?
Answer: 70

6.) Observe the sequence below: 3, 8, 13, 18 What is the 20th term of the sequence?
Answer: 98
1-minute question (5 points each)
1.) Tommy glues together 72 cubes with 2 cm edges to form a solid rectangular brick. If
the area of the base is 96 sq cm, find the volume of the brick in cubic centimeters.
Answer: 576. NOTE: the solid is 6 cm by 8 cm by 12 cm
2.) Five posts are placed around an oval. The posts are numbered consecutively.
Suppose that 21 and 24 are two of these numbers, what is the least possible sum of the
numbers on all five posts?
Answer: 110

3.) The length and width of a rectangle are 5 cm and 3 cm, respectively. The base of an
isosceles triangle whose perimeter is 15 cm is 3 cm. The two figures were placed together
so that they form a pentagon. What is the perimeter of the trapezoid?
Answer: 25 cm

4.) Six equilateral triangles were placed together to form a hexagon. A square is placed
on one side of the hexagon so that an octagon is formed. If the perimeter of the octagon
is 56 cm, what is the length of a side of an equilateral triangle?
Answer: 7 cm

5.) For senior citizens, a tricycle fare costs Php 6.50 for the first kilometers and Php 1.00
for every additional kilometer. Lolo Frisco gave the driver Php 40.00 for his fare and
those of his three friends who are also senior citizens. He received a change of Php 2.00.
How many kilometers did they travel?
Answer: greater than or equal to 4 km but less than 5 km

6.) The ratio of intermediate pupils to primary pupils in a school club last year was 5:8.
When 9 of the primary pupils became intermediate pupils this year, the ratio of
intermediate pupils to primary pupils became 8:5. If there were 39 pupils in the school
club, how many intermediate and primary pupils were there at the start?
Answer: number of primary pupils = 24, number of intermediate pupils = 15

Clincher Question
1.) Rey was twice as old as Linda. 5 years ago and Linda is 9 years today, how old is Rey
Answer: 13

2.) If 85% of the 60 questions in a Math test are on problem solving, how many
questions are on problem solving?
Answer: 51

3.) What must have been the average score of Dora in her first three test so that her
average score in the four test was 86 when she scored 95 in her fourth test?
Answer: 83

Do or Die Question
Find the value of (2^3 + 10^2 5^2) 2 40.
Answer: 3